Bad Julie Ch. 02

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Kurt held the door for her when they exited, and when they got to the truck he moved crap off the seat so she could sit decently. He kept his mouth shut and got in, and drove carefully out of the parking lot.

Julie said, in a stilted, graceless, and somewhat nasty way, “So what are you doing sitting in a bar in the middle of the day? You retired or something?”

Kurt waited a moment before answering, then glanced down at her legs. She lifted them up and propped her tennis shoes on the dashboard of the truck. He said, “No, I got some stuff to do at my buddy’s shop, and I have to wait until three to do it, so I stopped in to say ‘Hi’ to Tommy. And get your feet off the dashboard.” She looked over in angry disbelief, then dramatically folded her legs down, spreading her thighs open when she did. He watched out of the corner of his eye. He continued, “So what’s at your friends? Some kind of teenage kegger or something?”

“No,” she said, and let it sit like an empty bucket. She suddenly reached out and grabbed his phone, which was sitting on the dashboard, flipped it open, and started pushing buttons.

Kurt got more than a little pissed off and reached for it. The little niece held it away from him and kept looking through it. He said, “What the fuck are you doing? Put that back.”

She smirked and said, “Why? Got some dirty pictures in here? Huh?”

Kurt got angry, and while he looked at her he realized the horrible little girl was doing it on purpose. “No, but that’s got all my business numbers in it and that’s none of your god damn concern, little lady.”

She snapped it shut and flung it onto the dashboard; he grabbed it and stuffed it in a seat pocket, away from her. She produced her own keyboard type thing and texted some more, made a face and thrust it in her front pocket, then extended her arm out the window to catch the wind.

As he drove along Kurt stole a couple of glances over at the girl’s body, reflecting on her appearance. She wasn’t bad at all. She had a rotten personality, the little shit, but for looks, she wasn’t less than pretty. During one of the glances she caught him looking and made a face, but then purposefully looked out the window at nothing and carelessly rubbed her crotch. The gesture surprised him, and made him reflect in a somewhat painful manner on the extended dry spell he seemed to be having lately. Some sex would be nice, he thought, and allowed himself a short feeling of desire.

They drove on for a while, silent. Kurt tried not to look at the Julie girl, but a couple of times he would have sworn she looked over at him. “I’m hallucinating,” he thought. Then they got near the supplier he didn’t need to go to.

“My friends’ place is right up here,” she said.

He told her, “I know.”

She tilted her head around: “Well, well, genius,” the gesture said.

In a minute or so they pulled up on the street in front of a yellow ranch house. She pointed a long finger and said, “Pull in the driveway. Their neighbors are all weird and watch cars parked in the street.” He didn’t move. “Pull in the driveway,” she repeated, and he shook his head and did it. She popped out and slammed casino siteleri the door, way too hard, and leaned in the window. “Come on in,” she said.

He looked at her in disbelief. “What?”

She repeated the order: “Come on in!” and waggled her body in a comically sexual way. She said, in a mocking, singsong, little-girl voice, “There might be molesters! Won’t you look for me?”

Kurt thought, long and hard; she flounced up the walk, swaying her hips and tight little ass, and when she got to the front door, turned and looked at him, turning her body to poke her little tits out. She reached up over the door frame, removed a key, and opened the front door.

“This is a terrible, terrible, bad idea,” he said out loud, and hopped out of the truck and walked to the house.

The front door entered into the living room, which was full of nondescript furniture and a very, actually absurdly, large flat screen TV. A covered bird cage hung in one corner, dangling from a hook in the ceiling. He looked down and saw Julie’s hat on the floor, tossed carelessly. He carefully walked on the pale carpet, searching for the girl. He heard a call from a hallway leading off the living room, so he followed the voice; he walked up a short passageway, into a kitchen. That room was outfitted with pale cabinets, a tacky island-type thing with pots and pans hanging over it, and a huge set of patio doors that opened onto a deck with an above-ground pool.

Kurt started to ask, “This is your friend’s house-” but stopped in mid-sentence.

Julie was bent over the counter rolling a joint. A cabinet door was open and a little sugar bowl was on the counter. He watched while she finished, and then watched some more while she took a tiny lighter out of the bowl and fired up. She took a huge, deep hit, then turned, smiled, and extended it out to him.

Kurt hesitated, then took it, and took a hit himself. They handed the joint back and forth twice, then Julie killed it and placed it back in the sugar bowl, and returned the stash to the cabinet.

She smirked, swayed, and said, “So what are we going to do now?”

She placed her hands on the counter top behind her and faced him, shoving her pelvis into the room and swaying forward and backward, rocking. Tilting her head, she regarded him and openly looked him up and down, delaying at his crotch before locking eyes with him.

“What are you gonna do today?” she asked, but it wasn’t really a question; it was more of a snarling challenge.

He thought, “What a piece of work,” and thought briefly about leaving, but then moved closer to the lithe, rocking body. Her pigtails gleamed in the midday light. When he was right on top of her, she turned the little chin up and made a defiant, nasty face. They stood in silence for a moment, then he rocked forward and she met his body with a shove of her crotch, spreading her legs slightly to allow him to get closer.

“Well?” she demanded, smirking.

He put a hand on her side and physically moved her. She stumbled and her eyes flashed in anger, then excitement. She apparently liked being furious. He kept the one hand on her side, rubbing down to the canlı casino protruding hip and slipping up her cheap shirt, then grabbed her chin and roughly rotated her whole head, looking at her while she got obviously worked up.

The girl, Julie, said crudely, with a savage tone, “What do you like to do to the little girls? Huh?” She shoved against him and he shoved back, pinning her against the counter; her breathing increased. Moving her lips closer, she whispered, “I bet guys like you are all closet bitches, I bet you like to get little girls like me and…” she stopped to put her hands against his chest and tried to shove him, and then continued, ” …fuck us in the ass.”

She bounced against him and he let her win for a minute, then moved his hand from her face to her breasts, pawing them. She shoved again.

“Huh? That right? You like to flip us over and fuck our little asses? Make you feel like a man?”

Kurt waited, not answering, as she started to really fight and wrestle, small, young breasts, tits, heaving and rolling as he pinned her. She got flushed in the face and clawed his ribcage with one hand, balancing with the other. He went for her wrist and she wriggled, and he went for it again, and then they were really fighting, with her trying to throw him off balance.

He started using more power and she fought harder, hissing, “Gonna fuck my ass? Fucker! Bet you think you’re big!”

He managed to grasp a slippery arm and got some control, and when she shifted to one foot he had her: he whirled her around, back to him, and pushed her against the rounded edge of the counter. She kept fighting as he pinned an arm behind her back and pushed his crotch and cock into the muscles of her tight, rounded ass. She made a frustrated groaning sound, tried to actually head-butt him backwards, and then he got mad, this was uncalled-for, and holding the one arm took ahold of a pigtail and slowly pulled her head back. He shoved into her and she squirmed.

“I should tie you up and fuck you straight in the ass,” he said cruelly, “spread your little ass cheeks and shove my cock up into you.”

Julie made a real effort to get away, making a weird mewling noise, and he had to work pretty hard to get on top of her. “Ram my cock right into you and come in your ass,” he continued, “…won’t sit down for a week.”

She ceased struggling and stayed where she was, breathing heavily and rocking her head from side to side.

She said, “That make you hard? Beating up little girls? Is that what you like?” She turned her head and tried to make eye contact, but he wouldn’t let her. “Bet you’d like to tie me up and fuck me. I bet you’d like that.”

She was right: he had an erection so hard it hurt, just that fast. He dropped his concentration for a second, not even a second, and she snatched away, whirled, and then did something he couldn’t believe: she slapped him, hard, with a full arm stroke from her shoulder, like a handball player.

When she did it her face was tightened into a mask of anticipation, hate, and arousal, and the hit made a sharp cracking sound, shockingly loud in the small kitchen. It also really hurt, and he kaçak casino instantly spiked into a near-rage that surprised him with it’s intensity. That was it. She got what, he supposed, she actually wanted: a fight.

He went for her for real, and she put on a good show, clawing and trying to slap him again, arms and hands like snakes darting in at his chest and face, and he had to really, really work at it, although the outcome wasn’t really in doubt. She wasn’t strong enough to actually fight him off. At the end of it he was breathing hard and feeling more than a little weird, they’d shoved the kitchen table halfway across the room, and he had her pinned in front of him facing away.

Julie was heaving and shaking, making low animal groaning noises, and when he was sure he had her well enough, he lifted her off balance and pushed her towards the hallway he figured led to the bedrooms. When they got to the carpeted surface she tried to dig her feet into the floor, but he lifted her up and bounced her forward; with her arms and wrists pinned against her chest he could feel her breasts pillowing against his forearms, and when she shoved back her ass ground against his cock. He got her through the first bedroom doorway, maneuvered her in, and folded her over the bed and onto her knees, shoving against her body, grinding and feeling the lower part of her butt and the backs of her thighs.

He looked around, briefly, and was appalled to see they were in someone’s parents’ bedroom. There was a wedding photograph of a middle-aged couple on a side table, and the usual tension-filled eclectic mix of male and female shit. Kurt got a good look around, thinking, but then took a long look at the girl below him, and decided to ignore his inner voice, which was saying, “This is fucked up and wrong.”

He carefully let go of her hands; when she didn’t try to fight again, he took the risk and placing one hand against the back of her head and neck, holding her, he grabbed the waistband of her shorts and yanked them down. They got stuck and he got brutal, and he heard a ‘snap’ as a button popped off. He pulled them fully off, all the way down her smooth legs, revealing her. She was wearing some kind of hip-hugging panties in a ridiculous purplish color; he pulled those off, leaving her only in the shirt. She had a pretty pussy, with reddish-brown, neatly trimmed pubic hair. He could see the slight shine of wet on the inner line. Her arms were free still, she wasn’t fighting any more, and while he waited, she removed the shirt and her bra, which was some vibrant green confection.

Holding her down with one hand, more for safety than anything, he unzipped his pants and got his shaft out; she wriggled some, but put her hands below her chest, and he put his cock head against the lips of her pussy. He rocked against her, once, twice, felt that she was completely soaking wet and sexually ready, and shoved into her body.

Julie made a loud moaning noise and her whole body was wracked by a huge shudder. K wrapped his hand in her pigtails and pinned her head down as he pulled back, slipped in and out with the very tip, then rammed roughly into the girl’s pussy. It was absolutely incredible, perfect, tight and hot and wet. He rammed her several more times, getting a feel, then just fucked her.

Julie moaned, and mewled, and squirmed, muttering dirty words and grabbing at the bed covers.

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