Barcelona Beauties Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: Farah

Note: The first installment of Barcelona beauties describes all the characters and how the story began.

Monday I was scrambling to keep up with my school projects and I planned on a early night so I could start early on Tuesday. I was reading a book in my bed at about 11 when I heard a tap at my door. I had told Vesna I needed a couple of days to myself but I really couldn’t say no to her. “Come in,” I said. The door slowly opened to reveal Farah.

“Are you busy?” she asked.

“No, please come in.” I responded and offered her a seat beside me on the bed.

“What’s on your mind?” I gently asked her, taking her hand.

“Claude,” she began, “I’ve always had a thing for tall, athletic guys, you know.” I let her continue. “I realized none of them have treated me very well since they seem to expect to get by on good looks. Even the nice ones were…”

I saw where this was going. I stroked her hand. “Go on,” I encouraged.

Farah paused then said, “well they weren’t as nice, or as interesting as you.”

“That’s really sweet of you to say, Farah,” I replied.

Farah continued. “By being kind and open minded, you’ve got what all those guys fantasize about: a bevy of horny women.”

“Sex is only a part of it,” I said. “I really care about all of you and enjoy your company and all you do for me.” I was telling the truth.

Farah had tears in her eyes. “I care about all of you too, and you helped me see how important that is. But sometimes I just feel so lonely for a man’s company. Now I don’t want the kind of men I used to like. This is so embarrassing.”

“Farah, this is me,” I said. “You’ve seen me at the most intimate moments of my life.”

Farah wiped a tear away. “I’m embarrassed,” Farah went on, “because…I know how irritating I can be. I’m loud and you’re quiet. You’re thoughtful, I’m just…”

“Farah,” I interrupted, “none of us are perfect and it seems like you’ve grown since you’ve arrived. I really admire you for that. You’re lively and fun and I love that about you. In fact I care for you quite a lot.” I squeezed her hand again in reassurance.

“But,” said Farah, “even so, you’ve got Vesna and the other girls and I don’t want to come between you.”

I replied, “Farah, you know that however close we are, none of them wants to be my girlfriend.”

“I canlı bahis know,” sobbed Farah, “but I do.”

I wouldn’t have been surprised to receive a booty call from Farah since she had already rubbed my cock with her sexy feet that night with Yara and Vesna but I wasn’t prepared for this. The beautiful and taller-than-me Farah was so in the category of out-of-my-league that even with my new confidence I really couldn’t accept what I was hearing.

“Farah,” I said, “I’m so glad you shared this with me but need to process this. I’d like to slow things down. At least for me, it’s much too early in the game for questions about commitment or exclusivity. But I’d love to become more intimate with you as a lover, friend or hopefully both. I think you’re gorgeous inside and out. Please spend the night with me. I know what it’s like to feel lonely. Until about a month ago, I was lonely most of the time.”

Farah looked at me with her gold-flecked emerald eyes and we kissed. It was an emotionally intimate moment. I wasn’t so much aroused as moved, and also shocked that a beautiful creature like Farah could have a crush on me. Farah and I fell asleep holding each other.

At dawn I woke up with someone’s elbow in my back and a raging hard on. Before I fully awoke I assumed that Vesna lay beside me and then remembered last night with Farah. Farah turned and smiled at me and then noticed the tent under the sheet.

“Claude,” she cooed with her North England lilt. “I’m sorry I came on so strong. I’d really like to try the friends and lovers option,” and she reached under the sheet for my cock.

After stroking me for a while we threw off the covers and the t-shirts we were wearing. Farah’s body glowed with the deep tan from our beach day. I was almost overwhelmed by her presence. Farah was a little more voluptuous than Yara but like Yara, always made me mentally compare her to a goddess.

Farah crawled on top of me and kissed my lips, then kissed her way down my chest to my cock. After licking the tip tentatively for a moment, Farah inhaled my whole cock and held herself there while she breathed fiercely and I moaned. Pulling off for a second, Farah attacked my cock again, swallowing my whole cock with intensity. She paused to look up at me then rubbed her hard nipples back and forth across my thighs.

Farah returned to sucking my cock with bahis siteleri the same passion and then straddled me, and swallowed my cock with her cunt. I held her swaying breasts, flicking her nipples with my thumbs. Farah started moaning with a throaty sound as she thrust down powerfully, impaling herself on my cock. Her pussy felt tight and very hot, her whole body seemed to almost steam with heat. Her hair wild around her shoulders, her voice rising in pitch and volume, Farah bore down so hard I was half worried she would break me.

I thrust up with equal force and grunted as I neared climax. Farah opened her mouth and roared like a lioness. I pumped out into her, pulling her onto me and in my passion I bit her neck. Farah sat back on me and we looked at each other, chests pounding, breath ragged. A bead of sweat hung from Farah’s left nipple, then splashed onto my stomach. The force of the phrase “animal passion” hit home in a way it hadn’t before.

“Claude,” Farah panted, “I’m not always so intense….” She paused. “I had a lot of pent up emotion. Thanks for …well, just thanks.”

I hadn’t seen this depth of passion coming either. “Farah,” I panted back, “You’ve given me a new experience. Thank you.”

She lay down and held on to me firmly, laying her head on my chest until we both recovered. Farah raised herself on one elbow. “Claude. Tomorrow I have class near your institute. Do you want to meet for lunch?”

“Sure,” I said. Farah kissed me on the lips, tossed on her t-shirt and left.

Farah and I continued to hook up a couple times a week both for lunch, shopping or a museum and for intensely passionate sex. Vesna adjusted to fewer nights with me but we remained just as close.

A regular Friday night group thing emerged with me, and Vesna with some combination of Carmen, Kiraz, and Yara. Vesna watched Farah and I once and happily gulped down my cum at the end, but I think that the intensity of our coupling tended to exclude others. Farah found other friends to hang out a few times a week and poured her passion into one-on-one sessions with me. Since the beach weekend, Farah started having her public hair waxed like Yara. I appreciated how slick her pussy felt when we fucked and loved licking her as often as I could.

When Carmen learned about this she started shaving her pussy on Friday nights. I liked how it bahis şirketleri felt and Vesna liked to lick my cum from Carmen’s bald pussy. Vesna and Kiraz had very little body hair anyway and only wispy public hair that didn’t get in the way. Turn about being fair play, Vesna started trimming my pubic hair short to keep it out of her nose and Yara shaved my balls and ass.

On one memorable Friday night. I licked Kiraz while Vesna sucked my cock, Carmen licked my balls and Yara licked and fingered my asshole. I came buckets and they kept going until I got hard again so that I could fuck Yara’s tight ass. We convened in Yara’s room for these Friday night sessions since it was bigger and didn’t share any walls with other roommates.

Llora had started dating a nice guy from her town so I didn’t hook up with her again but she always greeted me with a tender hug or a kiss and we continued to cook and practice Catalan together. So now I had two “non-girlfriends” and three other lovers. It sounds complicated but it all seemed normal and we didn’t worry about it. The thing was, I really loved and cared for all of them and felt loved and cared for in turn.

Ulrika looked at me longingly sometimes but neither of us made a move. We cooked together a few times. I enjoyed her company and found her attractive but I hardly needed another lover. If she wanted to pursue something she knew where to find me. And I think Bilan and Chhaya were a bit afraid of me, or disapproved, or probably both. But during group dinners they were never less than civil and occasionally let down their guards to treat me in a friendly way. Miraculously, no one was a total slob nor obsessively neat so there was none of the usual roommate resentment about dishes in the sink or socks on the couch.

Also during this time, Yara let me use her attic as a photo studio. I shot a series of beautiful nudes of all of my lovers plus Ulrika and a hot series of Sylvie and Lisa entwined together. Unlike the earlier portraits these were not displayed down stairs except for some of the exhibitionist, Kiraz. Bilan pretended they weren’t there but I saw Chhaya gazing at them intently a few times.

Carmen, Farah, Ulrika and Llora made a particular effort to draw Chhaya out of her shell and make her feel included. Kiraz continued to lounge around exposing herself but it no longer got a rise out of anyone and passed without comment. I, of course, noticed and appreciated her little shows. She had to wear sweaters with the cooler weather but now habitually wore short skirts without panties. I’m sure she got her thrills on windy days.

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