At the Arcade

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The following is a true story. I live in Las Vegas and was working near the Strip when this happened earlier this month. Its been a long time since I’ve submitted a story, so I welcome feedback both positive and negative. Thanks for reading!

I was in the process of leaving one job and getting ready to start another. And, living in Las Vegas, it should be no surprise that not too far from my office was my favorite adult video and toy store. Though truth be told, I never spent much time in the video and toy section. I would make my visits pretty quick by walking in and heading straight to the arcade for a quick viewing of some porn with my pants around my ankles and my hand stroking and then pounding away at my cock for a quick cum before going back to face the rest of my day.

Well, with the job winding down and the new job being so close to home (and so far from another adult store) that I was probably not going to get the same opportunity again for some time, I cut out of the office a little early and decided I would enjoy some sexy fun at least one more time while I still could.

I entered the store and went to the counter to purchase a card for the arcade. My timing had me standing in line behind another guy in shorts who was doing the same thing. He paid cash, got $10 on his card, and was off to have some fun. I only bought $5 worth as I didn’t know when I’d be back. But once in my hand, I knew this card and I were in for some fun!

The arcade was dark, as always, and whereas once in awhile, depending on the time of day, there might be a guy or two hanging around in the dark, I always headed right for a booth and got straight to it. The posted signs said only one person to a booth, and I just assumed they enforced it. As you can see, my knowledge of the etiquette of a porn arcade is a bit lacking. I had noticed, however, small holes in most of the booths so you could peek into the booth next door and catch a glimpse of what your neighbor might be up to.

I made a quick right, found an all too small booth, and before placing the card in, I dropped my pants and underwear showing my cleanly shaven cock and balls off to the video screen. Instantly I started getting hard before I even touched myself. I started up the machine and began looking for just the right scene to get me off. A quick cum and run was all I was expecting.

I was in the booth all but about two or three minutes and had settled on a scene of two guys just getting into some stripping together. I don’t usually watch the straight sex scenes in there, mostly because I can see those anywhere. In the booths I like seeing some good guy on guy sex, some extremely hot lesbian action, the occasional group sex, and even some chicks with dicks! Something about that just makes me cum buckets!

So as I’m settling on this guy on guy strip scene, I hear a very soft “Psst!” seeming to come from the bottom front of the booth just below the screen. I thought I was imagining canlı bahis it, until I heard it again…and then again. I thought, this guy wants me for something, probably some cash for the machines, but as I was kind of in the middle of things, I figured that if I ignored it, he would take the hint and go away. Well, turns out he was most insistent. I don’t know if he could see me stripped down in there or was just taking a chance that I might be interested in something, but he kept at it until he got to the door and softly knocked a few times.

Without even getting my pants back on, with my cock at a full seven plus inches, I figured I would open the door and find out what this guy wanted so I could get back to business. Now, before I go any farther, I must say that I’ve read enough stories to figure that it was very possible he was looking to suck a cock…and in my heart, I know I was actually hoping that’s what it was, but I didn’t think that what I read online actually happened or would actually happen to me! Oh baby, was I wrong!

The door swings just a little to reveal a smiling and not too bad looking guy who opens it wide enough to slip in. He turns and locks the door and then seats himself next to me. I oblige him by sliding over a bit and before anything else could happen, he begins lowering his face to my cock. No introduction, no “Hi my name is…”, just a nice warm wet mouth starting to envelop my very hard shaft!

I realize that exactly what I had hoped would happen over the last few visits to this place is finally happening. And my G-d, this guy is GOOD! He really knows how to suck a cock! As his lips slide down my shaft I feel the warmth and wetness of his mouth sucking me in ever so gently deeper and deeper. He doesn’t use his tongue, but he bobs up and down on my shaft at the perfect pace and I feel my cock stiffen proudly even harder than before at his expert technique.

My hands are now out of his way, my right hand draped across his back and my left just lying out of the way at my side. I close my eyes as I see the scene on the video screen getting closer to mirroring exactly what is happening in this tiny little booth.

With each stroke of his mouth I feel better and better. The excitement of sitting there naked from the waist down, my shaven cock standing proudly straight up welcoming the ministrations of this complete stranger was too exciting for words! I couldn’t help but moan softly, stroke his back with my hand, and tell him how good it felt to have him sucking my dick.

The wetness of his mouth was perfect. No pussy ever felt as great as this stranger’s mouth did right then as he focused himself on sucking my cock. It seemed nothing mattered as much as him getting the cum from my balls into his sexy mouth. He lifted his head slightly and leaned in towards me.

“Nice cock” he whispered as he took a quick break from the action.

“Thank you. You make it feel so good” I replied, then adding bahis siteleri “You make it feel so good!” A sense of intimacy between us grew and I leaned forward towards him. I was almost ready to kiss him, to taste the sexiness of my cock and pre-cum on his lips and in his mouth, but he went right back to sucking.

“You’re going to make me cum”, I warned, as he kept the perfect pace on me.

Lifting his head he said “No, not yet”, apparently wanting to make it last. But even with his mouth off my cock, it was too late. The time he had spent going down on me was too good and I felt my eruption coming. I bounced my ass just slightly up and down off the seat as I felt the cum squirt from my cock. “Oh G-d, its too late. I’m cumming!” I tried to whisper to him and instantly he lowered his head to catch the hot liquid in his mouth.

With that I came even harder! His timing was incredible! He knew just how to suck a cock to give a man ultimate pleasure! I continued to pump my cum and kept my hips moving up to meet his sweet mouth as I emptied myself into him. I filled his mouth with huge load of cum and he kept gently sucking up and down to milk from me every drop he could.

My hand continued stroking his back as I tried to recover from the intensity of my orgasm. The whole thing was so sexy, so erotic; being half naked in a public place, watching a video of two great looking guys about to enjoy each other, letting a perfect stranger in to not just see my cock, but to sit next to me fully dressed and suck me off! I didn’t know when I’d get to do it again, if ever, but I was soaking in every moment and enjoying every sensation.

With my cum spent, I was ready to go. I hadn’t planned on someone else joining me and had only planned on stripping, cumming, and leaving. But it seemed he had other plans. He asked my name, “Mike”, I responded.

“Are you married?”, he asked. While I thought it odd to ask, “Yes”, I replied and showed him my ring in the dim light of the booth. “But she doesn’t suck cock like you do!” I said, letting him know how much I appreciated what he just did.

He put his hand around my cock, stroking my now softening member gently as he gave me his number and tried to encourage me to return later and to stay longer now. I told him I needed to go but he was quite insistent. And, when someone is making your cock feel that good, even with his hand, its hard to argue.

After just a couple of minutes of very small small talk and my repeating that I needed to get back, but promising I would try to return (let’s face it, who wouldn’t?), my cock was ready for more. I was astounded with how fast he got my cock stiffening again! I am in my early 40’s and my cock hasn’t been this ready to go this fast since my 20’s! Though I always suspected that with the right partner I would always be up again in just a few minutes…but after 20 years of marriage…well, not a lot of surprises left, right?

Anyway, my hardening bahis şirketleri cock amazed even me and I really knew I wouldn’t mind feeling his mouth on me again…I also wondered what else he could do. He hadn’t paid too much attention to my balls, let alone my ass…was he into that? Come to think of it, he had only used his mouth most of the time…could his tongue, his fingers, his own cock be next? I relented and had to find out what he had in mind.

Pasqual, as he had told me his name was, asked me to stand. What the fuck, I figured, at this point. While I tried to keep my head low, I stood and he knelt in front of me and began to suck me off. The angle was incredible! My now once again rock hard cock standing its full seven plus inches told him without my having too how much I was enjoying the blowjob.

“Oh G-d”, I repeated. I thrust my hips gently towards him to start fucking his face. I let him lead, but I couldn’t help but offer the suggestion. His hands, which had made there way around to hold and caress my ass moved off to let me set the pace…and set it I did! I began thrusting towards him and back trying to get my cock fully into his face with each movement. He let me fuck him over and over, once again knowing just how to hold my cock in his mouth as I did.

I was a bit nervous standing as the height of the walls might have let the top of my head be seen, but at this point I almost didn’t care. “Lick my balls”, I finally prompted him and I moved my hand to stroke my cock as I felt his tongue slide down my shaft and to my balls. It was so incredible! So fucking good!

He didn’t linger long, however. My new friend Pasqual seemed to love a big hard cock thrusting into his mouth and soon we returned to our previous rhythm. That was it, it was too good to not fully enjoy, and I became intent on letting my cock have its way. I warned him I was going to cum again and slowed my pace to let him do what his very talented mouth does so well, bring another big cock to orgasm in his mouth.

I moaned and found myself shaking just slightly as my orgasm crept up on me. It got stronger faster as I could feel my cum rising from my balls to my cock. Another huge load (which surprised the hell out of me that it was that big) volleyed into his mouth and he kept a strong suction on me this time to get all of it. I let Pasqual do what he wanted, licking me as he wanted, touching me as he wanted…if I could have, I would have done ANYTHING for this man at this time.

He eventually and reluctantly removed himself from my cock, giving it one last long lick from my balls to the head, swirling his tongue around the crown to be sure he got everything, then sat down on the bench as I raised my pants and underwear.

“You do have a great cock, Mike. So nice and big!” he complimented me.

“Thank you, Pasqual. You sure know how to suck a cock”, I returned.

After I finished dressing he insisted on giving me his number which I did call that night, but either I screwed up memorizing it, or it was bogus, and all I got was a wrong number recording. I didn’t get to see him again, but I will never forget him or the incredible double blow job he gave me.

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