Bad Attitude

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I come home and I am in a good mood and you are not home yet.

I get dinner started and set the table for us to eat.

You come in and you start complaining about every move I make.

The table is not set properly and I am not cooking dinner right.

I should not be wearing my work clothes in the kitchen or my hair is not right.

You are just in a mood that is getting on my nerves.

Stopping dinner I turn to you and wrap my arms around you.

Pulling you close I kiss you passionately and you complain about that.

I have had all I can take and holding you by the arm I take you to the bedroom.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed I pull you across my lap.

Reaching in the nightstand by the bed I get a paddle out and start spanking you.

Telling you that is you are going to act like a child I am going to treat you like one and I continue to spank your sexy ass.

You try to stop me by placing your hands over your ass and I grab them.

Pulling your hands together I hold them out of the way and spank you more.

You are yelling at me to stop and I hold your hands behind your casino siteleri back and have you stand up.

I get a rope out of the nightstand and tie your hands behind your back.

I unfasten your pants and pull them down then have you lean over the bed.

Your ass is red and I softly rub it and start kissing it gently.

I move around behind you and get on my knees as I kiss your red ass.

Slowly I slide my tongue up along the edges of your lips and back down again.

As I slide my tongue up and down you I spank your ass a few more times.

Softly I start rubbing your clit with my finger as I push my tongue inside you.

Sliding my tongue in and out of you I taste your juices and rub your clit harder.

Your moans are getting louder as I rub your clit harder and harder.

Feeling your body start to tremble I stop rubbing your clit and have you turn over.

Softly I kiss up and down your thighs getting closer to your clit each time.

Your moans get louder as I get closer to kissing your clit.

Softly I kiss your clit then kiss back down your thighs and back and then up again.

Sliding canlı casino my fingers inside your pussy I softly kiss your clit again.

I gently rub your clit with my tongue as my fingers slide in and out of you.

Rubbing it harder I can feel it swelling more and more.

My fingers are sliding in and out of you faster as I wrap my lips around your clit and tenderly suck it.

Again your body begins to tremble as I suck harder on your clit.

My fingers are moving in and out faster and harder.

You start shaking and your orgasm moves through your body.

I stand up and unfasten my pants letting them fall to the floor.

Taking my erection I place it at your opening and slowly push inside you.

Moving in and out of you I rub your clit with my fingers.

I push deep inside you and rub your clit harder and harder.

You wrap your legs around me and pull me into your harder.

I rub your clit harder and push into you harder.

Our excitement is raging out of control as I push into you hard and your legs pull me tight.

We both begin to shake as we erupt in a magnificent kaçak casino orgasm.

Lifting you up I untie your hands and kiss you passionately.

We go into the bathroom and start the shower.

Getting in the shower with the hot water running over us we kiss passionately.

Softly I start washing you up and down your body.

I gently wash your breasts rubbing your hard nipples.

As the water rinses the soap from your breasts I lean down and softly kiss them.

Sliding the washcloth between your legs I wash your pussy and rub against your clit.

As the water rinses your body I lift you up and hole you against the wall.

You put your arms around my neck and wrap your legs around me.

My erection slides inside you as you slide down onto it.

Pressing you against the wall we kiss passionately as I move my erection in and out of you.

I move my hips back and forth pushing in and out of you as your clit rubs against me.

Your breasts pressing against me as I hold you against the wall sends my passion higher.

Your moans causing my excitement to climb out of control as I push into you.

We begin to tremble and shake as we explode in a beautiful orgasm.

We finish our shower and return to the bedroom to lie down for a nap.

You place your head on my chest and we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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