Becoming a Shemale’s slave

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Scott was 6’2″, 195 lbs, 30 year old business man who works for a large consulting firm.

Scott was out of town on business and was staying at a high end hotel for a few days. It was his first night arriving at the hotel and he decided to stop off at the hotel bar for a drink after the long flight. It was about 3 pm when he paid the bill after three beers and watching some of the Sunday afternoon football. He was wearing his finest grey suit with a black dress shirt and was ready to go to his room for a shower and change for dinner.

Scott left the bar and was standing in the main hotel lobby when he noticed a gorgeous women finishing her run at the front doors. She was wearing tight long black running pants, a bright blue tank top and running shoes. She was a light brown skinned black women who was 5’6″ tall, muscular build with long black hair and beautiful eyes. She appeared to have gone for a long run and a workout as her grey tank top was soaked with sweat. When she turned around the back of her pants also appeared soaked with sweat around her perfectly shaped muscular ass.

She walked into the hotel lobby as a good looking white female walked up to her. Scott overheard there conversation as the white female explained to her that her luggage had just arrived. Scott also overheard the gorgeous runners name was Bobbi.

Bobbi continued to complain to the other female about having an hour long workout with pantyhose on under her workout clothes because she did not have any socks to wear. Scott peered over as he seen Bobbi slightly lifting her tight yoga pants at the ankle revealing white pantyhose underneath. Bobby continued to complain that she had worn the nylons all week during her meetings and they were developing a strong odor that likely couldn’t be cleaned.

At that moment a hotel attendant brought in a large bag of luggage over to Bobbi and left it next to her. Bobbi didn’t even acknowledge the attendant she just starred over at Scott clearly catching him eavesdropping on the conversation. Bobbi just stared at Scott and pointed down at her luggage telling him to make himself useful and carry it to her room.

Without saying anything else Bobbi walked over to the elevator and walked in with the white female following close behind. Scott didn’t know what to do but he was going to the elevator anyways so he grabbed the bag and carried it to the elevator. As he entered the elevator Bobbi simply thanked him and continued her conversation with the white female almost ignoring Scott the entire time.

The entire elevator ride Scott could smell the odor of sweat and he was almost positive most of the odor was coming from Bobbi’s feet. Bobbi must have noticed the smell in the elevator and asked Scott if she stunk and if it bothered him. Scott acted as though he did not even notice the smell and shook his head indicating he did not smell a thing. Bobbi appeared please with his response and introduced the white female as Lily.

Bobbi then asked Scott out of the blue if he was gay. Scott was shocked at the question and quickly shouted “fuck no”. Bobbi laughed and then turned back to Lily as Scott stood there still puzzled and horrified by the question.

Finally the elevator stopped at the 7th floor, the door opened as Lily and Bobbi exited. They both began walking down the hallway toward their room. Scott was standing in the elevator still holding the luggage and had no other choice but to exit the elevator and follow them. They arrived at the room and Bobbi stood next to the door while Lily opened it. Lily held the door open for Bobbi as she strutted in with confidence.

Bobbi stopped and looked at Scott illegal bahis pointing to the far corner of the bedroom and telling him to place her luggage over there. Scott walked into the large Hotel suite and placed the luggage where Bobbi had instructed him to. Scott walked back into the lounge area of the suite that consisted of a couch, love seat and a coffee table.

Scott started to walk out of the hotel room when Bobbi stepped infront of him. Faster than he could react she grabbed a fistful of his short hair aggressively and brought his face right infront of hers. They were now nose to nose and Scott’s eyes were staring into Bobbi’s eyes. Her eyes were penetrating and it seemed like she was staring right through him. Scott was trying to pull his head back but her grip was so strong and he was still in shock at the initial move. All he knew is with her eyes peering into his that he started to become paralyzed. He started to feel uncomfortable and wanted to just break free and run out but he couldn’t move.

Right then Bobbi smiled and laughed explaining how easy it was to make Scott her little Bitch.

At this moment Bobbi (still with a firm hold of his hair) dragged Scott into the living area of the Suite still dressed in her sweaty workout gear and running shoes. Scott could do nothing but obediently follow as his legs kept following her and his arms just hung at his sides. Bobbi brought him to the edge of the coffee table infront of the couch and pushed his head down toward the ground. Scott’s mind was telling him to fight back but his body just obediently dropped to its knees infront of Bobbi. Now kneeling infront of Bobbi she pulled his hair back and tilted his head up as he kneeled there looking up at her. The only thing he was able to control on his own was his thoughts and where his eyes were looking. Kneeling there infront of her, helpless and paralyzed fearing what was going to happen and what she had done to him.

Bobbi released Scott’s hair and grabbed his chin opening his mouth wide. Bobbi walked away toward the kitchen while leaving him kneeling there head tilted up and mouth wide open. Bobbi grabbed a bottle of water and was talking to Scott complaining about how nasty and slimy her mouth felt after he long run and workout.

Bobbi walked back over to Scott as she opened the bottle of water she had just gotten. Standing right infront of him Bobbi aggressively cleared her throat and then spit a big loogy right into his open mouth. Scott still didn’t move as he could feel the thick spit oozing down his tongue and into his throat. Bobbi laughed and swigged several mouthfuls of water. Then she started taunting him as she asked if he needed something to wash that down.

Bobbi took a mouthful of water and began whooshing it around in her mouth for what must of felt like 20 minutes. Bobbi then spit the entire mouthful of nasty water into Scott’s mouth as he just kneeled there with the loogy still in his throat. Bobbi again cleared her throat and spit in Scott’s water filled mouth again and shut his mouth instructing him to swallow.

Scott just kneeled there with his mind screaming at him to spit all the nasty spit and water out of his mouth. Still unable to do anything else Scott felt his body swallow the nasty thick spit and water down his throat. Bobbi laughed and mocked him as she called him a her Bitch and told him she hoped her spit tasted nasty.

Bobbi plopped down on the couch, resting her running shoed feet on the edge of the coffee table closest to Scott as she crossed her other foot over the ankle. Bobbi grabbed Scott’s hair and tilted his head down so that his nose and mouth were right at the tread illegal bahis siteleri on the bottom of here shoes. Scott could smell the pungent odor of her feet as it was so strong that his eyes started to water.

Bobbi then ordered him to kiss her shoes and without hesitation his body was kissing up and down the treads of her nasty dirty running shoes. As Scott continued to kiss away at the treads of her shoes Bobbi shouted at Lily to come into the room. Gorgeous Lily walked into the room and sat down beside Bobbi and they both began laughing at Scott as he was kissing away.

Bobbi then ordered Scott to take off her shoes and to smell her nasty week worn dirty white nylons.

Without hesitation Scott removed her shoes and kneeled there as he began deeply inhaling the pungent odor of her feet. He couldn’t help but notice the feet of the pure white nylons had turned yellow and crusty with a weeks worth of foot crud and sweat that had been ground into the fabric. Scott was helpless as he kneeled there deeply huffing the horrible odor of her feet while looking up at the gorgeous body of Bobbi.

Bobbi still laughing and mocking Scott as she looked down at him with a pleased look on her face. Bobbi ordered Lily to give her some attention as she was becoming aroused.

Right then Lily grabbed the front waste band of Bobbi’s tight running pants and pulled them out and down. Scott’s eyes grew wide with horror as out popped Bobbi’s big raging hard black cock. He was horrified as he stared straight up at Bobbi’s face with her cock blocking part of his view. Bobbi was laughing hysterically at the look in Scott’s eyes as he was still helplessly smelling her feet.

Lily went to town on that cock, sucking it hard, fast and deep. Lily’s head was bobbing up and down for a half hour with Scott staring straight up watching this. By this point Bobbi’s second running shoe was ordered off and Scott was drying her sweaty feet with his nose.

Finally Bobbi braced back and started shouting telling Lily that she was cumming. At that moment Lily’s cheeks bulged from what appeared to be an abnormally large massive load. Lily milked every last drop into her mouth as it looked like her cheeks would explode with her holding all of it in her mouth. Bobbi grabbed Lily’s hair aggressively and ordered her not to swallow one drop. Lily just nodded holding the huge load in her mouth as she stood up. Bobbi ordered Scott to put her shoes back on and his body complied with her every order while his mind was racing and trying to will his body free of her spell.

Bobbi stood infront of Scott as she held her massive cock in her hand, looking down at him laughing and reminding him how he had told her earlier that he was not gay. Bobbi continued to laugh and tell Scott how he seemed to love smelling her feet and now she was going to find out what else he loves. Bobbi put her tool back into her tight pants and again looked like a gorgeous black powerful women. Scott just knelt there horrified at what had just happened and had no idea what was going to happen next. Bobbi grabbed his chin and opened his mouth positioning his head just the same as she had when she spit in his mouth. Scott’s eyes swelled with tears as he realized what was about to happen but couldn’t move or break free of the spell.

Bobbi gestured to Lily and she walked over to Scott spitting the entire load into his open mouth. Scott’s mouth was filled right to the top as Lily spit every last drop of Bobbi’s cum into his mouth. Scott could feel the thick gooey liquid as it started oozing down to the back of his throat. He kneeled there utterly disgusted and horrified but unable to do anything canlı bahis siteleri about it. Bobbi shut his mouth as he could barely hold everything in, his mind screaming at him to spit it out but his body did nothing.

Bobbi grabbed his hair and pulled him closer to the edge of the coach and laid him on his back at the foot of the couch. Bobbi opened the front of his pants and pulled his cock out as he laid there helpless. Like never before with just the touch of Bobbi’s hand Scott’s cock became raging hard standing straight up, Bobbi laughed and joked at how his cock wasn’t even half as big as hers was.

Scott just lay there with Bobbi’s massive load still in his mouth with his cock rock hard. Bobbi sat on the couch, removing her shoes again and plunked her horrible smelling nylon feet right on Scott’s nose. Lily began playing with and stroking his cock as he was excited beyond belief.

Bobbi giggling and laughing and she was repeating how Scott had said ‘fuck no I am not gay’. Bobbi continued to laugh and explain how now he was laying at his Shemale Goddess’s feet sniffing them for all he was worth with her massive cum load in his mouth and his cock rock hard.

Scott lay there for 10 minutes with his cock just throbbing waiting to release. Finally Bobbi explained if Scott agreed he was her little slave bitch who wants her more than anything in the world then he should swallow her massive load that was still in his mouth.

Scott was pleading with his body to spit it out and not to swallow it. Crying inside, with every ounce of resistance he could muster up to get his body to spit out the load and make his cock soft. But sure enough without hesitation Scott gulped everything down as it slid down his throat and into his belly with Bobbi’ horrible smelling white nylon feet wrapped around his nose.

Bobbi laughed again telling Scott what a good little slave bitch he was. Bobbi moved her feet to either side of his head, leaned forward with her face just above his. She opened his mouth wide as if she was inspecting to ensure every ounce was gulped down. Bobbi then plugged her left nostril and emptied her right nostril of a large amount of snot. It hit Scott’s tongue and fell right to the back of his throat. He wanted to vomit but just lay there holding it in his mouth. Bobbi repeated the same steps with her left nostril this time as Scott lay there helpless holding her snot on his tongue and in the back of his throat. Bobbi laughed again as she looked into his mouth with pleasure and shut it with her hand.

Bobbi then grabbed her cute size 8 florescent blue and yellow running shoe, lifted it to his nose and tied it around his face with him still holding her snot in his mouth. Bobbi quickly straddled his head with her gorgeous ass holding her shoe tight to his nose as he inhaled the stink. Bobbi grabbed his cock firmly in her strong hands and mocked him as she asked if he would cum for his Shemale Goddess.

Bobbi leaned forward and began sucking on his raging hard cock. Within two strokes of her hand he blew his load so hard into her mouth. Again horrified at the fact that he cummed so fast for his Shemale Goddess. He cummed with only two strokes of his cock with his Shemale Goddess sitting on his face, sniffing her shoe and holding her snot in his mouth after filling his stomach with her load. Bobbi sat up after pumping all of his massive load into her mouth.

Bobbi quickly untied the shoe from his face and set it to the side. She grabbed his chin, opening his mouth and spit his own load into his mouth. She closed laughed and ordered him to swallow. Without hesitation again Scott gulped down her two nostrils full of snot and his own load with pleasure… just to make his Goddess Bobbi happy…

All he could think now was how lucky he was to smell her feet and he couldn’t wait to do it all again for her

Chapter Two to come shortly

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