Bait a Hook Ch. 14

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Chapter 14: In Plain Sight

Rob had practice every morning starting the day after Christmas. The state championship match would be held at the University of Richmond on New Year’s Day. My parents surprised us by saying they wanted to come to the game to support Rob. Rob was touched and happily gave them hugs upon hearing the news.

Three days before the championship game, Rob and I went out to lunch at the deli. The deli was quiet with just a couple other people drinking coffee and eating at the counter. We sat in a booth by the window. We were eating our sandwiches talking happily. I realized that this was the first time we were out in public after people knew we were a couple, though I doubted anyone in the deli knew. We weren’t overtly sexual, and there weren’t any public displays of affection, but it felt good.

“I was thinking we’d go visit grandma on the 2nd; that is if you wanna come along…” I mentioned, putting down my sandwich. Rob put down his sandwich and grabbed the top of my hand with his.

“Of course I want to go with you Bobby.” Rob said as he gazed into my eyes. Our gaze was broken when we heard a throat clear. One of the old men at the counter got up to leave and saw Rob holding my hand and gave us a scolding look as he headed to the door. He was older, in his seventies or eighties. His brow was furrowed as he put on an old green trucker hat that had an emblem of a brand of fertilizer. Rob patted my hand a couple of times before he returned to his sandwich.

“Don’t worry about him Bobby.” Rob said after taking a sip from his drink.

“I know. I just wish people wouldn’t judge us like that.” I said before wiping my hands on a napkin. “Let’s go home Rob.”

“Let’s get some pie before we go babe.” Rob suggested and I reluctantly agreed.

We were finishing our last bites of pecan pie when the waitress came to retrieve our plates. She appeared to be in her fifties with dark hair in large curls that had a tint of gray. She was petite, maybe five foot four inches tall.

“Don’t worry about that ol’ coot. I think you two make a very handsome couple.” The waitress’ grey eyes conveyed her honesty, I read ‘Shirley’ on her name tag and we smiled and thanked her as she walked away. Rob went up to the counter and was talking to Shirley. He came back with a piece of paper and we headed to the truck.

“I’m going to try to get a part time job after football, save some money for college.” Rob said as I buckled my seat belt.

“Rob, I’m sure my dad will help you out.”

“I know Bobby, I just feel bad being dependant on your parents. It’ll be good for me anyway.” I understood how Rob felt, but couldn’t help feeling bad, maybe I’d try to get a part-time job too.

Rob wanted to rent a movie, so we headed to the store. There were quite a few people waiting in line at the vending kiosk. I missed the stores with racks of DVDs on the walls, where you could take your time and peruse in peace. I started to shiver as it seemed to take forever for everyone to pick out the movie they wanted to see. Rob unconsciously pulled me into a sideways hug and held me against his larger, warmer frame. There was a twenty-something year old guy in front of us. He had longer blonde hair down to his ears, and an earring in each ear. After he picked out his movie he smiled at us and winked as he headed off. I was still huddled against Rob as he went through the selection of movies before finally settling on an action flick. We hopped in Rob’s truck and quickly headed home to warm up and watch the movie. I was snug on the couch with my head resting on Rob’s shoulder watching the movie. I must have fallen asleep because Rob nudged me awake and we both headed to our room to go to sleep.

The following day Rob was cheery after practice.

“Coach said we had a great practice today Bobby.” Rob spoke as he closed the door behind him. “Coach gave us vouchers for the movie theater in Onancock, wanna go?”

“Sure, should be fun Rob.” I replied. I got ready to go as Rob looked on the internet to see what was playing.

“It’s only a single screen theater, but this movie looks good and starts in 45 minutes. If we leave now we should make it. In the driveway Rob quickly opened the passenger door for me before jumping in the drivers’ seat and pulling onto the road.

I bought a large popcorn and Cherry Coke for us to share before we headed into the theater. It was a matinee so it was mostly empty, just a handful of people scattered around the back of the old movie theater. We got a seat in the middle of the third row as the last preview ended. We scooted the arm rest between us up and I leaned against Rob. We shared the popcorn and drink as we watched the movie. Halfway through the movie I felt Rob rest his hand on my thigh. I put the dregs of the popcorn and soda on the ground below our seats as he started rubbing my thigh. I looked at him and saw my lust reflected in his glistening, gorgeous, green eyes as I placed my hand on his thigh.

Our canlı bahis hands got more intimate and we were soon groping each other through our jeans. I was hard and leaking in my tight underwear. I felt Rob’s hardness under my grasping fingers. “Let’s get out of here.” I whispered in Rob’s ear.

“Thought you’d never ask.” He said as he eagerly jumped up and we rushed out of the theater, throwing our trash out on the way. We were in the truck driving back towards home. I was still occasionally groping him, just enough to keep him aroused, not enough to cause a wreck. I knew where we were going when he turned down a dirt road and pulled into the empty gravel parking lot of the wildlife refuge. Rob parked and turned his truck off.

Rob scooted from behind the steering wheel and was beside me on the middle of the bench seat. His lips were instantly on mine and his hand was checking my arousal through my jeans. With the heat off in the truck it was starting to get cold, but I knew Rob would keep me warm. I deepened the kiss as I fidgeted with the button and zipper on his jeans. He lifted up and I managed to get his jeans and boxers down to his knees before he sat back down. We were cramped and in awkward angles as he slid my jeans and boxer briefs down to my ankles. Our shoes were still on and kept our jeans trapped around our legs. I rubbed Rob’s beefy, hairy thighs before I was slowly stroking up and down Rob’s hard, long, thick, velvet-soft shaft as he moaned into my mouth. He was doing the same to me. I was so horny and needed to feel Rob deep inside me.

“Fuck me Rob.” I moaned when I broke our kiss.”

Rob shook his head before speaking. “Sorry babe, no lube. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I whimpered in disappointment until I got an idea. “Do what you did the first time.”

Rob pulled me back into a deep kiss. “God I love you so much Bobby.” He put one of his hands under my shirt and was tweaking my nipple which had me whimpering again before I felt his welcoming mouth on my dick.

“Oh Rob, suck it.” I moaned as he attacked my come-tube trying to quickly coax my release from me. He was twisting his other strong hand around the base of my manhood as he quickly bobbed up and down. I felt one of Rob’s fingers start tickling me around my puckered hole.

“Rob.” I groaned. “I’m gonna, you’re gonna.” I felt my seed gushing from me into Rob’s hot mouth. I was wedged against the cold fogged up window and panting. Rob tried to pull me up and shifted me into a position so he could get to my ass. I braced my arms against the window as he rubbed my release along his thick shaft before I felt a slick finger slide inside me.

I still hadn’t recovered from my orgasm and was trying to support myself as Rob slid another finger into my ass causing my dick to jump back into action. Rob was twisting and teasing my hole and had me moaning and panting pressed against the cold door of his truck.

“I need you Robbie.” I moaned as I turned my head to look at him.

“You’ve got me babe.” Rob answered as he reached for a deep kiss. I felt his large glans at my waiting hole. I held my breath and closed my eyes as he slowly pushed deep into my tight sheath. He licked my neck and began to suck on it until I started to relax.

“So hot, so tight.” Rob moaned into my skin.

“So big, so good,” came my breathy response. Rob kept sucking on my neck as he rocked long, strong strokes into me. His hand snaked back under my shirt and when he pinched my nipple I whimpered and my cock dribbled a blob of pre-come.

“Harder Rob.” I begged as I started rocking back to meet his trusts. He squeezed my torso tight to him and the only sounds that could be heard were our moans, pants, and the sloshing of my release around his jack hammering cock. Every window around the truck was completely fogged over and the truck was rich with sweat and pheromones. Rob’s strong hand engulfed my needy cock.

“Come for me Bobby.” Rob moaned into my ear before he started nibbling on my earlobe. With a few strong stokes down my shaft, my elbows gave out and I collapsed against the cold window. My face was smashed against the window as I lost it, shooting a thick white pool onto the seat below me. My sheath constricted and pulsed around Rob’s ample cock. He collapsed on top of me giving me an erratic final thrust before submerging completely. I felt his boiling hot release journey deep inside my gut. He squeezed me tight to his chest and panted in my ear.

The silence of our afterglow was broken abruptly with a solid knock on the drivers’ side window.

“Shit!” Rob exclaimed as he fumbled to pull up his pants. Adrenaline coursed through my system as I secured my own jeans. “Roll down your window Bobby.” Rob whispered. The scent of sex was rich in the truck and I knew Rob wanted it to air out a little before he rolled down his own window.

The face of a game warden came into view as Rob cranked his heavily fogged window down.

“What brings you two here this afternoon?” bahis siteleri The warden asked. I was nervous and shifted in my seat as I felt Rob’s juices seeping out of my ass. I also knew that the backside of my jeans was sitting in the pool I had created earlier. I started to shiver from a combination of my nerves and the cold air.

“We were going to go for a walk on the beach, just about to head home officer.” Rob said as calmly as he could.

“Looks like you never made it to the beach.” The warden spoke and Rob made an audible gulp.

“Uh, no sir, I guess we didn’t.” Rob answered, his nerves starting to show.

“Listen boys, you’re not the first couple that I’ve come across.” He chuckled before continuing. “Well it is the first time I’ve caught two guys.” He paused for a second before finishing. “I suggest you take it somewhere else next time. Now go on, get outta here.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” Rob said as he started the truck. When we pulled into the driveway we both looked at each other and started laughing.

“I love you Bobby.” Rob said before placing a soft kiss on my lips.

“I love you Rob.” I replied as we hopped out of the truck and headed inside.

Rob stood close behind me as we walked up the stairs. “Good thing no one saw your ass Bobby, it looks like you’ve had some fun back there.”


After Rob’s final practice he came home with a stack of newspapers and a DVD.

“What’s all that?” I asked as Rob plopped them on the desk.

“Coach gave us these newspapers to motivate us. Only the Eastern Shore News picked us to win, all of these others said we won’t be able to handle the speed of the other team. Coach gave me a DVD of some of their games this year and I’m going to study it.

I sat with Rob for a while. He was studying the other team’s offense. He would rewind and mutter to himself and make notes in a composition book. He was studying so intently that I decided to leave him alone. I kissed him on the top of his head and felt his short hairs on my lips and he made a grunting sound in acknowledgment before I headed downstairs.

The house was empty. Emily was at a friend’s and my parents went to celebrate the New Year with some neighbors. Rob didn’t want to go out because the big game was tomorrow, but I wanted to do something to get him to relax. He had been studying for hours. I went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of things before heading back up to drag Rob away from his studies.

“Take a break Robbie; you’ve been at it for hours.” I said as I sat on my bed letting the snack fall beside me on the bed.

“Just a couple more minutes Bobby.” Rob said. I opened up a cup of chocolate pudding, got a big spoon full and sat on the desk next to the TV. I sat there slowly eating and licking the chocolate pudding as seductively as I could. Rob’s eyes started paying more attention to me than the television. I picked up the remote and hit pause. He pushed his chair back and I sat on his lap facing him.

“Want some?” I asked as I held a spoonful of pudding in front of Rob’s mouth. He moved his head forward and slowly licked it clean.

“I’ve got whipped cream on the bed.” I drawled and got up before he could grab me and hold me. I quickly slipped out of my shirt and sweats and was standing by my bed in just my tight green boxer briefs. Rob almost tackled me on the bed and was kissing me with such passion that I lost my breath. He pulled away and slipped his shirt off before sticking his tongue back in my mouth. His tongue was ravishing my mouth, exploring every crevice. We moaned and twisted on the confines of the small bed. Rob got up to slide out of his sweats and underwear.

“Go sit back in the chair Robbie.” I suggested as I slid out of my underwear. Rob obeyed and I walked over to him shaking the can of whipped cream. I lifted his left arm and heard the can hiss as I sprayed a hefty amount of cream onto his hairy pit. I moaned as I lapped up the cream from his manly crevice. I continued my taste test and sprayed whipped cream on Rob’s nose, the hollow of his neck, both of his nipples, his belly button, before coating his hard-on with a healthy amount. I stood in front of Rob and bent down to lick the cream from his nose. I let my mouth trail down to meet his and I licked around his lips before he opened his mouth to me. I kissed him deeply letting our tongues tangle before sliding down his neck and sucking up the cream waiting in his collar bone.

“Oh Bobby.” Rob moaned as I engulfed a nipple and began teasing it with my tongue. He moaned and squirmed as I nibbled on the small hard nub with my teeth. I nibbled across his chest through his soft, curly hair until I found his other nipple. With a free hand I squeezed his freshly cleaned nipple while I licked and nibbled on the other one.

“I can’t take it any more Bobby, please.” Rob pleaded as he kept squirming in the chair. I quickly tongued the pool of whipped cream from his belly button and used my two hands to tease bahis şirketleri his nipples. I tongued the bottom of his rigid shaft and slowly worked my way to his tip. The cool whipped cream around his hot cock was a pleasant combination in my mouth. I decided I needed to taste one more area and he moaned when I pulled away. I crouched down on my knees and sprayed some cream between his luscious ass cheeks and right on to his tight pink hole. Rob groaned at the cool sensation, but quickly turned to moans when my tongue was at his door licking and nibbling my way towards my prize. The sweet cream smell mixed with Rob’s manly musk and I was lost as I stiffened my tongue and began gaining entry through the tight muscled ring.

“Bobby!” Rob panted and I pinched and squeezed his nipples. I let my tongue lick its way over Rob’s heavy sac. I opened my throat and swallowed Rob to his root, his thick pubes rested under my lips as I licked around the base of his erection. I removed my left hand from his nipple and fondled his meaty balls as I worked my way back up his cock.

“I’m going shoot in your mouth babe.” Rob moaned as I quickened my pace before Rob hardened further in my mouth. I felt the first blast shoot and ht the back of my throat. I pulled back almost gagging. The second and third spurts coated my cheek and chin as I was trying to catch my breath. I took him back in my mouth and his manly taste mixed with the remnants of the cream. I moaned as I swallowed every remaining drop. I stood up and sat back in Rob’s lap, straddling him, pulling him into a deep kiss as my hardness rubbed against his hard, furry stomach.

“Damn you’re sexy.” Rob proclaimed before he licked his release from my chin and cheek. After several minutes of passionately kissing Rob, he stood up with me still in his lap and placed me in the chair.

“Now I need some dessert.” Rob said as he sprayed whipped cream on my drooling cock. He didn’t tease; he knew exactly what he wanted. He quickly engulfed me and the sensation of his warm mouth combined with the cool cream was incredible. Rob moaned with me as his tongue circled around my head with every upstroke of his mouth. He took his warm palm and began rolling my balls in his hand.

“So good.” I moaned as his pace and suction increased. He was working his tongue around my needy dick. I bottomed out hitting his throat.

“Gonna shoot. Take it Robbie.” I tried to warn Rob of my impending undoing before my body tensed. My head fell back behind my shoulders and I unleashed my fury into Rob’s hungry moth. He swallowed quickly and I felt light kisses on my softening cock as it exited Rob’s oral embrace. Rob climbed on my lap and straddled me before giving me a slow passionate kiss.

“You are the best babe.” Rob sighed breaking our kiss. “Thanks for the study break.”


When Rob had finished scouting the opposing team we turned the TV to watch the ball drop. We sat and cuddled in the bottom bunk.

“I am so happy I found you Bobby. I love you so much.” Rob said at the stroke of midnight and gave me a slow sensual kiss.

“Happy New Year Robbie.” I sighed when the kiss ended. “You have my heart.”

Rob pulled me tighter to him and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning Rob rolled over me early to get ready to meet the team and head off. I gave him a hug and wished him luck before he headed out the door. My family and I piled in my dad’s car and made the two hour drive to Robins Stadium on the campus of The University of Richmond. It was a pretty campus and I was surprised that this school was hidden, secluded from the busting of The River City. The game was a blowout and Rob was fantastic, forcing a fumble and returning it for a touchdown, having an interception, two sacks, and I lost count of the number of tackles. The Crabbers won 35-7.

We ran out on the field to celebrate. I saw Rob running up to me with his helmet in his hand. He was so handsome and I was lost in the intensity of his green eyes. His strong arms wrapped around me and he picked me up and spun around a couple times. I was dizzy, not from the spinning, but from a victorious Rob embracing me. I was engulfed in his aroma and when I felt his soft lips on mine; I was blown away, lost in the kiss. I was brought back to reality when I heard whistles, cheers, groans, and hisses and realized we were in the middle of the football field. Rob broke the embrace and gave me a nervous smile and shrugged. He slapped my ass as he ran off to the trophy presentation.

I was surprised that he had done that, but I think he was just lost in the moment. I couldn’t help but think that there wouldn’t have been any moans or hisses if Rob had been kissing a cheerleader. I walked over to the rest of the fans who were watching the trophy presentation. My dad came up to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“I’m very proud of you Bobby. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Just stay the good person you are and do what you feel is right.” I stood with my family and the fans as we watched our team claim the championship trophy. Rob was named MVP and our little section roared with approval. I couldn’t have been prouder of Rob, he deserved the MVP accolades.

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