Back to (B)Asics Pt. 02

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Part 2: Black and White and Cum all Over

After the encounter described in Part 1, our relationship returned to what it was before – that of friendly neighbors who did (non-sexual) favors for one another. Nothing was said about it, but there was an undercurrent to our interactions that had not been there before. I would catch her posing her feet for me, and we would toss the occasional double-entendre around but we never took it past the point of a generic tease. I dreamt of her constantly; I wanted an answer to my question and I wanted to see her again. These dreams were even more vivid when I had smoked a bowl or two.

We had just passed each other in the hall and I’d probably looked at her feet a bit too long – but she had the same ASICs she’d had on before and light blue ankle socks – and her legs were bare to her short-shorts and I could not help myself.

“I twisted my ankle yesterday and I could sure use a footrub! I have a date tonight and we’re supposed to go to a club so I will have to wear my heels and…”

“No problem,” I replied. I hoped my disappointment over her date wasn’t too obvious in light of the fact that I’d likely be left with a set of blue balls after her massage. “What time?”

She reached for her phone and texted the guy she was meeting… “It’s a go! I think he’s jealous! How about 6?”

CJ, her date for the evening, replied almost immediately, “6 will be fine. I will be there at 5:30. I hope he is as submissive as you think he is!” She looked out of the corner of her eye, saw me standing there with my cock hard staring at her shoes as she absentmindedly slipped the heel… and replied, “No, that won’t be a problem”

She turned to me and said, “How about 6?”

“Perfect! I’ll be there!”

Just as we were walking away from each other, she turned and said, “Now, no masturbating! You’ll need your balls to be full tonight. You won’t be cumming but I want you horny. I’ve noticed your massages are longer and better when you want to fuck me. If you do it how I want it done, I might let you relieve that pressure.”

“OK, Janice see you at 6” I said, and I headed off to work.

Now, keep in mind that the whole part about this being preplanned to include CJ was not known to me at the time. I was not privy to the texts and did not expect to meet him. I thought we’d get together, I’d rub her feet, then we’d go our separate ways and she’d fuck him while I jacked off.

Traffic was a bitch getting there; even Omaha has a rush hour. I arrived about 6:15, after having called her to no avail. I rang the bell and after forever, she answered. She had a glass in one hand and handed me a glass, and said,

“Come on in! Better late than never, I guess!”

I followed her around the corner, still in her ASICs and blue socks, into her living room and man was I surprised to see another guy sitting there!

“This is CJ. He came to pick me up for our date but you were late. I need you to rub my feet like you promised and help me change my shoes so CJ and I can go out.”

I was more than a little freaked out by all this; I’d expected it to be like last time and I was not at all comfortable getting into my foot fetish with another guy there; much less a big black guy!

Janice sensed my dismay – “CJ doesn’t güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri care about you rubbing my feet – he likes my feet too, don’t you CJ?”

“Damn straight! If you’re not going to rub them I will!”

I was somewhat surprised at my reply – “Well, she has two feet, doesn’t she?”

“Good point!” replied CJ, and we both got into a position where we could each access one of her feet.

“Oh, yummy, I’m going to get both of my feet rubbed at the same time?”

CJ and I were seated on the floor, while she lay on her back on a pillow, her feet in our laps. CJ wasted no time in taking what he wanted. He popped off her sneaker, gave it a quick sniff, and said,

“Fuck, babe, you have no idea how long I have wanted this. You’re going to get fucked long and hard.”

“Yeah, I need to be fucked long and hard. By both of you.”

CJ at this point sort of lost it and was behaving like a man possessed, slobbering all over her foot. He abruptly stopped what he was doing, and said “I am extremely uncomfortable in these pants”

Janice slid over on her hands and knees while I watched him stand before her, holding my breath as she traced her fingertips along the bulge in his pants, I swear I could see the head of his cock growing as she looked at me and slid her tongue up the length of the growing tent in his pants.

“Wanna help me?” she said, looking directly at me.

“No, not really,” I replied, “I’m enjoying the view”

“Your loss…” she said, turning her head and taking the zipper tab between her thumb and finger.

“Take it out and suck it, baby,” CJ urged, and I found my own cock, still in my pants, swelling in anticipation. I’ve never been one for man on man action and have never even seen another cock, but I will admit to being curious about cocks and cum for a while. But as I watched her slip the zipper down, unbuckle his belt, and fumble in his pants I became tremendously horny and I couldn’t believe how hard and steely-black he was. It did not help that his cock was the size and shape I’d always envisioned myself enjoying – circumcised with a nice flared head and a veiny shaft, maybe 8″ and not too big around – just right!

“Mmmmm,” was all I heard as Janice breathed her hot breath on him, making him throb and become even harder. She teased the living shit out of him, touching just the tip of her tongue to his swollen glans and then taking it away, stringing along a strand of precum that looked like honey. She would squeeze a drop out of the head and then lap it up. She repeated this over and over, and CJ just kept getting harder and harder.

“Come here,” she said, abruptly, dragging CJ over in my direction so that he was standing where I was sitting (I’d moved to a chair), his cock right in front of me; perhaps a foot away, as she continued teasing him.

“For God’s sake, suck it!” came the command from CJ, who was now really bubbling precum which Janice kept dabbing from the tip. She extended a finger and caught a string of it, holding the finger up to my face and saying, “lick it!”

I did, and she dragged him closer to me, saying, “Suck it!”

I did, but as eager as I was to see him climax, to feel him climax all over me I decided to take it slowly. I had no clue as to whether this güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri would ever happen again so I wanted it to last – well, a little anyways.

Like Janice had done, I breathed hot air on the throbbing head of his engorged cock, teased him by opening my mouth so his cock was in but not making contact, and then slid my dripping hot tongue around the blooming head as I engulfed as much of him as I could. She joined me and we spent several minutes trading his cock back and forth, kissing each other around it, and swapping his precum between us.

“Not too hard, footboy!” he exclaimed, “I want to save my cum for her desperate cunt”, then, to Janice, “You ready to get fucked?”

“Hell yes! Cum here and fuck me!”

We uncoupled ourselves, his cock leaving a string of precum as I pulled away from him. He looked like he was about to explode; his veiny, hard cock throbbing, the head becoming more and more crimson with each beat of his heart. Janice took up a position on the bed, on her hands and knees, beckoning CJ to mount her doggie-style. His cock looked enormous as he placed the head just inside her splayed pussy lips and sank into her, one inch at a time until his balls nested nicely against her clit. Janice spied me reaching for my cock out of the corner of her eye, and beckoned me to strip and lie beneath her so I could watch CJ’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

My cock, as erect as it has ever been, was pointed right at Janice’s mouth, and as my tongue danced along her swollen clit, her tongue teased my shaft and her breath brought me to the edge. I reached down and pulled my cock away from her; I knew that if I came, I might reject this whole scenario and pack it in. I knew the only reason I was able to address my deepest, most secret fantasies was that I was so goddamn horny I’d do anything to get off.

“Mmmm, not yet,” I explained as I concentrated on her clit and his cock. “You first…”

She acquiesced as well, and concentrated on her own mounting orgasm, unleashing a torrent of dirty talk to encourage CJ to fuck her harder.

“Come on, CJ, fuck that cunt, fuck me hard, I want your cum deep in my pussy!”

CJ renewed his assault on her, slamming into her over and over and grunting with each thrust, till at some point he pushed into her so far and so hard that I thought he was going to pop out of her mouth, and as she pressed back against him, CJ’s balls emptied deep into her pussy, his cock, balls and ass throbbing, pulsing, as he shot the warm seed into her.

“Ohhh, yeah, I can feel the hotness all in my pussy – wow you must have been saving that up!”

Then, to me, “Lick my clit while he slips out. I want to drip his cum into your mouth and then it will be your turn, if he hasn’t stretched me out”

I continued licking her clit, and as CJ started to go limp I began to taste his cum, which was seeping out of her at first, and then his half-hard cock just fell out of her, landing right over my lips, and a huge clot of jizz followed it out, coming to rest on the head of his cock and then slipping into my waiting mouth. I cleaned him up real good and by then Janice had rolled over on her back, and was ready to get fucked again.

“How about you? You got some cum for me? Obviously…” as I güvenilir bahis şirketleri was still as hard as ever.

And then, as I approached her she put her ankles on my shoulder, and as I slipped my cock into her cavernous hole, my tongue slipped between her toes. I began to slide in and out of her, taking CJ’s cum and slathering it all over her feet; the saltiness of her soles mixed with the funky cum is an elixir I cannot refuse.

“That’s fucking hot!” CJ blurted out, “I want a closer look at that action”, and as he approached, Janice opened her mouth for him, and as I was fucking her sloppy wet cunt, she took him into her mouth, looked at me, and said, “Kiss me!”

I went from being on my knees with her toes fucking my mouth to lying supine on top of her, gently grinding into her pussy, kissing her around CJ’s cock. For a few moments, CJ held our heads together and used our mouths and tongues as he would a pussy, usually between us but occasionally slipping into and out of one of our faces. Fuck, it was hot, but the way CJ had stretched her out I wasn’t getting anywhere fucking her. She sensed this as well; I’d gone half soft from lack of stimulation.

“My pussy’s kind of stretched out, why don’t you fuck my tits instead. Would you like to see that, CJ?”

Totally ignoring her, he said, “I want your feet”, and those four words resurrected my hard-on to full readiness.

I slid up her body, hooked her legs around me and before I knew it I had lubed up her chest and had both her feet in front of me. As she squeezed her tits around my cock, I was treated to the sight of another man simply losing it over her feet. I thought I was the only one who lost control in such situations, but CJ was a man possessed. I was treated to the sight of him ravaging her feet while he jerked off for a few moments, and then he stood up, aiming his turgid cock at her toes and exclaimed,

“Fuck. I’m going to cum on them and it won’t be long. Where’s that lube?”

I took that as my perfect opening, and as I continued edging between her tits (I was ready to cum anytime) I grabbed both her feet, with CJ’s cock in between, and went wild myself, licking his cock and her toes until they were spit-slick and then licking some more as he fucked his cock between her feet and into my mouth. My tongue darted between her toes and, in doing so, swabbed the head of his cock until he just couldn’t take it anymore. His hands grabbed her feet from mine, and as he pressed forward I folded her painted toes over the spurting head of his cock, the pads of her toes drumming against the throbbing head, and put my mouth over the whole wiggling, dripping mess.

“Unh, oh, yeh, fuck I’m fucking cumming all over your – oh, GOD!!” he muttered, and I felt the salty jizz spurt into the back of my throat and cascade all over her wriggling toes. The sight, feel and taste of all that jizz and my orgasm was undeniable. I forced his cum between her toes with my tongue and made sure it reached every crevice.

All this activity had brought me to the edge, and I mean to the edge where I was not going to edge! Like CJ, I pressed forward just as I passed the point of no return, the sounds of my first couple spurts clearly audible against the bottom of her chin, then my aim improved and I coated her tongue

“Oh, fuck, unh, unh, unh…”,

And as the spurts subsided, I leaned over and we shared a kiss – spreading CJ’s load from my mouth and my load from hers all over our faces. Then she and CJ shared a similar kiss.

And then I woke up. It was a good thing I did, as I was to be at her place in ten minutes.

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