Awakening Pt. 02

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(Eve’s Story)

This story is a work of fiction and a figment of my sexual imagination. However if you are under 18 or offended by frank, open, graphic sexuality of all adult types then please do not read it.

If you are not offended please enjoy.


The day after her sexual awakening, Angela rang Eve at work and arranged to meet her at five o’clock in the Travellers Rest, after Eve had finished work. She could hardly wait to tell her best friend about the events of the 20 hours over the weekend. She’d now got a new direction in life; a new interest and, dare she say it, hobby to enjoy and boy, she was determined to enjoy it!! Sex. In all its glory and in all its forms, some not even tried yet. But that was only a matter of time. And she knew Eve would be interested. Oh yes Eve would enjoy hearing all the details!

They met as arranged and after getting their drinks both women settled into a tidy little booth away from prying ears.

“Let’s cut the crap. Come on then what’s all this about?” queried Eve, who sensed that Angela had something to tell and didn’t want to have the small talk before getting into the juicy bits.

“Well,” replied Angela “settle back and listen. I’ve had a fantastic weekend and I’ve found the delights of sex…not just normal one-on-one sex, boring missionary position sex, but the variations on a theme.”

“MMmmm,” purred Eve “come on then I’ve got all night so tell all the details and leave no orgasm or drop of sperm out!!”

So Angela told the story in all the detail she could remember, spending two hours to recount the orgasmic detail. In full detail. Plenty drink flowed and by the end both women were well under the alcoholic haze that red wine brings. As Angela finished her narrative all Eve could mutter was “Fantastic; what a fucking good night …literally!!”

Both women, now at the light-headed state, collapsed in laughter and giggles.

“Come on babe, lets go back to my place and open another bottle or two there, have a pizza then I’ll tell you a little story, or maybe not so little,” Eve suggested.

Twenty minutes later and both women were side by side on Eve’s sofa, by now totally relaxed and with another glass of red wine in front of them and the pizza in the oven. As soon as they got to her flat Eve had changed out of her work clothes and, not wasting time, had just put her dressing gown on over bra and knickers. She didn’t bother to tie the robe and it easily opened and hid nothing of Eve’s modesty. However it wasn’t the first time that Angela had seen Eve in lingerie as they had both modelled new acquisitions in front of each other, and more so had been to sex parties together where Eve had demonstrated a vibrator or two to all the girls there. Demonstrated as in slipping it in her pussy! So she felt relaxed in front of Angela, obviously more so with the help of the wine. Angela on the other hand wore a pair of jeans and a loose blouse with a low cut front; more low front than normal as she’d loosened the top two buttons and it was more than obvious that the she wore no bra to support her 36DD tits.

“Now where was I?” Eve stated as she swung her legs over Angels lap and stretched along the sofa, robe opening, exposing her lingerie clad body. “Are we sitting comfortable…then I’ll begin.”

“It all started for me on a holiday ten years ago in Ibiza with Frank. We’d been married four years and like you and Ben, sex was become routine; not bad, just routine, like having a stick of rock every day for me or tuna every week for him!!!

So we booked a fortnight in a hotel in San Antonio; on the outskirts, not the centre. The first day was normal; you know just looking around, getting used to the place etc. On the second day at about ten we went down to the local beach and grabbed a couple of sun beds, striped to bikini and shorts and crashed out. After about, oh I don’t know maybe forty minutes, whilst dozing I heard a couple of people talking and then they seemed to drop their belongings onto the two beds next to ours and prepared to hit the beds.

Slowly I turned my head to see who, and what, and as I opened my eyes I saw the female side on to me take off her white blouse revealing her bright yellow bikini top supporting full voluptuous tits which, from the angle I saw, seemed to indicate a stunning shape. She had a sun tan of all sun tans which showed no lines that were visible but fully showed off the contrast with the bright yellow bikini. She then stepped out of her white shorts revealing a micro tanga bottom, string hidden in her bum crack as she half turned her back to me as she bent down and unfurled a beach towel on the sun bed. Oh God what an arse Ange. So round, so smooth and so perfectly shaped. I wanted to lick and nuzzle them there and then! Anyway laying her towel on her bed she turned to face me and unclipping her bra behind her back let it fall to the ground. As she did so she casino siteleri noticed me looking and smiled at me. She had the most fantastic body I have ever seen on a woman, all curves, bumps and shapes, all of which seemed to be perfection. Only you Ange would run her close with your fantastic body!! Her tits were large but whilst obviously siliconed were perfect globes. Her waist was thin, but not anorexic, and her pussy seemed perfectly shaved as the flimsy small triangle of material covering her mons and vulva lips left little to the imagination. This beauty had to be a supermodel, blond hair, in a high pony-tail, blue eyes (as I found out later as she was wearing sunglasses) and the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe it Ange she was stunning.

As she lay face down and stretched out on the sun bed it was only then did I noticed the man sitting on the bed behind her, one away from me. He had stripped down to his swimming trunks, not the boxer type but the tight Speedo swimming trunks proper swimmers use. He then lay down on his back face up on his own bed. He was no fantastic looker but certainly OK with a shaved head, clean chest with defined pecs and a six pack. However his body was lean and tight not muscular, just fit. As he lay flat I couldn’t help but notice his cock tightly bound by his light coloured trunks. Christ, Ange I couldn’t believe it…..Flaccid it seemed massive with a well defined cockhead. My juices started to flow almost immediately soaking my bikini bottoms. It must have been five inches long, but wide to match, so that it was so neatly packaged. I just lay there looking at these two wondering what their sex lives was like, as Frank breathed heavily in sleep next to me. I started to imagine that cock, erect, thrusting into that fantastic body lying next to me and still my juices flowed.

After a while (maybe thirty minutes or so) I heard them chatting about this and that and then the male got up from his sun bed and rummaged through their beach bag and cursed. He then said to the woman that he’d sworn that he had packed them but that he would go back to the villa and get the bottles. She said OK and off he went putting his shirt back on as he went off. Obviously I had watched this exchange and as the man went off the woman noticed me looking and again smiled at me.

“He’s forgotten the sun tan lotion,” she said “and it’s getting pretty hot.”

I offered ours telling her we had plenty. She took the bottle and said thanks but she’d have difficulty putting it on her back. Being the kindly sole I am, I offered to help her and would rub some on her back to which she replied that she would be delighted and if I didn’t mind could I do just that. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse just to see if the skin was as soft as it looked.

I moved over to where she lay on her front and sat on the edge of the bed beside her. I opened the bottle and poured some onto her back and onto the backs of her legs. She squealed and laughed at the cold fluid as it hit her warm skin and chuckled as she turned her head and looked at me with a beautiful smile.

I started to rub the lotion all over her back and the white fluid looked so sexy against her dark sun tan and her skin was incredibly smooth and beautiful to rub. It was so turning me on: so much so that I could feel my fanny juices flow and soak my bikini knickers even more. I spread the lotion slowly into the skin on her back using my fingers to rub the cream until it disappeared taking about five minutes and then moved to rub the lotion on the legs. As I did so she moaned and spread her legs open slightly; she was turned on as well!! So I took the liberty to spread the lotion over her bum cheeks hardly hindered by the smallness of the bikini fabric now hidden deep in her bum crack. I loved rubbing the tight cheeks massaging the round buns, kneading the skin and then I realised I was no longer rubbing the lotion in; I was giving her a sexual massage!! She moaned and sighed more and looking at me with another of her gorgeous smiles and said that what I was doing was wonderful. She opened her legs more and I got some more lotion and poured some over the inside of her thighs.

My fingers eased the cream all over the insides of each thigh rubbing towards her fanny and she didn’t object, making sounds of pleasure but I stopped short, just, of those lips as this wasn’t the right place to caress her cunnie. But I dwelt for a few minutes around the area of pleasure before finishing her legs off with her calves and ankles.

“Could you also do my sides, please,” she asked.

So I put some lotion onto my hands and rubbed her sides taking the opportunity to rub the sides of her tits. She eased to each side to aid me to get more onto the sides of each tit and we both at this stage were enjoying it. But it had to finish and she thanked me saying that I had wonderful fingers with a wonderful massaging technique that should be put to more good canlı casino use as she again gave me a big smile. After that we chatted and she explained that she (Grace) and her partner (Harvey) were on holiday and had a private villa about twenty minutes walk up out of town with its own private pool and grounds that weren’t over-looked. We seemed to get on very well, in fact like a house on fire, and when Harvey came back, and Frank woke up, we all introduced ourselves and for the rest if the day discussed all sorts of matters.

However throughout the day she sat there or walked around topless and I couldn’t keep my eyes off looking at her perfect body staring at those tits, except when I tried to check out her fanny to see if it was bald…the bikini material hardly covered her big lips!! And when it wasn’t possible to check her out I was fantasising about Harvey’s cock as I checked out his large bulge trying to imagine the size of his cock when hard. Anyway we got on well and arranged to meet that night for drinks in a local bar we both knew. I was so horny that getting ready I got Frank to fuck me in the shower from behind. Christ Ange I’m sure he was so worked up seeing Grace that he seemed to cum for ages and it took a while for me to wash all his spunk out of my fanny, even thought it was leaking out as I washed the rest of my body.

We met at the appointed place and time and my eyes stood out on stalks when I saw them both. Harvey wore a tight, white, t-shirt showing all his muscles and fabulous body, and beige trousers so tight I could see every lump and bump of his cock which was either semi hard or as big as I thought when I saw him on the beach. No underpants… Grace wore a stunning halter top, also white, which had a heart shape cut out of it which showed more than enough cleavage, and those stunning tits, and just covered the nipples. The tail of the heart ran all the way down to her trousers which were also beige and, like Harvey, she wore no knickers and the trousers were so tight that her pussy lips were on full view. Camel toes I think they call them. So tight that I could almost see her clit.

Instantly my juices flowed soaking my knickers and running onto my inner thighs. And so it was for the rest of the night. As the drinks flowed the tongues loosened and we had a great time with plenty of sexual references and double-entendres. We all had a great time and I couldn’t keep my eyes of her tits and cunny and his meat…….

During one trip to the toilet, later on with Grace, I asked her about the size of Harvey’s cock and she said that when hard it was more than a mouthful, or cunny or arse full and that I should see it some time. And, she continued, the power and amount of spunk that came out of it, well…. I said that I’d love to see her and Harvey as she had a wonderful body and she smiled and said ‘soon’

The next day we met again on the beach and again I rubbed the lotion onto her back this time with Harvey watching. Exactly the same happened as the day before and again I’m sure Grace had an orgasm as I rubbed around her arse and inner thigh. However this time Harvey got a hard-on watching us and the end of his prick peeked out from the top of his trunks into full view: his full cock head. His length must have been 8 to 10 inches, Ange, and I could quiet clearly see his beads of pre-cum leaking out of his slit. He caught me looking at his cock and smiled, not trying to cover his meat.

Anyway the day continued as before with all of us having a laugh. However as Grace and Harvey had something arranged for that night they suggest we come up to their villa the next day for some private sunbathing. However Frank had already arranged to go deep sea shark fishing on one of those catamaran things but I quickly volunteered to come by myself. Every time the word ‘come’ was mentioned it led to a sexual double meaning and this time was no different.

“We’ll help you cum or come with you,” was the prurient retort from Harvey with a wink. My fanny flooded more.

So the next day……,”

“Before moving on,” said Angela “let’s have some more wine and the pizza. This is making me so horny my little pussy is throbbing and wine might cool it.”

“Dip your hand between your legs and rub all you want big girl, ‘cos there’s more to cum!!!!”

Angela got the pun and both women started a giggle fit.

Pouring more wine Eve giggled “I’ll…. join ….you,” so both pushed their hands down their panties and tickled their vulvas, lips and clits, still lounging as before on the sofa.


“The next day came and I leapt out of bed and helped Frank get ready and out the door for his fishing trip as I could hardly wait to go and see Grace and Frank in their villa. After he had gone I got ready, changing into a small tanga bikini with a light, flouncy, long shirt on top. Waiting to go I kept thinking of the sexy two, and my fanny was wet, soaking wet so I often dipped a hand in kaçak casino my bikini bottoms for a clit rub. As Frank had left early, I had to hang around for about an hour and a half before I decided that it was an acceptable time to go and visit.

The villa was about 30 minutes walk away so leaving at 9.30 am I arrived outside the front door at 10 ish. Grace had said just to use the side entrance as it would be unlocked so there was no need to knock them up. I entered the gate and walked around the side to the back where there was a lovely large secluded back garden, huge patio area and fair sized swimming pool. But no sign of Grace and Harvey. However the patio doors were open, so hoping to surprise them I quietly walked into the living room area. As I entered the unmistakable sounds and verbals of sex came from down a side hallway. Standing and listening to the sound again got my crutch wet and the thought of seeing Graces fantastic body, tits and cunny and Franks huge cock was an option I couldn’t resist.

So I continued down the passage until the sounds were loudest coming from a bedroom. I couldn’t resist could I? I put my head around the door and the sight I suppose didn’t surprise me but certainly excited me. The bed head was on the far wall and both Grace and Harvey were naked; Harvey lying on his back head to the top of the bed and feet nearest me. Grace was on her knees straddled either side of Harvey’s hips facing away from him; facing me, bouncing up and down with his seemingly large cock buried deep in her cunt; a shaven cunt as I suspected. I couldn’t see Harvey’s head but his hands held Grace’s hips and helped her ride up and down on his cock. Grace had her eyes closed and her hands were holding, no massaging her tits and occasionally licking her nipples!! She was moaning and at times shouting ‘Yes, yes, oh yes aarrgghhh, mmmm fuck me hard; yes, ram that cock into me. Fill me, fuck me Harvey, fill me.’ She continued bouncing and riding the cock as I moved into the doorway to get a better looked and I was so turned on that I put my hand into my bikini bottoms and started rubbing my clit. Ange it was a fantastic sight. This woman of beauty getting fucked by such a big cock which I got glimpses of as it came out of her pussy before being rammed back in. Harvey’s hips were beginning to buck madly as the ramming became more frantic as she bounced up and down getting the full length inside her and, fucking, madly enjoying it. It seemed that he was about to come. Just then Grace opened her eyes and saw me frantically wanking at the sight in front of me. She didn’t stop but she did slow down as she smiled at me.

“Come in before you cum!!” she said.

At this Harvey stopped but Grace kept bobbing up and down, although now slowly, giving me more sights of her cunt swallowing the cock. Harvey’s head popped from the side of Grace’s body.

“Hi Eve,” was all he said and started bucking again. “I’m gonna cum soon honey,” he added.

“Not yet,” she replied “Let’s give Eve a view of the geyser. Come over here Eve.”

I walked into the room as Grace climbed off the prick and I gasped as I saw its full length for the first time. It must have been at least ten inches long and two inches across.

“Impressed?” she asked. “Well watch this”

Grace knelt on the bed by the massive cock and started to wank the shaft with her right hand and then leaned forward and licked the head of the member and then the sensitive under strip of the frenum wiggling her tongue, tickling his sensitive areas. She’d obviously done this before. As Harvey had been near to cumming a few seconds ago it didn’t take long before he started bucking his hips wildly up and down and Grace had trouble holding onto his prick.

And then Harvey shouted “Ah yes, yes, oh God yes, HERE IT COMES….I’M CUMMMMMMMING AHHHHHH!!!” and with Grace still licking his frenum he went into spasm and came and God how he came.

The first spurt flew about two foot in the air and landed onto Harvey’s chest then the main globs exploded from his cock slit. The next was about three feet in the air and landed on Harvey’s left cheek, the next on his nose, the next on his upper lip after which Grace moved the cock angle to point more upright so that the next five shots went straight up and came back down on her neck or on her hair. More exploded and still the spunk rained around on Harvey’ chest or Graces’ face or hair until at last the shots weakened and finally the flow was just a stream from his cock slit, onto the side of his cock and flowing down onto Graces tongue and hand. Finally Harvey was at rest and the creamy cum stopped and so did Grace. She then looked up at me and smiled “Like it?”

Wow it was impressive Ange; such a show. Grace then moved up the bed and kissed Harvey and licked the spunk of his face and moved down to his chest to clean that up and finally took his still hard cock in her mouth, deep throating as much as she could cleaning the remains of the jizz of his 10 inches. I watched still rubbing my clit until, as Grace cleaned his cock, I came shaking and moaning until the wonder of it eased off and on shaky legs I went back into the living room.

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