Pizza Delivery

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Martin walked up to the door of the house and knocked hard as he could hear the music blaring out from the drive. He balanced the pizza he was delivering in his other hand. Two years experience as a delivery driver was shown in the ease with which he held the pizza. He waited for any sign of response from the house. This was his last drop of the night and he did not have to go back because it was so late the shop would be shut. Not that he minded like the other drivers he knew the address. It was the home of the nurse sluts as they had been named. The two women who lived at the house were both nurses, and both dressed in the skimpiest clothes they could get away with. Added to that was the fact that they were both stunners meant that there was always competition when the address came up as to who delivered it. Tonight Martin won and he was going to try and stretch out the visit as much as he could to get a good look.

After a minute he knocked again only louder. That time he got someone’s attention as he heard voices behind the door. When the door was opened it was not by either of the two nurses who lived there. Martin did not mind as the girl who opened it was just as stunning. She had long strawberry blonde hair that hung around a sweet face with the brightest blue eyes Martin had seen for a long time. She had a full figure not thin and stick like but with a bit of flesh on her just the way Martin liked it. Her tight red leather top covered a nice looked pair of breasts that Martin would have liked to get his hands on. Her black skirt was just as tight and very short. The legs that it did nothing to cover were long and shapely. All this Martin took in with a quick glance before pushing the pizza forwards towards the girl.

” Pizza,” he said to her just to confirm what he was delivering. The girl swayed a little obviously from the effects of alcohol. She nodded and looked at the pizza box for a second then took it off him. Behind her Martin could see one of the two women who lived at the house. He immediately saw the resemblance between her and the girl at the door. They were obviously sisters the new girl was a few years younger than her sister. The older sister spoke to him over her younger sisters shoulder.

“Great you better come in while we get the money for you.” Martin nodded eagerly not complaining about getting inside the house. The older sister turned to her younger sibling. “Take that into the kitchen Kerry and grab my purse from upstairs.” Kerry nodded and wandered off allowing Martin a good look at her from the back. A view that was almost as good as from the front. He followed Kerry’s sister into the back room.

The first thing he saw was a giant banner that read ‘Happy eighteenth birthday’. Second thing he saw was the large number of empty bottles on the floor and table. Obviously the girls had been partying hard for some time. Martin guessed that it was probably Kerry’s birthday as the other two women were definitely older than eighteen. Kerry’s sister went to the mantle place and picked up some money and quickly paid Martin. He looked a little surprise as she had told her sister the money was in the kitchen. Then she gestured for him to sit down.

“I sent Kerry to look for the money so I could chat to you first.” She told him, Martin began to get a little nervous. “I want to ask you what you think of my little sister, is she good looking?” Martin nodded slowly wondering what was going on. “Is she sexy?” The sister asked.

“Yes she is,” Martin, said slowly now even more nervous.

“Good,” the sister replied. “I’ve got something to ask you. Do you want to take her virginity for her?”

“You what?” Martin snapped shocked by the question.

“I asked if you wanted to take her virginity? It’s a simple question.” Martin looked at her to see if she was joking but it did not seem like it.

“Are you serious?” He asked she nodded in reply. “For a start I don’t believe a girl that hot is a virgin.” He said to her she grimaced before answering.

“She is trust me, all our mom’s fault. Mom has gone on to Kerry repeatedly about staying chaste and innocent. She’s told her that men want to bed a virgin on their wedding day. Come on you’re a bloke what would you prefer, a girl who has no idea what to do or a woman who you knows how to fuck on you’re wedding night?”

“Probably someone with a little experience.” Martin said while thinking that as he was only twenty marriage was a long way off for him.

“Exactly, I know that all guys want is to get a fuck but mom lives in the past too much. In her day may be guys wanted that but now they want to get their leg over and go for it, not pussy foot around teaching their girl how to fuck. I’ve done my best to counter mom’s claims but since casino siteleri I moved out it’s been hard. Luckily Kerry wants to move in with me here so I’ve got chance to educate her in the real modern world. You still haven’t answered my question, do want to take her virginity?”

“Oh hell yeah I’d be stupid not to. A fit girl like that just turned eighteen and a virgin. But we’ve never met how can she want to do it with me?” Martin replied quickly.

“She doesn’t yet.”

“Whoa hold on I’m not doing it if she ain’t willing. I’m not into that.” She shook her head.

“She’ll be willing trust me. Look it’s sort of a bet we made last year. I said she could move in with me when she was eighteen but if she hadn’t fucked someone by then she’d have to let me pick the guy to take her virginity. I picked you, well actually which ever of you drivers turned up and was willing. You got lucky. I’m sort of glad it’s you the other guy is a little bit old for her, almost like fucking her dad.” Martin laughed and nodded.

“As long as she is willing then I ain’t gonna say no to a free fuck being a modern guy.” He said still laughing softly then he thought of something. “One problem I’ve got no condoms.”

“Don’t worry,” She told him. “She’s been on the pill for the last six months.” Martin laughed again at idea of a virgin being on the pill. Just then Kerry walked into the room looking worried.

“I can’t find your purse Helen,” she said as she came in. Helen smiled at her.

“I found it in here sorry,” she told her. “Sit down I want you to meet someone.” Kerry sat down on the sofa next to Martin. “Say hello to Martin he’s the guy I’ve chosen for you to fuck.” Kerry looked at her shocked then looked over to Martin who did his best to look friendly and innocent.

“What now?” Kerry asked her sister. “Don’t we get time to chat or anything?” Helen shook her head.

“Nope think of it as an extra birthday present from me. If you want to talk you can afterwards.” Kerry looked at back at Martin scrutinizing him with her eyes. Then she turned back to Helen.

“I take it I’m using your bed then?” Again Helen shook her head.

“Nope right here right now. You take him upstairs and you’ll persuade him not to.” Kerry started to respond but Helen put her hand up to stop her. “I know you little sis, you’ll bottle out and persuade him to say you’d done it when you hadn’t. You know the deal: want to stay here then I want to know you’ve fucked someone. And that it was a guy you’d never seen before. I have to know that you can be as big a slut as I can.” Kerry started to say something then stopped and shrugged her shoulders.

“Well can’t have you being the only slut in this family can we. But mom’ll freak if she finds out.” She finished with a giggle then turned to look at Martin. “So you just going to sit there or what?”

It took a second for Martin to react but then he shifted over to beside her and reached up to pull her lips down onto his. He kissed her softly at first then harder pushing his tongue between her lips and into her mouth. Very quickly he felt her sinking into the kiss her arms sliding round his neck holding him. He ran his hands along her spine pulling her closer to him as they kissed. Then he moved his hand down to run it over the soft skin of her thigh feeling it’s shape under his fingers. His hand moved back up to her top at first squeezing her breast through the leather then he quickly undid the zip that ran down the front of the top. His hand slid under to cup her exposed naked breast. Martin had suspected that she was not wearing a bra; the straps would have been visible through the tight top. The breast was firm and filled his hand nicely as he squeezed and rubbed it. He could feel how hard her nipple was against his palm and gently began to rub it with his fingers. She gave a soft hiss as he manipulated her sensitive nipple.

Martin moved to kiss her neck planting soft kisses just above her shoulders and around to the small hollow below her chin. She lifted her neck back so he could kiss it better. He used the arched shape of her body to ease her top off then began to kiss down towards her breasts. His hands cupped each breast holding them as he kissed and licked them in turn. He heard her soft moan of pleasure and knew he was having an effect on her. He focused on the firm nipples sucking them into his mouth and flicking his tongue over them. She gasped and her hands slid round his neck holding him to her breasts. He didn’t mind, as they were firm succulent breasts that just asked to be kissed and licked. For a couple of minutes that was just what he did kiss, lick and suck on them enjoying their feel and taste. Then he moved his hands down to the small skirt she had on.

Martin canlı casino was determined to make sure she was very aroused before he entered her. The next step was to go down on her and lick her out until she was ready for him. So he reached for the zip at the back of the skirt and with a skilled hand undid it and began to pull the skirt off. The entire time he was still kissing her firm breasts. She pushed herself up to let him pull her skirt off. He ran his fingers round towards her pussy knowing that she was wearing a thong from the feel of the panties. He slid the thong to one side and began to rub gently at the lips of her pussy. She gave a soft gasp as his fingers probed inside her lips rubbing against the walls of her pussy. He pushed into her and was surprised just how wet she all ready was. His fingers ran along the top wall of her pussy stretching it open. Martin continued to suck on her breasts as he gently fingered her. She gasped and moaned softly her body reacting to what he was doing to her.

Martin was getting just as aroused as Kerry seemed to be and he suddenly wanted to taste her. He pulled his fingers out of her and quickly took her thong off before kissing her thighs around her pussy. Then he pulled her lips apart to look down at the soft flesh of her pussy. Lowering his face down he happily buried his tongue into her open pussy. He licked deeply tasting her sweet young taste. Kerry groaned loudly as his tongue licked inside her. She lent back over the arm of the sofa lifting her hips up and exposing her pussy further. Martin pushed his face into the offered pussy licking it hard and at the same time he began to run his thumb over her clitoris. Kerry gasped and writhed at the touch of his thumb, which made Martin smile to himself. He rubbed harder against her clitoris licking as deep as he could into her. He could feel how wet she was and hear just how aroused she was by her moans and gasps. Martin knew he could make her cum this way but wanted to be in her first.

He stood up and quickly stripped his clothes off standing naked above her. Kerry looked up at him then down to his hard cock with a soft smile. He lay down on top of her and kissed her hard, she kissed him back just as hard. With a practiced skill Martin positioned his cock against her pussy and slowly slid it into her. She gave a hiss as she felt him entering her. She clung to him and chewed on her bottom lip as she let a man’s cock enter her for the first time. Martin was careful not to thrust to hard into her. Instead he slowly slid inside her letting her body accept him rather than being made to take him. Once he was fully in her he stopped and looked down at her. Her eyes were wide and her expression was mix of surprise and nervousness. She was breathing quickly almost gasping for breath.

“God that feels so hard inside me.” She gasped to him. “Well as you’re in me you better fuck me.” She said quickly, Martin nodded and pulled out then thrust back into her. She gasped and dug her nails into his arms. He pulled out and thrust in again and then again. She clung to him gasping her eyes squeezed shut as he began to gently fuck her. He waited for her to get used to the feel of him inside her. It took a few more thrusts but then she opened her eyes slightly and began to obviously enjoy the feel of him. Martin increased the power of his thrusts slowly getting harder and harder. She reacted to him groaning deeply at the sensations his hard cock was causing. He felt her legs moving to wrap around him and he slid one hand down to hold her thigh as he thrust deeper into her. She still clung to him but now it was with passion not nerves. Her nails no long dug into his arms instead she was running her hands up and down his back. She pulled him down to kiss him hard pushing her tongue into his mouth. Martin moved his hands up to grip the arm of the sofa using it to pull him deep into her. As aroused as she was her pussy was still tight around his cock. He wanted to cum in her but was fighting to hold off until she came. If his experience’s in the past was a guide that would not be long happening.

It was not; suddenly she began to gasp hard then her gasps turned into soft squeals as she came. Martin felt her body shake at the orgasm and rammed into her as hard and as fast as he could, wanting to add to her orgasm. Her squeals became louder as the orgasm swept over her. Martin gasped deeply as he felt his own orgasm starting. With a massive thrust into her he came shuddering as his sperm exploded into her. She gasped softly and kissed him hard on the lips as he came in her. Martin stayed in until his orgasm had ended then he slid out of her and sank onto the sofa gasping for breath. Kerry pushed herself up looking at Martin and Helen.

“Christ kaçak casino that was, good.” Kerry gasped, Helen laughed at the look on her face. “I want it again.” Kerry continued.

“You’ll have to do something to keep his dick hard then because it’s all ready going down.” Helen told her pointing to Martins cock. Martin could only laugh softly at her.

“I know how to do that,” Kerry said in an almost delighted voice. She moved to lean over Martin and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked hard on the head of his cock.

“Oh fuck!” Martin gasped as her lips wrapped around the very sensitive glands of his cock. She sucked him into her mouth and started to slide her lips up and down him. Very quickly she had managed to get his cock fully hard again. Martin gasped as she sucked on him, she might have been a virgin but she had done that before a few times. Once she had got his cock as hard as she wanted it Kerry shifted to straddle his legs. He felt her pussy sliding down over his cock as she lowered herself onto him. Martin hissed as her warm body absorbed his hard cock.

Kerry began to move up and down on him riding him. She started off slowly getting her rhythm right. Once she was used to the motion she began to speed up sliding up and down on him. Each time she sank down his cock was buried right up to its base inside her. Very quickly she began to moan and gasp in pleasure. Her moans increased when Martin lent forwards and began to lick and suck at her hard nipples. His hands reached round to grip her buttocks as she move up and down on him. He kissed her breasts, neck and face. Their lips met in a hard passionate embrace tongues intertwining as they kissed. She was moaning louder now obviously enjoying the feel of his cock inside her. Martin was enjoying the feel of her pussy around him just as much. He moved his head back down to her breasts sucking each nipple into his mouth in turn and licking his tongue over and around them. She held his head to her breasts gasping and moaning hard.

Then suddenly she began to squeal loudly as she came for the second time with him in her. She whole body arched and it was only because Martin was holding her that she did not fall backwards. She squealed and gasped as her orgasm overtook her. Then once it finished she collapsed off him onto the sofa. Martin gave a soft gasp as she moved off him as he had been near to cumming himself. Kerry had sunk over the arm of the chair gasping for breath. Martin quickly moved to kneel behind her gripping her waist.

“You ain’t finished yet,” he gasped to her. “If you start something you got to finish it.” He finished as he thrust his cock into her from behind. She gasped and arched backwards as he rammed deep into her. He pulled out and rammed in again but this time she pushed back at him taking him right into her. Holding onto her waist he began to fuck her hard from behind. Kerry groaned and squealed softly as he thrust in and out of her. He moved one hand under her to grip her breast kneading it with his fingers. His other hand he wrapped in her long blonde hair pulling her back against him. Not that she need him to as she was doing that all ready. Martin was ramming in as hard and as deep as he could making her body shake with each thrust. Kerry’s gasps became moans and then squeals as his thrusting drew her nearer and nearer to another orgasm. Martin was gritting his teeth gasping hard as he rammed in again and again.

“Oh god,” Kerry gasped, “fuck me yes. I’m gonna cum again oh god your sooo hard.” Her voice grew high pitched and any more words were lost in a passionate squeal as she came. Martin felt her body shudder at her third orgasm from the night as he plunged his cock in and out of her.

“I want to cum in your mouth.” He gasped once she had cum fighting to hold off his own orgasm. Kerry smiled as she quickly pulled away from him and turned to take his cock in her mouth. She sucked hard on him drawing it deep into her throat and tickling the head with her tongue. That was enough to send Martin into orbit. He groaned as he felt his groin tighten then his sperm pumped into her mouth. She gave a soft squeal and tried to swallow it all but gagged. She pulled away letting the last spurts land on her face and neck. She ran her fingers through the sperm then licked them clean. Then she turned to look at her sister.

“Is that slutty enough sis to stay here?” Helen could only laugh as she nodded. Kerry smiled then turned back to Martin. “You better give me your phone number I guess.” She told him he looked at her quizzically.

“Why?” He asked, she laughed.

“So we can go out you think this is going to be the last time we fuck? And maybe next time I might even share you with my big sister.” She told him looking sideways as Helen.

“What do you mean might?!” Helen demanded, “from that display we are going to share.” Martin could only sprawl on the sofa and laugh in response. And look forwards to the next time he visited the house of the nurse sluts.

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Jocks of the South Pt. 05

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High By The Beach

The same Tuesday night that Nick got pounded in the parking lot, he went home to see if either Matt or Francis had updated their status on facebook. Nothing. He looked around at his dirty room, realizing that he’d have to start packing soon for his trip to California. He was excited to see his older brother, Scott, who was telling him about a party on his first night there.

But then, making Nick jump, his cellphone buzzed. He was quick to take it out and stare, mouth-open, at who it was. Matt had finally texted him back.

‘hey. i’m free for a bit thursday night. got an excuse to leave the house. wanna go to the lake together?’

Nick couldn’t believe it. Matt was asking to take him somewhere. Not to simply fuck, but on an actual date. But he calmed himself down, remembering not to get his hopes up. It wasn’t a date. It was just two dudes hanging out. As friends. At least, that was what Nick thought was going to happen.

Twenty minutes later, in order not to look desperate, Nick text him back. ‘sure, sounds fun. do you wanna meet there?’

Matt replied back within five minutes. ‘no it’s cool, i’ll pick you up at five. give me your address.’

Nick couldn’t believe what was happening. He texted Matt his address, and lied down on his bed, staring at the ceiling in shock. He was going to hang out with Matt again. Whether it was a date or not, it was at least something. However, he wasn’t exactly sure if this complicated things with Matt. He decided to let it go for the time being—they were just going to hang out, for now.

The whole next day, the day before his date, Nick wondered if Francis would text him back too. Nick was horny and he wondered if Francis would be willing to meet up, so he texted him. He didn’t like the response he got back.

‘sorry man, i’m having dinner with my family tonight. can’t make it today. another time, okay?’

He replied with a heavy heart. ‘yeah okay, no worries.’

Despite being disappointed, Nick was still glad that Francis was so nice about it. And there was also the face that tomorrow, Nick would be seeing Matt. Then, Nick got another text. It was Francis again.

‘but hey, my brother’s going out tomorrow. I can meet up with you then if you wanna hang.’

Nick wasn’t sure how to reply. He’d been presented a choice—hang out with Matt or Francis. He knew that meeting up with Francis would definitely lead to sex, but he had already promised to go out with Matt. It didn’t leave him with much of a choice. Hoping he wouldn’t regret it, Nick texted Francis back.

‘sorry i can’t tomorrow, i’ve got plans 🙁 next time though.’

Francis replied soon after. ‘yeah ok. see you later.’

Nick hoped he’d made the right decision.

On the day of his date, Nick didn’t touch himself—he wanted to save his sex drive for the possibility of a night with Matt. Nick spent the entire day cleaning himself and getting his best clothes ready. Since Francis had broken his only jockstrap, and Nick wasn’t willing to put on the dirty ones for Matt, he settled with a tight pair of briefs that made everything below his waist seem giant. They were a little tight, but he felt super sexy.

When his parents began asking questions, Nick simply told them he was going to small get-together with some kids from school. His parents, who had been wondering when he was finally going to make some friends, didn’t object at all.

At ten past five, a huge, black GMC Sierra rolled in front of Nick’s house. Nick had seen Matt’s car parked in their garage a while back, but it felt weird to see it parked right in front of his own house, waiting to pick him up. It was surreal. Nick tried to calm the panic rising in his chest. He was going to hang out with Matt again, and it was making him pretty nervous.

Nick walked slowly across his lawn and got into the passenger side of the truck. Matt greeted him with a charming smile, his perfect white teeth shining bright as ever, and a pink ball cap placed backwards over his short, beach blond hair. “Sup?” he said to him, his big tan arms bulging out of his small, sleeveless shirt. His bulky chest poked through the fabric, stretching it to the limit and riding up at his abs. He was so muscular and veiny that it made Nick’s mouth water just to look at him.

His perfect face looked up at him expectantly, and his bright blue eyes scanned him up and down, checking him out. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and as he sat in the driver’s seat, wide-legged, Nick could see the unmistakable bulge of his junk at the very front. His jeans were riding up on him.

“Hey,” Nick managed, taking in the musky, manly aroma of his truck. It was a mix between booze and sweat, which he didn’t exactly mind. He just thought that if the two of them were going on a date, the truck would be a little more clean. But, after all, Matt was still a regular guy. Nick closed the door behind him, staring at his feet.

“You look nice,” Matt said to him, turning back onto the street and driving casino siteleri off.

“Th-thanks. You too.”

Matt smiled, keeping his eyes on the road and scratching his crotch. “How’ve you been, little bro?”

“Good. Hanging out with friends,” he lied. “You?”

“Same. Spending a lot of time with my family.”

Nick dared to ask him. “How’s… Francis?”

“Oh, he’s great,” Matt smiled. “Been chillin with me and a few of my pals.”

Nick just wanted to know if Francis was trying to go out with girls again, which he kinda doubted after the text he’d received from him, but it didn’t hurt to know for sure. “Oh, cool.”

“You been to Somerville Lake before?” Matt asked him, stopping at a sign. He took the opportunity to look back at Nick and check him out.

“O-once. When I was a kid.”

Matt laughed. “Been a while, then?”

Nick managed to smile, trying to keep himself calm. He was just hanging out with Matt. Like friends. “Yeah. I was eight, I think.”

“Wow. Ten years. My brothers and I used to go there all the time. But when we got into high school and shit, we just went swimming in our river instead.”

Nick nodded. The images of the nude McCarthy boys skinny-dipping in the river together made his dick jump.

“Well, that’s where I’m taking you. It’ll be fun.”

He nodded again. “Just us?”

Matt looked back at him, making a right turn. “Yeah. Just us.”

There was a silence between them, but Matt tried to make it less awkward. “I mean, the lake’s surrounded by parks and shit, but we can find a private area to hang.”

‘Private’. That word stuck out to Nick. “Alright. Sounds good.”

“You eat dinner yet?”

Nick shook his head. “Nope.”

“Well, I brought stuff. We can have a picnic or something.”

Nick smiled. It was a date after all. It was funny to Nick that despite knowing Francis for a longer time, Matt was the one taking him out first. “What’d you bring?”

Matt continued driving. “Uh, some sandwiches, that pasta you like. Francis helped me make that.”

Nick looked at him. “What? He did?”

“Uh yeah. He knows I’m going on a date but… he doesn’t exactly know who.”

Nick was a bit confused. The two of them were definitely on a date, but Francis still had no idea. How long did Matthew expect to keep this a secret? Perhaps he ought to tell Francis himself. Francis did seem to be getting more comfortable with the idea of having sex with a guy… and ,aybe Francis really wouldn’t mind Matt hanging out with him.

“I also brought beer. Lots of beer. And some weed.”

Nick froze. “Hmm?”

“Uh, I also brought some weed. You ever smoke it before?”

He thought it was best to be honest. “N-no.”

“Ahh. So I’m corrupting you.”

Nick smiled. “No… I just never thought about using it, before.”

“Well you don’t need to worry. It’ll just be for me, then.”

“Okay. I’ll just eat all the pasta.”

Matt grinned. “I don’t know man, I can get pretty hungry. I’ll fight your for it.”

“No way!” Nick laughed.

They talked a bit more, driving for about twenty minutes before they rolled into a dirt parking area. They brought their stuff down to the shoreline, where there were big green trees keeping shade over the grass and no signs of any roads or people. It was a huge lake, and they had all to themselves. The sun was already beginning to go down and made the whole sky turn yellow. It was pretty romantic, and Nick wondered if Matt had planned for this on purpose.

They sat and ate for while, and Matt rolled a joint, smoking it like it was nothing and getting pretty comfortable. His blue eyes softened, and his big muscles relaxed. Matt scratched his pubes through his jeans and stared at Nick. Once he was done smoking, he asked him, “You wanna go for a swim?”

Nick frowned at him, admiring his perfect face and sweet, pink lips. “I-I didn’t bring any swimming clothes…” he mumbled, watching the stud’s eight pack of abs rise and fall underneath his tight shirt.

Matt just smiled back. “So? We can go in our underwear.”

“P-people won’t see us?”

Matt shrugged. “I’ve seen people get naked here. We’ll be fine, bro… there’s no one even around.”

Nick partly didn’t want to get in his underwear in fear of getting a boner in front of Matt. But he realized that he wouldn’t be able to see it that easy in the water, and there was the fact that Matt had already been hard for the major part of their date. “Okay, sure.”

Matt quickly got up, taking off his shirt like a giddy schoolboy. Nick watched his big arms rip the skinny shirt from over his head, exposing his thick, built pecs and his rippling, rigid abs. His broad, muscular shoulders scrunched up as he moved, making him look really big. His nipples were fat and hard, and his soft, hairless body gleamed in the sunlight coming down on him. As he stretched to take off his shirt, Nick could see the top of his blond pubes sticking out of his jeans, and the canlı casino base of his thick dick.

Nick looked away, doing some mental math to get rid of his stirring boner, and took off his own shirt. But he couldn’t help but notice when Matt took off his pants. He unbuttoned himself and pulled down his zipper. He took off his pants in a one movement, sticking his perky, fat ass in the air. He was wearing a tiny pair of boxers underneath. They were really short, almost to the point where Matt’s whole ass hung out of it, and his flaccid dick could stick out the end. His hard cock was already pushing at the fabric, begging for release.

As Matt bent over, the bottom of his boxers exposed parts of his ass, and the cloth clung to his skin. His huge, muscular thighs came down from the shorts, planting themselves powerfully in the ground. His v-lines were exposed and the shorts were so small that they revealed more of the base of his dick. His whole upper groin was basically out, pubes and all.

Matt pulled up his boxers a bit, making his ass looking fatter, and he stuck a hand down the front to fix his junk. He stuck his pubes down and shifted around his dick and balls. When he was done, Nick could clearly see the imprint of his dick, and what looked like his bulging nuts.

Nick looked away before Matt could catch him staring. He took off his own shorts to reveal a light-blue pair of briefs. He could feel Matt’s eyes burning a whole in his ass, staring down at him. Nick pretended to ignore him and anxiously folded up his clothes, putting them down on the blanket Matt had laid down for their picnic.

Matt pulled on his shorts once more, revealing a bit of his dick, and then wading slowly into the water. “C’mon, its really nice.”

Nick smiled at him, watching the jock lumber over awkwardly, holding his crotch in worry as the water came up to his waist. Nick did the same, bracing as the cool water hit his balls. It was definitely cold, but it was a nice relief from the hot, sweaty weather they’d been having recently.

Matt was rubbing some water on his chest. “Feel’s nice, doesn’t it?”

Nick smiled at him, watching his face. “Yeah, its good.”

Matt eyed him, and then sent a huge splash of water his way.

“Hey!” Nick yelled.

Matt giggled like a teenager, his deep voice making Nick horny. Matt ran away slowly through the water as Nick tried to splash him back.

“Get back here!” Nick laughed, trying to get him with another splash but missing by a foot. Despite being so big, Matt was fast.

“You can’t catch me, dumbass,” Matt laughed back, getting further away from shore and deeper into the lake.

Nick smirked. “Oh yeah?” He plunged himself into the water, swimming expertly towards him and grabbing the back of Matt’s shorts as he caught up. He exposed his ass accidentally as he pulled on them.

“Shit, how’d you swim that fast?” Matt grinned, his handsome face turning red with embarrassment as he pulled his shorts back up over his ass.

“I’m on the school swimming team,” Nick said, pushing some hair from his face.

Matt nodded, staring at him. “Ohhh, that would explain why you’ve got such a nice ass.”

Nick turned red too, smiling awkwardly. “Uh, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Matt then looked over to one of the islands nearby in the lake. “Race you to that island.”

Nick smiled, admiring his wet, bulging chest and his erect nipples. Water dripped down his smooth body and his cheeks were especially rosy, making him look so fucking cute. “You’re on.”

They both laughed and shouted as they raced to the island. Nick got there a few seconds before Matt, who’s swimming technique looked terrible. It made him look even cuter to not know what he was doing. Nick had the overwhelming urge to kiss him, and for Matt to hold him in a tight embrace. But he didn’t think it would happen.

Nick and Matt climbed onto the forested shore of the small island, relishing in the bright sunny rays that warmed their skin. Matt pushed his hair back and shook the water out of his ears, then he looked at Nick, standing abnormally close to him. “Come here,” Matt whispered.

Nick could feel Matt’s eyes looking directly at his face. He got even closer to him, their skin barely an inch apart, and their wet, soaking bulges brushing against each other slightly. Matt put his big, beefy arms around Nick’s waist, resting one hand in the back of his waistband, feeling the crack in his ass.

“Can I kiss you?” Matt asked. He raised his eyebrows, pursing his soft lips as he spoke. Nick felt so warm in his arms, and his soft, hairless skin was tight around his body.

Nick looked up at him, turning pink and nodding quickly. “Yeah.”

His lips came onto his face hard and fast, sucking on him. His hands pressed up on Nick’s ass, rubbing his cheeks. Matt breathed on him, pushing his growing bulge against Nick’s stomach and digging his nipples into Nick’s chest. Their skin was pressed tight against each other, and Matt licked the kaçak casino spit off Nick’s mouth, pressing hard on him. It felt so hot to have Matt so eager to kiss him, and that he so desperately wanted more—his dick was starting to stick through his wet underwear.

“Fuck, you’re a good kisser,” Matt said, finally taking his mouth off Nick to breathe.

Nick took in a gasp of air. “You’re just saying that.”

Matt gave him a horny smile back, saliva smeared across his mouth. “Maybe,” he joked. He then plunged his face back in, grabbing Nick’s leg with his rough hands and picking it up so it brushed against his side. He rubbed Nick’s ass, sticking his fingers through the wet cloth and squeezing his tight flesh. He grabbed handfuls, spanking him and spreading his cheeks apart. Then, he picked Nick up, lifting him into the air while his huge bulge settled beneath Nick’s.

Nick wrapped both his legs around Matt, letting the jock carry him further into the island, where the shade of the trees hid them from prying eyes. He could feel Matt’s dick pulsing right beneath his ass, and the big, muscular arms that carried him turned Nick on even more.

Matt laid him on the soft grass, piling on top of him and shoving his own groin up onto Nick’s ass. He still held onto him, kissing his mouth and then trailing down his neck, his chest, and down his faint happy trail…

“What are you doing…” Nick said, barely getting the words out. His eyes were closed and he was lost in the ecstasy of having Matt’s warm lips caress every spot on his body.

“I wanna fuck you.”

“Here? Someone will see us!”

“Fuck them. I don’t care. I just wanna feel you on my dick…” Matt mumbled. putting his lips over Nick’s wet briefs, where his cock was throbbing hard. “Tell me this isn’t what you want.”

“Yeah… I want this.”

Matt grinned again. Then, he put his lips to Nick’s crotch, kissing the leaking head of his penis through the cloth.

It felt like nothing he’d experienced—having someone kiss his dick yet tease him so badly at the same time. He had the urge to whip his cock out right then. But Matt did it for him. He began pulling down Nick’s underwear, snaking it through his legs and throwing them aside.

He kissed Nick’s member, putting his lips to the boy’s penis and pulling his foreskin down to expose his pink head. Nick sighed in ecstasy, rolling in the soft grass as the warm, wet mouth engulfed his hard shaft. Then, the hunk’s tongue began slurping at his piss-slit, licking the salty fluids that escaped his tip.

Nick could barely speak as the jock massaged the boner with his lips and big tongue. “Uhhnnn… Matt…”

“Mmmhmmm…” Matt smiled at him, downing Nick’s entire cock and letting the head hit the back of his throat.

“I wanna blow you…” Nick said to him. “Sixty-nine.”

Matt suddenly stopped, looking up at Nick with cum and spit running down his mouth. “Yeah?” His voice was horny, and he was teasing Nick with his eyes.

Nick nodded, still feeling the jolts of pleasure run up his spine as Matt’s hands continued to stroke his dick. “Yeah.”

“Alright then, I’m down.”

Nick watched as the stud turned around, putting his face to the teenager’s crotch and showing off his wet, bubbly ass to him. He was still wearing his wet, tight boxers but it didn’t take much imagination to see what was underneath. The hunk laid down on his side, letting Nick pull at his underwear to expose his big, veiny cock.

“Mmmm…” Matt moaned, as he felt Nick’s soft fingers graze over his pink head. It was engorged and sticky, smelling like salty jizz and dirty, manly sweat. The jock himself was burying his face into Nick’s groin, pushing down his drenched, clingy briefs to get at his twitching dick.

“Uhnn… yeah!” Nick muttered. Matt put his mouth over his bare pole, licking his wet head and taking in his shaft with big, pursing lips. He was just as desperate as Nick to taste cock, and his big hands caressing his delicate balls made the teenager shudder in bliss.

Then, Nick took the jock’s whole member into his own mouth. Matt’s waist was hairy and muscular, and his blond pubes were soft on his face. Matt bucked his hips into Nick’s face as he felt the teenager grasp onto his cock with his warm mouth. Nick fondled the man’s balls with one hand, stroking his hairless thighs while the other he used to keep the thick, hardening member inside of him.

Nick pulled down his foreskin, feeling the large head spew more spunk into his mouth. It was scorching hot, and pushed into his hole like a raging bull trying to mate with him. Meanwhile, Nick was trying to keep himself composed as the stud went down on him, juggling Nick’s nut sack while licking his quivering penis until more fluids leaked out of it.

“Mmmm…” Nick groaned, taking in more of the stud’s hard, meaty cock into his mouth. The warmth of the stud’s body kept Nick secure, and soon the two of them were pressed against each other, taking in one another’s erections while the other serviced them. Nick felt Matt’s groin tense as he really pushed himself into Nick’s mouth, pumping and grinding smoothly into his hole. It went further and further in, reaching the boy’s neck and causing him to choke and cough on his dick.

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One Late Night

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Female Ejaculation

Sarah stood outside her flat. It was late in the evening and she needed fresh air. She hung over the railing listening to the noises of the town drifting in the air. She heard someone walking along the catwalk. Raising her head, she brushed her brown hair out of her face and saw Neomi, her neighbour walking towards her.

“Hey. Neomi,” Sarah waved. Neomi grumbled in response “Rough day?” Neomi nodded, her curly brown hair shook around her head. She looked like she’d had a smile on her face all day and was glad to not have to smile anymore. Her slender frame was covered in a light skirt and blouse.

“All I want in the world is to relax right now.” Neomi grumbled, fumbling for her keys to her flat.

Sarah started back to her flat and turned just as Neomi opened her door “H-hey if you… if you want I could…give you a massage if you want.” Sarah stammered. She’d been looking for a reason to try and talk to Neomi for a while now. She was curious about her and no one else seemed to know. She always seemed to keep to herself and never seemed to have any visitors.

Neomi looked distant for a moment, looking past Sarah. She shook her head, and brushed her brown hair back. “Yeah, erm, just let me…just take a shower quickly and then yeah, that sounds great.”

“Just knock on the door when you’re ready, okay.” Sarah watched Neomi enter her flat and quickly entered her own. Her heart was racing. Why had she said that, what was she thinking? She rushed around her flat, moving objects and furniture around. It seemed like an eternity, nothing seemed right, everything seemed out of place. She shouldn’t have said what she said. She should learn to keep her mouth shut.

There was a knock at her door and time seemed to stop. Her body went into autopilot as she moved towards the door. She reached out to the handle. Pulling the dead-bolt back, Sarah opened her door. Neomi was stood there, a faint smile across her face. She wore a light, loose white tank top and a light pair of shorts. “Hey” Sarah said, noticing the vacant look on Sarah’s face. “Everything okay? I can come back if you want.”

Sarah quickly shook her head returning to the present, “NO, I mean, come in everything’s fine, I was just sprucing up.” She moved away from the door allowing Neomi access to her flat. Neomi walked in, Sarah motioned her towards her room. “Just take your top off and lay face down on the bed. I’ll make sure all that tension is gone quick enough. Just yell when you’re ready.”

Neomi entered the bedroom and a few moments later called out. Sarah entered the room and saw Neomi laying on her front. Sarah moved to her bed side table, opening one of the drawers and pulled out a small bottle. “Now let’s deal with all that pent up stress and tension. Okay?” Sarah spoke calmly and slowly, holding back to absolute terror that screamed inside her. Sarah climbed on the bed and straddled Neomi’s hip. Opening the bottle released the sweet aroma of coconut. She dropped a small amount on her hands, placing the cap back on the bottle and rubbing her hands together to casino siteleri warm the oil up. She leaned forward. “I’m gonna start now, okay. Just relax and tell me if I push too hard.” Neomi nodded with her head in the pillows. Sarah touched her hands to the middle of Neomi’s back, feeling the tension spike in her muscles. In a voice filled with strength and power, she spoke “I need you to relax, if you can’t manage that, I guess we can’t continue.”

“N-no, its okay, I’m just a little embarrassed, I’ve never done something like this befo-” Neomi started but was quickly interrupted by Sarah’s powerful voice “First the tension in your body must be dealt with, then we’ll see what happens, alright?” Sarah moved her hands, stroking Neomi’s bare flesh. Her hands moved across her skin, pushing the tension out rubbing the oil and the sense of calm deep into Neomi’s muscles. Sarah felt the stress melt beneath her and Neomi whimpered under Sarah’s touch. “That’s it. Just relax. Just enjoy this.” Sarah moved her hands lower along Neomi’s back. Rubbing the sweet coconut oil into her lower back, Neomi moaned softly. Sarah lifted herself up and off Neomi, “Would you kindly roll over.” Sarah commanded. Neomi rolled over and Sarah went back to straddling Neomi. Sarah smiled down at Neomi. Neomi’s breathing picked up as Sarah started rubbing the oil into her arms and upper chest. She moved her hands around to Neomi’s sides and gently stroked down to her stomach. Neomi grumbled quietly to herself at the lack of Sarah’s attention to certain areas. Sarah watched Neomi as she gently rubbed her pale flesh. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

This snapped Neomi back into focus. She looked up into Sarah’s face. “I… I was just hoping for a little more, y’know.”

Sarah nodded “I know exactly what you want, but answer me, do you feel more relaxed?” Neomi nodded. Sarah pushed her hands slowly up Neomi’s body. She circled underneath Neomi’s breasts, cupping them softly. “Very well, are you ready?”

Sarah rubbed Neomi’s breasts softly, playing with her nipples. Neomi moaned softly, biting her lower lip and thrusting her hips upwards against Sarah. Sarah started nipping and tweaking the now slippery nipples. Neomi gasped loudly, reaching her hands up towards Sarah. Sarah grabbed Neomi’s wrists and pinned them down above her heads, lowering her head down to Neomi’s right nipple. She latched on to the nipple, being thankful for edible oil and it being coconut flavoured. She sucked and nibbled, flicking her tongue over the wriggling nipple. Neomi tried her best to escape Sarah’s grasp but despite the oil Sarah had a strong grip on her wrists. Neomi wanted desperately to ravage Sarah; she wanted Sarah to feel how good she felt right now. Sarah shifted her weight slightly freeing one of her legs and sliding it between Neomi’s. Neomi started grinding on Sarah’s thigh, as Sarah released the nipple and kissed her passionately. Neomi moaned softly into the kiss as her grinding got heavier and stronger. Sarah pushed her knee against Neomi, and she started groaning. Sarah felt a canlı casino sudden gush of wetness against her knee and thigh just as Neomi’s body went ridged against hers. They held the position for what seemed like an eternity until Sarah broke the kiss and hovered just out of Neomi’s reach.

“I guess you had a lot of fun then.” She leaned down and kissed Neomi’s nose. Neomi was still busy trying to catch her breath that she simply nodded. Sarah released her grip and dismounted off Neomi’s waist. “I hope you’re very relaxed now.” Swing her legs out off the bed. Neomi’s head was swimming as Sarah got up and left the room. She left Neomi to come back from the paradise she’d clearly sent her away to.

Neomi could barely move. Her hands and legs were shaking. She knew body shaking orgasms were a thing, but none of her boyfriends in the past had ever managed it. Some had barely last more than a few minutes. She slowly slipped into unconsciousness, unable to fight the overwhelming feeling of relaxation and post orgasm euphoria.

When Sarah returned she found Neomi curl up on her side facing towards her. Neomi was in a deep, cute sleep clutching on to the sheets. Sarah smiled, she was unable to bring herself to wake Neomi up just yet, and gently shifted her across the rather small bed and cuddled up with her. Neomi wasted no time in wrapping her arms around Sarah’s body, resting her head on Sarah upper chest. Sarah quickly fell asleep with Neomi in her arms.

Neomi woke up with a ray of sunshine assaulting her eyes. As her eyes adjusted to the waking world she quickly began to realise that this was not her bedroom. The sounds and smells of cooking from the kitchen also told her she was not alone. A quick investigation of herself and surroundings also told her she was completely naked. A pair of the longue clothes, a fresh pair of panties and her flat keys lay at the bottom of the bed. Thoughts quickly flooding her brain as she started to remember the events of last night. She felt her face go red as sudden embarrassment at falling asleep after such a wonderful night hit her. The door to the bedroom open and Sarah walked in.

“Oh good you’re awake, I was worried I’d have to be evil and wake you up. Sorry for leaving you naked like that, but it was hard enough getting the rest of your clothes off to begin with. The showers just across the hall and you might want to think about moving, breakfast will be ready shortly.” Sarah blurted out before walking back out desperately trying to keep her composure.

Neomi quickly snuck into the bathroom while Sarah was busy in the kitchen. She looked herself over in the mirror before sitting down on the toilet. Panic was an afterthought that threatened to take deep hold throughout her mind. What had she done? She’d gone into her neighbours flat. A neighbour; who she knew very little about. Hell she didn’t even know her last name. She hadn’t told anyone what she was doing. She knew her friends were going to lose their minds over this. Her friends had always been rather protective of her since she wasn’t kaçak casino exactly assertive in life. Neomi could be called submissive by many people and last night was the perfect example. She had laid there and simply let Sarah have her way. But it felt so good, so was it really wrong? Neomi head swarmed with thoughts of being controlled and submitting herself to others. She tried to rationalise these thoughts. How can it be wrong, if everyone consents to it and everyone enjoys themselves it can’t be wrong? Neomi climbed into the shower and turned the water on. The hot water ran down her back making her let loose an involuntary purr as she leaned forward against the wall. The thoughts continued to scream through her mind each one vying for control in her head. Suddenly one absolute thought brought all other thoughts to a screeching halt in her head. It was way too early and she was way too hungry to deal with this kind of personal dilemma.

A knock at the bathroom door smashed through to her allowing the voice to call to her “Is everything okay? Breakfast is almost ready and I can’t cook the bacon any longer or it’ll get burnt.”

“Err, yeah, everything’s fine.” Neomi sighed deeply “Just trying to make sense of last night.”

There was a moment’s pause followed by “Do you regret anything?”

“What? N-no, it’s jus-” Neomi began.

“Then everything’s fine. Now quickly clean up, dry off and get dressed.” Her voice had a hint of domination in it and it made Neomi kick herself into action. Neomi quickly washed her body, neglecting her hair as well as the rest of her normal showering ritual. Exiting the shower, Neomi quickly dried her body, sneaking back in the bedroom and dressing. She left the bedroom stuffing her keys in her pocket and began searching for Sarah.

Her search didn’t take long as she entered the kitchen. She found Sarah dishing bacon and eggs on to two separate plates. Looking up she finally noticed Neomi standing at the door.

“Yours is the one of the left.” Sarah pointed at one of the plates picking up the other and moving past her towards a small table in the living room. Neomi grabbed her plate and followed Sarah. Neomi opened her mouth to talk but Sarah quickly stopped her, “Breakfast first, talk later.” as she dived into her food, Neomi followed suit.

Once they’d both finished Neomi tried again. “Listen, I’m really sorry for falling asleep in your bed last night, I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Sarah raised her hand. “If you really want to make it up to me, I have to work tonight, I think you’d enjoy yourself there.”

“Erm, okay, where do you work?” Sarah handed a small business card to her. Neomi held the card examining it. It was a business card for a club, The Red Velvet. It described itself as an adult entertainment club, specialising in bondage, fetishes and BDSM, membership by invitation only. Neomi stared at the address. It was lay outside of town. She was sure she’d passed the place a few times before. She’d never thought anything about it. It was just a large mansion style house.

The clock chime broke Neomi’s concentration. “Oh my god, is that the time?” Neomi quickly thanked Sarah and rushed for the door, her feet slapped along the catwalk as she fumbled for her keys, barging her way in to the flat.

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Job Evaluation -The Christmas Party

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It was now over a month since Ian’s last disciplinary problem and he had at long last got his act together. He was now one of the best employees in the office.

Even Carol, his hated line manager, had to admit he had turned over a new leaf. Although she still loved to call him a little cocksucker anytime she could to cause him maximum embarrassment.

Ian’s home life, on the other hand, had fallen apart. He worked long hours, did overtime and left earlier so he could be on time. Debbie barely saw him.

When he was home he was quiet and distant. Their sex life was now nonexistent. She was sure he had someone else but never found any evidence. The arguments grew daily and before long she couldn’t bear the sight of him and moved out of the apartment.

The one thing in Ian’s life he could not control was his newly found lust for cock. He thought about it all the time, morning, noon and night.

He joined gay sites, just to look at the men and found that chatting with dominant men got him hornier than he had ever been. Since Debbie left, he was on his laptop every night chatting and stroking. Mike had definitely hit a nerve.

The only thing that interrupted his concentration in work was Mike, if he saw him walking through the office his cock would harden and he would blush.

Mike knew this and would always give him a grin and Carol would always catch it. At times he wished he would misbehave just to be sent there but he tried to fight that down.

The highlight of the year was always the Christmas party. Not because it was a great night in itself but someone always got pissed and made a show of themselves like clockwork. The office was buzzing in anticipation and the staff had counted the days down to the night.

Ian got himself booted and suited and if he said so himself, looked pretty good. He met up with a few of the lads for a drink beforehand each boasting which bird they were going to shag. Alison, Mike’s PA being the undisputed number one target.

When they arrived the venue was jumping. Ian got a drink and scanned the room. Mike and the other managers were at the top end surrounded by the giggling office girls. He looked over at Ian and grinned.

“Bet that got your cock hard,” Ian knew it was Carol without looking. “Got his wife with him so you’re not getting any cock tonight.”

Ian spun casino siteleri around, “Oh why don’t you fuck off, you dyke.” As soon as he said he regretted it, not that he hadn’t meant it but it was loud and their colleagues had heard it.

Carol was fuming, her face red. “You’ll pay for that, sissy,” and she stormed off.

That was the night finished for Ian. He couldn’t get his mind back off what had happened. ‘What would Carol do? Would she tell on him sucking the bosses cock? No, that would drop Mike in it but she would come up with something.’

Luckily, most people were off over the holiday period so only Ian and another girl were in on Monday morning. She was only working the half-day and waved him goodbye at 12.

‘Well, a nice and easy day for me,’ sighed Ian and then an email from Mike popped into the inbox. ‘Shit! what can this be? Has Carol told him already? But neither of them is in today.’

Ian opened the message, “My office at 1.00, there’s a present for you in your bottom drawer, open it and use it.” He could almost hear Mike’s voice.

‘What the hell was this?’ Ian pulled open the draw and unwrapped the box. Written largely were the words Anal Douche.

Ian wasn’t the brightest spark in the box but even he knew it could only mean one thing, his virgin hole was going to be popped. Mike was going to give him his real Christmas wish, the taking of his cherry.

Ian rushed to the toilet and then sat there reading the instructions. He filled up the douche, gently slipping in the tube into his hole and squeezing. This was a whole new feeling for Ian but he was rather quite enjoying the pleasure of pushing out the warm water. He quickly checked his watch, nearly time.

He ran through the empty office, up the stairs to Mike’s and knocked loudly.

“Come in, boy,” Mike grinned at him. “Looks like you ran all the way here.”

Mike was dressed casual, polo shirt and chinos with a large bulge in front. “You get my present boy?” Ian nodded yes. “Use it?” Another nod, yes. “Good lad, now fucking strip!”

Ian’s heart was thumping as he frantically pulled off his t-shirt and slipped down his jeans.

Mike beckoned him forward with his finger, “put your hands on my desk and bend that little arse out for me.”

Ian bent forward his hands outstretched on the desk, he could hear canlı casino Mike behind him.

“You do have a sexy bubble butt, bitch,” he said and slapped it. Ian yelped and his arse wiggled instinctively.

Mike’s hands caressed his smooth cheeks, squeezing and parting them to show his virgin hole. Ian could feel his hot breath against his hole and his hard cock wriggled from the feeling.

Then a hot wet tongue slowly licked over his tight puckered hole and his whole body shivered. It flicked and lapped his hole repeatedly making him gyrate his arse against it and moan like the sissy he was sure he was becoming.

“Mmmm, some little bitch loves this,” Mike growled.

“Oh yes, sir,” Ian groaned, lost in the feeling. Some coldness was applied to his hole and Mike’s finger slipped deep in him. “Oh my god, it’s so good,” he groaned. A second finger slipped in and Ian was writhing on his fingers.

“Now put your head on my desk and get this arse up.”

Ian obeyed, of course, resting his forehead on the desk pushing up his bum.

More cold lube was being poured over his tight hole, “Are you ready for this boy?”

Ian felt a hard cock head against his hole, “Oh yes please, sir.”

Two hands gripped his waist and the cock head popped in making him gasp loudly, slowly sliding deeper into him. He looked up to see Mike grinning at him from the desk chair.

“No need to call me sir,” laughed Carol.

Ian’s head spun, looking over his shoulder at the grinning Carol. “I told you I’d get you for the party, didn’t I bitch?” and buried her strap on to the hilt up his tight hole.

Ian gripped the desk as the cock stretched his hole. It hurt, but not as much as being Carol’s bitch. She slid her cock slowly out then back in deeper expertly.

Ian tried not to moan but couldn’t. Carol was a master with a cock. As she started to get her rhythm, Ian started to be her whore. Helplessly, he moaned loudly to each deep stroke of her cock and she loved it.

She spanked his arse as she pounded him, “Who’s bitch are you Ian?”

He desperately wanted not to say it but each deep stroke made him yell, “I’m your bitch, Carol. I’m your bitch boy.”

She pounded every inch of his manhood away and he begged for more. His head spun and he felt ecstatic with pleasure. It was only then he realized he had kaçak casino cum from her fucking, his cock dripping as it flapped under him.

“Oh my god, he really is a sissy!” Carol laughed.

She pulled out roughly and Ian collapsed to the desk, used and abused by her. She spanked his arse bringing him back to reality, “Don’t you ever forget who’s the boss in our department. I’ll have that arse anytime you let me down, bitch boy.”

She high fived Mike and handed him a ten-pound note. Laughing, “You win.”

One last hard spank on Ian’s beaten arse and she left the room.

“Sorry, boy. I bet Carol one of us would fuck you by the end of the year and she lost or won if you see what I mean.”

He stroked Ian’s arse, “Never should have told her to fuck off, boy.” Ian tried to answer but Mikes’s thick cock slipped deep into him.

“Oh fuck!” Ian yelled. Even after Carol’s fucking, his hole was being stretched by Mike’s fat cock. Mike lifted Ian off the floor as he fucked his arse, hard and fast. His moans were so loud they echoed around the room.

“Whose slut are you, boy?” Mike groaned into his ear.

“Yours, sir,” Ian pleaded.

“Fucking shout it, slut. There’s no one about today,” ordered Mike.

“I’m your fucking slut, sir!” Shouted Ian, as he was pounded hard into the desk. Repeatedly, he screamed it in rhythm to Mike’s pounding

Mike pulled his hair, “You’ve been dreaming of this haven’t you, boy? just waiting for me to call you here again.”

“Yes sir, I wanted to lose my cherry for Christmas and I wanted it to be you.” Ian was finally being honest with himself.

Mike pounded him hard against the desk and grunted, “Well you can call me Santa then, boy, cause I’m going to breed you as my present.”

Mike wrapped his arm around Ian’s neck, pulling him back whilst ploughing his cock deep into his hole. The guttural groan deep into his ear confirmed what he could feel. Mike had cum, the bucking thrusts shooting the last drops up him.

“Oh, you’re my sissy boy now,” Mike whispered. He pulled out and ordered Ian to clean his cock. Ian dropped to his knees and didn’t hesitate to suck and lick every inch. Mike knew he had his boy.

The door opened and Alison, Mike’s stunning PA smirked at him. Ian kneeled, naked on the cum stained floor, looking up at her. Mike’s cum dripping out his swollen hole onto the carpet.

“Alison, make sure this little bitch cleans up before he leaves.” Mike slipped on his jacket and was gone.

Alison threw Ian a cloth. “Well, aren’t you the messy boy?” and left the room giggling.

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Sikim Kalkınca Hızlı Hızlı Sikmeye Başladım

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Eşek İle Ahırda Sex

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Eşek İle Ahırda SexOldum olası hayvanlara ilgi duyar onları çok severim. Köyde Yetişmiş ve Çocuk yaşta daha 16 yaşında iken beni ailemin fakirliği yüzünden zengin dul 35 yaşındaki hamza beyle evlendirdiler. Hamza beyin 2 kız çocuğu vardı ben 16 yaşında iken biri 13 biri 11 yaşında iki kız şehirde bir evde evlendik ve beni seven bir koca ile yıllar geçti bana bildiğim sex de dahil her şeyi o öğretti desem doğru olur. Orgazmı sevişmeyi anal sexsi oral sexsi hepsini ondan öğrendim evlendiğimde bir ay kadar beni tam olarak sikememişti çünkü yarrağı çok büyüktü ve bir ay veya daha fazla bir zamanda ancak hepsini içime ancak alıyordum oda bana kıyamaz ve hiç zorlamazdı yani onu çok seviyordum kızları gelin oldu benimde çocuğum olmadı ve yıllar böyle geçip giderken bir kaza haberi ile yıkıldım ve Hamza beyi kaybettim kaybettiğimde tam olarak 22 yaşındaydım arkada bana gözü yaşlı bir eş ve bir sürü ev araba marketler yani servet bıraktı ve emekli aylığı artık dul bir bayandımgünler böyle geçerken cinsel isteklerim artmaya başladı bende evlenmek isteyen bir sürü beyle anlaşamadık ve evlenme işini bitirdim ve annemin de teşviki ile dışarıdan birilerini bulup sevişmeye kartal escort başladım annemde yanıma gelmiş birlikte kalıyorduk ama ayrı gibi oturuyordu annem ve seviştiğim hiçbir insandan kocam kadar zevk almadım çünkü kocam hiç incitmez ama amcığımı dolu dolu siker beni çılgına çevirir çılgınlar gibi orgazmı yaşardım evet onun gününü arar olmuştum tek özlemim kocamın yarrağı aklımdakalmıştı. Köydeki evimizi küçük villa şeklinde yaptırmış köydeki ezilmişliğimi böyle çıkarıyordum evet 24 yaşına geldiğimde annemle köye gittik biraz orda kalacaktım ve köyde delikanlılar sıraya girmişler hepside bana kur yapıyor evlenmek için can atıyorlardı bende bunu fırsat bilip köyün delikanlılarıyla sikiştim ama yinede kocamın yerini hiç biri alamadı evet böyle günlerim geçerken bir gün balkonda otururken iki eşek anıra anırabirbirlerini kovalayarak benim bulunduğum evin yanına kadar geldiler gelmesiyle erkek eşek yere kadar uzanan yarrağını eşeğin aamcığına soktu ben o anda dehşete düşmüş bakarken onların sikişmesi beni çılgına çevirmişamcığım su içinde kalmış orgazmı yaşamaktaydım hayretle bakarken eşeğin amından çıkışıyla gözlerim fal taşı gibi açılmış ataşehir escort yine bağırmamak için kendimi zor tutarak orgazmı bir kez daha yaşamıştım hayretler içinde baka kaldım günlerce o anı hatırlayıp orgazm oluyordum ve hatta rüyalarıma kadar giriyor eşeğin yarrağını hep içime alıyordum ve ter içinde kalarak uyanıyordum evet karar verdim ve evimin yanında bulunan annemin eski ahırına birkaç inek ve birde eşek alacaktım hemde erkek olacaktı ve bu olayı gerçekleştirmek için günlerce uğraştım ve amacıma ulaşmış her şeyi hazır hale getirmiştim tadını çıkararak eşeğin o muhteşem yarrağını içime alacaktım annemle ahıra gittik ve ineklerle oyalandıktan sonra ahırdan çıktım anneme sen amcamların evine kadar git dedim annemde yine birini eve alacak diye evden uzaklaştı ve amcamların evine gitti sanki gerdehe girecekmiş gibi hazırlandım ve ahıra vardığımda heyacandan başım dönüyordubiraz bir kenara oturdum heyacanımın geçmesini bekledim o muhteşem yarrağı elime almamla ayaklanması bir olmuştu o gördüğüm yarrak kadar yoktu ama yinede beni doyuracak kadar vardı ve annemin seki dediği sehpa gibi şeyialtıma aldım ve zaten su içinde kalmış amcığıma sürmeye maltepe escort başladım fazla sürmeden eşeğin o muhteşem yarrağı amcığıma girmişti ama ben yetinmiyor ileri ileri sokmaya devam ediyordum ve o hale geldiki artık ben bitmişyiyecek halim kalmamıştı götünü yukarı aşağıya oynatmaya başladım eşekte değişik sesler çıkarıyordu ve ben zevkin doruklarına çıkıyor ve tekrar içimden çıkmadan tekrar tekrar yaşıyordum orgazmı birden içimde eşeğin kıpırdamasıyla amcığımda acayip yanma meydana geldi ve geçte olsa farkına vardım eşekte güzel amcığımdan hoşlanmış içime volkan gibi batlıyordu içimde yarrağın büyüdüğünü hissediyordum ama çekmiyordum yıllardır özlemim sona ermiş bütün bedenim rahatlamıştı ama yarrağı içimden çıkarmak istedim ama kıpırdayamıyordum eşeğin yarrağı çıkınca anladım girdiği gibi değildi ve hiç içimden çıkmayacak sandım biraz bekledikten sonra eşeğin yarrağı küçülmeye başladı ve bende onun küçülmesiyle rahatladım ve çektim amcığım dışaıya çıktı sandım bağırmışım ama mutlu bir gün geçirmiştim toparlanmak istedim yerimden kalkamıyordum evet içimde bir boşluk var gibi geliyordu bana doğrulmaya çalışırken annemin sesi ile irkildim annem kız sen kudurdunmu ne yapıyorsun dedi bende biraz utanarak annemin kolunda eve gittim sonra annemle birlikte eşeğin yarrağını nasıl yediğimi size yazacağım beni eşek gibi sikecek beylerle görüşmek isterim öylesine bir yarrağın kölesi olurum bana yazınGönderen: [email protected]

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bekaretimi inege borçluyum

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Bu olay lise yıllarında başımdan geçti.adeta köye gitmek için yaz tatillerini iple çeker hale gelmiştim.yine bir gün yaz tatilinde köye gitmiştik.dedemlerin birde misafirler için tahsis ettikleri bir ev vardı.ben ve amca oglu orda kalıyorduk tabi bizim kaldıgımız yer ahırla bitişik bir yerdi.hava okadar sıcaktıki tabi buna birde sineklerin tuzu eklenince iyice uykum kaçmıştı.o gece sabaha kadar uyuyamamıştım.sabah kartal escort oldu neise dedem inekleri çobana teslim etmeye götürürken bizim bir daha yeni inek adayı bir düvemiz vardı.amı okadar dikkatimi çekmiştiki okadar dolgun bir am görmemiştim.akşamı sabırsızlıkla bekledim inekler akşam oldu geldiler bahane ile dedemin yanına yardım eder gibi yaklaştım maksadım düvenin amını yakından görmek ataşehir escort idi onuda başarmış idim yatma saati gelmişti ben ve amca oglu yine misafir odasına dogru ilerliyorduk.benim aklımda amca oglunu uyutup düvenin derinliklerine inmek idi vel hasıl gece epeyce ilerlemişti amca oglunu uyutmayı başarmıştım.ahıra dogru yavaş adımlarla ilerlemeye başladım.heyecandan tirtirtitriyordum.inegin maltepe escort yanına yaklaştıgımda inek yerde yatıyordu.ilk önce amını biraz okşadım tükürükle daha hiç ilşkiye girmemiş bir inek adayıydı ama ben bozdum bekaretini düvenin amını yanaklarını açarak sikimi yavaş yavaş ileriye dogru itekliyordum.ilk boşalmadan sonra inek ayaklandı bende dedemin ineklere su verdigi bir kap vardı onun üzerine çıkarak inekle ilşkiywe girmeye başladım.o kadar dardıki amı anlatamam yaşamanız lazım aklıma vurdukça gidip düveyi sabahlara kadar sikiyorum.zaten ilk deneyimimi inekte gerçekleştirdigim için bekaretimi bu düveye borçluyum.şimdide işi ilerletmek istiyorum bir körpe dana sikmek istiyorum.

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Kadin Beni Bastan Cikardi

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Kadin beni bastan cikardiBen hasan 25 yildir yurtdisinda yasiyorum,bir gece arkadasim bana telefon etti saat 03 sularin da hayirdir dedim buroma gel dedi tabi dedim guzel bir sekreteri vardi elinde kadin cok oldugu icin ona ilismiyordu dolgun ve olgun du, gec saatlere kadar calistik benim secreteri bir evine kartal escort gotur benim halim yok dedi yaklasik 55 km ok demim burosuna geldikce kadinin kalcalari beni deli ediyordu yola ciktik benim jip var kadin bir ara elini benim onume atti ne oluyruz dedim beni kac kere gozlerinle siktin simdi ataşehir escort gercek sikeceksin dedi nerede dedim ormana gir dedi girdim bir soyundu allahim kar gibi ben hemen yalama ya basladim zevk sulari agzima doluyor du tampondan tuttu domuzluk demirlerin den benim fotorluyu bir soktum ici maltepe escort firin gibi yaniyor bana siki sulu derler 5 dk geldi olmadi dedi bir sokso cektiki benimkinin damarlari catlayacak ikici etap basladi bu kez icerdeki koltuklara yatirdim iki saat icin de 3 defa atladim simdi artik firsat buldukca goturuyorum yagmurda arabanin icin de sikisirken cok zevk aliyor bir cocugu oldu bu senden dedi kocasi sari kadin sarisin cocuk buday tenli benim cocuga cok benziyor bir orman hediyesi oldu artik ne yapalim herkese boyle kadin versin bu avrupalilar bu isi biliyor…herkese bolsexler hasso

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Old Crush, New Love

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I had a crush throughout the last half of high school. It was a girl named Ashley I had known since about 7th grade. I had not really gotten to know her until high school where we had a few classes together. The more I got to know her the more I began to like her and notice just how unbelievably attractive she was. She was not so much hot, sexy, or erotic, but she was cute as hell.

She stood about 5’9”. Short compared to me at 6’7”. She kinda looked like Avril Lavigne with her eye shadow hazel eyes, big smile, and white skin. Although her face was the only way they looked alike. She was taller and with much bigger boobs. I began to think how I could have missed those. She was skinny, not bony at all, but she had a very slim waist and cute little ass. Her DD boobs seemed to not go with her body, but her height helped. She was a little goth but not much at all. She cut her hair to her shoulder and went brunette with some reddish streaks from her strawberry blonde hair but sometimes she put it back in a ponytail and/or let it go back to her natural color. She wore some tight shirts that showed the size of her breasts. She usually wore some dickies pants but other times she would wear these tiny skirts with shorts under and boots with fishnet stockings.

I really got to know her junior year in my chemistry class where we didn’t do much but talk. She was actually a cool person, a little immature like me, and to my disappointment, had a boyfriend. I still became good school friends with her but we never really hung out of school. We would be really good friends in school and would sometimes talk for a while. Senior year she broke up with her boyfriend. She really wasn’t all that upset about it. I talked to her about it and she said that he seemed to be more into his friends than her. I said that he was a dumbass, and that how could anyone not focus more on her.

Not long after that in our economics class when we were doing nothing us and a couple of her girlfriends that sat nearby were talking. The conversation went to what they were looking for in a boyfriend. I paid attention to what Ashley said especially. She simply said that she was looking for a sweet guy that would pay attention to her, not in a “you are the most important thing in my life” way but still in a way that made her feel she mattered. She also said something that surprised me but not her friends. She said that she would like her next boyfriend to be a virgin like her. She spent about a year and a half with her boyfriend and didn’t have sex! Well better for me. I never really had a serious girlfriend in high school and I was one too. I thought I fit the description pretty well. I was huge but I was, as many of my female friends said “a sweet guy”. I was just to shy to make a move plus I think she didn’t really want a boyfriend at that time either. She obviously wanted the first guy to be special and I shared her feeling about my first girl.

We graduated, and at the graduation ceremony we said our good byes hugged and left. I still saw her but not much at all. I knew she worked at a restaurant but I never really got the chance to go. I saw her a few times over the summer but then every time I went to the restaurant it seemed to be that she had that day off. I knew she still worked there because I heard a few other employees talk about her.

I went to the local community college and hoped that I would see her there because she was thinking of taking a year off and then maybe go to the same school. I never saw her there. I later transferred to a university and I was in the middle of my junior year and then I heard my name called as I was just leaving class. I turned but I couldn’t see anything.

“Ed,” I heard the clearly female voice call my name again, and this time I saw her. I didn’t believe it. It was Ashley. I saw that she hasn’t changed her look and neither have I except that I had lost weight and was noticeably skinnier than I was in my husky days in high school. She came up to me and gave me a big hug. I picked her up as I hugged which made her laugh excitedly.

“Long time no see,” she said. We both didn’t have any more classes that day so we went to the cafeteria to catch up. I found out she had taken that year off and managed to get on the waiting list of the school and was eventually accepted. She lived on campus and worked in a department store nearby. I paid close attention and still marveling at my friend and ex crush here after 2 years of not seeing each other.

I then told her about me. I had transferred there and had scored enough financial aid to get a place right off campus and I worked in an electronics store a few minutes away from the school. She seemed impressed that I lived alone. I told her not really because this school was relatively close to my parents house so I went there just about every week for laundry and a good home cooked meal. We were there until for a couple of hours just talking and it seemed that we were right back to where we were back in high school if not closer.

My old feeling illegal bahis for her had returned and having gained some confidence I began to lightly flirt with her, smoothly throwing a few compliments her way when I got the chance. Every time I did this she giggled and seemed to blush. I knew I was much more attractive now than I was in high school and maybe I thought I had a shot with her. When we left I got bold, at least for me, and asked her out for a friendly dinner the next day. She agreed and said that we would meet here at about 6. I dressed what was fancy for me, in some kaki pants and a semi casual dress shirt, and my jacket because it was winter, but this was California so it was only about 60 degrees.

I couldn’t really concentrate that day but thankfully I had my easier classes that day so I was fine. I got there about 2 minutes before 6 and I saw Ashley sitting at the same table we were sitting the day before. She was wearing some black boots that reached half way up her shins and this black skirt that reached mid-way down her thighs with a white blouse. This was definitely the fanciest I’ve seen her but it still had that casual look. She had her hair tied back with two bangs hanging over her face. She still looked cute as hell but at the same time she looked sexy.

I led her to my truck, and like a gentleman I opened the door for her. She thanked me and gave me little curtsy. I got in and she told looked at how I fit in it. She laughed and said that if I was any bigger I would need a semi-truck to drive. I told her that they had smaller interiors than you think which made her laugh more. I had always enjoyed her laugh. We got to the restaurant. It was not a fancy restaurant; it was more like Denny’s than a fancy French restaurant. We ordered and continued to talk. She commented that we didn’t talk about our love lives yesterday and wanted to know what was up with me.

“You lost weight and now you are even hotter than you were back in high school. You must be beating off the girls with a stick,” she said. I couldn’t help by blush at what she said and I could tell she noticed. I told her I went out with a few girls but I just couldn’t find a good girlfriend.

“I thought guys were just looking for a nice piece of ass. Why are you looking for a girlfriend?” She asked jokingly.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, I still look for that nice piece of ass but that is not all that I want. I would actually like a relationship with a sweet girl… you know?”

“I think I do.”

“What about you?”

“Well, I really haven’t dated anybody either. I usually just go out with friends instead of date.”

“Why? It can’t be that you can’t get a guy, I mean just look at you!”

Now I made her blush. “Its not that its that I just feel that guys are just after one thing.” She then points at her breasts to illustrate her point. I take a quick glance but do not linger there for long.

“Aww, come on, there is a lot more better things about you than that.”

“Like what.” She said with a gleam in her eyes.

“Well, for starters…” I paused to make it look like I had to think about it. “There is your smile and eyes which catch my eye a lot more than those.” I said. “Plus, you as a person, are just great.” She smiled and looked down trying to hide the heavy shade of red she was turning. I was enjoying just flattering her.

“You really think so,” She then reaches over and takes my hand into hers. We have often hugged but this contact seemed to have more meaning behind it.

“Of course I do, when have you ever known me to lie.”

We continued to talk but we talked more about our casual lives and school. We eventually realized that there were people waiting to be seated and we’ve been done eating for a while. I asked her if she would want to go to my place to continue talking. She agreed and we went to my apartment.

I gave her the little tour and we went to the living room she sat on the couch as a grabbed a few of sodas from the fridge. I sat next to her and we continued our conversation. Eventually we decided to watch some TV but still continued to have a little small talk during commercials and such. Eventually we both inched closer to each other and I put my arm around her and she puts her head on my shoulder.

I have had sexual fantasies about Ashley, naturally, but I have also had deep feeling for her and I have dreamt about holding her closely and lovingly as I was at that moment. She then put her arms around me as well and we stayed like that holding each other for a while. We continued to talk and eventually forgot that the TV was still on.

I decided to lead the conversation back to our love lives and brought up that conversation we had back in highs school. She laughed because she didn’t think that I would remember. I assured her I had a good memory.

“I am still a virgin and am looking for pretty much the same type of guy.”

“I’m still a virgin too.” I said.

“No way… Look at you how could you not get a girl.”

I smiled at her illegal bahis siteleri comment and made it known to her that I appreciated what she said. “That’s not really the problem. I could have already had sex if I wanted too. The problem is that I want a the girl to be special, you know.”

“Yeah I know,” she said. We looked into each other’s eyes and had our first real kiss, and then hugged each other closer and continued to watch TV. Finally we realized the time and we realized that although we had no school tomorrow we both have to work. She started about half an hour before I did.

“You know it is kinda late and I don’t want to wake my roommate up so can I just crash here for the night.” I agreed but I know her so I knew not to expect anything. She asked me if I had anything that she could sleep in. I looked in my dresser and pulled out a pair of old sweats. She went into the bathroom to change and I changed into the sweats I used to sleep in. When she came out I was just floored by what I saw. She was wearing the sweatshirt that I had given her but not the pants and her socks. The shirt was big on her so it almost reached down to where her skirt was. She had taken off her make up but still looked cute as hell. She smiled and seemed a little embarrassed with the sleeves of the sweatshirt being to long for her arms and covering her hands. She smiled and said that the sweat pants were just to big to wear so she decided to just wear the shirt since it was long enough.

I just nodded and she went over to the bed and got under the covers. I said that I would sleep on the couch so she could have the bed and she told me that It was fine if I got in there with her since she trusted me. I paused a little but decided to get in bed with her. I wasn’t just happy that she said that it was fine for me to be in bed with her but that she also said that she trusted me.

We said good night to each other and she then turns onto her side with her back to me. I reach over and hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek. She grabs hold of my hand and keeps it there, signaling that she wants to fall asleep with me holding her. I position myself so that my inevitable boner won’t poke her while we sleep. I had managed to keep control until now but I knew that wouldn’t last.

When I awoke the next morning I realized that we were in a different position. I was now on my back with my left arm around her and she had her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. I just watched her sleep for a while admiring her. I had a hard on, obviously and concentrated to get it down. I then realized the time and I knew that I had to take her home to so she and I could have time to get ready and go to work. I kissed her softly on the forehead to gently wake her up.

“Good morning,” I said, “you sleep well?”

“Best sleep I’ve had in years.” She said with a smile as she hugs me tight. “What about you?”

“In a way it was the hardest night of my life, but it was definitely also the best night of my life,” She caught my meaning knowing that it was hard for me not to do anything having her sleep next to me. She simply giggles and hugs me tighter. “I hate to say this but we need to get going if we are gonna make it to work on time.”

“Damn work.” She said in an irritated voice.

She then slowly gets up and I catch a glimpse of her cute cotton panty covered ass under the sweatshirt. She catches me looking.

“Hey!! What are you doing?” She then quickly pulls the shirt down taking away my spectacular view.

“Sorry, but I just can’t take my eyes off of something so beautiful.” I say with a smirk on my face. She didn’t seem mad at all and got a smile on her face. She then quickly flashes me those panties again before she closes the door of the bathroom to change. “You are such a tease!!” I yell through the door.

“I know!” she yells right back.

I take her to her dorm room and her roommate asks where she had been. Then she saw me and said, “Oh I see. I would have not come home either.” Ashley playfully pushes her and tells her to shut up. I say goodbye to both of them and give Ashley a wick kiss on the lips and go back home to get ready for work.

Just as soon as I got back from work my phone rings and its Ashley. “Hey, how are you.”

“Fine thanks to the great sleep I had.” She giggles.

“I can tell. so, whats up.”

“There is this movie that I really want to see and I was gonna go with my roommate but I decided that I would rather see it with you.”

She was actually asking ME out. “Of course, if I could be with you anything.”

“Great it’s a date, pick me up at seven so we can make the seven forty five show.”

I had bought a single red rose for her. I knew we were just going to the movies and we were both dressing casual, but I wanted to give her the extra gesture. She opened the door. She was wearing some very causal converse shoes with jeans and a long sleeve tight black shirt. I then presented her with the rose.

“Oh my god, that’s so sweet.” canlı bahis siteleri She almost looked like she was going to cry from my gesture.

“Glad you think its sweet, because I know you want a sweet guy.”

She then kisses me hard on the lips. She goes inside to put the rose away. And comes back with a light jacket ready to go. I again open the door for her. She had picked out a comedy to see. Not really a date movie but if anything it was better. We held each other close and watched the movie. I just loved the way she laughed. When we left the movie it was a lot colder than it was when we went in and her light jacket seemed to do little to keep her warm. I thought about giving her my jacket, but then thought of something better.

I unzipped my jacket, but still kept it on. “Need me to warm you up?” I said. She took the hint and wrapped her arms around me under the jacket and I manage to wrap the jacket around both of us. I had that jacket since before I lost the weight so it was big enough to fit both of us but just a little small to zip up. We go over to my truck, again opening the door for her. We then go eat at a fast-food restaurant, and just marvel at how such beautiful girl can be so low maintenance and be happy with a comedy movie and fast food.

We talked a little more and then went back to my place. We simply held each other and watched TV quietly enjoying each other company. I put my hand on her knee and she didn’t protest. Soon she looks up at me and I look down at her. We start to make out. Our first make out session of our relationship. It was more loving than lustful. I caressed her face and her mine and she could feel my beard starting to grow back in and seemed to enjoy the feeling. The loving nature of our passionate kissing was the only reason I was not getting painfully hard. We finally finish with both a little out of breath.

“I want to spend the night again.” She said.

“Of course.” I said as I kiss her forehead.

She gets up to go change as do I. She comes out the same way as she did the night before wearing just some socks and my old sweat shirt. I was in sweats as well. We sat back down on the couch and watched TV again holding each other again. I again make a move for her now bear knee and meet no resistance. Her legs were so smooth. Finally we both get sleepy and we get up. I kiss her deeply and quickly pick her up in my arms and carry her to the bed. She laughs excitedly and kisses me. We fall asleep holding each other again.

I wake up with her on her stomach watching me. “Morning beautiful.” I say a little groggy.

“Morning handsome. Time to leave so we can get to work.”

“Damn work.”

She laughs and makes her way to the bathroom. I again catch a glimpse of her panties. She catches me again but she makes no effort to cover herself up. She smiles and just as she crosses the doorway of the bathroom she starts to take of the sweat shirt off but before I see anything real good she crosses the door way and out of my line of sight.

“Oh my god, you are so cruel!!” I yell through the door.

“I know.”

I change and as soon as she opens the door I take her in my arms and kiss her passionately. “You know we don’t have work today, how about I make you breakfast and we can decide on what to do for today.”


I made her an omelet and some bacon. She was impressed with the meal and I basked in her praise. She helped me wash the dishes and we decided to go to the mall. We stop by her dorm so she can change, again drawing comments from her roommate about having me drop her off again the next morning. She dressed in a really short skirt and those boots she wore when I had dinner with her, and a tight white blouse. We left and walked around the mall for a while. We saw one of those picture booths and took a few pictures in their and their were a couple of us kissing we split the pictures. She surprised me by saying that she wanted to go to the arcade.

“I know its immature,” she said, “but its still fun, and I am far from being a prude.”

We went in played air hockey and ski ball. Also when nobody was looking we played that dancing game. We stunk at it but we had fun nonetheless. It was the middle of the afternoon and after we had lunch we decided to call it a day. We both had homework that we had put off.

For the next few days we had both work and school but we managed to see a little of each other everyday. Finally it was Friday night and we went out to a party at a frat house. Before we left, I gave her a cheap locket with our pictures in it that we took in the mall. She nearly cried again, not caring that the locket was cheap. We left early and went back to my place again. I asked her if she wanted to spend the night and she agreed again. We went through the routine and she changed into my sweatshirt again. We held each other again and I put my hand on her knee again. We started to make out and between kisses the words just escaped from my mouth. “I Love you.”

She stopped and looked into my eyes, “What?”

I immediately became nervous thinking that it would scare her off. But how could it after all that we had been through this week. “I love you, Ashley. I have never felt anything close to this about anybody.”

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James and Carl after Vegas Pt. 03

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Blow Job


Carl and I settled back into our day to day routine working and making love. We had been together over two months and never had a disagreement let alone a fight. This was just too good to be true. It was great, but I needed more. I loved being submissive but wanted to do the fucking once in a while. I knew Carl was a total top and would be upset if I pushed to take a turn as top. I was scared to bring it up, I didn’t want to screw up a good thing.

The sex was still exciting and the love never wavered. My enthusiasm was waning and Carl started to notice. He wasn’t shy. “What’s wrong baby?” he asked.

I didn’t respond. I felt fear in my gut, ‘if I tell him what I’m thinking it will be over,’ I thought.

“Come on James, what is it? I know something is bothering you,” He said.

“There’s nothing bothering me,” I said.

“Yes there is.”

“No there isn’t,” I broke down, tears forming in my eyes.

Carl hugged me and kissed the salty tears off my cheeks. “Its OK baby you can tell me anything. I love you and no matter what it is bothering you, that isn’t going to change,” he consoled.

“Promise?” I asked.

“Yes, I promise. Nothing is ever going to come between us. I have never been in love like this before,” he assured me.

“Well, promise you won’t get mad,” I said.

“I promise,” he said.

I couldn’t look him in the eyes. “I want to fuck you,” I mumbled.

“Come on, speak up I couldn’t hear you,” he said.

I dug deep and found the courage to look at him and said clearly “I want to fuck you.” He was taken back a bit. Then he smiled at me.

“I’d do anything for you my love,” he said. “I have always been a top and I wouldn’t know where to start being a bottom. Be patient with me and we’ll see what happens.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love being the submissive, but we need to change things up once in a while,” I said.

Carl took me in his arms and told me never to be afraid to tell him what I wanted or needed. We kissed our tongues fighting for control, I could feel Carl submitting to me while we kissed. When the kiss ended I was on top of him. I smothered his face in kisses, I could feel his hairy body under me and I almost rolled onto my back and raised my legs, I wanted to feel him inside me so bad. Instead I trailed my kisses down to his neck, nipped at his earlobes and then his nipples. His hairy chest tickled my nose and scratched my lips before I found a nipple and sucked it into my mouth. I started to feel his big cock filling up under my belly as I captured the second nipple and gave it a good suck and just enough teeth and lips to pinch a little making his cock jump with a quick pulse. As my tongue found his belly button his cock was pulsing in rhythm with my tongue dips into his navel.

I dragged my lips and nose down through his treasure trail toward his raging hardon lapped the drop of precum off the tip of his cock and kissed the length of it. Carl spread his legs, I slid down between them and lapped at his balls. I took them into my mouth one at a time getting his ball sac very wet. My saliva was dripping down his ass crack. I raised my head and looked at his hairy hole. I had to taste it and dove in my tongue was seeking his sphincter and when I dipped the stiff tip into it he moaned with pleasure.

Carl reached over to the bedside table and picked up the lube. He handed it to me and said, “please be gentle.”

I put a big dollop of lube on his puckered hole and worked it in with my index finger. He tensed as my finger penetrated him. I pulled out and put on some more lube and worked my finger back to his sphincter circling it and massaging it pushing slowly through it. He was relaxed enough to accept one finger. I fucked it in and out for a few seconds and then brought my second finger in contact with his sphincter and felt it giving way for entry. Soon I had three fingers in and he seemed to be relaxed. “Are you OK?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” he said.

My cock was dripping wet. I pulled my fingers from his ass and rubbed my cock over it transferring the line of precum on his puckered hole. I lubed my cock and squeezed another big dollop right on his hole. I put the tip of my cock in the dollop of lube and pressed against his sphincter. I felt it start to yield.

“Easy, love it hurts,” he said.

I backed off and started gentle nudges against his tight hole. He was gradually opening for me. After a minute or so I felt the head slip through into his channel and stopped moving.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“It still hurts but it is getting better. Go slow,” he said.

“What a wuss,” I said. “This is tiny compared to yours”

“Not so tiny my love. It feels huge.”

“You’re going to love it,” I said.

I moved very gently in and out gradually entering his chute. He was starting to loosen up and let me in. I could tell that he was ready when sounds of pleasure replaced those of discomfort. I buried my cock to the hilt and held it there. He moaned canlı bahis and I stared with short deep strokes. I could tell that he was getting into it when he started moving in time with my stroking.

“Ohhhh fuck,” he said. “It’s so fucking good. I love you soooo much. I’m such a fool for thinking I was too macho to let someone do this to me. Thank you James, thank you.”

I looked into his eyes and shifted my position so that my cock was riding hard against his prostate. His eyes rolled back into his head and the moans of pleasure were music to my ears. God I loved him. This made our relationship complete. After a couple of minutes of stroking his prostate I felt his sphincter clamp down on my cock and the first rope of his cum hit him from his upper lip down to his breast. He flicked his tongue out and licked his lips off while surge after surge of his orgasm pulsed through him in time with my strokes. I couldn’t hang on any longer and he milked me dry.

I collapsed onto his chest and lapped some of his cum from his hairy chest into my mouth. As I slid over his slippery body my softening cock slipped from his asshole just as our lips connected. We shared the remnants of his cum and swirled our tongues in a wild dance as I tried to devour him.

“Fuck I had no idea how good that could be. Now I know why you like it so much. WOW. Now we will fight about who gets to bottom.”

“No way,” I said. “I am still the bottom. That big cock of yours was made for fucking and it is all mine. We can switch up once in a while, but even when you bottom, you’re my big strong man.”

“Thank you James, I love you so much,” he said.

We took a nice warm shower and cuddled up in our bed enjoying the afterglow. We slept soundly and were awakened by the alarm with just enough time to have a quick breakfast and head off to work. It was mid-week and I was starting to look forward to the weekend. That evening Carl suggested we have a date on Saturday maybe drive into Boston for dinner, a show and a night in a luxury hotel. I was so excited.


One evening last week I thought James was going to have a nervous breakdown. I knew he was upset about something. I pressed him until he blurted out that he wanted to fuck me. I had never allowed a guy to fuck me before, but James wasn’t just another guy and love isn’t a one way street. I gladly agreed to bottom for him. I was foolishly a bit nervous about it. I was so wrong to be nervous. It hurt a bit until I was able to relax and submit completely to him. It was the most pleasurable sex I can remember. His cock massaged my prostate until I exploded with my first ever P spot orgasm and boy was that ever powerful. My love for him was complete and that wouldn’t be the last time that he was going to fuck me. I told him that now we would fight over who got to bottom. Of course my aim is to please James and be happily in love with each other. So, whatever feels right will we will do it. James isn’t selfish and I won’t be either.

On Saturday we went to Boston for a night on the town. We had a lovely meal in a private dining room at a high end restaurant and took in a live musical. The evening was perfect but it wasn’t over. I had booked a room at the Ritz Carleton on the Common. After we checked in and went up to our penthouse suite I ordered a bottle of champagne. In a few minutes a man from room service showed up with the champagne in a bucket of ice. I thanked him with a generous tip and finally James and I were alone.

I popped the top on the champagne and filled our glasses handing one to James. “To us,” I said. “And may our love never die.”

James smiled as we touched our glasses and said “I will always love you.”

We sipped our champagne our eyes locked and I slowly dropped to one knee.


I couldn’t believe what was happening. I watched Carl as he was kneeling in front of me, it was like he was looking into my soul. His lips started to move it seemed like there was a time delay as I heard him say “James, will you marry me?”

“Oh my god Carl. Yes, yes, of course I will marry you. I love you sooo much”

He slipped a thick gold ring sporting a very nice emerald on the third finger of my left hand. I was overwhelmed, tears forming in my eyes. I pulled gently on his hand, he rose took me in his arms and we kissed and kissed and kissed. Then he kissed the tears from my cheeks and slowly moved me backwards toward the bed. As my legs touched the bed I sat down. Carl loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I finally was coming to my senses again, realizing where this was headed I started helping Carl undress me. He then decided that I could finish undressing and in no time he was naked too.

His cock was fully engorged and stood proudly out pointing right at my face. “mmmm, someone is excited!” I exclaimed. I reached out and took his cock in my hand and slowly stroked it as my lips kissed the soft purple head. I continued to stroke while sucking gently on the head. My saliva coated his cock head and dripped bahis siteleri off my chin.

He pulled me up and held our bodies together, his big cock pressed into my stomach up to the bottom of my breast bone and my own cock rested against his balls and the lower part of his cock. We gyrated our bodies against each other precum dripping from both our cocks, lubricating each other. He pushed me backward onto the bed and laid on top of me. As our lips met our cock heads were touching and a puddle of precum was forming on my belly.

Carl started to thrust against my cock more urgently. I was so pent up, I could feel my orgasm building. I told Carl I was going to cum. He groaned and continued to thrust and as my cock started pulsing gobs of cum he erupted too. We were a slippery mess. We kissed our tongues twining together in a loving battle.

When the afterglow had subsided we showered and went to bed. As I lay there in his arms, finally realizing this was really happening, I looked into his eyes and said, “This is the best moment of my life. You have made me so happy.”

We talked until the enormity of the moment subsided and I was able to breathe normally again, making plans and talking about the future. We decided we would ask Kelley and Lilly for dinner next weekend and break the news to them. Sleep crept up on me and when I woke up, light was streaming into the room. Carl was dressed and sat there looking at me.

“Did you know you talk in your sleep?” He asked.

“Oh my god! What did I say?”

“Let’s just say it was enlightening,” he said.

“Come on Carl, What did I say?”

“I’ll never tell so don’t bother asking. Just remember I know at least one of your deep dark secrets. I’m going to save this bit of knowledge for some day when I need it.” He said.

I was so worried that I pressed him, but told me not to worry because even my deepest darkest secret could never lessen his love for me. I sure hoped he was telling the truth.

“Now hurry and get dressed. We are going out for breakfast. Then we are going to walk on the Common and enjoy this beautiful morning.” Carl urged.

The Common was a treasure trove of history. It is the oldest city park in the United States. It has been a cow pasture, a camp for the British army before the Revolutionary War, a site for executions, and the site of riots about food shortages in the early part of the eighteenth century at which the Lieutenant Governor was shot.

The Common received true park status about 1830 and was declared a US National Historic Landmark in 1987. As we strolled through the Central Burying Ground we found tombstones of famous artists, composers, authors and Revolutionary War heroes.

Before we knew it the sun was high in the sky and we were hungry. We had lunch and headed back home. We spent the rest of Sunday afternoon relaxing and getting used to being engaged. Carl made love to me more sweetly and tenderly than ever before. We spent so much time on foreplay that I was on the verge of orgasm before any sort of intercourse started. His kisses and caresses had me riding on the highest wave, climbing Everest to the very pinnacle, riding the thin edge.

Sensing my fragile state Carl eased up and allowed me to come down before taking my cock in his mouth. He sucked so gently that the touch seemed feathery and my excitement was peaking again when he let my cock slip from his lips with a kiss on the head. He slipped a pillow under my hips and I opened myself to him. He put some lube on his cock and worked some into my ass. “Fuck me gently,” I instructed him.

His cock slipped through my sphincter with hardly any pain. I was totally relaxed and soon I was totally impaled by his big cock. He slow fucked me while kissing me sensually. I was like a blob of jelly just going with the flow and riding the cutting edge. Carl was able to last a long while never straying from the missionary position. When he finally came he gave me one hard thrust and cum flew from my cock between us. I felt his cum starting to leak from my ass and running down toward the pillow.

“Fuck that was good!” I exclaimed.

“God, I love you,” he replied.

That night I slept more soundly than I had for months. I think it was of the sense of security from knowing that we were totally committed and would be partners as long as we both lived. The next morning I remembered that Carl had heard me talking in my sleep and asked him again what I had said. “Uh, uh not telling. I’m keeping that until I can make good use of it,” he said.

This was going to drive me crazy, but better crazy with Carl than sane with anyone else. We went to work. That evening I called Kelley and asked her and Lilly to come for dinner on Saturday evening.

The girls arrived at about 5:30. We enjoyed some wine and a nice meal that Carl and I had prepared. The conversation was light during the meal with complements on the food and the girls sharing what they were doing in preparation for their wedding. Carl asked if they had set a bahis şirketleri date yet and they hadn’t. I could hardly wait to tell them our news and didn’t add much to the conversation. I had decided that I wouldn’t wear the ring until after we ate.

After we had dessert Carl, Kelley and Lilly retired to the living room. I took a bathroom break and slipped the ring on my finger. When I returned Kelley looked at me and said “James, you have been uncharacteristically quiet this evening and now I can see that you are brimming with excitement. I have a feeling you have something on your mind that you aren’t telling us, come on spill. What is it?” Carl looked at me and nodded.

I held out my hand with my ring prominently displayed and gushed “Carl proposed to me, we’re engaged.”

“Congratulations you guys! No wonder you have been awkward! I know you James and I know you aren’t good at keeping secrets. You wanted to tell us the minute we came through the door! Didn’t you?” Kelley asked.

“Oh god yes, it was hellish sitting through dinner. What did we have to eat?”

“Yes, congratulations guys.” Said Lilly “You are meant to be together. Your obviously love each other. What took you so long?”

The conversation continued excitedly with all kinds of ideas being thrown out. Lilly had been the quiet one until she blurted out “why don’t we make it a double ceremony?” The conversation stopped. We all looked at Lilly, then Carl looked at me as my eyes turned to him. I noticed Kelley and Lilly, their eyes locked on each other as well. Then everyone smiled at the same time. We all started nodding. And the deal was sealed. We decided that June was the month for weddings and we would make plans for the second Saturday in June.

The girls had been planning a very simple wedding with just the four of us and that suited us fine. We would be their witnesses and they would be ours. Kelley and Lilly would be out of school at the end of April and they suggested that they would make arrangements for our wedding day to be special. We settled on 4:00pm for the ceremonies followed by a fancy meal. Carl and I were more than happy with that. Left to organize our own wedding we would just show up at the courthouse, get our blessing from the judge and sign the papers before heading out for a great honeymoon trip.

After the girls left it was our turn to have lights out before their car was out of the driveway. It was a night to remember. The excitement of the night carried over into our lovemaking, after we were both satiated we slept soundly.

Kelley and Lilly had both been hired by companies in Manchester and moved into an apartment not far from Carl’s house. They were scheduled to start work right after their honeymoon. Even though we talked often, they were tight lipped about plans for our upcoming weddings. It was the end of May before they even mentioned the wedding. They told us that they had found a marriage officiant who had agreed marry us. We questioned them but got no more information from them.

The big day was approaching fast. With less than a week to go Kelley dropped by one evening. Carl and I were on the patio in the back of the house. Kelley heard us talking and came around to the back yard. She looked around and said “I think the grass could use a trim but everything else is perfect. It looks like the timing is going to be perfect, that flowering crab tree will be in full bloom.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Carl.

“That’s where we are going to get married.” She stated matter of factly. “Picture it, the four of us, in full sunshine, in front of that beautiful tree with bees buzzing as a backdrop, just the four of us and John.”

“Who the hell is John?” Cark asked.

“The marriage officiant, who else?” she said.

“Oh yeah, who else?” said Carl.

I smiled, it was clear that Carl had met his match. Just then Lilly appeared with a man in his early fifties. She introduced him as John. Kelley and Lilly spent the next half hour discussing all the details of the ceremonies. Then John got all the information he would need from each of us. He asked if we would be writing our own vows. The girls said of course we would. We thanked them for making the decision for us, but it didn’t take too much convincing for us to agree.

I fretted over my vows, making several false starts filling the recycle bin before I struck on something I liked. Carl seemed to be having a hard time with his as well. By Saturday we thought we were ready when Kelley showed up with a middle aged lady and started showing her around the kitchen.

“Who is this woman?” Carl asked.

“This is Sandie, she’s the caterer.”

“Why do we need a caterer? I made reservations for us at a restaurant,” said Carl.

“Well cancel it. Don’t forget Lilly and I are responsible for planning this affair.”

With that Carl and I were banished from the kitchen. A few minutes later Kelley popped her head back in and said “I’m leaving now, I’m getting married this afternoon and I have to get ready. It wasn’t long before we heard Sandie humming a tune as she worked getting prepared for the afternoon. Soon she too left telling us she would be back to prepare the meal and expected it to be served at 5 o’clock.

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