Backwood Passions Ch. 01

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Backwood Passions:
Forbidden Pleasures

I have always prided myself on what most other’s would call a “faulty moral code.” Sure, I am a partier and a philanderer. I love to drink, smoke, get drunk and have sex with hot looking females, but I have always prided myself in that I would never cross a certain line: I would never have sex with a married woman. I would fornicate(defined as sex between two unmarried persons) all day long, but when it came to adultery, that was a no-no in my book.

You may be saying to yourself “Well if you are going to do all that, why stop at married women?” Well I guess it was my upbringing. I was raised a strict catholic and adultery was frowned on . Even though I strayed from my religious upbringing, I still held on to that part, at least until I met Angelique.

What made me change my mind and deviate form my “moral code”, well if you had met Angelique, you would see why. She was one hot MILF, a sexy little minx that stole my heart and rocked my world.

Angelique was a sexy, curvaceous sensual 36 year old woman with frizzy(poodle perm style) honey golden blonde hair that came down to her shoulders.

She stood 5’6″ tall, weighed 125 pounds, measured 36DD-24-34 with ruby red lips, long slender well toned dancer’s legs and crystal ice blue eyes that would captivate a man’s soul and hold it hostage. Picture on older Carrie Underwood with big boobs and you would have Angelique.

Angelique ‘s outer beauty was what got my attention but her charm, wit and carnal, sensual, worldly ways along with her vibrant, loving outgoing personality was what kept me hooked.

She had a vivacious, bubbly charismatic personality that you couldn’t help from wanting to be around. She never met a stranger and she was like an opiate drug; once you had partaken of her, you were hooked and couldn’t help but want more.

Anyhow, I met Angelique during the summer of 1999. I was down in Northern Louisiana about an hour north of New Orleans in a small parish. My bud and I had gone to a river party that folks down there put on every year. During the day, there was fishing, swimming and tubing down the river and at night was when the real fun began.

When night fell, there was a crawfish and crab boil, cook out with sausages, hotdogs and burgers and a live band with plenty of music and dancing. Also, what party would be without the liquid refreshments. There was beer galore in kegs which flowed freely as the river. However it was mostly Bud and Bud light, but since I liked imports, I took down Fosters and Heineken.

There was also harder liquors such as vodka, whiskey, and rum which a lot of people brought down and since it was in the woods on private property there was some moonshine and an occasional joint or two(hundred) around.

Being on private property meant anything could happen and it did. Kids were absolutely not allowed so needless to say the party boarded on the “hard” R to X-rated side.

Since I loved to party, I was totally in my element and I had no problem making friends and getting laid with some of the college girls who were down there, but then I met Angelique.

It was the second day and I was standing around drinking a beer with my friends talking about who knows what. We had just finished lunch after a morning of fishing swimming and tubing that began at 5:30.

She was there with a girl friend of hers. Our eyes met and it was magic, I was under her spell. The attraction was instant and mutual and from that time on, I only had eyes for her.

Angelique was dressed very much on the provocative side like a naughty little school girl, complete with the school girl uniform look. She had on a white button down shirt tied at the midriff and the buttons were open so that anyone with a set of working eyeballs could not help but notice her cleavage and her boobs were practically spilling out of her shirt.

She was also wearing a short red and black plaid skirt that barely covered her white cotton panties she had on underneath, white knee high socks and black saddle shoes.

I nearly creamed in my pants when I saw her but managed to keep my composure. I excused myself and started to walk over to introduce myself to her when she sauntered up to me and put out her hand and said “Hey handsome, my name is Angelique, what is yours?”

She had a sweet melodious voice, that of an angel, and spoke in a slight accent like she had family that were of European origin.

“My name is Dave,” I replied and shook her hand. casino siteleri There was a spark as we touched and both of us felt it. Her hand was as soft as the finest silk and the perfume she was wearing was hypnotic and cast a spell on me.

“Enchante~” Angelique said in a sweet voice and smile

Knowing French myself both from having taking it for 8 years(four in high school and four college) and having relatives that spoke it , mainly my father since he was in International trade, I replied back in French telling her that it was an honor to meet her well.

Her face lit up and she began talking quickly and fluently in French to which I responded and we conversed for a minute or two expressing pleasantries then we both laughed and went back to English.

Angelique then put her arm under mine and said “Lets go over here and get better acquainted.”

I walked with her over to the river bank about 300 yards away from where I was standing and there was no one else around and we sat on the bank and talked.

As we were walking, Angelique would go on to tell me that she was born in Martinique, in the West Indies (Caribbean) and that she moved to Brazil at age nine. She later immigrated to the US with her parents when she was 16 and on her 21st birthday she became a naturalized citizen.

When we arrived at the river bank, we slid down the side of the bank on our butts and laid near the water. Angelique would reach into her top pull out a small baggie that was tied in a rubber band and pulled out a joint and lit it

“Want a puff,” she said with a grin offering it to me.

“What the hell,” I thought to myself and replied “sure,” and took a couple of long puffs then handed it back to her

We sat on the bank and smoked a couple of joints(three to be exact) and soon we had a good buzz going. Angelique would then do something that took me by surprise she removed her clothes and laid on the river bank naked.

I got a full glimpse of her beauty, her sumptuous firm round succulent breasts, her nicely shaved pussy and beautiful tanned body. She then lit another joint and we shared it until we were flying pretty high.

“Mmmm, this is better,” Angelique said. “If I had my way I would be nude all the time. No offense but you Americans are so silly and prudish in your hesitation to show off their body. I don’t understand that notion. Nudity is natural and so is sex so why suppress the desire.

“Yeah I agree,” I replied giggling, stoned out of my gourd, then to make sure to show her I agreed I removed my clothes and we were both naked.

“Now isn’t this much better Mon Cherie,” Angelique said smiling as she ran her hand over my bare muscular chest.

Angelique saw me admiring her body and must have seen me start to put my hand on her body and smiled saying “Go on Mon Cherie, you may touch and explore.”

I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming so I got the courage up and began to caress her body as she laid on her side with one leg straight out and the other bent up with her foot on the other leg exposing her pussy for all to see.

First I caressed her boobs then I touched her face and lips and as I did that she took my finger and put it in her mouth and lovingly and sensually suckled it as she smiled.

I then moved my way down her torso and she smiled and I reached her pussy and I hesitated then approached it like t was a priceless artifact. I gently stroked it and Angelique purred and licked her lips and put her hand on my cock and fondled it.

After about 10 to 15 minutes of mutual exploration and gratification, Angelique leaned in and kissed me. Our lips met and their was an instant spark and our kisses deepened as our tongues probed each other’s mouths. Our bodies pressed together and we kissed as our bodies moved together as one.

The kiss broke and the ice was broken as well and there was no denying we both had the hots for each other.

Angelique brought the conversation back to less “carnal” topics when she lovingly said “So Dave, tell me about yourself. I want to know all there is to know about you.”

I told her I was originally from the Midwest but moved down to Louisiana to work as a research scientist at the state university in Baton Rouge.

“Ah Baton Rouge,” Angelique said fondly in her French accent. ” I went to high school and college there and after graduation, I moved to New Orleans when my husband took a job at Avondale Shipyard.”

Then it struck me, I had been so enamored and taken canlı casino in by Angelique that I had failed to give her the brief “3rd finger” test, that is if there was a diamond on the 3rd finger of the left hand then it was “hands off.”

Sure enough it was there and I got that sinking feeling inside and was about to excuse myself when Angelique sensed my unease and lovingly asked “Did I say something wrong Mon Cherie?”

“Yeah” I replied honestly with great reluctance. “You said the ‘H-word’ that all guys hate to hear.”

“H-word, what is the H-word,” Angelique inquired with a puzzled look on her face.

“Husband,” I replied with a grimace. “All single guys hate that word it usually means the woman they are after is off limits or just wants to be friends.”

“Oh I see,” Angelique said puzzled then it hit her that I was hesitant about pursing her and was having doubts of whether or not I had gone to far already.

Then she smiled and lovingly said “Mon Cherie don’t fret, yes I am married but it is nothing. It is how you say, uhm,” and she searched for the right phrase to convey her thoughts. “Oh yes, it is what you Americans would call a marriage of convenience.”

Angelique went on to explain that the love between her and her husband had long went out the window and that they both had their separate lives. Theirs had become an open marriage by mutual consent.

“I can do what I wont Mon Cherie but I must not divorce him,” Angelique said. “He has his life his interests and his women and I have my life my interest and my men and women as well.”

I was really beginning to wrestle with my so called moral code. Had I gone to far? Yes, I had kissed and been intimate with a married woman. Just then, a voice inside my head reminded me what an acquaintance said to me when I told him about my so called code

“Dude, if you’re going to sin, you might as well go whole hog and sin most vigorously.”

Then it clicked, he was right. This fine line stuff was for the birds. It was evident that Angelique and I had strong feelings for each other so what the hell go for it and nail her.

“You know you’re right,” I replied. “Why shouldn’t you have your fun after all your husband has his conquests and fun so it’s only right you have yours.

Angelique kissed me then said “Mmmmm Mon Cherie, you are so understanding. I promise you wont be disappointed.”

With that, we both kissed and embraced again. Our bodies pressed together as our limbs intertwined then Angelique rolled me over so that I was on my back my body half in the river and half out. We were below the bank all the way down the slope on the water’s edge so people would not be able to see us unless they came up on us.

Angelique rose up and began riding me cowgirl style. Her sweet pussy gripped the sides of my cock and milked it for all it was worth. I could feel her sugar walls grip the sides of my cock and stroke it like 1000’s of tiny velvety fingers.

As Angelique rode me she began to moan in French and I responded in kind. She told me of the pleasure I was giving to her how she wanted to feel me inside of her and she wanted to feel my seed in her womb.

“What about getting pregnant,” I asked her and she assured me she had had her tubes tied so she couldn’t get pregnant.

I continued and let myself give into the pleasure. I could feel her pussy juices trickle over my cock and Angelique moaned with pleasure

“Oh yes Mon Cherie make me cum as you Americans say,” and she gasped for breath as her orgasm hit her and she flooded my cock with her sweet creamy nectar.

Just then my cock swelled with cum and I spunked my monster load deep inside of Angelique’s waiting pussy She purred with delight as my hot manhood went deep inside her.

Angelique laid on top of me and we lovingly embraced and kissed as my cock was still inside her and then she got on her hands and knees and begged to get it doggie style so I began to hammer her from behind

Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s-s- Mon Cherie,” Angelique moaned lustfully. I was pounding hot and heavy and it wouldn’t be long until she came again.

“Oh Mon Cherie,,” Angelique crooned then she began moaning sayings in French and we began conversing in French after that.

I would turn her over and take her missionary style. We were in the throngs of passions, fully engaged and at the height of our carnal pleasure. Angelique had wrapped her sexy legs around my back, locked her ankles and pulled me in and she was on the verge of cumming kaçak casino and had just arched her back.

That is when we were sort of interrupted. My best bud, Rob walked up on us and saw us in getting it on. He looked down at us and cleared his throat loudly enough for us to hear.

Normally, I would have been mortified if someone had walked in on me in the middle of sex, but Angelique and I were so caught up in the throws of passion and drunk on our own carnal lusts as well still being buzzed from the pot, that without missing a beat, we continued like nothing happened until we both came and I spunked my load deep into her pussy and she flooded my cock with her sweet cream.

After we finished, Angelique and I just giggled to each other and we decided that since we had all night and the rest of the four day weekend to “enjoy ourselves” we might as well go back and enjoy the party. We both got up put on some clothes and walked up to where Rob was now sitting on a log near the river bank.

I had put on my swimming trunks and flip flops but still had my shirt in my hand and Angelique was only wearing her cotton panties and had the rest of her clothes in her hand.

“So Rob what’s shaking,” I said giggling with a “shit-eating” grin on my face still buzzed from the pot. Angelique just giggled as well and was grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Rob just looked at me, smiled and shook his head as if to say “My, my son what I am I going to do with you?”

He then patted me on the shoulder then said with a devilish grin “And to think that I was worried that you wouldn’t enjoy yourself down here. It looks like you are having a ball,” then we all three began laughing.

I took the time to introduce Angelique to him and they exchanged pleasantries.

“I met your friend Monique. She is nice and says she is as much or more of a party animal as you are,” Rob said smiling.

“They call us trouble squared” Angelique said grinning.

“I believe it,” Rob said

“Well Lets all go back to the party shall we,” Angelique said and with that we all walked back to where our tent was.

“Wanna come join me in my tent while I get dressed,” Angelique said with a naughty wink and I got the hint so I went with her.

Rob got the hint too, shook his head and said “Don’t wear yourself completely out, you’ll miss all the fun tonight.”

“Don’t worry hun, I’ll go easy on him,” Angelique said with a grin and naughty wink.

Back at the tent, Angelique and I went for round two and while we were in the middle of the cowgirl position, Monique walked in.

Monique was a sultry raven haired beauty about 37 years old, married as well. She stood about 5’6″ with hair down to her collar bone curled forward on the bottom. She look liked a “Flapper girl” from the 1920’s.

Monique also measured 34D-24-34 had ruby red lips, curvaceous body, well toned dancers legs and jade green eyes. She was wearing a yellow sundress with white polka dots on it and nothing else because within a second of her being in the tent that dress came off, revealing her hot little naked body.

“Save some for me Mon Cherie,” Monique said in her French accent.

“There’s more than enough to go around,” Angelique replied and with that Monique lowered her sweet newly shaven oh so perfectly pink pussy onto my mouth and I ate her out while Angelique fucked me.

The three of us would enjoy good hot carnal sex then they would treat me to a girl-girl sex show while I watched and wanked off.

We would then get dressed. Angelique and Monique would put on only a bikini wrap and sandals and would go top less. We would party all night talk, dance together and the three of us were inseparable.

We partied until the wee hours of the morning and by three A.M we had smoked so much pot, had so many shooters and mixed drinks, we were FUCKED UP!!!

We all three went walking and found a place in the middle of a field as we laid naked under the stars and talked. We then made love until sunrise and then joined every one for breakfast.

I know this sounds bad but the only time I spent with my bud Rob apart from meals and tubing was on the trip down hear and back. After the party Monique and Angelique had to say their goodbyes We exchanged phone numbers and I got their chat names and we continued to talk a bit but around the end of the year 2000, I lost touch with them and to this day I never forget them.

Angelique opened my eyes to a whole new world of sex, sex with hot married women. Now I enjoy it on a regular basis and have even found what is called a “lonely house wives” club. I offered my services to them, which they gladly accepted, and so far, I have never had a complaint yet. 🙂

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