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Jo looked out of her bedroom window at the pouring rain that seemed to be going on forever. It was a warm summer evening and all that she prayed for was a break in the weather, for the rain just to stop so that she could spend that evening at least riding on Michael’s new motorcycle and maybe more besides.

The telephone rang and she almost dived down the staircase to answer the call. It was Michael and what he told her was not what she wanted to hear. The weather was bad and he had called off their date. Jo was disappointed but knew there would be another time. Maybe Laura was free that evening?

Without hesitation, Jo called her best friend and asked if she was doing anything. Laura was not just her best friend, they had both been experimenting recently with their sexuality and although Jo was still coming to terms with what they had been doing, it seemed a really nice thing at the time.

“Look, Jo, I am going to this party. You can come if you like, but it might not be what you think it is.” Laura explained.

“No it’s OK, I don’t mind. Shall I call for you later and we can both go together?”

“If you don’t mind. Remember, you could be in for a few surprises here.”

Surprises were what Jo needed to break up her boredom. The only alternative was to join her parents on a family night watching television. No longer her idea of fun it seemed.

If it was a party, then she needed to dress as required for there was a chance that she would meet with a really nice guy who would give her a good time, spoil her and even become good friends. Michael was lacking in his attention towards her of late and maybe it was time to call their relationship a day.

Jo looked stunning in her leather mini skirt and blouse that showed her ample bosom. Her blonde hair blown in a wild but neat style and face make up that made her look as good as the models out of the pages of Cosmo magazine. For Jo, this was going to be a night that she would put all her effort into in order to have a good time, despite the rainy weather.

She picked up Laura in a cab and they both made their way to the party venue across town. Laura appeared her usual self. She was pretty, but her laddish attitude toned down everything feminine about canlı bahis her. There was no doubt that Laura was a lesbian, but did not openly admit to being one.

“Who is going to be at his party?” Jo asked.

“Just a few mates of mine and some of their guests, like you.” Laura replied grinning from ear to ear.

“Anyone I know? Sounds as if you do have a surprise in store for me.”

“No. You don’t know these kind of mates of mine.”

The cab dropped them out on the front of a big house. The two girls ran to the shelter of the canopy from the rain and Laura rang the doorbell. Then another girl who seemed to be a little drunk on something let them in. Jo was surprised how Laura was greeted. The kiss they exchanged seemed a little more intense than expected.

Inside, it was obvious to Jo there were no men around. Every guest was female and all various ages. There was plenty to drink and the buffet rich with expensive food. Laura left Jo to her own devices as she clung to her mates to socialise with. Jo felt isolated, picking at the food and helping herself to drinks. Nobody seemed to bother her or talk to her, but they all seemed very friendly with each other. It was not only a surprise, but pretty boring too.

“You look as if you lost a dollar and found a cent?” Jo turned to see who had just spoken to her. The girl smiled and Jo replied likewise. “It is always like this at first. Everyone mingling with regular friends.” The girl explained. ” my name is Helen.”

Jo introduced herself to the adorably beautiful Helen. “Is this what I think it is?” Jo asked.

“If you were thinking on the lines of an all girl party, yes. But it isn’t a pyjama party if that’s what you were thinking also.” Helen explained with a grin. “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you.”

The booze flowed and the music brought everyone closer together in dance. Jo was beginning to enjoy herself, especially with the sensual Helen for company. She noticed that one by one in the manner of two’s the guests seemed to be leaving the main room as time passed.

“Where is everyone going? Surely they are not leaving?” Jo asked.

Helen danced rhythmically close to Jo most of the night, as if showing off or flirting somehow. “No they bahis siteleri are not leaving. They are going into the rooms.” Helen took Jo by the hand and led her to one of those rooms. It was dark and the lighting subdued, but Jo could see what was happening all to clearly.

Naked and half-naked bodies mingled on cushions and oriental style mattresses. There was a distinctive aroma of sex in the air and Helen seemed delighted in showing Jo. “It’s an orgy. Have you ever been to one before?” Jo replied with a simple shake of her head disbelief in her expression and Helen found her reaction funny to say the least. “Ok, let us see if we can perhaps make you more relaxed here.”

Jo watched as Helen unbuttoned her blouse for her. She gently let it drop from her arms and shoulders and stood back to admire the fullness of Jo’s breast cosseted in her bra. “Think we should remove that, don’t you?” Helen smiled. Jo began to feel something good about the whole thing as Helen helped her remove the rest of her garments, stripping her naked.

Helen took her by the hand, walked them both gently between the bodies and introduced her to Laura who was sitting alone in a chair, totally naked with her thighs open. “You two know each other I believe.” Helen said, then ran off giggling like an excited schoolgirl.

Jo looked at Laura and watched on as her fingers played with her own pussy lips. “You and I have done this before.” Laura spoke in almost whispering tones. Jo knelt down between Laura’s open legs, taking in the scent of her pussy. “You know what to do. Good girl.”

Jo knew exactly what to do both by instinct and previous experience. Her tongue made circular movements around the smooth shaved mound and then joined with moist fingers, delving into the folds of inner lips as Laura widened herself. “Yes. Take my clit Jo. Take it and make me have it.” Jo followed instructions, enjoying the sweetness and tang of smooth wet skin until she touched the nub of delight, half exposed from its hood. Laura let her know by making sounds that she had reached her desired target. Jo lapped slowly at first then more wildly against her, hearing her moans of ecstasy increasing by the second.

Helen returned. Her delicate hands swept over bahis şirketleri the skin of Jo’s buttocks and then slender fingers found their way between the dampened crease into Jo’s very own private domain. “Oh yes, your friend is very very excited now.” Helen said, taking her fingers from Jo and sucking them, savouring their content as Laura watched on, coming much closer to her orgasmic release. Jo could feel the warmth and taste of the impending gush of juices. Helen slowly pushed her hand into Jo, gently easing and widening her pussy until it went in all the way.

Jo was almost oblivious to the fisting action she was receiving. Her senses were concentrating on Laura and her clit, rasping wildly with her tongue to bring a result that eventually came. Suddenly she could feel the fullness of Helen’s hand inside her, moving in and out and her thumb touching the anus opening to increase the sensations even more. Jo soon followed with her own orgasm as Laura kissed her lips passionately. The dance of the tongues made everything so much better.

Laura gently eased Helen onto a nearby mattress. Jo sat close and watched, taking in all that was happening with the others around her. Laura began to kiss Helen on the lips then moved on further over her neck and down to her breasts. She sucked and kissed each nipple into her mouth in turn, promoting the lament of ecstasy in Helen’s voice that mingled with similar sounds made by others around them. A choir of moans and groans, each revealing their own appreciation of the sharing that was taking place.

A hand broke Jo’s attention on her shoulder. She turned to see a woman whose expression said everything that needed to be said. She wanted to make love and Jo obligingly joined her, being gently guided in what to do.

The morning came. Jo had fallen into a contented sleep during the night after her experiences with a few others. She lay naked and exposed with her head resting across the breasts of another beautiful stranger. Her eyes opened, at first she wondered where she was until it all came back to her. She looked around and found that some of the guests had already left, leaving only a few exhausted bodies behind.

Jo could still taste the sweetness upon her lips and fingers, remnants of the things she had done. It was a surprise in a way and Laura was so right. It was all that Jo needed to convince her of her own sexuality once and for all and now it was complete. There were no more doubts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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