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It’s been too long since I’ve see you. Our eyes meet across the crowded room, mine lighting up in delight to have you there. A quick grin flashes across your features, as I make my way over to you. We embrace, and I sneak a quick kiss along your jaw. You pull me tighter for a heartbeat — I can feel the reluctance as you let me go and greet my companion.

The dance continues: a stolen caress, a lingering touch, a sidelong glance as we move through the crowd, greeting other people as we move in our respective, ever-widening circles. Soon enough, I see you leave through a side door. My own exit, no less casual, is less remarked upon as I leave through a door across the hall.

Moving silently away from the door, I lift the hood to my cloak, covering my fairly distinctive hair, and blending more fully into the darkness of the night. I circle the building, knowing you won’t have gone far, trying to move silently and quickly. A flash of smile and a deep chuckle greet me from a deep shadow.

Some quick steps bring me back into your arms. Our eyes adjusting, we merely look at each other a few moments. You start to say something…and my lips stop the sound before it really starts. The kiss is tentative, exploratory, gentle, at first. A taste, a hint, of things to come. My hand cups your jaw, while the other lies quietly on your chest. Something that could have been a moan escapes you, and your arms crush me to you, deepening the kiss.

One of your hands traces my spine, pausing only a moment when you realize the long dress covers only a bra. Your other hand hesitantly tracks up my ribs, freezing for a long heartbeat before cupping my breast. Another beat, and your finger and thumb are slowly rolling my nipple back and forth, feeling me shudder. Arching my back just a little, my hand on your chest slowly trails down to mimic your movements. We break the kiss for a moment, an unspoken communication passing between us. I nod, ever so slightly. Your eyes close, in prayer or penitence, then your lips descend to mine, the exploration and gentleness returning. Our tongues tangle and explore less urgency evident.

Taking my time, I trace subtle random designs with my fingernails across your chest. My lips trail lightly across your jaw line, pausing only to nibble teasingly, before moving further to capture an earlobe between my teeth. Smiling slightly at your sharp inhalation, I release it, only to tilt my head to the side, inviting you to indulge. A small shiver runs through me as I feel your breath along my neck, feel the small kiss you drop on my collarbone. The most quiet, masculine laugh I have ever heard gives me goose bumps, as you continue to assault my senses. I gasp softly as I feel your hands pulling my dress higher. The enveloping cloak hides most of me, even with the hood fallen back, as do the shadows we still dwell in. You turn me, so my back is to the building, putting me further into shadows, and to use it to lean against, as the dress continues to ride high…past my knees, mid-thigh…over my hips, so your hands slide around to cup my bare ass.

I can hear the amusement in your deep voice as your hands discover the tops of the thigh high boots I wore — at your request, of course. I meld my body to yours, feeling your fingertips caress the crack of my ass, then slowly slip lower. My breath catches as I feel those fingers slide across my leg, finding how wet I am, and you tease me further by rubbing your finger along my slit. Leaning back against the wall, I lift my leg, hooking my knee over your hip. This gives you clear invitation, and a way to play deeper with me. One hand wrapped around the back of your neck, the other against your chest for balance, I whimper softly into your mouth. My leg is wrapped around your hip, while your fingers work magic. Stroking, rubbing, sliding deep, finally…but only for a moment.

I feel you pull back, and you let out a low growl of frustration that mirrors my own. You smile, and put a finger to my lips, an unnecessary caution for silence. Licking the finger, both as acknowledgement and impudence, I then take it into my mouth, tasting myself, and watching your eyes glow with appreciation in the faint moonlight. Taking one last lick, I grin, an impish look crossing my face. Drawing back, I resettle my hood, and run both hands across your chest…and lower. A lingering kiss, distracting you, as my fingers work swiftly on the button and zipper of your jeans. A sharp exclamation, as my cold hands stroke you from tip to base. Playfully, I put my other hand on your mouth, tugging a little on your cock as you bite at my palm.

My eyes hold yours as I sink to a kneeling position, reaching out to delicately lick the tip of your dick. You watch me intently as my tongue traces each contour, along the head, following each vein. I feel you hold your breath as I wrap my lips around the head, slowly sliding you into my mouth. My hands are on your hips, holding you still, as I take you down to the hilt. My lips quirk in amusement, casino siteleri as I slide back and forth, ever so slowly; I can’t tell if you want to close your eyes and simply enjoy the sensations, or if you can’t stand to miss a single visual detail.

Maintaining a steady pace, slow and easy, I slide my tongue around the shaft, as my fingers tug and stroke your nuts, and run fingernails along the edge of your jeans, tickling the curly hairs I find. I feel your body rumble with the growl you must keep quiet. Your hand tightens in my hair, but I have no recollection of you twining your fingers into it. The other hand slides along my jaw, then you brace yourself against the wall with it. Still watching, you manage a low warning; you are about to cum. My hands hold your hips still, as I scrape my teeth gently along your hard cock, feeling your balls tighten up, the throbbing along the length of your dick as you start to fill my mouth. A groan, through gritted teeth, is the only sound that escapes you, the only sound above the whisper quiet stroking of my mouth as I swallow the load you’ve delivered.

The panting breaths above me are the only indication that anything has happened, as I slowly lean back, and help resettle your clothing. Your hard hands surprise me, as I am lifted up and crushed against the wall, the kiss devastating in its intensity. The only thing I can do is return it. And then, voices in the darkness. We freeze, not wanting to draw attention to ourselves, knowing a quick withdrawal would guarantee exactly that. The voices begin to recede, and I shiver with the promise in your voice, as you murmur two words before disappearing into the night.

“Tomorrow night.”

The rest of the evening passes in a blur. Next morning, we all have duties and responsibilities to attend to, before the festivities of the night. A thousand small things and none of them can occupy my attention for long. Glimpses as you move from activity to activity, from group to group, all across the site, enhance the longing for you, and make it that much more difficult. Our eyes meet, and then lock, from time to time, and we have to forcibly look away, lest the anticipation becomes obvious. The day passes in a blur, yet so slowly, I think time is standing still, just to prolong the torture and make the evening that much sweeter.

Evening approaches, where the light is dimming, and people are beginning to anticipate the evening’s festivities. I have no idea what is planned…I have my own agenda.

The dinner and party move on, the dance between us continuing, struggling to contain our mounting anticipation and behave normally. Finally, the time comes. Grabbing the cloak, I make my way out of the hall, slipping away without anyone the wiser. You join me shortly, drawing me away and into the darkness of the night. Our pace is slow, and we are not touching, as our feet meander along a moonlit path. I follow, as there is a destination you obviously have in mind. No words are spoken — none need to be.

We come upon a clearing, with only a picnic table in the center. Light is muted by the trees above us, but enough filters through to make everything clear. Your hands are gentle as they stop me, draw back the hood of the cloak, and skim it off my shoulders to place it on the table behind me. They draw me in close, and tilt my head back, as you gaze into my eyes, before laying butterfly-light kisses along my cheeks, and capturing my lips. I am prevented from touching you, as your hands continue down my shoulders to trap my arms at my side. Gently, they push me back, help me up on the table, so I am sitting on it, my feet on the bench.

This kiss is sweet, longing, passionate, demanding. Your hands put mine on the tabletop, pressing them down, indicating they should stay there. They slowly trace back up to my shoulders, then across to the buttons that line the dress from chest to hem. A fingertip brushes my collarbone, teasingly, then those hands drop down to the last button. They make short work of the big buttons, undoing them swiftly, hem to hip. Lips move from my own, down my throat, to also tease my collar, then the swell of breast just visible at the neckline. As you trace the ridge of my collar, you quickly unbutton the top buttons and unsnap my bra, baring me down to my waist. Your lips capture my nipple, and I arch up, forcing you to take more of my breast in your mouth. Your hands are busy kneading and fondling my boobs, abusing the nipple your mouth isn’t already devouring. Making my nipples stand out and beg for attention is apparently your objective: when they are standing straight up, you move back again, leaving me panting and looking up at the sky.

It’s a struggle to keep my hands where they are, but I manage to succeed, if just barely. Your hands trace up the dress, spreading it to your hot gaze, enjoying the sight of the same boots as the night before. Understanding what you are after, I slide my feet apart on the bench, giving you the sight of my shaved canlı casino pussy, uncovered and already moist.

You settle on the bench between my legs, your breath hot as you kiss my inner thigh, one then the other. Your lips slide up my thigh, hands pushing my knees further apart, breath blowing out on my oversensitive skin. I lean back on my hands, making sure I can still see what you are doing, and let out a quiet moan as I feel your tongue lightly caress my pussy, careful to avoid my throbbing clit. Soft sounds, inarticulate, escape my lips as you play with me, licking me, sucking on my nether lips, finally drawing my hard clit into your mouth, rolling it slightly with your tongue and teeth, making me squirm under your expert ministrations. My hips lift off the table to meet you, when you thrust one finger slowly into me, a full groan shattering the quiet of the night. I can barely feel you smile, as you continue to lick and suck on me, adding another finger and curling it up to hit that one particular spot. My pussy spasms around your finger, drenching your beard, as I cum all over your hand and face, my hips urging you deeper.

Finally, I have to push you away, gasping and shuddering. A broad smile is on your face, as I pull you up and attempt to kiss you senseless, tasting myself on your lips. My hands, of their own accord, trace your features, before sliding lower, finding you hard and ready. The drawstring makes for easy access, and I don’t hesitate as I slide my hands into your pants to stroke you. Tearing your lips from mine, you moan, giving me the opportunity to capture some of the moisture I feel leaking from the tip, bringing it to my mouth to taste. I can read your intentions as you again capture my hands, no longer being quite as gentle.

Thrusting my hips forward, I feel the head of your cock as it touches, then penetrates my pussy. Rocking up to meet every thrust, your hands grab my hips to pound into me. The slap of flesh when your hips meet mine is the only sounds in the night, other than an occasional grunt or moan. All of the sudden, you freeze, and I can feel you tightening up. I groan in frustration, but you merely stand there for a moment, fighting for control. You pull out of me, stand me up and pull me to the end of the picnic table, forcing me face down. I lift a leg onto the bench seat, and push back against you, desperate to feel your cock inside me again. You indulge, only for a few strokes. I feel you pull out again, and position yourself at my anus.

Whimpering, I each back and pull the cheeks of my ass apart, giving you encouragement. Your cock and my ass are already slick with moisture from my pussy…it takes a smooth, controlled stroke, and you are buried balls deep in my ass. Going more slowly, to give me time to adjust, your strokes are long and sure. You reach around to play with my clit, feeling my body buck against yours; the other hand is braced on the table, for balance. My hands are helping, pushing back, and then finally I reach under me and slide a finger into my pussy, as you increase the pace of your thrusting, and pull on my clit. I cry out as I cum again, almost collapsing against the table, and the squeezing pressure on your dick sends you over the edge. You spurt deep in my ass, and I can feel you throbbing inside me, hear you groan as you cum. A muttered oath, something about wanting to make it last, echoes through the fog in my brain. A gasping laugh escapes me, as you pull out, leaning against the table. I sit on the bench, making sure my dress is out of the way, surprising you as I take your dick in my mouth to clean you up.

A shudder runs through you, as I lick my way around your cock, down the shaft, tasting our combined juices and keeping you hard. You seem to be taking great delight in watching me lick from base to tip, and you wrap my hair around one hand. The other hand traces my jaw, down my throat, and tugs on one perky nipple. I lean back, stroking you softly, and rub my cheek along your forearm, a little purr escaping my throat.

From somewhere, probably a pouch, you offer me some water. Gratefully, I take a sip, then another, preparing myself for whatever the gleam in your eyes has in store for me now, something that makes my mouth dry, and my mouth curl into a tiny smile. Your hand has never left my hair, and you use that to pull me to my feet and against your body. Never cowed, I slip my hands beneath your tunic, allowing my fingernails to scrape across your skin, raising the material as I go. Slipping the garment off, you allow me the indulgence of scraping my teeth across your nipples, before licking and sucking them, teasing them with my fingers. There is nothing more thrilling than hearing the low growl deep in your chest, knowing it’s because of me.

The hand in my hair tightens, pulling me away from your chest and tilting my head up, so you can look at me. My nipples, already hard and pebbled, move softly against the hair on your chest as we breathe, a little raggedly, in kaçak casino the night air. With no conscious thought, our lips come together, teasing and tasting each other. Tongues entwine, as I wrap my arms around your neck, and your free one encircles my waist, pulling me closer into your body. Your dick pokes me, and I rise up on my toes, so you slide a little closer to my pussy, slipping between my legs. Rocking my hips just slightly gives us both a delicious friction.

My hands leave your body, and I sweep my dress aside so I can hop up on the end of the table, never breaking the kiss. Wrapping my legs around your hips, I pull you closer, feeling the tip of your cock nudge my leg, then closer to my goal. The pressure in my hair makes me gasp, as you pull my head back to expose my throat. My hands guide you into me with a small whimper, as your lips trail down my chin to gently bite my throat. My back arches as you pull my head farther back. Thrusting slowly, your lips travel further down, grazing my collar, before tugging on one nipple. Tiny sounds come out of my mouth, as you take your time, thoroughly exploring one breast after the other with lips, tongue, and teeth. I can feel the rasp of your beard against my skin, a pleasantly rough sensation.

But the slow pace…it’s about to make me scream. I squirm against you, almost involuntarily, trying to lift my hips to meet yours, attempting to increase the pace. With my head back, I can’t see your face, but I can feel your smile against my hypersensitive skin. The hand in my hair slowly unwinds. Sliding your fingertips along my body, never letting up on your tasting my nipples, I feel you reach my hips. Teasingly, seductively, you run your fingers along my hip, then across my stomach, until you find my nub, above the join of our bodies. A long, low moan erupts as I feel you stroke my clit, once, twice, then as a counterpoint to your hips.

You lean back suddenly, and your name escapes my lips as orgasm rips through me. My legs tighten around your hips as my pussy grasps and squeezes your dick. Whimpers are all I can manage as you continue to rub my clit and thrust into me. Pulling your head up, I kiss you desperately, and then pull away, sliding back up onto the table, pulling you with me. Using your shirt and my cloak as a pillow, I maneuver you until you’re on your back. Indulging in a long, single lick of your hard cock, I crawl over you, teasing the head by rocking my hips and sliding my pussy just over you. Your hands reach up to pull me down onto you, and I sheath you completely, feeling the tremor run through your body.

Arching back, my hands on your thighs, you can see my hips rise up, as you slide almost all the way out. Hesitating for just a moment, I am determined to return the favor, and maintain an agonizingly slow rhythm, feeling you thrust up to meet my downward stroke. Your hands are all over me, and then I reach one hand around, to play with myself as you were doing earlier. Rubbing my clit, sliding my hand down to encircle your dick as I lift up, my soft words and our breathing are the only sounds in the darkness. I tremble as I feel orgasm taking over again, stopping, unable to move, forcing you to thrust up into me, forcing me to finish.

Moving forward to capture your lips, tremors course through my body. I know you aren’t finished yet…but you’re close. Slipping off the table, I pull on your hands, telling you to sit up, guiding you to the edge, where I am waiting, kneeling. Lust and hope cross your face, and I smile, softly calling your name. You nod, imperceptibly, and I nibble my way across your thighs, and then lick your balls, sliding my tongue around and behind them, drawing them into my mouth and sucking gently. Your dick, if possible, gets just a little bigger, and I can feel your legs quiver under my hands. Taking pity, I wrap my lips around your cock, sliding back and forth along the length. No more of the slow pace we’ve both tried to maintain…no, we both want this, and your hips thrust forward as my lips slide down your length. You are fucking my face with every stroke, and I’m helping. Just the barest hint of teeth, suction never letting up, tongue playing with you as you ride my mouth, and I can feel you starting to tense up. A wordless, guttural roar erupts as you hold me still and fill my mouth with cum. I swallow around you, feeling you jerk with every movement of my mouth and throat.

After cleaning you up, from base to tip, I pull up your pants, and plant a kiss just below your belly button. Your hands are shaky as you tie the drawstring, and I start buttoning up my dress. I get about halfway up, and stop to sip from the water bottle, completely forgotten until now. As I set the bottle down, you grab me in a hug, murmuring in my ear, and then kissing your way along my jaw. You stop and we look at each other for just a moment, and then lock lips in a sweet kiss. We part, reluctantly, and finish straightening our clothes. Another kiss and we start back to the event, other people surely waiting for us. Just before we leave the cover of the trees, I stop, and pull you to me in desperation, wanting one last kiss. A gentle hug and we part ways, back to the parties of the night, continuing the dance of earlier.

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