Asian Girls have Big Nipples

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I’ve never called myself a lesbian or bisexual but when I was in college I did some experimentation. I love the penis as much as the next girl but when it comes to knowing how to pleasure a girl, girls know best. Girls are generally less selfish and take their time because they aren’t just trying to blow their load. Did it make me a bad Catholic girl? Don’t know, don’t care. I never hurt anybody and we were all of age.

There was a small group of us girls who would get together and just get silly. I tended to be quite popular because I’ve got some good sized boobs. Everyone knows that boys love big boobs but the truth is EVERYONE loves big boobs. They are just so darn fun to play with. Even as someone who HAS big boobs I still love to play with them. But I digress.

Our little circle of girls experimented to different degrees. One girl stayed above the belt while another was a full on lesbian and would dive right for the muff. After got over my initial apprehension I began to immensely enjoy having another girls face in my crotch and I was willing to reciprocate. Eventually I got quite good at licking a girls cunt although it was a skill that I no longer get to use. There is a certain sweet affection that exists between girls that doesn’t exist between men. I enjoyed stroking the long hair of a young college girl as she worked my pussy. We all had pussies so we all knew how to handle them.

One day one of the girls brought a new girl into the mix. She was a super petite Chinese girl named Wei. She was extremely quiet but I was told she was 100% up for having fun and once she got going was quite active. Wei was just the tiniest little thing and looked to be like 80 pounds or so. She was just so adorable and had the cutest little dimples when she smiled. I confess that I really wanted to kiss her lips which wasn’t something I usually did as I didn’t even consider myself a lesbian. Wei was immediately drawn to me thanks to my big boobs and I received most of her attention.

I wont try to reproduce Wei’s broken English but it clearly wasn’t her first language. She did, however, make it abundantly clear that she REALLY liked my boobs. She mentioned canlı bahis that there were no girls like me that she had met in China and the only girls with big boobs were the fat ones. The honest truth is Wei had no boobs. None. Zero. Not even a slight hint. You could not possibly be flatter chested than Wei which made me wonder why she bothered wearing a bra. It seemed like wishful thinking.

Wei was a like a kid in a candy shop regarding my boobs. Despite the other girls in the room Wei was on me like we were all alone. She got my bra off with a masters touch and starting sucking on one of my tits with a a shocking aggressiveness given her demure appearance. She clearly had more than a few moments of experience with girls. She laid back sucking tenderly on my nipple while I cradled her head. I felt a wave of fondness for Wei and enjoyed how much happiness I was clearly giving her. Every once in a while Wei would look up at me with the most loving look I can imagine eyes expressing. I never wanted the moment to end.

There was such tenderness on our embrace that I felt like I shouldn’t spoil the moment by pushing things but Wei took my hand and placed it on her cunt. I went under her pants and over her panties and began to work her area. Wei reached down and moved my hand under her panties even as her lips never left my breast. I found her clitoris and began to work it while she continued to suck as if she expected to be fed from my tits. Every once in a while I’d hit my target and Wei would remove herself from my breast for a moment to let out a soft moan. I found myself wishing that I could feed her from my breasts because I’d never had anyone enjoy them so much.

After an eternity of nipple sucking I pulled Wei up to my face because I found her just so kissable. She was 100% on board and her tongue worked itself into my mouth. This was easily the deepest kiss I had ever had regardless of gender and all the time her hands never left my breasts. I felt compelled to reciprocate and placed my hand on one of her flat boobs. There was a slight puffiness but it was just the padding in her bra.

Wei removed her shirt and her little A-cup bra which clipped bahis siteleri in the front. I undid the clips, even as we remained lip locked, and began to rub my hand over her flat breasts. I really wasn’t expecting anything besides a smooth surface but I immediately felt a fat cherry like object on my palm. Oh my goodness, this girls nipples are huge. They were crazy big like a soft, rubbery ball bolted to her chest. I started rolling them between my fingers and felt them fattening up even further which seemed impossible. I pulled my lips free for a moment and looked down. Her nipples looked like two dark, fat strawberries sitting on a surface whose only contours consisted of her underlying ribs. Her areolas were similarly dark and much larger than I would ever expect on such small breasts. They were at least several inches across and possibly more. ‘Damn girl, you got some big nipples.’ It was a dumb exclamation given that Wei might be self conscious but she just shot me a big grin and shook her head vigorously in confirmation. ‘Yes, yes, my nipples very big. You like?’ I confirmed that I did enjoy her nipples and began to kiss one of them causing her to squeal and hold my head tight.

Back then, my nipples were almost flat against my chest and I had never seen such thick, fat nipples in my life. I felt some kind of primitive reaction that most humans feel towards sucking on a nipple. Men or women we all have that desire from birth because at one point in our lives it was necessary to automatically desire latching onto a nipple. That desire is there irrespective of gender. When we are just born a mothers nipple would be quite large in comparison to the child’s mouth but in this case Wei had a nipple sized for an adult mouth. For a time I forgot the other girls in the room until one of them said, ‘you work it girl.’ I was gnawing on Wei’s fat nipple even more aggressively than she had worked my own breast.

Until you’ve chewed on a really fat nipple it’s impossible to know the intense feeling of subconscious pleasure that comes out. I felt such a rush of bonding with Wei as I’d never felt before and quite forgot myself in passion. Her pussy had gotten soaking bahis şirketleri wet and my fingers moved from her clitoris into her cunt. There was a depth of emotion I had never felt with the American girls. Wei started mumbling something in Chinese and I’m not even sure if she was intending it for me but it drove me even further to passion. Her nipple had swollen up even further in my mouth to the point where when I sucked hard it reached the back of my throat. Meanwhile, my fingers were driving deeper and deeper into her slick pussy. We were two girls really enjoying each other.

Wei pulled herself free and began removing the rest of my clothing as well as her own. Her body was so adorably petite which made her XXXL nipples look all the more amazing. As she was moving around I caught a glimpse of her on all fours and her nipples were hanging down looking for all the world like a cows teats. Some may find that description gross but I was salivating at the chance to resume gnawing on her nipple. Wei laid me down and then moved into the 69 position. She put her cunt in my face and went to working my own. Wei had the tightest little pussy with short dark hairs. I could just barely reach over and grasp her nipples but started tugging on them like I was milking a cow.

I’m really not that into eating out another girl but Wei was different and she took such pleasure in my efforts. I take it her nipples were extremely sensitive because every time I gave a yank she stopped for a moment a let out a sigh or moan. This was one of the last time I participated in one of these sessions and the only time I saw Wei. It was fun for awhile but when I started to obsess over the thought of Wei during the school week I decided maybe I needed to bring my dalliances with lesbianism to a close. She was one of the great turn-on’s of my life and my feelings towards her began to frighten me a tiny bit.

In my career I get to see a lot of women in a state of undress but only a small fraction are Asian. From my experience Asian women have both the smallest breasts and the largest nipples of any racial demographic but Wei was definitely in a league of her own. I assume she is somewhere out there in the world and it saddens me that all I have from her are some brief memories but despite the scant hour or so we spent together I love her in a way that I have never felt for any other woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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