Banging My Sexy MIL When Wife Was Abroad – Pt 1

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Banging My Sexy MIL When Wife Was Abroad – Pt 1

I dated a beautiful girl for a year and then married her. Her mother was a divorcee. Since we all work in different companies in the same city, we stayed together in 3BHK home in the heart of the city with a beautiful view. I always wondered about the beauty of my wife, Nipurna when we were dating. After seeing my wife’s mom, Aparna, I had got the answer to that question.

Nipurna had derived the beauty from her mother. Since this story is mainly about my wife’s mom Aparna, let me describe her beauty. Aparna looked exactly like an elder version of Nipurna. Aparna was 46 years old but looked like she was in her late 30s. She had a curvy body but she wasn’t chubby or fatty, just slightly heavier.

She must be 5.6¨ height with big 34D boobs and big round ass. She had kept herself fit by going to the gym regularly in the morning. She had big black eyes that were filled with confidence and courage as one can expect to see from a single mother who raised her daughter without a man’s help. I loved that attitude of hers and even admired her strong will. I was always aroused by strong women and no wonder that I had got a huge crush on Aparna.

She had dyed her thick straight black hairs in brown. It looked sexier on her and it made her look a few years younger. Aparna was a good dresser. She always wore elegant dresses that notched her beauty one level up and never worn dresses in a flashy way to invite men to look at her assets.

As we all lived together, I had got lots of opportunities to stare at my mother-in-law’s boobs and ass. I had seen her sexy curvy waist many times whenever she wore sarees.

I liked her and sometimes I have been aroused by her. This led to me thinking about fucking her. Very often, I would fuck her daughter, my wife Nipurna by keeping Aparna in my mind. I had touched her body over the time multiple times and I had never observed a different behaviour towards me after that.

I could say confidently that she liked me. It was not like a mother-in-law liking her son-in-law kinda like. It was slightly more like a teacher liking his favorite student in the classroom. After all, I had married her daughter and she might have told some good things of me doing on the bed. As a lonely woman, she must have been aroused by those things.

A year had gone after my marriage with Nipurna. I had fucked her in many positions and sometimes we did experimentation. I loved fucking my wife and I loved every inch of her warm sexy body. Never ever had I thought that this would be the reason for me to fuck her mom.

Nipurna had got an opportunity to go the USA for a few months and she left to the USA. After a month, she had gone to the USA and I missed her body very much. I missed having sex with her. It didn’t matter how much amount of phone sex I had with her as I yearned to fuck her. Masturbation also didn’t help much. I desperately wanted a real pussy.

One Friday evening, after I had come back from office, I sat in the balcony overlooking the city drinking a cold beer. It was around 8 pm. Aparna, my mother-in-law had prepared dinner and she sat beside me. I asked her whether she wants to drink something. She preferred Vodka and there was a Vodka bottle at home. I poured her a drink and we started to talk casually. Our conversation went about talking about Nipurna.

I said, “I miss her a lot.” My mother-in-law said, “I know. I miss her too.”

I said, “I am really surprised that you hadn’t got married after your divorce. That was 10-11 years ago. You must have been very young. You should have got married.”

Aparna smiled and said, “After my first marriage got failed, I hated marriage. So I didn’t get married again. I am really happy that my daughter had got such a nice handsome guy as her husband.”

I sensed flirting in that line. She didn’t have to mention about my looks when she was talking about my behaviour. I liked it though. I said to her, “If I had seen you ten years ago before I had seen your daughter, maybe I would have fallen in love with you.” This time it was my turn to flirt with her. She smiled and blushed. Then she laughed loudly. For some reason, I found it arousing.

I always liked her confidence and how she carried her. Aparna was wearing blue colour flower printed maxi. It ran up to her ankle and failed miserably to cover her entire boobs. I could see her cleavage and now I stared at those boobs teasing me to look at them. Her neck was naked. No jewelry was put around her neck and it was attractive and sexy. I wanted to bite her neck like a vampire. The lust started to burn in my mind.

My mother-in-law opened her thick lips and said, “You are being very kind here. It seems like I missed an opportunity.”

Then she took her phone and showed me a photo which was taken 10 years ago. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was back then. Not that her beauty had diminished in the last 10 years but she was ravishing at that time. She was wearing black colour transparent saree casino siteleri with a red blouse. I could see her fair curvy waist and big boobs through her saree. She was beautiful and sexy.

I said to her, “Wow! You look absolutely stunning. Gorgeous. I would have married you if I had seen you that time.”

My MIL laughed loudly again and slapped on my shoulders playfully. She said, “Stop making fun of me. I was once beautiful. Now I have become old.” I said, “What? Are you k**ding me? You are matured in mind but not by body. You still have a body that could turn any man’s head when you cross him.” She blushed and thanked me.

We looked each other and there was this awkward silence in between us. I said to broke the silence, “I guess it’s all because of the beer that I talked so many nonsense things.” I blamed everything on beer after saying everything I had in my mind about her.

She smiled and said, “That’s why I like alcohol. It always makes men to be honest and true. Are you saying you talked about my beauty was nonsense?” I immediately denied saying, “No. no. I didn’t mean that.” We both laughed.

I stared at her boobs with so much lust. I had forgotten completely that she was my mother-in-law rather I behaved like a normal man who had got seduced by a confident sexy mature woman. She stood up and walked away from me. I stared at her swinging ass. I had thought there was a certain swag in her walk this time as if she knew I was staring at her ass.

Aparna called me for dinner. I sat on the table. My wife’s sexy mom then opened the hot box that had chapatti and served it. Chapatti must have been hot as she shook her hand after serving it to me. I grabbed her hand and put her forefinger inside my mouth.

I looked into her eyes while sucking her finger. Aparna didn’t say anything. There was no hesitation in her big black eyes. I gained confidence. I sucked her middle finger. Still, there was no resistance from her or shock. I loved it and I sucked her other fingers too. I got the hotbox from her and dropped it on the dining table.

Then I put my right hand around my mother-in-law’s waist and pulled her closer to me. Aparna sat on my right thigh. We started to kiss each other slowly. I tasted the Vodka on her lips and she had tasted the beer on mine. What started as a small spark had grown into a big fire.

We started to kiss passionately and our hands were caressing and massaging each other’s bodies. Her hand immediately went to my erecting dick and started to rub the bulge on my shorts. Her hand had gone inside my shorts and started to rub the bulge on my underwear. My hands were on her big boobs, squeezing them harder. Our lips were never got separated.

We kept kissing each other. I kissed on her naked neck, licked her jaws and kissed on her ears. She moaned. My right hand was inside her maxi, rubbing her pantie. My left hand squeezed her naked boobs as she was not wearing a bra. I felt her soft big boobs. I loved it as I felt the pussy and boobs after so long.

My horny mother-in-law kissed me on my neck. She bit my ears and shoulders. She pushed her tongue inside my ears and licked them. I loved it and a tickling sensation had grown inside me.

I lifter her maxi and she raised her hands up. I removed her maxi and she stood in front of her son-in-law wearing just a green color pantie. I admired her beauty and slapped her big boobs facing down the floor as the gravity was doing its fine job of pulling down those overweight melons. I pinched her erected brown nipples. She moaned and bit her lower lip. I sucked her big boobs. I couldn’t grab the boob in my left hand as it was bigger.

I squeezed her left boob while sucking right boob. Then I licked her nipples and rolled my tongue over her big dark brown areola. I kissed on her ribs, navel, and waist. I licked her navel. I inserted my finger inside her pantie and rubbed her pussy. Aparna moaned loudly and groped my hairs. I bit on her curvy waist and licked it.

We moved to the couch in the living room. Aparna removed my t-shirt and lowered my shorts till my knees. She sat on the floor in between my legs while I sat on the couch with my legs wide apart. She rubbed the bulge on my underwear and then kissed it. She kept rubbing the bulge and made me wait. She was showing her experience by teasing me and I loved it.

My dick was trying to pierce my underwear as it had completely erected now. She lowered my underwear and unleashed the cobra kept in the cage. My dick sprang in front of her and swung to and fro. She smiled and said, “She was right. It’s huge.” She grabbed my swinging dick and licked the tip. I asked her, “Nipurna told you about my cock?”

“Of course, she did. Remember the first time you had sex with her? You couldn’t put it inside her as it was painful for her. She was afraid the next day. She told me about it and I gave her the tips to use the lubrication”.

I was shocked to hear this for first two seconds and then it faded away. Now my respect for her progressive parenting had grown canlı casino more.

Aparna started to lick my thick big cock. She licked the dickhead and kissed it. She started to suck my dickhead. The moment it was inside her mouth, I knew this woman was special and she knew how to take care of a dick.

My mother-in-law sucked my dick like she was born to suck a dick. She had no inhibitions in sucking a cock. She tried to take in my complete 7¨ length of my cock inside her mouth but she couldn’t.

My dick was covered with her saliva. She licked the entire length of my dick. She licked my balls and under my balls where my ass cheeks join. I loved the tickling sensation. It was so good.

“You are a dirty bitch. Aren’t you?”, I said. She smiled and said, “Yes, I am, beta.”

I grabbed her hairs and pushed my dick deep inside her mouth. I gagged her with my dick and saw her eyes bulging out and nostrils enlarging. She was trying to breathe. Then I took out my dick. She gasped for breath and breathed heavily.

Her naked boobs were going up and down. I slapped them hard. She loved it. She held them together by putting her right hand below them. I slapped them harder again. I pinched her nipples.

“Oh beta! Slap this bitch harder and harder.” Actually, I was surprised to hear this but I didn’t show it on my face. I always considered her as a woman who constricted herself but now she was wild. I loved to watch her free spirit sucking my cock and licking it from top to bottom. That’s when Nipurna had called my cell phone. She called me at a wrong time! Nipurna had called my cell phone from US when my mother-in-law Aparna was sucking my cock. It was a Skype video call. I panicked for a few seconds while my wife’s mom was so much involved in sucking my cock. I decided to ignore her call. She tried again and I didn’t answer this time too.

Then she called her mom immediately. Thank god, it was an audio call. I asked Aparna to pick up. Aparna answered the call. She sat beside me on the couch. She had put the phone in loudspeaker and started talking to her daughter.

My mother-in-law stroked my dick while she was talking to her daughter. I loved it. I was slightly nervous but Aparna was very calm as if she was washing a utensil in the kitchen! My wife asked about me and Aparna replied to her that I went to sleep after having some beer. She had told her that how much I missed her.

My nervousness had gone away by her jerking off my dick. She licked the precum on my dick and tasted it. She made a slight moaning sound. I heard my wife asking, “Mom, are you eating something?”

Aparna replied, “Yeah, I am tasting chocobar. Your hubby had bought it from the shop next to our home. It’s tasty. It melted and the inside vanilla ice cream came out. So I licked it.”

Nipurna said, “Mom, you made me salivate about that ice cream. I want it now. I miss that uncle’s ice creams.” She replied, “Don’t worry, k**do. I will eat it on behalf of you. I wouldn’t drop a single drop. I am starting to like this candy bar ice cream.” Nipurna said, “That’s cheating, mom. But what to do? I won’t get that uncle’s ice creams here. You eat on behalf of me.”

Aparna jerked off my dick faster and rigorously. I reached climax and cummed. Some drops were flown away and some drops fell on my thighs. Some drops of cum were oozing down from my dick. Aparna sucked her fingers that had got my cum.

Aparna said, “Ohho, I was talking to you and ice cream melted. Vanilla drops were coming out. I have to lick all of it.” She started to lick the cum on my dick and her fingers. She made a moaning sound. Nipurna heard that and asked her, “Mom, it seems to me that you love this ice cream so much. You are making me feel shy.”

Aparna laughed and said, “Yeah honey. I love this ice cream. It’s tasty. Thanks honey for introducing me to this ice cream. I am gonna have it whenever it’s possible.”

Aparna cleaned my cum and licked my balls too. She cut the call afterward and sucked my dick till it became flaccid. I really enjoyed the session as it was thrilling as well as pleasure.

I put her on the couch. She stretched her legs and kept them on the couch. I kissed and then removed her pantie. I was surprised to see a clean shaven pussy. She hadn’t come across as someone who had fucked men after her divorce. And in this one year I had stayed with her, I had never got the idea that she was fucking other men. Why a divorced woman would shave her pussy if not for fucking a guy? She must be fucking someone, for sure.

I got to know about the other side of my mother-in-law, the dirty side. I loved it. I bent down and kissed her wet pussy. I licked her pussy lips. She moaned and grabbed my hairs. I licked her clitoris and rubbed her pussy. I stiffened my tongue and inserted inside her pussy. I pushed in and pulled out. I licked inside her pussy all over. Her moaning grew louder.

I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy and felt her sticky juices. I fingered her pussy faster while licking her clitoris. She groped my hairs and kaçak casino moaned louder.

I inserted my index finger and fingered her pussy faster with two fingers. Aparna was shouting now. She shouted all the dirty words and it sounded like a perfect beat song to my ears. She shouted, “Oh, beta! Fuck me. Fuck this dirty bitch harder. Make me sing for your tune. Don’ stop. Keep grilling me. Don’t stop. Please keep fucking me! Pleasssee!”

I loved it. I kept fingering her pussy. Her juices were overflowing and wet my fingers. Some drops were fallen on the couch. I licked all around her pussy. Her waist was going up and down and her thighs were shivering. I loved watching her body moving in orgasm. It was a pleasure to watch. I was literally making my mother-in-law dance to my tunes.

My tongue was playing a perfect beat and her body was dancing for it. I kept fingered her pussy until she had cummed. She looked at me with a lot of respect. I moved closer to her and kissed her passionately. We kissed for some time and sat on the couch by hugging.

We talked about other things and I asked her about her clean shaven pussy. She had told me that her gym instructor likes her pussy in that way. It was shocking news. I came to know the reason behind her daily visit to the gym. She also told me that her manager also fucked her from time-to-time. These stories really helped me to reduce the guilt feeling I had developed after having oral sex with my mother-in-law.

After some time, we started to kiss each other. I kissed every inch of her body. I loved her boobs and spent a lot of time on her boobs. She loved it too. The best part about Aparna was that she loved sex and she knew how men want sex. She didn’t bring the topic of her daughter all along our session. I loved it and it helped me to stay in the process rather than bothering about my wife.

I asked her to stand in doggie on the dining table as it was in the perfect height. She stood there. Her big boobs were pulled down by self-weight. They were hanging like a fully grown bottle gourd. I stood beside her and started to milk her boobs like a milkman milks cow.

“Ah baby, I love it. Keep milking my boobs. It’s sexy. I love your imagination. Keep doing it. Ahhh!” She said while I milked her boobs. I spanked her ass with my left hand and milked her boobs with the right hand. She absolutely loved it.

I inserted my finger inside her pussy and fingered it while slapping on hanging boobs. Her moaning grew louder and louder. I fingered her pussy faster. Her pussy was wet. I stopped fingering and made her get down from the table. She knelt on the floor and sucked my dick. She sucked passionately. It was thank-you-for-giving-me-wonderful-time kinda sucking. I loved the lust and passion in her sucking.

My dick was fully erected for the second round. I asked her to stand and made her bend on the table. She kept her palms on the table and looked back at me. I spanked her big ass harder and harder. It became pink. She moaned and I loved it.

I rubbed my dick on her pussy. I slid my dick in between her ass crack. I teased her, made her beg for my dick. She shouted through her teeth, “Oh beta! Stop teasing your aunty. Please give it to me. Put it in. Fuck me. Go inside me. Go deeper.”

I put my hands on her waist and pushed my dick inside her pussy. It had gone in like a needle goes into the banana. Her pussy was very loose and wet. There was no tightness, unlike her daughter’s pussy.

I pushed my dick inside her pussy and started drilling her. I fucked her pussy faster and harder. I grabbed her hairs and fucked her pussy faster. My thighs were hitting her ass cheeks and made a good blop sound. I loved that sound.

I fucked her pussy faster and faster. I grabbed her pussy with both hands and held them as support. And then fucked her pussy even faster. She moaned louder. I took out my dick from her pussy. Aparna immediately went down and sucked my dick.

“Suck my dick, you dirty slutty whore. Keep sucking it and lick all your juices.”

Then I sat on the couch. She sucked my dick and then licked it from top to bottom. She licked my balls and under it. She stood up and guided my dick into her pussy. She started to ride my dick. My dick was completely inside her and she moved to and fro. She was moving like an a****l possessed by some extra-terrestrial force. This bitch was riding my cock like riding a bike on the highway.

I sucked her boobs and bit her nipples. She flipped her hairs and made a bun while riding my dick. I grabbed her ass and fucked her pussy faster. She moaned louder. Then she took control and rode my dick in a slow rhythmic pace. I looked into her eyes while she rode and she looked back at me.

After a few more grinds, I cummed inside her. This dirty bitch didn’t stop riding my cock even after I cummed. We kissed passionately till my dick became flaccid again. We continued our affair until my wife came back from the USA.

My mother-in-law was such a nymph that she had fucked three different cocks- mine, gym instructor and manager in one single day. We still live in one flat but we stopped our affair. But Aparna was still continuing to fuck her manager and gym instructor. She had fucked other guys also but these two guys were her permanent pit-stops.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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