Ask Alice

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Alice Mihara assessed herself in the mirror in her one piece black bathing suit with red stripes down the sides. Her long dark hair, shiny and silky, flowed over her slim shoulders. She had a striking Asian face most would call beautiful, a slim pretty figure with tiny a-cup breasts, narrow waist and nice flaring hips. She turned sideways to get a better look at her backside. She appreciated the hell out of her curvy butt for she felt that it made up for her lacking chest. She put her hands over her small breasts covering them easily. She dropped her hands and faced forward.

“How did Nelson talk me into this?” She asked her reflection.

“Uh uh,” her reflection said playing devil’s advocate. “You talked him into this.”

“But it was his filthy idea,” she said clinging to the thin straws of denial.

“Again girl, uh uh,” her reflection said. “You’re the one who nosed around and found all the downloads on his computer from that amateur facial cumshot site.”

“I confronted him about it.”

“Asking Nelson why he liked that kind of stuff and then sitting and watching the downloads with him was hardly confrontational.”

“I told him I thought that it was dirty and degrading to women.”

“Yeah,” her reflection said with a snort, “and then you let him come on your face that night. He fucking loved that.”

“It was just a heated moment. We were both turned on is all.”

“You’ve let him do that to you every time since.”

“Okay, I like that it turns him on so much. I liked the new spice … the look of lust in his eyes every time he does the dirty little deed.”

“And this new thing?”

“Just this one time to feel what it’s like,” she said weakly to her reflection.

“To feel what, exactly?”

“What it’s like to be the absolute center of attention.”

“The focus of mindless animal male lust in other words.”

“Yes, why not.”

“To let a bunch of guys … total strangers come on your face and body?”

“Shut up,” Alice said to her reflection. Her resolve was clearly slipping.

“You’re broken if you do this.”

She stepped away from the mirror, went to the bedroom door, opened it and walked down the hall to the living room in the Honolulu townhouse she shared with her boyfriend Nelson.

Her reflection whispered a parting shot from across the room. “This is a slippery slope girl, you may not be able to climb out.”

“What if I don’t want to climb out?”

With a small weak smile on her beautiful Japanese face, Alice Mihara stepped into the living room full of men. They were all standing waiting for her. Nelson was the only one she knew, the rest were total strangers. It shocked her that they were already stripped down to their underwear. All of them, five counting Nelson, had straining erections in their briefs. Nelson had found the men on line. They belonged to some kind of club. According to Nelson, nobody paid a thing to be here, everyone was in it for the kink. She kept her eyes low not daring to look into any of the faces. They’re all wearing tidy whiteies she saw.

Was that planed, she wondered pointlessly?

At that moment, she decided to turned tail and head back to her bedroom and lock the door behind her. She was just about to pivot on the spot when Nelson spoke.

“You’re beautiful,” he said.

She smiled weakly at the compliment, her eyes flickering from one bulging crotch to the next.

Instead of going back to her bedroom, she slowly dropped to her knees on the carpeted floor. Her action wasn’t a planed thing. Hell, none of this was planned. Nelson and she had only the vaguest idea how the evening would go. The only part that was a sure thing was the bukkake … the men coming on her.

You would think that we would have had long discussions and a well thought out plan before this very moment, she thought and almost laughed aloud. She kept the laugh in though, for she felt that to laugh would seem inappropriate.

And a little crazy perhaps? her worrisome reflection said in her head.

Oh, shut the fuck up! She mentally yelled back.

Interpreting her kneeling as an invitation …which it was … the men circled her. She knelt there silently, not doing anything, her eyes flickering from one erection bulge to the next.

She thought desperately of something to say.

“Show me your hard cocks,” she said softly. She cringed, it sounded so forced. The word cocks seemed oddly foreign, probably because she almost never used it.

All the men exposed their erections for her to see.

“All hard,” she said, observing every cock around her. My creations, she thought with dubious pride.

Nelson stepped forward and tapped at her face with his erection. It was one of his favorite things to do especially when she talked to her friends on the phone. Of all her friends, Joy Maeda seemed to be Nelson’s favorite. Like Alice, Joy was Japanese. She had a figure tinnier then Alice’s and yet she drew men like fruit flies to warm pineapple, Nelson being canlı bahis one of them.

Joy loved clothes shopping and one of her favorite things to do was to come over to Alice’s and model her new outfits. On Joy’s birthday last summer, Alice took her out swimsuit shopping and paid for all the suits as a present. And then they drove back to Alice’s for Joy to try on the new suits. Unknown to Joy though, Nelson hid in the bedroom closet to spy on her as as she undressed. Alice, knew that Nelson was their of course and had agreed to do whatever she could to keep her friend fully naked. She had even gone out and bought a cheap full length mirror and strategically placed it in the room to best display her friend for Nelson’s viewing pleasure.

Alice was plagued with crippling guilt for betraying her friendship. But right alongside her guilt was hot sexual pleasure at feeding Nelson’s dirty desire to see Joy naked.

Alice recalled how Joy’s cute Asian face made her look much younger then her twenty five years. Her breasts being mere little bumps on her slim chest added to her youthful appearance. Her small round ass was perfect for her slim frame, and her muff, a natural thin line of darkness between her slim thighs. The final perfect accessory was her long wavy brown hair hair fanning over her shoulders and cascading down the center of her back.

For almost two hours, she had Joy dressing and undressing and for more then half that time the girl paraded around naked. To do that, Alice took advantage of her friend’s obsession with soft perfect skin. Alice claimed that she had brought a new cosmetic lotion on line that made a woman’s skin ultra soft and wrinkle free. In reality, the lotion was an ordinary off the shelf brand with a nice musky smell.

As was Nelson’s request, Alice had stripped down to her underwear to apply the lotion to her own skin. Actually, Nelson had wanted her to get totally naked, but Alice wasn’t willing to go there with her best friend. It was bad enough secretly displaying the girl for Nelson’s dirty pleasure. Anyway, Alice told her friend that the lotion worked best when you allowed the skin to absorb it unhampered by clothing. Joy was all over that, she applied the lotion and walked around buck naked to get the full benefit.

Joy finally left and went home. With prompting from Nelson, Alice called Joy a half hour later to ask how her skin felt. Nelson masturbated as they chatted. Alice put Joy on speaker phone so that Nelson could hear Joy talk about how smooth and soft her skin had become. Nelson exploded all over Alice’s face getting a fair amount of spunk on the cell phone apparently using it as as a proxy for Joy’s cute Japanese face.

Her mind returned to the present as Nelson rubbed her lips with the tip of his cock.

“Ask others to rub their dick on your face,” Nelson said.

Alice nodded and she said flatly, “Rub my face with those hard cocks.”

Men closed in. An an erection brushed her left cheek, another did the same on her right. Nelson stepped back and a guy quickly stepped in and rubbed the tip of his erection along the full length of her nose leaving a per come streak behind. An erection bumped the back of her head and she tilted her head allowing the guy to rub his hard dick on her forehead and bangs. The one that had rubbed her nose, traced the head of his erection along the delicate curve of her chin. The two at her sides kept at her cheeks.

The men pressing in on her set off a weird panic and she stood abruptly in the scrum of cocks. It took all her will not to bolt from the room. She stood stock still as hands roamed over her swimsuit covered chest and groped and squeezing her ass cheeks. Someone grabbed her right hand and guided it to his cock.

One of the guys feeling her tits leaned in for a kiss. She stiffened barely reciprocating, not allowing the kisser’s tongue entry to her mouth. But with each passing second, her mouth relaxed and she allowed the guy access and even explored a bit with her own tongue. A hand brushed over her pubic area. Not ready for that just yet, she abruptly ended the kiss, pulled away from the groping hands and walked toward the sofa a few feet away.

End this now, the weak voice of reflective reason said in her head.

“Too late,” she whispered.

She turned to face the crowed of men, all of them had their erections poking over the elastic of their briefs. They looked absurd and she smiled, nearly laughing. Suppressing the laughter only made her want to laugh more so she immediately turned her back to them. She cracked a big smile and put her hands to her mouth to hold in the laughter that wanted to explode out of her. She was sure that if she stared laughing, she’d never stop.

“Get it together girl,” she scolded herself in a whisper.

“You okay?” Nelson asked.

“Yes,” she said. She forced a neutral expression and turned to face him and the men. “Do you like the bathing suit?” She asked. “It’s just like the one from ‘Asian Gymnast Sex Salves.'”

“Yes,” bahis siteleri Nelson said.

‘Asian Gymnast Sex Slaves’ was one of Nelson’s favorite porn movies. “Do I have to suck all these cocks coach?” Alice asked demurely quoting a line from the movie.

Nelson smiled but proved too inhibited to play the role of the stern coach in the movie. In her head, Alice heard the coach say ‘Yes. This is your punishment for your weak performance on the balance beam.’

Just like the hapless gymnast in the movie had done, Alice dropped to her knees. She looked around and saw the looks of raw lust in the eyes of the men crowing around again. For the first time, she felt a flush of excitement beyond her annoying reluctance.

The men pressed in and she took her first strange cock into her mouth.

“Fill your hands with cock like the women in the porn movies,” Nelson said.

Alice obliged but quickly found out that gripping two dicks off to the side made it hard to give decent head to the one in the middle. She let the middle cock drop from her mouth and moved her mouth to the cock in her right hand. After a few seconds, she swung to the cock in her left hand.

Wonder what I look like sucking all this cock? she though. And then she had an idea.

She stopped sucking cock, stood up, went to the hall closet and dragged out the very mirror she had used to bait her friend Joy to flounce around naked on her birthday. Since then, Nelson used the cheap mirror whenever he did his exercise workout in the living room. As she propped the mirror against the wall near the flat screen TV, she wondered absently why Nelson liked watching himself exercise. Was it vanity? She exercised at home too, but didn’t need to watch herself doing it. For her, exercise was incredibly boring and if Nelson didn’t push her to do it, she wouldn’t workout at all.

She snapped out of her musing and looked in the mirror and at the men reflected behind her, all watching her intently. They were probably wondering what the mirror was all about.

“I want to see what I look like sucking lots of cocks,” she said feeling foolish as she said it … but kind of liked how dirty it sounded. A fresh delicious thrill rippled through her. “Makes me feel slutty,” she said on impulse.

She looked at herself in the mirror, but she didn’t look slutty at all. She looked …. young. Just like the lead actress in ‘Asian Gymnast Sex Slaves.’ She had watched the movie it often enough with Nelson to know the actresses name, Mandy Almond. It occurred to her that the the Almond chick looked a lot like her. Was that the reason why Nelson liked the movie so much?

She dropped to her knees. The men pressed in around her. She gripped a cock and rolled her eyes at the mirror to see.

I could be in a movie, she thought as she took the cock in her mouth. Another cock poked at her chin. Two remaining were reflected behind her, one was Nelson, the other a Hawaiian guy, his skin dark, his erection even darker. The guy she had in her mouth pulled free of her abruptly, back off a few inches, gripped his spit covered hardon and stood still. A bit bewildered, she looked up at him to see if he was in pain

“Did I hurt you?” she asked truly worried that she may have bit him or something. Then She barked in surprise when a jet of white sprayed her right cheek under her eye.

He’s coming! she realized stupidly. She snapped her head to the side in instinctive avoidance and found herself facing her mirrored, surprised face.

‘This is what you want?’ her reflection seem to say.

‘Don’t judge me bitch!’ she thought as a second jet striped the right side of her nose.

The guy pressed in close, touched the head of his erection to her forehead and two more oozing gobs collected there in her hairline. The guy backed away and Alice looked at her messed up face and hair in the mirror. Even though this was the very reason she was here, it shocked her that a guy, other than her boyfriend Nelson, had done this to her. Her heart pounded in her chest so loud and hard, she was sure that everyone in the apartment could hear it.

Warm at first, the junk on her face cooled quickly. She mechanically reached up to wipe it away.

“Don’t, leave it be,” Nelson said.

She gave a tiny nodded and dropped her hand.

Another guy pushed his way in. Grabbed her shoulder a bit roughly to turn her toward him. He gripped his erection, spread his legs, bent at the knees and sprayed four jets onto her swimsuit covered chest, the white mess stood out in high contrast against the dark material. The guy looked a little goofy because of the awkward stance and laughter threatened her again. She cracked a smile and fought hard to keep it in for she was sure that it would sounded hysterical if it got out.

“Pull the suit down, show your tits,” Nelson told her.

She hesitated, not sure that she was ready for that just yet.

‘Oh please!’ the no nonsense part of her head said. ‘You sucked just about bahis şirketleri every cock in this room and you have jizz all over your face from some random guy! Show your fucking tits!’

She pulled the suit down off her shoulders and then down to her waist. She resisted the stupid urge to cover her exposed A-cups. Her small brown nipples were stiff with excitement. Her areolas tiny, barely the size of dimes. She looked in the mirror and recalled how Joy teased her that she was a mere nipple lick away from being titless. The chick should talk, she’s tinnier then me, Alice thought.

In the middle of her odd little musing, the Hawaiian guy stepped forward, gasped and ejaculated a huge fresh mess down the center of her face. He kept pumping his hardon and several more spurts coated her lips and chin.

Three of five down she thought as she resisted the natural urge to wipe at her face. She looked in the mirror at the stuff dripping off her chin onto her naked chest and messing up the dark swimsuit around her waist.

“Take it all off,” Nelson said.

She rose to her knees and pulled the suit down her legs, she dropped to her butt and removed it all the way. For the first time in her life, she sat fully naked before a group of men.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” Nelson said.

This is one thing they had discussed and Nelson had assured her that he would be the only one aloud to do it if it happened.

“Do me from behind in front of the mirror,” she said, “I wanna watch.”

He nodded arranged her on her hands and knees in front of the mirror and then entered her from behind.

She gasped and came without a single thrust. The men gathered around enthralled as she twitched and gasped from her unexpected orgasm. “Fuck me Nelson!” she yelled to get Nelson moving. He did, and on his fifth thrust she came again. At the same moment, a guy thrust a cock into her face and sprayed her already messy left cheek with fresh jizz. She came again just as Nelson stopped thrusting.

“I’m gonna come on your face!” Nelson barked as he pulled out of her.

Duh, she thought as she sat down on her butt leaning back resting on her arms, one leg stretched out and one knee up with her head tilted back. Nelson’s favorite position for anointing she mused.

Nelson stepped around, aimed his erection at her up turned face and spewed several high pressure jets onto her cheeks, nose, lips and chin. When done, he stepped back stroking his fading erection. All the men stood around looking down at her. She sat still to allow their dirty viewing.

Two of the guys were fully erect again and all of them, including Nelson were twitching anew.

Not in the mood for a second go round, she stood, calmly marched to the bathroom off the master bedroom, closed the door behind her and pressed the lock button. She stood frozen in front of the bathroom mirror staring at her messy face and body, the stuff seemed everywhere.

A gentle knock came at the door.

“Hey,” Nelson said softly from the other side. “You okay, babe?”

No, I’m a fucked up freak! she wanted to yell but said instead, “I’m fine, just cleaning up.”

“Can I come in?” he asked.

She turned on the hot water at the sink at full blast, soaked a half towel and hastily wiped at her face and body. Then she went to the shower to turn it on before unlocking the door. The room quickly filled with steam.

“That was amazing,” Nelson said softly as he closed the door.

She saw his erection straining the front of his briefs. She looked away from it and stepped into the shower to clean herself.

“Everyone is interested again. What to come out and see what happens?” he said from the other side of the shower door.

“Give me some time to freshen up then I’ll be out,” she said.

“Dress up, put on something nice. That will make it fun,” he said and left the bathroom.

She ran the shower as hot as she could bare, soaped herself from top to bottom thoroughly and shampooed her hair twice. She took her time, if they wanted more fun with her they’ll wait. Eventually, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself. She hung the used towel on the shower door and reached for a fresh one. Clutching the towel to her front, she went to the door that connected to the Master bedroom. She stopped short when she saw the room was filled with men all standing about in their tidy whities.

“Thought it would be interesting to watch you dress,” Nelson said.

Should have asked me asshole, she thought.

Hiding her irritation at the intrusion, she wrapped the towel around her middle, went to her closet, pulled opened the door and scanned her wardrobe. Then she went to her dresser to find some underwear. She selected a black lacy bra with matching panties. Nelson liked this particular pair because he thought it made her look like some hot chick in a rap video—minus the big tits.

Standing in front of the full length dressing mirror near the door, she dropped the towel, slipped on the panties and put on the bra. She admired her pale, slim figure for a few seconds and then looked at her audience reflected behind her. All had straining bulges.

They certainly like me, she thought with a bit of dirty pride.

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