Bare and Tiny 2

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Bare and Tiny 2 By Will Buster

Although Jack thoroughly enjoyed Susie and her hot black snatch, his dick still itched for some new, fresh young cunt’s hole to revel and juice off inside. He loved the idea of variety. Each chick he was with sounded different, tasted different and fucked different. True, Susie was an exciting diversion until he found something foxy, fresh, girlish and either a red head or a blonde. He wanted someone with an angelic looking face and a box that boiled with insatiable urges and needs. Jack Rodman was in fact, a male slut of the lowest possible moral stamp and he didn’t care. All he desired was the thrill of burying his long tool into a squealing girly bitch for week end after week end. Hell if he ran into the right one, he might even get the whore to live with him for a few months. So far he hadn’t found the right animal although God knew he was trying.

One night he got a very explicit email from Heidi. Her pictures showed her to be a petite blonde with a trimmed pussy, sweet little lips with some hot orange lip gloss and a really cute face that looked more child than fully functional woman. Jack found it hard to believe that this chick could be 18 but that is what she claimed. Her small yet shapely little titties looked good enough to eat and her message was something else.

Hi Big Jack! That was Jack’s handle on the internet dating site.
My name is Heidi. I have two very tiny, itching holes that need your thick ten inches that you mentioned in your ad. I’m very small being only four feet ten inches high and once I get going in bed, I just can’t get enough. I’ll need the entire week end if you are serious. I don’t mind cumming over to your place. I want you to treat me like daddy’s girl and force me to service you. I’ll be a lot of fun if you do.
I’m real good at sucking cock and swallowing your warm baby milk. But I’ve never had ten inches before so I’m not sure if I can get all that meat down my throat. I’ll give you my best shot baby. I saw your photo and I think it’s hot! I can’t wait. Please call me.”
Below was her phone number and email address. When he made the call, the voice at the other end sounded like a fucking 12 year old.
“Is this Heidi?”
“Yes, who is this?”
“Big Jack baby, what’s cookin’ good lookin’?”

A smile crept into her voice. “Oh my God! I didn’t expect you to call so quick! When would you like to get together?”


A few hours later, there was a gentle knock at his door. Jack padded through his living room in his stocking feet. He had on a long bath robe with nothing on underneath. He sure didn’t like to waste time or have too much clothing in the way when he was about to get better acquainted with a horny teen slut.

He opened the door. “Hi! I’m Heidi!”

Jack grinned like some predator ready to consume a downed fawn. “Come on in. I’m Jack!”
He closed the door behind him and looked over the sumptuous teen treat that was standing in front of him. She wore a long tan coat that hid her figure. So he started unbuttoning it. Heidi held a travel bag in her right hand that she let drop to the floor. Her hands darted between the folds of his robe as their lips sucked together in a sizzling, passionate kiss.

Jack’s hands actually trembled as he went from button to button. The little tarts hands and fingers were searching his body, looking for his throbbing cock which she quickly found. She moaned into his mouth as she circled her fingers around it. It was long and hard and so pleasantly hot in her little hand.

Heidi wore her hair like some little pre teen fox would have. Two tempting pony tails accented her deceptively innocent looking face. However that darting, slurping tongue of hers betrayed her very knowledgeable sensuality. This was a tiny, teen trickster that knew how to cock tease and play excellent hard ball.

He finally got the coat off her and then it was time to remove her flimsy, thin white blouse. Heidi was breathing hard as his hands revealed her naked torso. She hadn’t worn a bra and his hands instantly felt up her small shape, tweaking her nipples and making the young slut gasp in obvious delight. Heidi knew she was going to get royally fucked and re-fucked by Jack’s big ten inch pussy splitter. She’d never had any dick that big before, not even a black cock and she’d tried out a few over the last few years.

Even though she still had on a revealing mini skirt, he picked up his little vixen and carried her to the bed.
“Ooooo Jack! You’re so strong! Are you gonna really fuck my two little holes sooooo bad baby?”

“You better believe it chick! I’m gonna spread you open and cram my big dick right where nature provided the spots!”

She licked his ear with her soft tongue. “I want daddy’s big dick! I’m gonna suck it and fuck it because I’m a naughty little slut!”

It was a very comfortable queen sized bed with four posts that he sometimes used to tie down his willing partners. He would always ask them first because in spite of his insatiable appetite for a sucking slut with a squeezing pussy hole, he wanted to make sure that his partner was completely willing. He wasn’t into brute force or coercion unless the chick asked for it.

Quickly he stripped off his robe while Heidi got her skirt off.
“Please Jack, bring me my overnight bag.”
When he’d brought her the bag she opened it and removed some very slinky looking nylons which she proceeded to slide up her sexy, slender legs and then she put on a pair of the hottest red high heels he’d ever seen.

She lay back on the bed opening her crotch and holding her sexy legs back and apart. She was wiggling her little high heeled feet in an invitation that he could not possibly resist.

“Lick my pussy baby! Make me hot! I’ve been looking for a huge daddy cock like yours so come and get it! Do my pussy daddy!”

casino siteleri Now what red blooded male could possibly turn down an invitation like that? He knelt down and grabbed her little hips to force her open even more. She sucked in her breath as his lips and tongue wiggled and lapped her upper thighs and groin immediately around her already seeping cunt.

Heidi whimpered with extreme need. “Stick your tongue in! Oh please! Suck me! Suck me! Oh yeah! Up and down and all the way around! Taste my fuck hole! God! I’m so itchy down there! Ooooooo! Jack! Jack! What a fucking tongue! Eat my hot cunt! Oooooo!”

She’d actually prepared herself for this. He loved the taste of her fresh lust and the sweet strawberry jam that she’d coated her little box with. She’d put quite a bit inside as well. His sucking became hungrier as that carnal sweetness seemed to glue his tongue and lips to her cunt hole and swollen clit. She was still holding her legs back with her hands insuring that he had total access to her entirely exposed crotch.

“Oh baby! Eat my fucking pussy! I’m so small down there! You’re gonna love stuffing that big hunk of meat into me! I’m gonna fuck your huge cock until you cream a big load off into my little baby pussy! Ooooooo! Back and forth! Lick me! Suck me! Wiggle it in deeper and finger my ass! Oh God! God! Yyyyyeeeeeeessssss!”

Heidi convulsed from a moderate climax. If nothing else, Jack knew how to suck pussy. He licked down to her hot perineum teasing the flesh that bordered her anal pucker.
“Do my shit hole! Oh please jack! Stick your tongue in there! I love it! Aaaaaahhhh! It’s so dirty when you slip your tongue into my little virgin ass! Aaaaaahhhh! Taste my ass hole! Lick it! Oh God baby! Keep that tongue up there!”

Her young, lust crazed body was wobbling and lunging at his fiery touch. Surprisingly her bum hole tasted like strawberry to. The little slut had really gotten her crotch properly prepared for him in every way. Jack got his tongue into Heidi’s little gripping anus somehow and soon he shot spit up her shitter while sucking out the jam. This little teen trick was one hottie bitch!

Jack was harder than granite and itchier than poison Ivy. His cock tip was aching because his foreskin wasn’t quite covering all his dick head anymore. This meant he was probably more like eleven inches rather than ten. He wanted her something fierce and he decided that she could suck his cock later on when he would begin round two. Those sexy nylons and those flashy red, high heels made the little angelic looking tart appear like some cheap, common purchased trick just ripe for some serious plucking.
His hands shot up to those two cup cake titties and then he mounted the little blonde foxette.

For a moment she released her right leg and grabbed his dick with her hand, guiding him to her oozing slit.
“Fuck my cunt stud! I want every inch of that meat! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Oh fuck! It’s so fucking big! Slam it into me baby! Oh Shit! God! Fuck me! Just fucking bang me baby pussy! Harder! Harder! Yyyyeeessss!”

Jack’s dick sizzled from the confining tightness. She was warm, wet and willing.
“You hot little minx! Daddy’s gonna fuck your filthy little brains out, you naughty little chick! Now fuck my cock slut! That’s it! Fuck big daddy! Whore on my big cock you wanton pig!”

Heidi craved daddy’s girl fantasies. The young blonde vixen knew that it not only turned on most guys but her own two holes itched for prick domination. The nubile looking slut made that very clear in her internet ad and Jack was taking her up on it every inch of the way. What he didn’t know was that Heidi was only 15 going on 16. Her real daddy was long gone and her mother was a drunken slut who spent most of her time over at some no account black jock’s house in the next town. As a result, Heidi could fuck around a lot, even during the school year. Heidi loved getting laid, but she preferred older men. They tended to be bigger and definitely better. The little bimbo had been fucking since she was twelve but she hadn’t gone online until a month ago. Now she was getting balled by a guy who knew how.

“Are you gonna force me to play hooky with some nasty nooky daddy?”

“Yeah slut! Squeeze it harder you foxy little tramp! God you’re so fucking tight!”

Heidi giggled seductively. “Do you like fucking your naughty little school girl daddy?”

“Yeah! You’re such a hot piece!”

“Are you gonna punish your cute little girl because I fuck with big boy’s cocks?”

“Yeah! I’m gonna make your ass red and sore you little bitch!”

Heidi engulfed his prick with urgent lunges as she arched her back upward to more fully enjoy his powerful penetrations. “Ahuh! Ahuh! Ahuh! Fuck me harder! Harder! I fucking want it harder! Aaaaahhhhh! Fuck my tiny, baby pussy! Aaaaahhhhhh! Yyyyeeeesssss!”

Heidi gritted her teeth for a second and then screamed as a violent shudder and quake tore through her impaled groin and belly. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh yes! I want all your cock! Aaaaaahhhhh! Keep me cumming! Oh daddy! Daddy! Force me to fuck your meat! I need to fuck cock! I can’t help it daddy! Ooohhhh! Please daddy! Please! Bang me! Bang me! Pump a fucking baby into my cunt! Ooooooo! Yes! Yes! Fucking fill me!”

Jack’s eager hands groped and slid all over her little shape, exploring between her legs, on and around her tits and even around her flanks and beneath her back. His mouth captured hers and spit flowed in generous quantities between the two lust crazed lovers sucking mouths. Their tongues mingled and twisted, tasted and probed as Jack’s dick flesh joined and thrust deeper and deeper inside Heidi’s blistering box.

Pressure kept building inside jack’s swollen balls and the shaft of his pecker felt like it was in a fiery fleshy furnace. The little slut strained canlı casino and squeezed on him, intensifying his pleasure and driving his strokes from slow and hard to fast, deep and sharp. In the back of Jack’s mind, he knew that Heidi’s cunt was controlling his cock and his man meat was controlling him entirely. He had to have this hot little teen chick. He would sully her and fuck her and call her every disgusting name in or out of the dictionary. She kept moaning and squealing into his mouth as her own body kept convulsing and shifting all over his ten inch rammer.

When he finally broke the kiss to catch his breath she felt him become tense and she knew his moment was near. “Fucking fill my baby pussy! Cream me! Fucking drain that big dick into my little fuck hole! Then I wanna suck you off! I wanna taste and drink it all! Fuck me! Hurry! Bang me and squirt my fuck hole! Aaaaaahhhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh yeah!”

Jack yelled! “Fffffuuuuucccckkkkkkeeennnnn Christ! Bitch! Fuck! Oh God! God! You fucking hot fox!”

His shaft exploded a torrential stream of jetting seed into the horny little chick. He couldn’t believe how aggressive her tiny fuck hole was. She jerked and jolted on his spurting meat with the expert technique of a wicked whore who’s been bedding and balling guys for years.
“I love daddy’s big cock! Squirt my little pussy hole! Oh Jack you’re such a hot pig! Fucking fill it! Yeah baby! Fill it! Fucking blast away!”

Her hands were gripping his ass forcing him to stay inside her. His lips found her sexy calves and his fingers kept sliding and clasping over those little titties and stiff nipples.
“You fucking little teen tramp. I’m gonna blister your ass. You’re a filthy little girl and Daddy’s gonna tan your hide for being so naughty!”

“Yes daddy! Yes! I’m a bad little whore! Just keep fucking my holes! I love being your fuck toy, daddy!”

He was drained but his cock was still pretty hard.

Heidi’s voice became pleading. She sounded so much like some innocent and yet what she asked was so wicked. “I wanna suck your cock first daddy! I wanna show you how naughty I am! Please daddy! Stick your cock down my throat and force me to suck it! I wanna swallow your cum!”

“Sixty nine me you fucking little perverted slut! Come on whore! Get on top of me and do the fucking trick!”

“Oooooo! Daddy! You’re such a hot fucking stud!”
He lay back and she slid on top of him, lunging her cunt on his open mouth and going down on him with her hungry small mouth. She slowly wrapped her soft, glossy lips around his head and teased it with her worming little tongue. He gasped into her cunt as he re-inspected her entire crotch with his sucking mouth and tasting tongue. She was much tangier now with a very arousing musky smell caused by a combination of her own torrid lust and his slimy ejected seed. Only a trace of strawberry could now be tasted although it was stronger when he re-entered her little anal pucker.

Slurp! Slurp! Suck! Pop! Swish! Suck Slurping suck! “Mmmmmmmm!” Suck! Slurp! Long extended swishing slurp! Heidi was noisily ingesting that ten inch wonder. It was so big and thick that she had trouble getting it all in. She gagged and choked but finally relaxed enough to deep throat that huge hunk of dick meat. On and on the blazing oral play went. His cock lunged up to better enjoy her swirling, sucking down sucks and she ground her cunt hard against his greedy lips and tongue. He pushed his thumb into her tiny anus causing the blonde tramp to gasp in mid suck. As she moaned he twisted that thumb around, eating and sucking out her seeping cunt!

“Suck me off you cum swallowing whore! Yeah! Get down on it! Faster! Faster! God!”
He jammed his tongue into either hole. His sucking and probing became wild. It was a frenzy of French lust. Heidi’s mouth triggered sparking shocks of tingling sex pain up and down his shaft. She tickled his balls and fingered his own ass until at last her cock sucking tricks forced him to gush up into her guzzling throat. Burst after burst jetted his spunk on the back of her throat and the young bitch handled it like a pro. He heard her gulping and swallowing his viscous liquids. His dick felt like some rampant volcano sending his carnal lava into the little, cock sucking cutie pie.

“Now you’re gonna really get it you teeny whore bitch!”

He pulled her over and then onto her hands and knees. In moments he was fucking her twat again.
“You tight little fox! I’m gonna smack your dirty ass you fucking nasty school chick!”
Heidi squealed like some little girl getting spanked. “Oh God! No daddy! Don’t hurt me daddy! I’ll be good! I promise!”

“Too late whore!” Smack! Smack! Smack! Yelp! Smack! Yelp! Smack! Squeal! “Oh please daddy!
I’ll be good! I won’t do it anymore!”

“Liar!” Smack! Smack! Scream of pain! Smack! Yelp! Shuddering convulsions suddenly exploded inside his new fuck bitch. He drove his cock in deeper and deeper and kept spanking the little vixen. Her vigorous back thrusts belied her screams of pain. It was obvious that this hot tart loved being man handled, punished and brutally fucked especially when the hard cock was a magnificent ten inch penetrater.

“You filthy little vixen! Daddy’s gonna fix you good!”
When he felt he was ready, he pulled out of her jerking pussy and savagely pierced her anus! The sphincter resisted for a moment and then he hit anal pay dirt!

Heidi screamed! It drowned out the DVD player that was rapping away. He kept smacking her ass cheeks while his cock viciously explored her rimming anal crevice. Tears of pain and joy were pouring out of Heidi’s baby blue eyes. She gripped the head board and lunged back to fuck Jack’s blistering, banging rod.

Heidi squealed, “Fuck my ass! Fuck my pretty little virgin ass hole! God you’re so fucking big in my kaçak casino ass! Gggggoooooddddd! Ffffffuuuucccckkk! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! You fucking animal! Rip my ass hole! God! Fuck!”

Her little, sexy rump was now red and even purple in places from his slapping hands. He’d gotten a little carried away. It was so thrilling to bang this little shit box and show Heidi that she was an extremely naughty little girl.

Jack growled, “Fuck me you little pig! Do daddy’s big dick! Just fucking do it! Do it! Yeah you little slut! Work it! Fucking rim me you fucking nympho tramp! God you’re so fucking tight! What a slut!”

Jack brutally buried his dick all the way down her shit hole. He had to make this little whore scream and beg for more. He reared back and plowed his pecker into her as if he were trying to reach her lungs by way of her crotch. His ramming rod kept impaling the wailing wanton with stroke after devastating stroke. Heidi’s insistent squeals and screams got louder and louder as her inner tension built towards a mind blowing orgasm!

“Oh daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Ffffffuuuucccckkkk! Screw your little fucking baby girl! Aaaaahhhh! Aaaaahhh! Ooooooo! Jesus! Jesus! Bang me you fucking bastard! Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Eeeeeeeeoooooowwwww! I’m ccccuuummmmmiiinnnnngggggg! Eeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

He gripped her hips harder and frantically lunged deep into her tight, writhing rectum. The friction was amazing and so hot! He had to have all of her petite body! He had to shoot more gizz into this sizzling little tramp! Heidi was hot, blonde teen sex at it’s’ best and he wanted to plow every inch of her until the fucking fox fainted!

His slamming became a blurring frenzy of desperate thrusts and then Jack screamed as his own lust rocketed into shit hole heaven!


After that intense around the world, he had to rest awhile. Jack and his new slut were slick with sweat and various other bodily fluids. His new honey cunt was lying against him, occasionally kissing him and rubbing her oozing crotch against his bare thigh. The little fox was still wearing those fucking hot heels.

“Mmmmmmm, daddy, do you like your little girl? Do I have a nice, naughty little baby pussy?”

“You are one fucking hot little chick Heidi. I can’t believe how tight you are. I know you gagged a little but how in the hell did you get my cock all the way down your small throat?”

Heidi crooned in her most winsome tone. “It’s not easy lover boy. But I love the taste of your dick and when you shoot off down my gullet, I could drink you all day long. You’re cum tastes so good. I love it when you just take me and use me. You’re cock is so big I just can’t get enough of it.”

“Are you gonna stay with me all week end Heidi?”
“I’ve got an even better idea baby. I would just love to stay with you indefinitely. I haven’t been porked like this ever before. I love how you fuck me like some horny little naughty daughter. You’re so big and hot. I want your cock all the time baby.”
She looked into his eyes with a longing so profound that without thinking he slipped his tongue into her open mouth. Her little fingers were clutching his limp prick, slowly fondling it while her cunt oozed and seeped moisture on him. Heidi kept things at a very slow pace because she knew that he needed to recover before he implanted her young body with more of his warm, sweet seed. She’d never had such a big piece of prime man meat before and she was honest enough with herself to realize that her naughty little fuck hole needed it. Even her sore ass hole craved more fun fucking on that huge member and as for swallowing his rich carnal cream, well that was a given. She wanted to be his full time whore. The sexy, petite blonde with the sexy nylons and the hot heels had only been with Jack for a few hours and already her groin was screaming that this was the cock she wanted and had to have. All she had to do was addict his cock to her two tight little holes and her virginal looking mouth that she so expertly sucked and gagged with.

At last she relinquished her last shred of decency and pride. “Oh Jack, I want to be your full time whore. I wanna be your little naughty girl. I’ll swallow your cum and service you with my two nasty little holes any time you want.”

Jack looked into her frank gaze. “Anytime slut?”

Her smile was radiant, “Yes anytime you want love. If you let me move in with you, you can ball me every night when you get back from work. I’ll drink from your squirting dick for my dessert. I’ll be your hot baby chick. Just be my big daddy and force me to fuck your cock until I scream.”

“That’s a very tempting offer. Are you taking the pill?”
“With a stud like you big boy, I sure better. I have a feeling you just won’t leave my poor little holes alone. You’re such a brute. You’re gonna keep fucking my pussy until I’m sore.”

“Well, why not? Sure you can move in for awhile. You fuck better than Susie and once and awhile I’ll invite some little slut to spice things up. You can get super hot watching me do some horny little chick before I screw your little blonde brains out. A little variety will keep me even hornier for your box my little tart. Is that okay with you?”

Heidi repressed her natural jealousy. After all if she could have the use of his ten inches most of the time and if the thrill of an occasional new slut would keep him at the peek of performance, she would be getting more pleasure as time went on anyway. Besides her stupid mother wouldn’t give a shit. Ma told her the sooner she moved out and got a boy friend the better. The point was her mother didn’t care what Heidi did and that was quite all right with the little yellow haired trollop.

She licked his tongue for a few moments before she answered. His cock was beginning to stiffen. “All right baby! If you want, I’ll even set you up with a few foxy sluts. Do you want petite teen school chicks to service your big piece of man meat?”

“That sounds great you sleazy little fox. Now suck your new daddy nice and hard again.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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