Bait Girl

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Part 1 – Fishing for Strange

Shifting and sliding through the crowd at this noisy lesbian bar, I felt like a sperm fighting its way up a moist, rubbery vagina. How’s that for a mental image, Sparky? I wanted it gone as soon as it popped into my head.

I ignored the looks I assumed I was getting from the femmes and butches and the slumming shy girls as I rubbed by them. I’m used to being one of a few guys at an all-girl party. That’s because I fish in these waters. Right now I’m laser-locked on the scene I’m angling toward. Someone has taken my bait. Let’s see if we’re netting or tossing back.

My name’s Jake. You’d guess it’s short for Jacob, right, but bzzzt. It’s Jacoby, an old family name with an even older last name. I’m not so crass that I’d tell you I’m loaded. Let’s just say I can pursue my hobbies at my leisure, which I’ve done for some 34 years. And rich or not, I am filthy. I wouldn’t say I’m attractive, but I do know that money, like power, imparts a beckoning glow to the plainest of men. Kissinger, eh? ‘Nuff said.

I was now close enough to observe two women engaged in a rite of seduction, their lust a cone of silence that muted the DJ throb. Both seemed oblivious to my gaze, but one was not. That one raised a questioning eyebrow to me as she maneuvered her companion for display. She brushed back the hair from a pretty face and stroked an upper arm, straying to a subtle curve of breast. Nice, I thought. So I nodded.

That’s Amy. We’ve done this before. Amy is younger, 24 now I think, with qualities that keep her vital. She has Looks, sure, but also Class, the unassuming sort that clicks the heels of maitre d’s. Auburn locks over soft green eyes, an open oval face atop a slim, pale frame – one look tells you she’s a rare and delicate flower. Hah.

Amy is my bait. And she’s a living caution about books and covers.

Men, and happily for this adventure some women, are drawn into her orbit like asteroids to a pulsar. You’d never guess she was born poor, as attuned to the ways of the working girl as she is to the debutante’s. She knows what people want and she’s willing to promise it – because I ask her to, and because it pleases her.

Amy likes this game. In contrast to the elegance she projects she’s at least as dirty and sexy as I am. I haven’t found her limits, but I don’t press very hard – I’m a bit wary of her intensity. Let me say this: I would never kill. Amy might. The doubt is electric.

I approach the pair, knowing that if things go well we’d both be fucking her new friend tonight.


“Oh, hi Jake, wow what a surprise!” Our heads were nearly touching: bone conduction is how you converse in places like this. “I didn’t expect to see you here. And oh, I’m sorry, Jake this is… Judy, right?” said Amy to introduce her blushing companion. A bit of psychology there: she knew her name, but the question framed their relative status.

“Judy, this is my good friend Jake. Listen Jake, this is great timing, we wanted to get out of here but we’ve both had a little too much. Could you be our sober ride?”

And that’s how it started, how it always starts. From a duo to a trio so smoothly Judy never considered they could just catch a cab.

“Sure, glad to help. Meet you out front in five.”

I was idling at the curb when they popped out 15 minutes later.

“Where to, ladies?”

They giggled like girls (duh) in whispered conference, proposing this place, rejecting that. They’d had enough of the clubs tonight. Judy’s roommate is ill, no privacy there. Amy lives with her parents (no she doesn’t), so…

“Um Jake, I know this is a little weird but could we maybe kind of, you know, crash at your place for a while?”

I frowned. “Wow, Amy, I don’t know. It’s a bit of a mess. I wasn’t expecting company.” Much. Except two horny women.

More giggles, eyes locked in conspiracy. “Oh, we won’t notice. Stop and let me pick up some wine, it’ll be cool.”

I acquiesced, ever the gracious host. We liquored up and before long we pulled into the garage under my building. When I say “my building” I’m being literal. So I get the top floor.

They supported each other as we weaved and laughed our way to the elevator. The night doorman knew this scene and managed to leer deferentially, the way doormen can. It must be an acquired skill.

The ride up found Amy and Judy groping in one corner. The security camera gave the doorman even more reason to leer. When we arrived at the penthouse I think Judy was surprised that the doors opened right onto my foyer. Anyway, she blinked and gawped a bit because she knew that in this town space and height equal money. My secret was out.

As she checked out my digs I returned the favor. What I’d seen in the club was more evident now. She wasn’t quite in Amy territory but she had a lot going on and she was definitely our type. Slim but not skinny, obviously fit. Maybe yoga, Pilates, something like that. Not top heavy but no doubt a casino siteleri female. She wore a skirt with bare legs and a backless top that showed no bra. She didn’t need one. Like Amy, she was pale but with a healthy natural rouge. I think I’m going to like fucking Judy.

I made a small show of ‘straightening up’, which meant moving some pillows and stacking some magazines. The women found glasses and popped a cork. I rolled up a fattie and we passed it around. I’m pretty sure it was better shit than Judy usually got, with decidedly aphrodisiac qualities. You see, the ratio of THC to CBD is key to… say what? You don’t give a fuck about chemistry, you want to hear about the girls? Well, excuse me.

I turned on some tunes and leaned on the bar several feet away as the two of them tucked up onto the sofa. Amy teased one of Judy’s curls with a finger. Judy eyed Amy with a frankness that left no doubt where her thoughts lay. I became invisible. They leaned in to taste each other’s lips, their tongues flicking. Wine glasses found coasters, leaving hands free to stroke breasts and thighs. The sex heat rose, a simmer now but soon a boil.

Amy explored inside Judy’s top with a flat-handed rub and a tweak of the nipples, which made them stand. Soon her hand strayed under Judy’s skirt and parted her legs in my general direction, displaying a wispy thong that barely concealed her treasure. They locked in a deep kiss, Amy dominant. Judy shifted a bit so Amy could ease the thong aside.

This slow reveal was much sexier than just quickly getting her naked. I could see enough to note that she wasn’t completely bare. Her inner lips were flushed and flowering, meaty enough to nibble. Amy mushed them around, adding a circular rub to Judy’s clit hood (anti-clockwise, since we’re in the northern hemisphere). Her moaning was audible, her need palpable. Her pussy scent mingled with the redolence of pot smoke and fine Bordeaux.

My cock was a bone, erect but still concealed, straining at my slacks. Over the years and especially since Amy, I’ve come to appreciate the slow, steady approach to passion. Release is more complete when delayed, when tension is greatest. Sure I’d like to plunge into what I could see and smell, to ravish the young bodies in front of me. But patience, Jake. Patience is rewarded.

Amy pressed a tentative finger into Judy, then another, starting a gentle rhythmic stroke. Suddenly Judy froze, panting softly, as she came back to her surroundings. She smoothed down her skirt with a nervous glance at me and murmured something to Amy.

“It’s OK, honey. We can move to the bedroom if you want. But I think Jake is digging this… yeah, look at him. You don’t mind, do you baby? Jake’s cool. And I know he thinks you’re hot. Let’s keep it here. Hmmm? For me?”

Judy nodded meekly, just horny and high enough to buy it. They got back into it and Amy invited me over with a glance. I set down my glass and joined them on the sofa. Amy’s hand strayed back between Judy’s thighs and mine soon joined. Judy must have known the next fingers that entered her were bigger and rougher than Amy’s, but she didn’t care. Her hips rolled a little, looking for deeper penetration and some contact with her clit.

I took one breast into my mouth, Amy broke their kiss to take the other. Judy’s nipples were like rubbery stones. She arched back, baring her neck, eyes shut in concentration. The rising tension in her body lifted her lovely bum from the sofa. My fingers, now three, continued to thrust. My thumb rolled her sensitive nub, which had peeked out to see what all the fuss was. A moan escaped her mouth, a flush rose on her chest, she was straining for her orgasm and just like that her eyes and mouth flashed open as it arrived. Soundless, breathless, blind, she vibrated like a harp string.

We kept her at this peak. She was tense and quivering, beyond time. Slowly, gently, we let the tension ease and she came back to earth. I disengaged as Amy folded her into her arms, cooing softly and stroking her matted hair. Judy looked around in mild confusion. Gradually her breathing slowed, then deepened to a soft snore.

We carried her to my bedroom to undress her fully. Oh, did you think this session was over? Yes, well, there were still two very horny people who wanted what Judy just had. The night was young.


In keeping with my newfound patience, Amy and I stripped each other piece by alternating piece. She, with less to remove, was naked by the time she tugged off my briefs to free my trapped cock. Judy remained splayed on the bed as Amy took me into her mouth for a brief refresher. I admit I’d sagged a bit in the last few minutes, but Amy’s soft sucking quickly restored me.

She led me by the handle to Judy’s inviting form. “Want to fuck her now?”

“Of course I do, Amy, but I want you even more. Let her recover for a few minutes. Right now it’d be like screwing a corpse.” Not that I knew what that was like, but some canlı casino things you don’t have to experience to understand.

Amy cocked her head impishly. “A few minutes? I was hoping for at least a half an hour.”

I maneuvered her near the bed and urged her onto her back next to Judy, in the same splayed pose. “What the hell, I can do you both,” I bragged with a grin that softened the claim.

I bent to my task, licking and mouthing Amy’s silky inner lips, teasing her clit from its hiding place. She stirred in response but just as she started to get into it I shifted my oral attention to Judy. I’d been right before, she was in no condition to appreciate the gesture. She did writhe a bit, but most of my effort was wasted.

I shifted back to Amy, lifting her legs with my arms so my hands could reach her breasts. This also aligned her sex with my face. I tweaked and pulled and gently pinched her nipples as I tongued and lipped her sensitive spots. She responded well, her pussy lubricating in anticipation.

“Oh, fuck me now, Jake. I’m so hot I could take a mule.”

No mules here today, so it was all on me. I stood up and lowered Amy’s legs to dangle over the edge, still spread but now with her sex open and ruby with passion. I grasped my shaft and rubbed the head up and down her slit, teasing around the nub. She squirmed and bucked, searching for the angle that would lead me into her hot core. When I thought she’d worked enough I slid down and pressed all the way in with a single thrust. Her combination scream and groan was almost reward enough. Almost. I began to move.

The motion was as old as man. Older, if you count monkeys. Hmmm. Mesozoic, if you count therapsids. Ok, right, you’re not here for the paleontology. I fucked her, plain enough, with insistent strokes that kept her right at the brink, humping and straining for more and better contact. She really wanted to come.

Our grunting and bumping must have woken Judy, because when I glanced over she was up on one elbow staring at our bodies and the place we were joined. I reached out to stroke her face and breasts and received a look of such lust I almost came right then.

“She’d like you to help her come, Judy. But I don’t want to stop fucking her. Any ideas?”

Judy leaned in and started to lick at Amy’s pussy, sometimes catching my cock as well. I slipped out of Amy and into Judy’s mouth for a few strokes, then back into Amy and it was glorious to alternate like that, mouth, pussy, mouth, pussy until Amy pulled Judy’s face into her and I held myself at half insertion.

She came hard as Judy pressed her slippery tongue into the pleasure spots. Her pussy pulsed and squeezed so nicely I couldn’t hold back. I pulled out just as my orgasm hit, spraying Amy’s pussy and Judy’s face with a load I’d saved up all week. What a lovely mess. I grabbed my phone and snagged a quick pic before my dick withered. This one wouldn’t make it to Instagram.

I did eventually fuck Judy that night, rather well if I do say so myself. The girls had even more fun, it was watching them that got me up for it.

I never saw Judy again but I doubt she cared. She seemed a little guilty about enjoying sex with a guy, like she’d let down the team. Amy liked her so maybe they got it on another time. I’ll have to ask.

Part 2 – Casting for Cock

Girls aren’t the only thing we fish for, so a couple of weeks later it was Amy’s turn. I have to say I’m not into sex with guys, no judgment but I’m just not wired that way. I can appreciate a big hard dick from an aesthetic point of view, but that’s as far as I go.

On the other hand Amy loves cock, and mine is often not enough. I guess she’s had about a mile of dick in her over the years and I probably didn’t account for a furlong of it.

So no lesbian bar tonight. We hit one of the more upscale joints, still a meat market but with a live band and table service. There was a healthy boy-girl ratio, but even if it tilted heavily yin Amy wouldn’t need to worry about competition.

I parked her at a low two-top and settled in at the bar, swiveling around to take in her table and the dance floor as I sipped a peaty single-malt. It didn’t take long for the bees to start buzzing around the honey. Wait, no, we were fishing. Damn metaphors.

Amy knew what she wanted and didn’t need my approval. Dancing was an exercise in cock selection. She didn’t hit the floor with every guy who hit on her, they had to pass the qualifying round first. The ones she did dance with got a very intimate going over. I wouldn’t be surprised if some lost a load under the dim lights.

I was well into my second tumbler when it looked like we had a keeper. The draftee was a solid blondish specimen about Amy’s age with icy blue eyes and a ski bum shagginess. They’d been snogging some at the table when Amy made it clear it was time. He balked a bit and gestured across the floor. Shit, was he here with a date? Well, that could be good or bad I suppose.

But kaçak casino no. He was here with his brother, a slightly younger version of the same ski bum persona. I saw the introduction, and Amy’s calculation. She shrugged and pointed over to me. I raised my glass in salute and slid off the stool to join them. Showtime.

Older brother Bill and the younger but no less hunky Ron were a bit taken aback, and more than a little wary, when I offered my hand and said I was Amy’s good friend Jake and glad to meet them. Of course they wondered what the fuck, can you blame them? Bill thought he’d scored with a gorgeous chick and only wondered how to ditch his brother. Now there were four of us around a table for two.

“So, Bill, I bet you figured you’d be getting lucky tonight, am I right? Amy was giving off the signs, checking out your dick — and whoa, are you hard over there? Amy, what did you do to this dude?”

Amy looked down demurely. Demurely, if you can feature that. What a gal.

“Well, I’ve known Amy for quite a while and I could tell from across the room that indeed you are getting lucky. She wants you. And now she wants your brother too. This could be fun as long as you don’t complicate things with scruples and shit.” A look passed between them. I didn’t think scruples would be a problem.

“You guys got a car? Follow me, we’ll be in the black Lexus out front. My place isn’t far.”

And so we went. Just like with Judy it was garage, doorman, elevator, and surprise we’re in the foyer. Tunes on, plop on the sofa. Is Bob my uncle or what?

Amy was slow dancing with Ron, giving him the same treatment Bill had gotten at the club, just to keep things even. And to check out the equipment, of course. He wasn’t shy, or stupid. His hands were exploring Amy’s ass, pulling her dainty crotch into his obvious maleness.

Bill was on the edge of his seat, eyeing them intently. I was watching more casually. This was a show I’d seen before, although two guys was a new twist. Usually I was the other guy. I started imagining just how I’d fit in and came up with a few possibilities. New is nice. I like new.

“So Bill, ever been in a scene like this? Watched your brother feel up a beautiful sexy girl, knowing you’re both going to fuck her in a little while? Is that something you guys do?”

“Uh, no man. This is like totally wild. I thought I’d have to ditch him, get him a cab or something. And Amy, jeez, who’d ever think a class act like your girlfriend was a major slut?”

Two things. I couldn’t let the implied insult stand, and… girlfriend? Is that what Amy was? I thought she was just bait. But we’d been partners in this for long enough that it gave me pause.

“Watch it, Billy boy. Amy’s no slut, she’s just very sexual and adventurous. We both are. Keep a civil tongue in your head and later you can put it in her pussy.”

Amy was making out with Ron as they swayed. His hand was on her tit, her hand was tugging at his zipper, and before you could say jackrabbit she’d fished out a very hard cock. It’s always exciting to see slim fingers clasping a stiff dick, and he had quite a stiff one.

“Wow, Bill. Are you in the same league? I’m impressed, and I don’t even swing that way.” I think I saw relief pass over his features.

“Uh, I guess. I mean, I never saw him hard before. But it looks a lot like mine. I guess.” He was just a bit abashed. This was new to him, how cute.

Amy had dropped to her knees to examine Ron close up. She gave a tentative lick to the fat purple head and giggled as it jumped nearly vertical. Aw, she had a toy. Which she proceeded to suck.

“Why don’t you help out a little, Bill? Amy’s too busy to undress herself, you should give her a hand. But slow and gentle, eh?”

He gave me a look, but didn’t hesitate. He stood behind Amy and found some buttons to release. Soon her top was gone and we all knew she’d forgotten her bra. Again. She has the nicest tits, more than a handful but still firm and a little puffy. The boys thought so too as they fondled and tweaked them, making her nipples stand out and her pussy juice up.

She kept a lip lock on Ron but groped at Bill until she found his zip. He helped by undoing his belt and slipping off his shoes, trousers and boxers. Amy jacked him slowly, savoring the hot hardness. After a few minutes she switched brothers and Ron dropped trou as well. I grabbed my phone to capture the scene I knew she’d want to remember: her first pair of penises without me. We never worried about pictures getting out. We’d trusted each other with way more than snapshots.

At this point even a jaded rake like me was getting too big for my britches, so I freed the dragon from its lair. In fact I took off all the dragon’s nice clothes. I didn’t have a ruler and who cares anyway, but I thought I could hold my own with these two. So I held my own, and it was good.

Amy tried mouthing both dicks at once, which just frustrated everybody. So she reluctantly released both men and stood to allow them to strip off her few remaining clothes. Now we were all naked and ready for the next step. Amy yanked their cranks toward the master bedroom. I tagged along. It’s my bedroom, right? I had to supervise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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