Becoming a Webstar

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Christine, a 19 year old ginger. 36C

Sarah, a 19 year old with black hair. 32B

Christine never thought much about her financial situation. She spent most of her freshman year at college buying whatever she liked. She tried to be conservative with the money her parents gave her, but every now and then she’d find something cute to wear or some new technology and must buy it. After a few months her funds for the year disappeared. Her parents told her that if she required extra cash that she’d have to get a job. Christine didn’t want to work just yet, especially not at some fast food place or retail.

She sat on her couch in her hoodie and leggings with her laptop. As she thought about her situation her roommate, Sarah, came home. She usually came in at around midnight, stumbling in with shoes in hand. Sarah saw Christine staring at her laptop on the couch.

“Hey!” Sarah yelled gleefully. “What’s up? I just came from a great party. There were joints, beer, and plenty of hotties all in one convenient location.” Sarah said as she tossed her shoes and keys down. She sat down next to Christine and looked over her shoulder at the computer.

“Jobs? Why are you looking for a job? Don’t your folks have like a ton of cash that they gave you?” Sarah asked loudly. Christine pushed Sarah off her shoulder and put the laptop away.

“Because I went on a stupid spending spree and now I’m out of money until next year.”

“That’s because you’re stupid and not a wise spender like moi.” Sarah exclaimed proudly.

“What are you talking about? You spend more on crap than I do. Actually how do you have so much money? You don’t have a job and your parents won’t lend you anything, you told me yourself.”

“That’s my little secret.” said Sarah as she jokingly pecked Christine on the cheek. “Now I must retire to my room and in the meantime why don’t you take a break and get us some groceries. I’ll be nice and pay for it.” She took out her wallet and gave Christine a few hundred bills. Christine reluctantly took the cash and left the room.


Christine returned to the small apartment with two bags of groceries. She put them away and walked to her room across from Sarah’s. As she passed Sarah’s door she heard some faint noises. At first she thought her roommate was watching a movie but the noises kept repeating. A soft moan and what sounded like a ping every few seconds. She listened in and heard Sarah speaking to somebody.

“Yeah, don’t worry; she’ll be gone for another hour or so. So you can have me all to you guys.” Guys? Was she having an orgy in there? The two had agreed to tell the other if they were “having a guest” in their rooms. Well more like Sarah had guests and Christine would go to the library for a bit. Christine stayed silent and tried to listen. There was movement on the bed and the pings were happening more often. Sarah’s moans were getting louder. Christine couldn’t take much more; it was rude for Sarah to have sex in the apartment without telling Christine beforehand. Christine grabbed the handle and swung the door open quickly and was shocked at what she saw.

Sarah’s face was a mixed of embarrassment and pride. She covered herself in her blanket and kicked her laptop shut, but Christine already saw what she was doing. Sarah had a camera on her laptop and was rubbing herself in front of it.

“What the hell are you doing?” Christine exclaimed in total panic. Sarah didn’t know how else to respond and instead chuckled and said.

“My job. How else am I supposed to make money?” Sarah knew her answer wasn’t very good, but spoke true anyway.

“That’s your job?! I thought you just sold paintings online or that you were a conman, but this? Why would do such a thing?”

“Because it pays really well. I make like a $600 a week from these random guys online. Trust me, it’s totally safe and none of them know who I really am in real life.”

“But you’re still showing your body to random people, don’t you feel dirty? These guys don’t respect you as a person.”

“They respect me enough to pay me extremely well.” Sarah joked. She could see Christine still didn’t understand. She opened her laptop to show Christine the website. It was called and it was one of the more popular webcam sites for people to masturbate to. Sarah logged canlı bahis back onto her account and started streaming. It didn’t take long for the room chat to fill up and start pinging. Apparently any time somebody gave the webstar money it pinged, loudly.

“Hey guys…” Sarah flirted to the camera. “My friend here thinks you don’t care about me, but that’s not true, is it?” She pouted mockingly. After a few seconds several guys were saying things like “no, I love you” and “I adore you” with the occasional “you have nice tits.” Christine was not impressed or amused by this and would rather not be seen on the same stream with an online stripper. She started to leave the room before Sarah got up and pulled her back in.

“Where are you going? The guys want to meet you.”

“And I don’t want to meet them. They’re perverts.”

“Of course they’re perverts. Everyone is, they are just willing to pay me to assist them with their perversions.”

“That’s not a compelling argument. I would never indulge them to such a thing even if you paid me your $600 a night!”

Sarah took this as a challenge and smiled smugly. Christine could see that wicked spark in her eye whenever she had a terrible idea.

“Okay, that’s fine, but what about…. $6,000?” Sarah offered.


“If these fine gentleman-” Sarah gestured to the camera, Christine had forgot that it was still playing. “-to raise $6,000 in the next few minutes then you have to join me for the night.”

“What do you mean by join you?”

“I mean that you’d show off your sexy body and do whatever I do. I’ll even be nice and give you all the earnings. What do you say?”

“Yeah right, like that would happen.” Christine scoffed at the idea. “No guy can be that willing to pay for nudity with free porn online.”

“Then let’s make it $8,000. Is it a deal?” Sarah reached out her hand. Christine sighed and shook it. There was no way that Sarah could get that much in five minutes. However, she would soon regret making the deal.

Sarah instantly turned to the camera and joyfully exclaimed.

“Hear that guys? You got five minutes to raise $8,000 and you’ll get twice the fun with me and my roommate!” The moment she said that her computer sounded like a machine gun. The constant donations and pings happened nonstop and in less than a minute Sarah had raised the $8,000. Christine stood there frozen in disbelief. Her roommate turned back to Christine with that large smug grin of hers.

“Time to honor the deal, sweetie. Now strip down and join me in a night of fun.” Christine looked down and blushed. She didn’t want to show her body to random guys. She didn’t care if she made a deal or not. She shook her head and tried to leave again. Sarah grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the bed.

“You made a deal. I pay you $8,000 and you get naked with me. Now don’t be a prude and show them your pussy and tits.” Christine sat there quietly and nodded. Sarah sat next to her and wrapped her arm around her friend.

“Okay, how about you just take off the sweater and we’ll make our way to your birthday suit?” Christine looked up.

“Yeah, okay.” She said as she pulled her hoodie off. Underneath she wore a tank top that nicely shaped around her breasts. She tossed it aside and sat quietly as Sarah talked to the watchers. Most kept talking about how hot they both were and asking when they were going to fuck. Sarah kept saying thank you for the complements and the money while touching her body slowly. Sarah moaned as her fingers pinched her nipples and rubbed her clit. It was very awkward for Christine to sit there next to a masturbating naked girl.

Sarah panted heavily, stating that she came and needed a drink. She left the room, leaving Christine alone with a couple hundred watchers. The pinging stopped as Christine read the comments. A few asking Sarah to come back and others were demanding Christine get naked already. Christine looked at herself on the camera and saw that only her waist and up was visible. Slowly she pulled her leggings off, out of view of the camera.

“They had been getting itchy,” she told herself. “And besides, I said that I would strip, just not in sight.” She thought herself so clever for thinking of this loophole. She passed the time waiting for Sarah by reading the comments and looking at Sarah’s bahis siteleri profile.

“Interests: men, bdsm, blindfolded, tied up, being watched (of course), toys…” Christine read to herself. The list went on for a bit and at the very end it said “bi-curious.” Christine blushed and quickly returned to the chatroom. Sarah entered with a bottled of water and saw Christine sitting in her panties.

“Oh. My. God! Christine! You dirty girl. Did you strip for them? And without me?” The watchers began commentating “what? She got naked? I missed it.” And “we didn’t see anything.” Sarah sat down and leaned in.

“That’s right; she took off her leggings and has been sitting here in her cute polka dot panties. Here see?” She grabbed the camera off the top of the laptop and pointed it between Christine’s legs. Sarah also grabbed one of Christine’s thighs and pulled it so her legs were nicely spread. Christine tried to slap Sarah’s hands away, but Sarah reminded Christine that she agreed to this. Christine blushed and closed her eyes, she couldn’t watch as the comments poured in about her panties and legs. Sarah’s lingering fingers pulled at the cloth and rubbed clockwise around Christine’s pussy.

The pinging started again as Christine’s face became brighter. Sarah set the webcam down, got down on her knees, and tried to pull Christine’s panties completely off. Christine opened her eyes and pulled Sarah’s hands off. Sarah chuckled and kissed Christine’s thigh.

“Not yet, huh? How about that top then?” Sarah grabbed the bottom of Christine’s tank top and stood quickly, pulling the shirt off before Christine could stop her. Christine had been wearing a hot pink bra underneath that nicely matched her panties and body. Christine, of course, used her arms to cover her chest and waist, but that didn’t matter because the money was already pouring in and people liked what they saw. Sarah tossed the top aside and sat behind Christine, pulling her arms back to show her chest off to the camera/ audience.

“Doesn’t she look hot, boys? Such nice tits,” she said squeezing Christine’s left breast. “So firm, and yet somehow not fake.” Christine let out a small gasp when her roommates grabbed her chest. Sarah took advantage of this and slowly had her other hand move down Christine’s body to her legs. Sarah’s fingers slowly caressed across Christine’s lower abdomen. Christine breathed slowly and deeply as she stayed still. Her face hanging low and becoming hot while it was hidden behind her hair. Sarah kissed her neck and massaged Christine’s breast as her fingers began to sink under Christine’s panties.

“Don’t…” Christine mumbled under her breath. She wasn’t prepared for how Sarah had started touching her. She could feel Sarah’s bare chest pressing up against her back as her roommate kissed her softly. Christine let out a loud gasp when Sarah’s fingertips reached her clit. Christine gripped the sheets and tossed her head back. She hadn’t been touched like this before, especially by another girl, and yet she was somehow starting to like it? No, that can’t be. She didn’t want this, she only agreed to because of a dumb bet that she lost. How could she enjoy herself while hundreds of people watched her? She tried her best to distract herself so that time would go faster. Math, science, her homework next week, but no matter hard she tried her thoughts kept coming back to Sarah and her gentle touch.

“Starting to have some fun?” Sarah commented, noticing Christine’s behavior. Christine shook her head. “No, of course not.” She said, panting slightly. She turned her head to Sarah just before her roommate kissed her lips suddenly.

“Oh yeah?” Sarah smirked. “How about this?” Her fingers quickly sank completely under Christine’s panties. Christine yelped as Sarah’s ring and middle finger inserted themselves into her pussy. As she was about to protest Sarah kissed her again and slipped her hand under her bra and pinched her nipple. Christine started to struggle, but that only helped as the fingers moved inside of her.

“Shit,” she thought. “It’s too… It’s too much. At this rate I might…” Her train of thought disappeared as body became aroused at the attention it was receiving. She felt something in her throat trying to come out. She bit her bottom lip and kept her eyes shut. Christine held her breath, but no matter bahis şirketleri what she tried wouldn’t stop the subtle moan escape her mouth.

Once she realized what she did it was too late. The computer was pinging and Sarah let out a small chuckle. She took her hands off slowly and spoke to the audience.

“See? Didn’t I tell you that you’d eventually start to like it? Don’t deny it, sweetie.” Sarah said. Christine blushed and hid her face in Sarah’s neck. She slightly nodded her head to confirm that she did.

“Well I’ll be nice and let you relax for a bit. We’ll just read the comments until you’re ready to continue.” Sarah said kindly. She took her hands off Christine and sat next to her. The two drank some of the water Sarah had brought in earlier. Most comments said how beautiful and sexy the two were. Every so often Christine would say thank you and nothing more. She was still a bit insecure about her body being shown to strangers. After she had calmed down more the two noticed a debate going on in the comments about who had the better tits. Many were saying Christine’s because they were bigger, but others said that because they weren’t seen in their whole Sarah wins by default. Sarah found this amusing.

“Personally I think Christine has better tits. I mean they are so soft and plush.” She giggled as she groped Christine’s breast quickly and let go. Christine wasn’t too shocked at this point, but still would prefer not to be randomly groped. “What do you think, Christine?”

“Oh, I don’t think it matters either way. But yours, I guess?” Christine didn’t like talking about her body.

“Well yeah, but at least try to defend yourself. It’s fun.” Sarah placed her hand on Christine’s back.

“I don’t know… I don’t think I look that great and I’d rather not compare myself to you.” Christine groaned. The audience disagreed apparently. Many rallied behind Christine and kept stating how pretty and beautiful she was. As she read through the comments her bra suddenly snapped off. Christine caught it before it fell completely down. She turned to Sarah, who had unsnapped her bra with one hand.

“Now now, you’d said you would. Just show them your tits since we’re on the subject.” Christine sighed in agreement. She moved her arms and let her bra drop to the ground, revealing her perky breasts. She didn’t cover them this time; instead she sat up straight and let people gaze upon her naked form. They were pale like the rest of her body; her nipples would draw the eyes of any observer. Even through a screen one could tell that they would be soft to the touch and could be kissed for hours. Most comments started saying how Sarah was hotter, but Christine had the better tits. Even Sarah was turned on a bit when she saw them.

“Mmmm, I just want to…” She didn’t finish her sentence because she had already leaned down and kissed Christine’s nipple. Her hand grasped the other breast as she began to lick around the tit. Christine blushed brightly again and bit her lip. The audience went crazy and donated more and more money. They must have made ten grand so far and it hasn’t even been an hour.

Once again Christine was becoming aroused. She didn’t understand why but she could feel herself unintentionally trying to cross her legs. Her breathing deepened as her roommate massaged and pinched her breasts. Sarah’s tongue rotating around the tit as she sucked on it, leaving a hickey. Her hand let go of the breast and set upon Christine’s thigh. Christine froze up at this action. Her breasts weren’t usually touched by anyone but herself and Sarah’s mouth on them alone was enough to make Christine grow wet. Now with Sarah holding her thigh Christine’s sensible mind was nearly mind. Sarah sat up and patted at the pillow at the end of the bed.

“Lay down, we’ll have some real fun.” Christine didn’t hesitate or argue. She scooted back and lied on her back, her feet facing the camera. Sarah chuckled at how Christine had positioned herself like a board. Sarah sat beside her and pulled her legs apart. Christine couldn’t see what the camera did or else she would notice that all the audience could see at this angle was her panties and Sarah. Her roommate took Christine’s legs and lifted them as she pulled her panties off. Sarah rolled them up and tossed them as she leaned down and kissed Christine’s clit. Christine’s instincts took over. She reached down and begun to rub her pussy as Sarah helped. Christine held onto the hickey covered breasts. Doing so only made her more aroused and she no longer cared about being watched.


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