Ashley’s Massage

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My wife’s granddaughter, Ashley, came to live with us when she was 18. She is 5’10”, with wonderful 36DD breast that she loved to show off. She also has the most enchanting green eyes and wonderful mouth and smile.

She loved to lay out in the sun, in tiny little bathing suits. She would drive me crazy by running around the house in just a t-shirt and panties. I started to have thoughts of her in a very erotic manner. I would catch my self looking at her and dreaming of about what she felt like and what she tasted like. I tried to resist these urges, but the more I tried the harder it became. I began to thing of a way that I could seduce her.

My opportunity happened on the day she was graduating school. She had been stressed and had a severe headache. I offered to give her a neck rub and she said ok. I had her lie on her bed and started to rub her back. I suggested that she take off her shirt so I could give a better massage. She removed her shirt without hesitation. Her skin was very soft and the more I rubbed the more she relaxed. I worked my way down her back to right above her lovely ass. I told her to undo her pants so I could do her legs, she surprisingly did so without any hesitation. Now this gorgeous 18 y/o girl was lying on the bed in front of me in just her red panties and bra. My mind was racing, my dick got rock hard and I slowly worked my way up her right casino oyna leg from her foot to her thighs, she slowly spread her legs to allow me to get more of her legs. I thought I heard her softly groan but convinced myself, I was just hearing things. I then started with the left foot and worked my way up that leg, again she parted her legs without hesitation. I then heard her grandmother come in downstairs and had to stop at that time.

Later that afternoon, while my wife was out, I went to my room and lay on my bed. I closed my eyes and pictured those red panties and the feel of that lovely soft skin. I pulled out my cock and began to picture what she would look like with nothing on and with me slowly running my tongue up and down her thigh into that nice young pussy. I was moaning and started to call out her name. I had the most explosive orgasm that I have ever had while masturbating.

A few days later, Ashley , stated that she had another headache and asked me to rub her down again. Her grandmother was at work and would not be home for a good 4-5 hours. I thought maybe this would be my opportunity.

I led her to my bedroom this time and had her get on my bed. I helped her take off shirt and her pants. I than got out some massage oil and began the rubdown. I told her I needed to undo her bra, because it was in the way. She said that was ok. I continued my massage canlı casino and this time when I started on her legs, as I worked my way up I continued up to her ass and started to massage her gorgeous ass. She began to squirm now and did nothing to stop me. I now was rubbing her ass with both hands and my cock was getting harder than I think it has ever been.

After several minutes of this and stopped and told her to roll over. She did so without hesitation. I then started rubbing here flat stomach and worked my way up around her breast. She continued to give out these little moans and was squirming about the bed. I then rubbed her right breast and softly squeezed her breast softly, causing her to moan louder. I then began to rub both without hesitation. They were so huge and so soft. She began to moan louder. I than took one her nipples in my mouth and started to nibble and suck and her breast. She was now moaning very loud and begging for more.

I then put my hand down her panties and began to probe a very wet cunt. She than came and screamed “Don’t stop”. I continued to rub her clit and she moaned and screamed more. I could hardly wait to taste her wet cunt. I pulled those panties off and began to hungrily lick that lovely, hairless, very wet and tasty pussy. She came again after a very short times.

I positioned myself around so that we were now in a sixty-nine kaçak casino position. She took my rock hard dick in her mouth and began to suck like it would be her last time. She did wonderful things with her tongue and before long I could not hold it any longer. I stated “I am going to cum” and she sucked even deeper. I came harder than I could ever remember and she continued to suck every bit of my cum down and continued until I pulled my dick out of her mouth.

I than proceeded to suck and lick her pussy, like it was manna from heaven. That is what it tasted like. She came again and again. After several minutes of this, I was hard and ready to finally feel that tight little pussy take me in. I moved up and she threw her legs around me and pulled me into her before I knew what was happening. It was the most wonderful feeling that I had ever felt, it was tight, warm and wet.

She then began to fuck me hard. She was clawing my back and screaming for me to fuck her harder. I pounded her as hard as I could, just pulling out and ramming it home hard. I took her legs and put them around my neck. I was having the fuck of my life. Ashley was screaming for more and I gave her all that I had, after several minutes I said I am going to come and she grabbed me with her legs and held on for dear life. I than came and she screamed “I’m coming”. It was the most intense moment of my life.

We continued on for a few more hours like that and have spent several more afternoons going at it like that. She has became quite the fuck buddy for me now. I love that wonderful pussy and the way it taste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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