Babydoll Ch. 19

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Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback of the Babydoll series. This is meant to be a Dramatic series filled with Romance, Intrigue, Taboo, and most of all Sex. I want each of these chapters to have a symbolic meaning.

Please give the story a chance even if there may be something that doesn’t suit your fancy. The next step in the journey might make it worth your while. That’s the way the best dramas work? I am trying to pull in all of your senses.

Anyway, any likenesses or similarities of character are purely coincidental. I hope you will read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. But, you can always jump in here and go fill in the missing pieces provided in the earlier stories.

This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to some. The material is erotic to me because it is forbidden in society. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy.


It had been nine days since Jill and I had seen each other, but it seemed like a lifetime. I hadn’t gotten back into town until nearly 3am. I was exhausted when I arrived, so I just laid down on the sofa in my apartment and passed out.

By the time I awoke, it was nearly Noon. I made sure the apartment was clean and then headed to the grocery store, since I hadn’t been home in two weeks and the fridge was empty. Before grocery shopping, I went and washed and vacuumed my car, even on this cool, cloudy day.

I remembered what Jill had said about wanting to just stay in bed until her work and classes started back. After all that had happened, I was a little antsy thinking about seeing her face-to-face. I worried about her intuition and her possibly knowing that something had gone on while we were apart.

As I drove to the airport I couldn’t deny the fact that I that I missed Ash. Remember that Crosby, Stills, and Nash song about ‘if you can’t be with the one you love honey, love the one your with.’ I loved Jill, just not as much as Ashley.

I pulled myself out of the trance I had been in all day, as I pulled into the gates of the airport. I looked at the clock on the dashboard knowing I was early. It would be another hour before Jill’s plane would arrive, but I didn’t have anything better to do. I got out of the car, because I was paranoid thinking and knowing that Ash and I had had sex in this car the night before. I prayed that Jill wouldn’t notice. The car was spotless, but I was having difficulty settling my brain on all that has transpired since the last time I had seen Jill.

I went and bought a magazine and then headed into the little eatery in the concourse and had a burger, fries, and a Coke; because I hadn’t eaten since I had woken up. After I finished my food, I headed to the terminal and had a seat to await Jill’s arrival, which looked to be on schedule and would be here in 30 minutes or so.

I sat in my seat and read my magazine, waiting, there was a lot of hustle and bustle going on all around me. It being towards the end of the first week of the New Year, I figured there were visitors flying out of town and natives heading back in. It was definitely nearly impossible to read the magazine and it was more like flipping through the pages than reading the articles.

Soon, I heard the announcement that Jill’s plane had arrived at the gate. I was nervous thinking about seeing her at any moment. Time was in a different dimension as I looked up towards the terminal entrance. As I stared at the gate, I looked at each passenger when they came walking through until finally I spotted her.

She certainly looked lovely as we caught one another’s eyes. As she gravitated towards my direction, all of my inhibitions about this reunion subsided to a great degree. I was happy to see her. The outfit she was wearing accentuated her prettiness. Jill always had a fit, shall we say athletic, look about her.

The rust colored corduroys she was wearing tightly hugged her firm legs and behind. She had on a brown ski vest over a tartan flannel shirt that had the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and the top three buttons were unbuttoned displaying a white t-shirt underneath allowing her firm chest to almost pronounce, ‘I’m here.’

I got up and walked up and into her arms as she tightly embraced me with a bear hug… or as much as someone of her size (5’6″ and 130) could into someone my size (nearly 6′ and 190). She looked up and into my eyes, before we pecked one another’s lips with a hello kiss and then she giggled hysterically as she tilted her head to my heart, which fluttered with the anxiety of the moment. I spoke, “Let’s go get your suitcase and go home.”

We made our way over to the baggage pickup area and quickly found Jill’s suitcase and a new duffle bag that apparently contained the gifts her parents had given her for Christmas. She had her backpack around her shoulder that she was utilizing as a carry on.

I felt better about things as we exited the terminal and made our way to the parking lot. In no time we were at my car where I popped open the rear hatch and placed casino oyna the suitcase, duffle bag, and backpack in before shutting it.

We both slid into the front seats, smiling at one another. I don’t know what it was, but somehow she looked better than when I had seen her the day after Christmas, the day I put her on that jet to send her home. Her hair was basically the same, but it appeared to be slightly highlighted and more full bodied than usual. The way she had her makeup done looked really nice. She didn’t have a lot of on, but the way she had it done perfectly accentuated the demure character of her face. It struck me that I had maybe taken her for granted.

Come to think of it, she was looking better than ever. As we drove out of the airport parking lot, I glanced to my side and noted her feminine maturity. She definitely wasn’t a girl, she was all woman. She obviously had had her hair done, as it hung a little past her shoulders and fluffed out three-quarters of the width of her upper back and the highlights made her brunette locks appear more golden as the late afternoon sun shined through the car window. Her brilliant green eyes were highlighted with a subtle eye shadow that had them glow in the sunlight. Her pouty lips were accentuated with burgundy lipstick. It was obvious she had done this all for my benefit.

As soon as we pulled away from the airport entrance and onto the highway, Jill unbuckled her seatbelt and came towards me. She was running her hands through my hair and kissing me as she reached over and began rubbing my cock underneath the athletic pants I was wearing. “Jill, what are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious that I’ve missed you.” My cock certainly showed interest as it lurched to attention. My mind said something else, “I’m driving Jill.”

Jill didn’t stop, but instead moved her face to meet my eyes and grinned, “Make me stop.”

My mind immediately flashed back to the night before and Ash and I in this very car. There were cars flying around as Jill unbuckled the belt of my pants, unsnapped them, and then slid the zipper down. She then reached her hand down and fished the turgid one eyed monster through the opening of my boxers.

Before I could fully comprehend it all she had her head in my lap as she slobbered all over the knob of my pistol. She wasn’t messing around as she gulped me down until her nose was pressed into my pelvis and the crown was settling deep in her throat. She came up gagging, but seemed to be on some sort of mission as she went back down, bobbing and twisting up and down and all around my shaft.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say the sensations were exquisite. I was completely turned on, but god dammit I couldn’t drive like this. Involuntarily I pushed upwards, the cockknob finding its way to tickle Jilly’s throat. I drove with my left hand, as my right hand rested in her hair, guiding her, as I thrusted and she tugged in unison.. This had become the blowjob of a lifetime, especially in this predicament.

How the fuck could I concentrate? But I couldn’t last very long… this couldn’t last very long. Thing is, every time I thought I was ready to blow, she’d go and fucking back off a little before starting up again. She had complete control of the situation. And then I caught the eye of that truck driver in the next lane smiling like a Cheshire cat.

I began laughing. Jill looked up, while looking in my eyes and continuing to pump my glistening cock, “Why are you laughing?”

“You wanna turn around and smile at that truck driver you’re giving a show too?”

“Oh my god,” she blushed, but she couldn’t help but turn around to see the guy as he have her a thumbs up. She pulled her hand up to cover her mouth, “OHHH MYYY GGODDD!!” But then she laughed and surprised me, “What the Fuck,” as she lowered herself again and went back at it.

The guy in the truck gave me another thumbs up and nodded his approval. ‘We’ll be home in a few minutes,’ I thought to myself as I relaxed and settled into my first driving blow job. I was pretty turned on. There was a thrill to the exhibitionism of it all. And it was happening in broad daylight.

(Jim) – “We’ll be home in five minutes. Why don’t you sit up and be a good girl.”

Jill chuckled, then gaggled, around my cock as she began sucking furiously. It was obvious that she wanted me to cum before we got to the apartment and that time was rushing forward as my now aching balls felt the impending rush. I was going to wreck if she didn’t stop. I was having difficulty controlling the pedals and I panicked at the thought of cumming while driving in traffic. I insistently rubbed her shoulders, “Darlin you’ve gotta stop or I’m seriously gonna wreck.”

She pulled off, “OK, but this continues at home.”

Jill sat back quietly as I drove the last couple of minutes home. I had no idea what was running through her pretty little head as she flipped her brunette locks back. I thought about all that had gone on since the last time we were alone together in my apartment. As I glanced to canlı casino my side, I took note of her hands properly clasped in her lap. I sensed she was trying hard to control her nerves. She finally spoke, “God, I missed you so much the last week. It’ll be so nice to be alone.

It was only a few moments later when we finally arrived back at the apartment complex and pulled into the parking space in front of the apartment, “Well, we’re home.” Jill unbuckled the seatbelt and made no attempt to get her things as she exited my car. “Jill, you don’t want your suitcase?” I questioned.

(Jill) – “I’ll get it later… I just want to go lay down.”

“OK,” I followed her to the door. When I pushed the key into the lock and turned the knob, she quickly pushed us both inside where she leaned up into me and brushed her lips to mine, then a full kiss turned to our tongues slipping inside the connection as we both sighed deeply.

I felt a need to please this woman, who had always been there for me and tried to make me happy. My thought was to give her what she wanted as I pulled her into me. Our kisses became more animated and I let my hands roam lower and lower until I was pushing the soft skin inside the waistband of her rustic corduroys.

“Let’s go to bed,” she whispered in my ear. She pulled back and began taking her clothes off as she headed to the bedroom. I followed her lead as clothes were strewn from the living room to the bedroom. Jill walked over to the bed after having shed the last of her clothing, her panties, and pulled the bedspread back. Laying down and receding on her back, she held her arms out, “I’ve missed you. I want to feel you.”

I stood at the edge of the bed and began pushing down and stepping out of my boxers. My stiff cock bobbled as I rolled down into the soft flesh of her young, lithe body.

We were chest to chest as she sprawled herself beneath me. I kissed her lips and then her jawline before raising up to study the expression on her face. She was so into it – so into me – as I came back down into her and nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear, “Your wish is my command.”

“We’ve got plenty of time… You take care of me and I’ll take care of you,” she requested.

I understood exactly where she was coming from, as I kissed her lips and then trailed my them down her jawline, her neck, before receding back until I was at eye level with her firm breasts. Her nipples were fully erect as I pushed at the sides of her breasts and flicked at the little nubbins for a few moments before continuing downward, pecking and licking her belly, kissing my way down to her pubis. As I reached it, I moved into position, raised her legs with my shoulders and began to kiss the inside of her thighs.

I took a moment, tilting my head, resting it against her lower hip, looking at her, “You are so beautiful.” In my mind, no one could take the place of Ashley’s beauty, but Jill was truly something else.

I rolled back over, lying flat on my stomach, as my eyes became transfixed on Jill’s little sweet honeypot. I thought about what I was doing and what she would want. I moistened my index finger with saliva and trailed it down the puffy slit of downy fur that coated the lips. Up and down, up and down I traced the cleft of her pussy before barely dragging the back of my finger inside, teasingly splitting the dewy channel.

Her moans turned into groans as she flexed her ass in reaction to my actions, thrusting her sex towards my face. She begged, “Oh please… kiss it… lick it.” I moved forward to kiss her labial lips, gently sucking first one and then the other petal as it opened like a flower. “Oh God… so good… Wow!… Ohhhhhhh, please, just a little more…just a little more…ohhhh, unnngghhhh,” I flipped the little nubbin of her distended clitty with the tip of my tongue.

She was virtually breathless. Her first climax consumed her. She never came down as I cupped her buns and immersed my face completely in her sex. She writhed, pulling her knees back. I pushed my mandibular organ deep inside her hot fissure. Her pussy melted all over my face as she quaked, then quivered, before falling out from the throes of orgasm as I moved back atop her.

I was hard as hell from the blow job in the car and all that had followed. Jill’s soppy pussy would be no match for the ache of the turgid, hungry monster. He was angry and he was ready to blow. I held Jill’s wrists to each side and aimed the cock of steal towards her heat.

She gasped as my cock sank completely into her soaking pussy. It had been Christmas morning since I had been with her this way. With eyes opened, I looked at this beautiful girl below laying at my mercy. Eyes closed, a vision of my Babydoll consumed me. Eyes opened, I mashed myself into this slender, toned beauty. Eyes closed, I thrust forward, sinking my cock, in my mind, into Ashley’s waiting pussy as I thought of heaven. Eyes opened, ‘this is a beautiful creature, but she isn’t my Baby.’

I’ve heard some guys say that all pussy is the kaçak casino same. That would be to say all women are the same. Maybe that’s the case upon penetration, because at that moment it’s all about you, but in reality they are full of shit. Jill’s pussy was tight, like Ashley’s, but the longer this copulation continued, the more I noticed there was a subtle difference that I just couldn’t explain. It has to be the DNA. Ashley was better, but Jill tried harder. Jill fucked back harder.

Jill raised her legs and wrapped them around me, engorging herself upon my staff. “Hard please,” she breathed in my ear. I pulled back until the tip of the crown held open her labial lips and then pushed back through the searing buttery passage as it flooded all over me. This wanton woman proved insatiable as she pulled up and fucked me back.

I thought to myself, ‘if she wants it, then I’ll give her more than she bargained for.’ I thrust hard, ramming into her as far as I could before slowly, deliberately pulling my hips back and thrusting once more into her harder, with so much force it pushed her up the bed, eliciting, “Oh God!” and an abrupt gasp. My pent up demon was oozing. I wasn’t really angry with Jill, but I was mad at the World… mad at my family… mad at Ashley… mad at myself for the circumstances, as I slammed my cock into her hard, grinding against her. Pulling back, I did it again, even harder, fucking with viciousness, doing my best to push her right through the mattress.

Again…and again… and again.. I long stroked her, feeling every nerve ending in my piston rod as time became irrelevant. I had found a rhythm when she pulled her hand to cover her mouth and seized up, cumming hard on my cock. She struggled to breathe, but I didn’t stop. I only picked up the pace. She groaned with the roar of a lioness, when she had finally surrendered herself completely to the moment… listless to my mercy.

“I want to cum… I need to cum so badly,” I begged feeling the need for her assistance to ride over the edge.

She squinted her eyes open and put her index finger up, “Just a moment… one moment… please,” she appealed as she simmered down with short shallow breaths. I had pulled out and fallen to her side as my virulent balls ached for release. I felt stuck, loathing the moment. I was too tense… too overcharged as my nerves stood on end.

Finally Jill gathered her wits and turned over to kiss me, “Thanks babe. I’m gonna take care of you now… You just lay back… You ready to get your brains fucked out?”

I just smirked when she climbed aboard my torso, sliding downwards, relaxing as her sex opened naturally accepting my bloated cock as it slid right in. Her upper body fell flat to my own. She brought her lips to me and we kissed like lovers do with probing tongues. She rocked back as I pushed forward.

Grasping my hands, she balanced herself, pulling back, sitting up, “Fuck me Jim… come on… cum… fuck me!” Laying back in the pillow, I enjoyed the sight of her working me over with her warm silkiness milking my cock. The heat was present as we met one another’s thrusts.

“MMMM,” Jill murmured, “So good!” as she began to bounce up and down, leaning backwards as she did so. She was in complete control, enjoying being on top. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it too.

“Ummm yeah… it feels so good.” She had found a rhythm as she leaned backwards with eyes closed and bounced. I released her hands and grabbed a hold of her waist. Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing… away she went, lost in herself and the moment, “Ohhh… Ohhh yeah… umm. Oh fuck!”

“I love watching you Babe… just like that. You know what you’re doing. Yeah… just like that… so good,” I urged her on.

She blew my mind when she relaxed back and put her feet forward to my side. With arms flexed back on the bed, I looked to see her grinding my cock. “I’m so wet Baby… so wet for you… can you feel it Baby… I’m so wet for you.”

“That’s it girl… that’s it… just like that… just like that girl… ahhh,” I encouraged her.

I felt myself sex percolating as she rose up, leveraging herself with her arms on my knees and beginning to bounce again. She chuckled sexily, “You like it? ohh, ahhhh… ohh… ahh,” milking me with her creamy honey pot.

Rotating my rod, I found the edge. I felt the nerve I needed – the spot…, “I love it.. Right there Baby. Right there,” with three good, deep pushes, “ahhhh,” the electrical tension shocked me as cum blasted past its barrier, shooting forth deep inside the searing warmness, my nerves pulsed and relaxed erratically with the ejaculation that followed. The stress of reality had been scurried away for the moment as Jill came back forward to envelop me… to make me one with her as we snuggled.

“I’ll give you whatever you want… I’ll do whatever you want…” she whispered in my ear before she reached down and pulled the covers up over us, nestling back into me until we spooned, exhausted from our rendezvous. I didn’t respond. What could I say at the moment. I just hugged her tighter to my body and kissed the back of her head. Why should I feel so guilty over something so pleasurable. We fell asleep. Two intertwined beings, flesh to flesh.

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