Barb and Her Sister Lois

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Before there was a Masturbation Club for Barb to enjoy she had another experience which she kept largely to herself at least up until now. I being the confidant of both my sisters have heard the story from both sides. With their permission I will do my best to detail it accurately here.

Barb and Lois are my sisters. At the time of this incident both were married and had three children between them. They lived several miles apart. Now over their sibling rivalry the sisters had become good friends over the last three or four years.

They were 25 and 23 and college graduates. They both worked for the same company which closed Wednesday. They usually ‘did the mall’ together that day.

Lois had come to look forward to these outings and to the light atmosphere created by the lunch crowd at the food court. Even though she was happily married to Don, there were always a lot of nice looking men there. She and Barb enjoyed more than their share of attention, both male and female.

Without having discussed it they had both started to wear sexier outfits. That some of these attentions were by females was not lost on either of my sisters and a certain amount of back and forth teasing had taken place.

These attentions and the teasing had stirred Lois’s thoughts as she began to speculate what a woman to woman encounter might be like. Because of the tone of some of Barb’s remarks some of that speculation included Barb.

As Lois began to pick out what she would wear to the mall she again wondered about Barb. Could she possibly be bi? She had wondered about this over the last month or so.

Lois sometimes felt that maybe Barb’s sometime teasing remarks might be a way of coming on to her. Lois had become almost positive that Barb, like herself had some interest in exploring the bi scene.

Barb certainly seemed to have thrown out some hints. But each time Lois had done or said something to signal her interest Barb didn’t seem to follow up.

She opened her lingerie drawer and picked out a pair of filmy red panties. She put them on the bed thinking to herself.

“If she does see me in these it might well cause things to come to a head?”

“Then what?” Lois asked herself.

“If it does, will I have the guts to carry through with it or will I chicken out?”

She went about the room looking at this and that trying to complete her selection. She wanted to be sexy to Barb but she didn’t want to be blatant about it.

Just then the doorbell sounded. She had not dressed yet so she threw on a short summer robe which she considered sexy and went to the door. As expected found Barb waiting there.

Barb had the ideal athletic girl figure topped by very nicely shaped boobs. They were big enough to attract attention and firm enough to stand high without needing a bra. Her erect nipples and their darker aureoles were visible to Lois through the thin material of the linen blouse she wore.

Barb’s outfit was enough to stir Lois’s juices. She doubted also that Barb was wearing panties. That was a hunch based on past history. Lois considered Barb’s choice of clothes to bode well for things to come.

“Wow. Love your outfit. Is it new and do you intend to go out in daylight wearing it?”

“No but I like how it feels on me and I feel like I look sexy in it and I wanted to show it off to you.”

“That you do, but then you’d look sexy in a potato sack. Meanwhile I’d bet that you’re totally naked under that outfit.”

“You’d win that bet.” said Barb flushing slightly. “I hoped that you’d like to stay home today?”

“You’re naked under the dress because you thought that I might want to stay home today?”


“May I ask what brought that on sister dear?”

“Well I’m feeling a bit horny and you’re so sexy. Even if you are my sister I hoped that maybe today you might also be a bit horny. I took a chance and brought the makings of a Stinger.”

Lois didn’t know quite what to say so what came out was

“A Stinger just might do it.” She paused a moment before she added. “I understand. You think that you have to get me drunk in order to have your way with me.”

This uneasy repartee was stirring to both but was also relaxing their anxieties.

“If it’s going to be that kind of afternoon, let me model casino oyna my new undies. You can make the drinks.”

Without waiting for a reply she headed for her bedroom. She returned only a moment later dressed only in her previously selected red panties and an equally wispy red bra. Neither bra or panties did anything to hide her excitement. Her erect nipples and dampening crotch were both obvious.

“I love it.” Said Barb as Lois walked into the bar area where Barb was pouring the drinks. “Now we can both get a bit high and have a good excuse for whatever we do after that.”

Lois returned to the living room. By the time Barb returned with the drinks Lois had closed the blinds, found and lit some candles and turned on some romantic music. They sat and nervously made small talk each sneaking glances at the other’s scantily clad and arousing body as they sipped their first drink. With out comment they had another drink.

They gradually stopped talking and sat listening to the music. We have not danced together since we were teens teaching each other. Care to join me?” asked Barb.

“Yes.” said Lois. “Great idea.”

She stood and held out her hand to Barb who stood and moved in close . Barb placed her hands on Lois’s bare waist as Lois locked her hands behind Barb’s neck and they began to sway their bodies gently and move slowly in time with the music.

Soon they were cheek to cheek and both their thighs somehow had found their way between the other’s thighs as they moved slowly around the room. Each was gradually becoming breathless with desire as their bodies made contact again and again.

Gradually their movement around the floor slowed as their bodies and their parted lips moved closer and closer. Finally they stopped moving. Their bodies were in gentle but total contact, their nipples burning holes into the other’s breasts.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Said Barb.

“You are so right. We are both female. We are sisters. It would be a double sin.” They paused.

“Yes. You are right.” Said Barb. For a moment they were silent as they gazed into the eyes of the other.

The kiss began so soft, so gentle. After a moment it became full lips with gentle tongues intermingling. The kiss combined with their closeness was arousing a passion different from any either had experienced before.

As the kiss continued their passions rose even higher. Then came the desire in each to be naked for the other. Barb made the first move. Lois felt her fingers at her bra clasp. She hunched her back to help. Then as the clasp came undone and the bra fell to the floor she stepped back and pulled down her own panties.

Barb seeing that kicked off her shoes and turned for her sister for an unzip. They had done this a hundred times before but never under these circumstances. When all their clothes on the floor both were now standing in front of each other stark naked.

There followed a moment of mutual admiration and excitement as they studied each other. They had seen each other’s naked bodies before, but this time was different. This time the other’s body was there to be studied and enjoyed.

Lois looked at and admired Barb’s naked body. Barb looked at Lois and with a mischievous look on her face said

“OK you, let me enjoy all of you.

“Your body is even more beautiful when you’re aroused.”

Lois stood proudly as Barb stared longingly at her beautiful hard breasts standing proudly with no sag. Her long nipples were erect in their excitement. Lois meanwhile took in Barb’s slightly smaller but nicely shaped breasts and then let her eyes drop to her neatly trimmed pussy.

“I like that you are a natural Red Head, your puss is so beautiful.”

“Barb stepped forward and again stood nipple to nipple with Lois. It was amazing their nipples were in firm contact but otherwise they were not touching. Barb cocked her head then bent forward and then again kissed.

Lois didn’t move, simply enjoying the moment. Then her lips parted. Her tongue snaked out and darted between Barb’s open lips. She held it still until she felt Barb’s tongue touch hers. Then she opened her mouth and took Barb’s lips between her own and licked them thoroughly as Barb responded.

Barb took Lois’s hands in hers. They continued to kiss but otherwise they canlı casino were not touching except for their nipples.

Even so Lois felt Barb’s body begin to tremble, then her own body began to tremble too with the delicious anticipation of what they were about to do. They allowed the excitement to grow as they continued the kiss.

Now as Lois began to feel her pussy overflow and spill down her thigh she became brazen.

She said. “I think it’s time to we should go upstairs, lay down on my bed and discuss the problem of my wet pussy.”

“Great idea.”

“First how about we find our drinks.”

Moments later they were both kneeling on Lois’s bed, facing each other and sipping the remains of their drinks. Barb put her almost empty drink on the bedside table then laid down with her head toward the foot of the bed. “OK.” she said to Lois “I await your services.”

Lois didn’t hesitate but bent over to lick Barb’s breast. She wasted little time in finding her way to Barb’s erect nipple. She took it into her mouth and began to suck it gently as it became rock hard.

Then she opened her mouth and parted her lips so as to suck much more of Barb’s breast into it. She was rewarded by feeling the excitement course through Barb’s body. It was as if there was a direct connection between Barb’s nipple and her other erogenous zones.

She sensed movement from Barb and soon felt Barb’s left hand move down to seek and then find her own pussy. Her sister then began to masturbate. As that began Lois felt Barb’s other hand slide up her thigh. Her sister’s fingers quickly found Lois’s pussy and she felt the penetration of several fingers into the slippery tunnel they found there.

Lois continued to devour Barb’s beautiful nipples and the breast that she had sucked into her mouth. She also felt her body responding to Barb’s fingers deep inside of her as her pelvis began moving against them in a gyrating motion.

As Barb’s fingers slid in and out of her cunt Lois could feel Barb’s body responding to her oral ministrations at her breasts. Barb began to show signs of approaching orgasm.

Before Barb came however her own body began it’s own orgasm. The orgasm that ripped through her body was violent and among the most intense that she had ever experienced.

It had started in her cunt, then spread to her pelvic area. Without conscious thought her hips began to gyrate wildly on Barb’s fingers. Her whole body became involved, heaving and trembling and convulsing and doing things that she had not felt from it before.

“Let it never stop.” was her silent prayer to whatever god controlled such things.

As her orgasm subsided Lois collapsed sideways on the bed. Barb her fingers still inside of Lois followed suit. Now they were each on their side facing almost head to pussy. It was the classic sixty nine position viewed from above.

Barb removed her fingers from Lois and after briefly tasting them slid her hand under Lois’s waist. Lois allowed herself to be pulled into a position that allowed Barb’s head to rest between her parted thighs.

Lois followed Barb’s lead and slid her hand under Barb’s waist and with her other hand on top of her waist she pulled Barb to her. Barb’s thighs were now parted and each girl was on her side with her head between the other’s thighs. Each mouth was now within tongue range of the other’s pussy.

Barb pursed her lips and began to blow, directing a stream of air between the lips of Lois’s pussy. Lois’s reaction to that thrill was to part Barb’s pussy with her fingers insert her tongue between them and begin to move her tongue over every each and every bit of it.

As her tongue came to Barb’s clit Lois paused there and give it some extra attention. She had never done this before but having often been on the receiving end the action came naturally to her.

Barb meanwhile started doing much the same thing to Lois who paused and pulled back and said “I was sure that this would be great but,…WOW.”

Then without awaiting a reply she again attacked Barb’s cunt with her mouth and tongue. This time she spread Barb’s pussy lips apart with her fingers then planted her own mouth between them and sucked her juicy cunt against her lips the clit into her mouth.

She first stuck her tongue as far into the opening kaçak casino as she could and licked outward. As her tongue would return to her own mouth she would savor the taste and then repeat the action.

After Lois did that a few times she felt Barb follow suit. She spread Lois’s pussy and begin to tongue her in the same manner. Lois was immediately overwhelmed by the eroticism of it all and her whole pelvic area began to tremble again.

Then they entered a period where it seemed that they were using the same brain. As one thought of doing something a bit different the other’s tongue began to do just that.

Then Lois became totally overwhelmed and her pussy began slamming up against Barb’s mouth as Barb’s tongue licked and tongue fucked her as she had never been tongue fucked before.

After orgasms too numerous to count had wracked pleasurably through bout their bodies they fell back pleasurably exhausted.

After their bodies had come back down to earth Barb let her go and reversed herself and lay down beside Lois and took her in her arms.

They kissed and Lois sucked the flavor of themselves from the other’s mouth and tongue; After a few minutes then stopped and pulled away.

“You’ve done that before, haven’t you?” Asked Lois.

“Not for a long time it was way back in that summer camp. But it’s like what they say about riding a bike. You never forget how. I knew that you would like it if I could ever get you started.”

“You know what my favorite fantasy has been?”

“No, tell me.”

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you with my dildo as I licked your clit and made you come again and again.”

“Be my guest.” With that encouragement Lois got up and went to the dresser drawer and came back with her dildo.

“Meet BIG RED. He’s told me often how he want’s to fuck you. Red, say hello to Barb.”

Barb looked at the dildo and was excited by what she saw, imagining how it would feel sliding in and out of her raging hot pussy.

“Hi Big Red, come here and let me taste you. By the way Red, where did you come from? Lois, you’ve been keeping secrets from me, you naughty girl.”

Lois held it to Barb’s lips and she put her hand over Lois’s and pushed it into her mouth. Her sister began to lick and suck on it as if it were the real thing. Meanwhile Lois told her sister.

“Aunt Leah gave it to me. Uncle Jim had found it in a shop in Singapore long ago and bought it for her. She said that because I reminded her of herself and wanted me to have it, bless her soul.”

Barb got it thoroughly wet with her saliva and the said to Lois.

“Quick, shove him into me and fuck me with him hard and fast.”

Lois quickly stuck the head of the dildo between Barb’s vulva, Being inexperienced with putting it into someone else she had to probe for a second looking for Barb’s cunt opening.

Barb who had waited for it impatiently was ready when it finally was inside of her. She thrust her pelvis hard against Lois’s hand which quickly pushed it deep inside of her. It was stopped only by Lois’s hand around it’s base.

“Lois please, do what you said, lick my clit and fuck me with Big Red, now please.”

Lois began fucking Barb’s cunt with the dildo and then bent to lick Barb’s clit as she did. Barb thought that she had never felt anything so incredibly good and exciting.

She was no stranger to either being fucked or to being licked but being fucked and licked at the same time by someone like Lois was almost more than she could take.

Almost instantly Barb’s pelvis was quaking and her body was trembling and the most incredible sensations were rolling through her body. She sometimes would count her orgasms but there was no separation between these.

It became just one continuous orgasm which had her feeling as if she were flying tree high over mountain ranges. Some were higher than others but they just continued on seemingly forever.

She meanwhile had her fingers in Lois’s cunt. She was too distracted to be finger fucking her but was instead holding her fingers, hand and arm stiff to the elbow which rested on the bed. Lois began humping Barb’s fingers as she ministered to Barb with her tongue and her dildo.

Barb was aware of Lois’s actions and aware of Lois’s matching orgasm. Lois’s did not have the intensity of Barb’s but it rolled through her in a similar manner.

Minutes later, both spent and after a passionate kiss Lois said.

“Going to be an interesting sex life from here out.”

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