Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 05

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!

This chapter picks up exactly where the previous one ended, so it’s best to read that first.


Even though I should have been prepared, and in a way I sort of was, the sight of the mansion towering before us did manage to impress me more than I expected.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as we left my car in the immense front yard, which was doubling up as a parking lot for the dozens of cars already there. “So you weren’t kidding when you said that Vanessa was rich…”

“Filthy stinking rich, yep, that’s what I said,” Liz nodded sagely, holding my hand in hers as we made our way up the marble steps and entered her friend’s not so humble abode. “It’s a good thing Vee is so nice and cool, otherwise I’d probably end up hating her. Plus,” she concluded very seriously, “she is the third biggest fan of Breaking Bad in the world, after the two of us, of course.”

“Well, yeah,” I had to agree, “that’s always a huge redeeming quality.”

Weirdly enough, the high ceilings and plush interiors of the spacious halls didn’t really get to me as much as the imposing visual of Vanessa’s mansion from the outside had earlier, while we were driving up to it through the private park that surrounded it. Once inside, despite the fancy setting, it was just another loud overcrowded party.

There were red paper cups and beer cans and assorted bottles everywhere, while bags of chips and boxes of take-out food cluttered every table in sight. Not even the inconspicuous presence of a couple of supervising maids keeping an eye on the expensive furniture ruined the overall vibe of the wild ongoing celebrations. Loud music was booming all around, different songs blasting off different stereos as Lizzie and I walked through room after crowded room. Beside the faces from high school that I recognized among the cheering and dancing mob, I noticed quite a few people that I had seen around campus and a bunch of strangers on top of that too.

As we navigated through the partying throng, stopping here and there so that she could chat with her friends from school, Lizzie didn’t for a second stop holding my hand. Her slender fingers were tightly interlaced with mine, seeking comfort from the nervousness that being among big crowds always instilled in her. As I tried to alleviate her anxiety with my presence and support, I couldn’t seem to stop glancing longingly at my amazing girlfriend all the time. With her long auburn locks flowing across her shoulders and a light touch of make up to enhance the natural beauty of her face, Liz looked more stunning than ever.

Whenever I looked at her sensuous mouth, I couldn’t help but think about the liquid heat that engulfed my cock whenever Lizzie gobbled me into her spit-slick oral cavity. Similarly, the sight of her thick, glossy lips unavoidably reminded me of the many glorious times I had admired them glazed in my creamy seed with a dribble of cum trying to escape them as Liz drank down my load and smiled broadly at me. Of course, my irreplaceable almost-sister clearly knew what was passing through my mind every time she caught me staring at her tumid lips: as her bespectacled gaze met mine, she kind of blushed and whispered to me to stop thinking about blowjobs, only to then giggle and suck my tongue allusively into her mouth in a hot, languid kiss.

In my defense, I did stare at the rest of Liz’s voluptuous body too. In fact, given the way her clothes enhanced her generous curves, I was actually having a hard time choosing where to set my eyes on. The amount of cleavage exposed by Lizzie’s gray V-neck top wasn’t too extreme, but the combined effect of that tight shirt and the push-up bra beneath it was such that her huge bulging tits were simply too evident to ignore as they wobbled gently in time with her breathing. Funny enough, basking in the jiggly motions of her bra-constricted jugs and glancing at the pale softness of their upper slopes was the only thing that prevented me from staring like a total drooling perv at my favorite part of Lizzie’s gorgeous body: her plump, beautiful ass.

Liz’s blue mini skirt hugged her meaty asscheeks amazingly, showcasing the perfect roundness and juiciness of her bubble-butt in a way that was literally mouth-watering. In my humble opinion, my girlfriend’s legendary ass was at its very best when naked, but there was something undeniably sexy about the sight of that full, bouncy booty straining against the cloth of her skirt as if begging to be freed and unveiled. The protruding curve of Liz’s plump rump became even more cock-hardening when she walked, thanks to her high-heeled sandals and the hip-swaying, ass-highlighting posture they seemed to cause. On top of that delicious eye candy, the knowledge that my sweet Lizzie had a buttplug jammed up her asshole to keep a massive load of my cum trapped deep inside her rectum ensured that I was in a constant state bursa escort of semi-hardness.

I had just finished adjusting my boner inside my pants for the hundredth time, trying to be as subtle and inconspicuous as possible while Liz rubbed her huge boobs teasingly against my side and gave me giggly smooches on the neck, when a shrill, enthusiastic voice reached us through the background noises of the party.

“Finally, there they are! Felicity Smoak and Barry Allen, best couple ever, straight from a crossover episode of The Arrow and The Flash!”

Cruising through the celebrating crowds, high-fiving people and winking genially left and right while she hollered back at the cheers of her intoxicated guests, Vanessa approached us with a sly grin on her lips and a fat joint between her fingers. Starting with her purple-streaked, spiked up raven hair and ending with her combat boots, the young lady of the house was clothed entirely in shades of black, from crop top to tattered stockings, by way of matching studded leather wristbands and pleated skirt. I didn’t have to try too hard to guess that she was in some sort of goth/dark/emo phase, fashion-wise at least.

“Hey Vee!” Lizzie smiled after she and Vanessa hugged. “You must be wasted already if you think I look anything like Felicity Smoak! Last time I checked, she was a thin blue-eyed blonde who knows lots of stuff about computers, and that doesn’t sound like me at all.”

“And she doesn’t end up with Barry Allen either, as far as I know,” I added as Vanessa hugged me while taking a deep puff from her joint. “But they would have made a great couple, I agree.”

“I know, right!” Vanessa grinned at me before focusing her green and currently blood-shot gaze on Lizzie. “And as for the absence of physical similarities, I say fuck those! I mean, really, Liz: you’ve got the glasses and you’ve got that sweet nerdy cuteness in spades, plus you have these big boobs and this round juicy booty! Seriously, you’re pretty much an upgraded version of Felicity Smoak! And you, Russ…” Vanessa added while appraising me through slitted eyes and a dense cloud of weed smoke. “Well, you could be Barry Allen’s long-lost twin. With just a little bit of Ewan McGregor thrown in too…”

“Oh!” Lizzie exclaimed, cocking her head as she looked at me intently. “I never thought of that but… Yeah, that’s right! You kinda have a young Obi-Wan Kenobi vibe about you, Russ, minus the beard.”

“Och! Thank ye, me bonnie lasses!” I said in the most awful attempt at a mock-Scottish accent.

After some laughs all around, Vanessa led me and Lizzie through the partying masses to a huge living room that seemed less chaotic than the other halls. Music and people and assorted festivities reigned there too, but at least it wasn’t as suffocatingly overcrowded as any other corner of the mansion. As Vanessa took control of the stereo and started a playlist of oldies but goodies that she had scrupulously picked out herself, Lizzie snickered and elbowed her slim brunette friend.

“Jeez, Vee… It really looks like you invited the whole county tonight!”

“Nah…” Vanessa chuckled back, shrugging her thin shoulders. “I just told everyone I know that they could come here and bring whoever they wanted!”

“How about your parents?” I couldn’t help but ask, immediately regretting bringing up such an uncool topic. Unfazed by my dorkiness, Vanessa just burst out laughing so hard that she had to lean against Lizzie as she answered.

“My parents, he says! Hahaha, that’s a good one! For starters, they’re somewhere in China or Japan right now and they won’t be back for a week at least. And anyway,” our saucy hostess went on with a conspiratorial wink that I totally didn’t understand, “I swear to you, Russ, even if I burned down the house they’d still consider themselves ahead of the game, trust me!”

“Uhm, okay, I guess…” I mumbled, not really sure what Vanessa’s allusive tone hinted at. When I turned to Lizzie for a clarification, she just arched an eyebrow and smiled. Catching that, Vanessa stood straighter and stared at the both of us in turn before speaking.

“What?! Liz, you didn’t tell your boyfriend about my greatest accomplishment as a manipulative evil genius? I’m shocked!”

“It kinda slipped my mind, Vee. I mean, discussing you isn’t exactly a priority when Russ and I are together… ” Lizzie replied, chuckling and snuggling into my side as my arm automatically encircled her shoulders.

“Fair enough, I guess. So go on, girl, tell him now!” Vanessa prodded, poking Lizzie in the ribs while taking a long hit from the almost consumed joint.

“Well,” Lizzie said, snickering as she met my eyes, “basically, on the day of her eighteenth birthday, our dear Vanessa blackmailed her parents into pulling her out of the fancy boarding school she was attending in Switzerland, so that she could move back here and transfer to our crappy high school.”

“Crappy?!” Vanessa interrupted. “Liz, you have no idea how great it feels to be there! Believe bursa escort bayan me, I should know. I’ve been in private schools since kindergarten, and they all sucked balls, big time.”

“So, how exactly did you blackmail your parents?” I asked, still blinking in stupor but growing intrigued.

“Oh, I just threatened to become the sluttiest teenage porn star ever and then to link all my videos and pics to my parents’ clients, associates, so-called friends and bullshit acquaintances. And, of course, the entirety of our stuck up, dead-inside family, too,” Vanessa bluntly declared, as serious as I had ever seen her.

“And… It worked?!” I ventured.

“Hell yeah, it worked!” Vanessa grinned with undisguised pride. “I know my parents enough to know that their biggest weakness is that stupid combo of vanity and hypocrisy they’ve got going. I wasn’t even bluffing, by the way, but just the threat of me doing porn was enough for them to finally let me go to a public high school in the real world, you know, just like actual people do.”

Noting my disbelieving expression, Lizzie confirmed her friend’s words, nodding slowly as she glanced at me and Vanessa in turn. “It’s a true story, Russ. I was skeptical too, but then I asked her nanny and she confirmed it all.”

“Inga is not my nanny!” Vanessa interjected at that. “Well, not anymore now that I’m older… She’s still the top dog in the house, though, even my mom is sort of scared of her. And when exactly did you talk to Inga anyways?”

“Back when I came over for that chemistry project, remember?”

“Oh, right…” Vanessa mused. While I looked at her with renewed curiosity and a sort of weird sense of respect for her crazy ballsiness, Vanessa shook off her momentary seriousness and offered us the joint. “You guys sure you don’t want a hit of this before I finish it? It’s great stuff, I promise.”

“No, thanks,” Lizzie sighed, “I’ll just get more paranoid than I already am. I mean, you know I don’t like crowds and stuff… Besides,” she went on as I also declined Vanessa’s offer of a puff, “I’ve already failed epicly to fit in those skinny jeans I wore a couple of weeks ago. All I need right now is to get the crazy munchies and make my big ass even bigger…”

“What!?” Vanessa exclaimed, looking at Lizzie in horror. “Girl, you’re talking crazy! I’d trade your thick juicy booty for my scrawny excuse of an ass any time, really. And I bet Russ here agrees with me too, isn’t that so? Don’t you just love Liz’s round bubble-butt, Russ?”

“Yes, I absolutely do!” I declared truthfully while I rested my hand on the protruding curve of my beloved Lizzie’s pillowy, skirt-clad rump.

“Yeah, well, whatever…” Liz mumbled, rolling her eyes at us and tittering as she blushed adorably under my massaging touch, visibly both glad and embarrassed to be the center of attention like that.

“And, speaking of big booties or lack thereof…” Vanessa snickered, wiggling her tiny tushy while glancing at my ass-kneading hand resting on the upper slopes of Lizzie’s fabulous bubble-butt. “I’m gonna show you guys the special diet I came up with to finally grow a serious ass worthy of the name. You’re gonna love it,” she went on as she led Liz and me to the nearest goodie-laden table, “it’s like fusion cuisine, but with junk food!”

I had some serious doubts while I watched Vanessa rifle through boxes of take-out food and bags of chips to gather a bunch of chicken vindaloo, stir-fried noodles and crumbled bacon chips only to put it all on top of a couple of pepperoni pizza slices that she then proceeded to roll up like burritos, eventually handing the final products to Lizzie and me with a flourish. The first bite dispelled my every bit of reticence, actually blowing it to pieces in a storm of incongruous yet delicious flavor. Even though I knew all those tastes individually, I had never tried them all at once and I suddenly regretted not doing it before.

“Mmh! This is… It’s pretty awesome!” Lizzie mumbled through a mouthful of mixed scrumptious unhealthiness.

“It totally shouldn’t be,” I chuckled between hungry bites, “but it definitely is awesome!”

Nodding and snickering as she watched me and Lizzie stuffing our faces, Vanessa knowingly said: “Any kind of pizza will do as a base, but I recommend that you stick to only two different types of take-out and one type of chips at a time. Trust me, that’s the limit before it gets seriously gross. Apart from that, knock yourselves out!”

And with that, flashing us an impish grin, Vanessa glided back into the crowd, headbanging to the sound of one of the oldest versions of ‘I Fought The Law’ currently blasting in the room.

After we tried a few more extreme combinations of pizza-wrapped take-out, Lizzie and I moved to one of the various couches pushed against the huge room’s walls and plopped down on the plushy cushions. Sitting sideways in my lap with her head resting on my shoulder and her soft lips brushing against mine, Lizzie squirmed and wiggled excitedly escort bursa as I caressed her plump rump through her skirt.

Giggling and cooing as we lazily made out, Liz kept telling me how weird and dirty and super hot it felt to be there among all those people with a buttplug wedged inside her cum-filled little asshole and how much it turned her on to have her sensitive anus constantly stimulated like that. Those whispered comments and updates on her arousal made me hungrier and hungrier for my sweet Lizzie’s incredible ass, a fact that she seemed to appreciate since her dainty hands never lost a chance to wander to my bulging crotch and feel the steely hardness of my boner flexing inside my pants.

All the while, hit after classic hit kept playing on the stereo. Every now and then, Vanessa reappeared, either to attempt to drag Liz and me to the dance floor or to try and find some trace of surprise on our faces as another great song from the past resounded in the room. Unluckily for her, we knew them all already, thanks to my Mom and the subliminal musical education she had imparted on me and Liz through the years simply by always having some of her favorite records on whenever she was home. Smooching and laughing, Lizzie and I sat on that couch and sang along to ‘Crimson and Clover’, ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’, ‘Walk Of Life’, ‘More Than A Feeling’ and a bunch of other tunes we had heard countless times before, much to Vanessa’s shock, since she had only recently started getting into that sort of oldies.

A few times, despite our shared reticence, it was simply impossible even for a couple of lazy introverts like Lizzie and I to remain aside and just sit still. When ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ kicked in, Vanessa physically dragged Lizzie to the middle of the room and they danced their respective asses off, keeping it up through ‘My Sharona’ and ‘Wild Thing’. Even I eventually joined in when Lizzie shimmied my way to the sound of ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ and grabbed my hands in hers, pulling me up and into the dancing crowd.

Vanessa chuckled and rolled her eyes at us as Lizzie and I slow danced to ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’, my hands holding possessively onto Liz’s fabulous skirt-clad bubble-butt while her arms stayed locked around my neck and she looked dreamily into my eyes, smiling as she murmured the haunting lyrics in her soft soothing voice. Minutes later, when ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ hit its peak, Vanessa dashed our way through the crowd and all three of us sang at the top of our lungs in a spontaneous tribute to the very last moments of The Sopranos’ epic finale. Right then, as I saw huge tears swelling up in our sassy hostess’s weed-reddened eyes at the thought of Tony’s last glance into the camera before blackness and silence set in, I knew for sure that Vanessa truly was alright, and I understood why Lizzie liked her.

As midnight drew nearer, Liz and I found ourselves snuggled up on the couch once again, making out like there was no tomorrow. Our smooching lips and fondling hands were getting ever more restless, making me wonder where I could take Lizzie to have some private time and do more than just kiss her succulent mouth while pawing her huge tits and her spectacular buttcheeks. Suddenly, right after the last notes of ‘White Rabbit’ faded out and before the next song began, Vanessa’s voice resounded in the room, loud and bright.

“This one’s for my girl Lizzie! Come on Liz! Show all these skinny bitches in here how it’s done!”

That unexpected proclamation interrupted our kissing and left Liz and I staring in befuddlement at each other. Things got clearer moments later when the next song started, full blast. From the very first harmonics of its signature vocal intro, I recognized the tune and so did Lizzie. It was ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ by Queen.

I couldn’t help but smile in admiration of Vanessa’s evil genius for picking that specific song and dedicating it to Liz. Meanwhile, blushing violently, her soulful brown eyes bugging out behind her adorable nerdy glasses, my sweet almost-sister just sat there in my lap with her mouth agape and the weirdest expression on her pretty face. It was a mix of fear and embarrassment for being called out like that, but there was excitement too, and more than a hint of that sexy slutty pride she often showed during sex, when she shifted into pure Anal Queen mode.

“Come on, Liiiiz!” Vanessa yelled from the midst of the crowd right as the intro finished. “Time to shake that sweet booty, girl!”

As Brian May’s chunky guitar riff blasted across the room, Liz let out a half-sighing and half-laughing sound and straightened up, her expression suddenly changing from uncertainty to determination. Standing between my legs and facing away from me, Lizzie looked over her shoulder, smiling at me, managing to be sexy and cute at the same time. I could only grin goofily back at her, nodding to signify my appreciation and encouragement. Giggling and blushing adorably, Liz blew me a kiss and arched her back, tilting her magnificent bubble-butt up and back until her round, skirt-clad asscheeks were mere inches away from my astounded face. Then, while Freddy Mercury began singing, my amazing Lizzie started giving me the lap dance of a lifetime.

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