At Long Last!

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She knocks on the door of the hotel room and smoothes out her dress; she realises how nervous she is. Her palms are sweaty and sticking to her dress. She takes a deep breath as she hears footsteps inside the room. She had been anticipating this day for years but she never thought in her wildest dreams that it would come; yet here she stands in a tight red dress showing off her womanly curves, waiting to meet the man she has always dreamed of.

The door opens and she catches her first sight of the man she has longed for; he smiles at her warmly. She leans forward and wraps her arms around him tightly; his strong arms go around her waist as she breathes him in. ‘Mmmm, always wondered what you would smell like,’ she thinks. No words are spoken between them as they look into each others eyes and smile; they don’t need words after all this time. Words were instrumental in how they met and were there only way of communicating in all this time; now all they need is the touch of each other. Standing there in the doorway staring at one another they finally walk inside,

“It is so nice to finally get to see you,” her voice squeaks.

He laughed nervously, “You too, baby; would you like a drink?”

She nods her head as she sits on the couch and stares at him looking up and down his body, admiring his nice strong chest, broad shoulders, and sexy ass. He has told her that he is 43 but if she didn’t know that she might assume that he is 35. He is just as she imagined, perhaps even better; regardless of his age he is a very attractive man. Anyway, his age is one of the things that attracted her to him in the first place. He is just twenty years her senior and that is the minimum age gap that she would consider.

He fixes the drinks quickly and moves to the couch and sits down passing her the drink. Their hands touch as she takes the drink; the contact sends shivers through both of their bodies. She smiles and starts to talk about her flight and all the new things she has experienced so far. He sits back and listens to her as he watches her intently, the way she talks and the way she laughs.

He loves the way that she speaks; her accent and her giggle make him hard. He has dreamt of fucking a woman much younger than himself and tonight he plans to make it happen. His eyes travel from her hair down to her neck and then across her exposed shoulders; they look smooth and soft. Her breasts are better than he has imagined, full, round, and heavy with plenty of cleavage in that slinky red dress. He looks down at the way the dress clings to her curvy figure and then down to her legs, shapely and long. Her pretty toes in strappy black heels are painted the same colour as her dress.

He can’t wait any longer; he reaches out as she speaks and touches her thigh. She smiles and leans forward as their lips meet for the first time. Softly brushing against each other at first, then their lips part and he slides his tongue gently into her mouth. The kiss sends thrills through her body and she reacts by kissing him deeper and with more passion. Her arms wrap around his shoulders and she moves closer to him on the couch. His hand moves up and down her inner thigh gently, getting higher and higher up each time.

There tongues entwine as their hands start to roam over each other touching and feeling their way around, exploring the unknown. His cock is rock hard bulging in his pants; she rips off his shirt and throws it across the room, her hands running over his chest; it feels so wonderful. She slides down to the floor and between his legs and starts to undo his belt; he leans back a little to give her more room. She is staring into his eyes as she works her hands casino oyna on his belt and buttons and quickly frees his throbbing hard cock.

He places his hands on her shoulders, rubbing her soft skin. She glances down and stares at his cock for the first time; it makes her gasp and smile. The sight of his cock head, shiny with pre cum makes her instantly swoop down and lick the tip. She swirls her tongue on his big cock head tasting his pre cum, her eyes look fleetingly up to meet his.

“Mmmmmmmmm yummy,” she hisses as she licks more.

Her tongue stud flicking the end of his cock makes him jump a little, it feels hard and cold compared to her soft warm mouth. Her tongue runs down the underside of his cock and then to his balls, slowly taking her time, licking them and touching them reverently with her hands. His moans encourage her further as she licks back up to his cock and starts swirling her tongue around gently.

She glances up at him and his eyes are locked onto the act that she is performing; his head is tilted back slightly and a naughty smile is on his face. This makes her pussy tingle as she lets her mouth drop down over his cock, her tongue swirling gently as she starts to suck. His hands move to her head and push her down slightly; she smiles to herself as she knows he is getting impatient.

She slides her lips down to the base of his cock, taking him deep into her throat, her hand massaging his balls as she shows off her deep throating skills. His moans encourage her as she continues to suck on his hard throbbing cock. Her wet mouth sucks all the way down the length of his hard cock. His hands on her head are helping her as her tongue swirls around him; her hands still play with his balls slightly.

“Your first load is for my mouth,” she whispers as she plants a kiss on the end of his cock.

He moans loudly and thrusts his hips up at her while his hands push her back down. Her mouth is so wet and warm as she starts to really suck and work hard on his cock. Wanting his cum in her mouth she can’t wait, her pussy is getting wetter and wetter as she sucks and thinks about his cum finally blowing into her mouth.

His hands work her head up and down, pulling her hair and messing it up in his excitement. She starts to dribble a little as she sucks, his cock is hitting the back of her throat and she tries hard not to gag as she feels his cock twitching deep within her throat.

Her fingers tickle his balls as he pushes her head down hard and cum starts to surge up his cock shaft and deep into her mouth. She starts to swallow fast, her eyes watering as sperm hits the back of her throat. Swallowing faster she begins to enjoy the taste of his cum; she has always liked the taste of cum. A little cum dribbles from her mouth and she tries to suck it down as quickly as she can, not wanting to waste any.

She lifts her head from his cock and looks at his face; he smiles at her and moans, “You are such a good cock sucker, baby!”

He wipes that dribble of cum that is on her chin with a finger and then puts his finger in his own mouth and licks it clean; this drives her mind wild and her pussy too.

“Stand up, and undress for me, baby,” he whispers.

She stands up and slowly undoes the tie at the back of her dress and lets it fall forward; she then eases the dress down over her large round breasts and down to her waist. He stares at the sexy red bra that is confining those breasts and hiding them from him. She slides the dress down over her hips and it drops to the floor; now she is standing there in the middle of the room in only her red underwear and a pair of heels.

He stands up and moves to canlı casino her, letting his trousers and shoes fall off so that he is completely naked; he moves behind her as he looks over her body. His hand wraps around her; the touch of him makes her shiver, giving her goose bumps. He kisses the back of her neck.

“You are so beautiful, baby,” he whispers as he keeps kissing her neck; she leans back slightly into him so her body touches the length of his.

His hands move up the front of her stomach and reach out to cover her breasts, his fingers rubbing gently. She leans her head back as she enjoys the sensation of his hands on her breasts and his mouth on her neck. His hot breath is making her pussy tingle and her low moans are waking his cock up again.

He moves around to the front of her and kisses her softly on the mouth before moving to his lips to her chest and all that cleavage. His hands move behind her and undo her bra; he lifts it off her and looks directly at her free, supple breasts. His hand gently massages them and his lips take in a nipple; he alternates with hand and mouth to suck the other nipple. Her nipples grow in his mouth as he suckles on them, licking and biting; her hands are on his back pulling him closer.

His mouth is so hot and amazing on her nipples, he alternates between the two, sucking and pinching as her moans increase in volume. He starts to move down to her stomach kissing it gently as his fingers tweak and twist her nipples.

He drops to his knees and looks at her panties.

“Mmm, baby, I think you are enjoying yourself,” he moans as he notices the wet patch on her red satin panties.

She giggles nervously as he moves closer, his hot breath is on her panties and thighs; she feels a tongue running up and down her pussy on the top of her panties, she moans at his touch and he moans too. One of his hands leaves her nipple, touches her thigh, and pulls her panties down; she opens her legs a little as they slide down, leaving her pussy exposed to him.

He smirks a little as he discovers that she is completely shaved, her pussy so smooth and puffy and free of any hair. He pushes his face up against her mound and his tongue laps at her pussy and tastes her juices; he runs his tongue up and down her slit, loving the taste of her. He flicks his tongue around, up and down as his hands hold on to her ass; he finds her clit with his tongue and her hands grab onto his head, pushing against him as he slowly circles her little clit with his tongue.

Her moans are making his cock grow again as he laps up her juices; he feels her legs tremble and tells her to sit on the couch. She shakily walks over and sits back as he crawls over and kisses her ankles up to her thighs. He lifts up her legs and spreads them wide and throws them over his shoulders, moving in closer to her wet pussy. Her nipples are hard and she touches them lightly with her fingers as she watches him start to lick her pussy, his tongue sliding deep inside her, then up to her clit, He sucks on her clit for a moment then works back down; her pussy juices are so tasty he wants more and more.

He slides a finger into her with ease as she gasps; his tongue concentrates on her clit flicking it and sucking it as she wriggles around on the couch. Her moans are getting longer and louder as he slides two fingers in and out of her wet pussy; her hands land on his head again and push his face down deeper into her pussy as he works on that clit with his tongue. Three fingers are now sliding in and out of her pussy as it is getting wetter and wetter by the minute; she moans that she is close to cumming and he sucks on her clit harder and his fingers kaçak casino slide in and out faster.

Then she lifts her hips up and presses his head down as her eyes close and she screams out, “OH MY GOD IM CUMMING!”

He feels her pussy tighten on his fingers as her juices flow from her wet pussy; her whole body stiffens and then spasms as she moans and groans loudly. He laps furiously at her pussy, tasting her juices; he pulls out his fingers from her cunt and, moves them to her mouth, and she cleans them greedily.

His cock is now rock hard again and wanting a piece of that wet pussy; he moves up and kisses her deeply and passionately and then tells her to move and bend over the edge of the couch. She smiles knowingly and moves quickly to the edge of the couch and leans over, her legs spread wide and her ass pointing up; her head rests on the couch.

She wriggles her ass back and forth at him while giggling. His hands grab her hips and he rubs his cock against her ass she moans wondering which hole he will pick first. With one hand he guides his cock to her pussy and runs it up and down her slit making sure to touch that sensitive clit; she gasps when his cock makes contact and thrusts her ass up at him.

He slowly slides his huge prick an inch into her pussy; it is tight on his fat cock. They moan together as he enters her slowly, leaning forward to let himself enter her fully. Her pussy is so wet and so tight around his hard cock.

Slowly he starts to slide out of her nearly all the way then rams his cock deeply back into her pussy. This makes her scream with pleasure as he does it again and again. His hands on her hips are helping him to ram that wet pussy harder. Her hips and ass thrust back to meet his thrusts his balls are slapping on her pussy loudly; the room fills with noises of sex, her juicy pussy, his balls slapping his grunts and groans and her screams and moans.

They move faster and harder together finally fucking after all this time; his hand moves around and finds her clit and he starts to rub it as he knows he is close to cumming, probably closer than she is. He slows down his thrusts and rubs her clit faster; she bounces back at him and screams, “Harder.” He picks up the pace again ramming her harder as his fingers work on her clit.

She pinches one of her nipples; her whole body is being stimulated and she moans louder and thrusts back harder at him.

“I want you to cum in my pussy!” she screams suddenly.

He slams hard into her as she screams. He knows he can no longer hold back anymore; he thrusts hard into her and grunts that he is cumming as he holds her tightly and flicks her clit.

She feels his cock twitch in her pussy then he is feeding his hot cum and filling her pussy; he thrusts a few more times and plays with her clit as he groans.

“Fuck, baby, fuck, – ohhh fuck!”

His cum filling her pussy sends her over the edge and she starts screaming out harder and moaning more as her own body starts to quiver with orgasm; there bodies are hot and sticky as they moan and groan in harmony.

He falls on top of her pressing her down into the couch, his cock still in her pussy as it starts to soften. She can feel the cum starting to drip out of her pussy as she lays there breathless. He kisses the back of her neck and she turns to kiss his mouth.

“Oh, darling, that was better than I ever imagined,” she whispered.

He laughs and agrees with her; they lay there over the couch enjoying each other’s touch.

She turns to look at him, hot and breathless, still lying on her back.

“Honey, I think my ass is feeling a little left out.”

He laughs and kisses her deeply.

“Don’t you worry, baby, I’ll get to your ass.”

She smiles and rests her head down thinking of the wonderful week ahead of them; she is so glad that she finally met her online lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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