Barber Shop Fun

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After the enormous feedback from readers on my earlier experience with the watchman next door, I knew I had to write about another experience I had many years ago. This one too gets me very hot and horny whenever I think about it.

* * * * *

Like the previous incident, this one happened many years ago. It had been a long and tiring day. I had a lot of work in college and was on my way home when I decided to go to the barber shop near our house for a desperately needed haircut. It was around 8:30 pm when I got there, and they were getting ready to close. After much cajoling, one of the two barbers there said that he would give me a haircut and lock up shop, and told his friend that he could leave.

I sat down on the barber’s chair exhausted and told him what sort of cut I wanted. He then proceeded to spray some water on my face and hair and then started to cut it. His hands felt surprisingly very soft on my head and around my face, and it was putting me in an even more, almost sleepy state. It was almost as if he was tickling and caressing my head and face as he was cutting the hair. Weird as it felt, the softness of his touch was beginning to arouse me and I felt really horny. I thought about going home and wanking off in the shower before getting into bed.

Through the haircut we made some small talk about this and that. He noticed that I looked really tired and had almost dozed off while he was cutting my hair. After he was done, he asked me if he could do anything else.

A specialty of barbers here is that they give a really good oil massage in the head and I generally took one after my haircut. I asked him if he could give me one if he was not getting too late to leave. He said that was fine. He went on to tell me that he did body massage as well but only for some special clients. Hmmm, I would keep that in mind.

He poured a generous amount of oil in my hair and began to massage it vigorously on my scalp and neck, which felt really good. It made me feel very relaxed and I mumbled something about how good a job he was doing. He then asked if I wanted him to go any lower around the shoulders. While perfectly innocent, his suggestion hit me like a bolt. Fuck yeah, I thought, but told him that the oil would ruin my shirt. He agreed and then suggested that if I wanted, I could remove my shirt. I found this suggestion rather odd and came to two conclusions. Either he wanted to make some extra money or maybe he wanted to see where this would lead. I thought about it and then said that it would be embarrassing if someone were to walk in. They might think we were doing something strange, but I quickly suggested that maybe he could lock the shop door and pull the blinds down. That would be okay. He did so and I took my shirt off.

My mind was racing thinking about all the possibilities. Here I was in a barbers shop, with this man running his hands over my semi-naked body. This was really turning me on. I was sizing the barber up. He was around 6 feet tall, very dark, middle aged, had a protruding belly, not particularly good looking. I was trying hard to picture him naked, what his cock looked like, how it would feel to have his cock in my mouth. I was now feeling very flustered and randy. But maybe, I was just getting ahead of myself and maybe nothing would happen.

He motioned canlı bahis me to sit on a smaller chair that they had in the waiting area. He then got behind me and poured a generous amount of hot oil on my shoulders, neck, and upper back. He began massaging it into my skin starting with my shoulders. This felt so good. His hands soon worked their way onto my upper arms around the biceps and then around to my chest. While massaging my chest, he held both my nipple firmly and massaged, pulled and pinched them with his finger tips. Both nipples were completely erect as he continued massaging my chest and moved his hands back and forth over my nipples. He then proceeded to squat between my legs and was directly facing me. He poured some more oil into his palm and rubbed it around my stomach and chest. As he reached forward to massage the area around my stomach and lower back, his face was barely a few inches from my groin. I could feel my cock twitching and growing and a strange nervous feeling in my stomach. In his squatting position his cock was almost resting through his shalwar (a very loose Pakistani garment worn as a pant)against my right foot. I was dying to squeeze it between my toes. Oh, if only I could.

Feeling extremely hot, I wished aloud that he massage the rest of my body as well. Before he could say yes or no, I got up and took off my shoes, socks and pants, and stood in front of him in only my briefs. My cock was more than semi-erect. My naked feet against the floor tiles and the sight of my almost naked body in the mirror was getting too much for me. I desperately wanted this man to rip my briefs off and fuck my bunghole hard with his cock.

I sat back on the barbers chair and asked him how far back the chair would recline. He pushed the chair back considerably, until I was almost lying down on it. He got in between me, with my legs stretched over the counter in front of the chair. He was facing the mirror in front and applied a lot of oil on my feet and between my toes. My mind was racing overtime and I had this huge throbbing erection in my briefs. I wondered what he thought of this whole situation and whether he had noticed my erection. With my eyes half closed and one hand on my nipple, and the other on my briefs, I began to stroke the outline of my cock through the briefs. His hands were moving very slowly but firmly though the insides of my legs. I was moaning aloud telling him how much I loved it. As he turned around he stared hard at my hand on my hard cock, the head of which was now straining against the elastic on my briefs. My balls were also protruding out somewhat due to this pull on the elastic. With a very twisted smile, he reached for my cock and pulled it to one side of the briefs. He said that that was the only part of my body left undone. With an extremely greasy hand, he pulled really hard on my cock stroking it and running his other hand over my nipples squeezing them to erection. I was wriggling away in his chair pushing my cock and my groin towards him. Reaching forward, I grabbed his cock and began stroking it though the cloth of his shalwar. He was moaning in pleasure and reached forward to kiss me. He then moved back and tucking both his hands under my briefs he pulled them off and made me spread my legs as wide and as far back as I could. Looking at me with lust all over bahis siteleri his face, he stripped naked. My eyes almost popped out looking at him. He had a slightly chubby body, very dark, with a protruding belly. His cock was around 9 inches long and hung to the left. It was beautiful with a fat pinkish brown mushroom shaped head and some pubic hair at the base. Ummm, my mouth was watering in anticipation.

He bent down in front of me and spread my legs really wide. With one hand stroking my cock, he moved his face between my asscheeks and began to lick my asshole. I was giggling in delight as his tongue moved in and around my horny shithole. He then put a greasy finger all the way up my bum and began to massage my bladder and prostate with his hands. I was moaning and groaning with pleasure. He then flooded my ass, cock and his hands with more oil. Pretty soon, he had a second and then a third finger up my shithole. His other hand was pressing down really hard against my bladder and was making me more and more desperate to piss. In a really desperate voice, I told him I need to pee. He told me to hold it and that I could do it later. I pleaded with him that I was about to burst and unless he wanted me to piss all over his shop, he would let me go.

I got up and frantically looked around for a place to go. They had no bathroom there and I asked him desperately if I could pee in one of the basins. He told me that there was a small alley behind the rear entrance and they normally just pissed on the road. He opened the door and we stepped out into the night air. We were both completely naked but the alley was very dark so I figured it was okay. The passageway was about 7-8 feet wide and was full of garbage, and a lot of hair from the barber shop. There were some stray cats rummaging through the garbage for food. I squatted down behind one of the garbage bins and the barber squatted behind me. Before I knew it, he had placed his hand under my ass and popped two fingers in me. With the pressure building up and his fingers in my poopshoot I could not control the pee any longer. With a huge strain, I let my piss gush out of my extremely strained cock. Finally relief, I was moaning as the piss continued to gush out from my peehole.

I got up and started towards the door, when he held me and pushed me to the wall. He then turned me over and pushed my head down on to his waiting cock. I took in my mouth and began to suck it, first the head then down to the shaft. It was soft at first but I could feel it starting to swell in my mouth. The head of his cock tasted salty and I could taste the precum on it. The more I sucked, the more precum oozed out into my mouth. I slurping away at his cock and telling him how much I was enjoying it. After a minute or so, we walked back into the shop.

Inside, my mind was putting the situation in perspective. Here I was, naked with another man, barely half a mile from my house, in a closed barber shop, then in the alley outside, pissing. Shit, what the fuck had I got into this time.

We again began to kiss and got back up on the barber chair. I made him turn around and angled my face under him to suck his cock. Applying a lot of oil on his shithole, I spread his cheeks and stuck my finger into his bum. He seemed to enjoy this immensely as I sucked his cock. I then pushed bahis şirketleri my second finger in while playing with my own cock with the other hand. He was now moaning away like a madman begging me to put more in. I got out from under him releasing his cock from my mouth and angled myself directly behind him with my cock pushing against his very swollen and greasy bum hole. To my surprise, he begged me to fuck him. With his own hands reaching behind him he spread his asshole really wide and I could see his pink insides covered with greasy oil. I angled my cock head to his bum hole and pushed it in. Despite the oil, I could not believe how good and tight his asshole felt as I started to pound harder and harder into his gaping anus. With every stroke I was pushing in deeper and then pulling my cock all the way out, and then again ramming it all the way back in. His wide open anus staring me in the face as I fucked him was driving me wild. I wanted to cum in his ass, but I also wanted to be fucked by him. I knew that if I came, it would all be over for me, and that I would just like to get dressed and leave. With a very hoarse voice, I told him I wanted him to fuck me and pulled my cock out of his ass.

He rolled me over on my back and spreading my legs, he rammed his cock into my greasy asspussy. His cock felt huge in my ass as it was very thick and long and seemed to be growing more and more with each stroke. I was trying to push against him with my hands to slow down but my asshole was so wet and open that his cock was just pushing in and out like a sledgehammer. He was completely on top of me, and was pushing deeper and harder up my ass. Moaning incessantly he told me that he was about to cum. I told him that I wanted to taste it and to please cum in my mouth. With his next stroke he pulled out and raced up to my face, jerking his cock on top with his balls hanging in my mouth. As he was about to come, he angled his cock about an inch from my mouth and shot his first load of cum square into my waiting mouth. Lots more cum followed all over my face and in my mouth. I was savoring the taste of his tasty gooey liquid all over me.

Still feeling very horny, and feeling my own cum building up inside me, I raced back out into the alley and started to jerk myself off over the place where I had pissed a while back. The barber came out behind me and ran his hands down my body while I rested on him. He placed his hand over my hand and on my cock, and we both stroked my bulging prick. I could not hold on any longer and with an enormous strain I was shooting cum all over the alley. Some of my cum had dribbled onto his hand as well and he rubbed it all over my stomach. Exhausted, we both rested against the wall for a while before finally going into the shop.

Once inside we both washed up and he went about tidying up the shop. He tried to coax me very much into giving him a contact number or anything where he could reach me again. Since I was now back in my senses, I just gave him a wrong phone number and name, and told him that I would be back soon to pick up where we left off. Unfortunately, his shop was just too close to our house, and I did not want to get into any sort of trouble over this. So that was the last time I visited that shop or saw the barber.

Back home I trudged up the stairs to my room. I felt weak and my knees were trembling as I walked up each step. Vivid memories of the evening and of my barbers beautiful cock jerking off sperm in my face made me wank myself silly in the shower before turning in for the night.

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