As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

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As I lay next to you in bed while you sleep, I kept tossing and turning. I was so horny, I could not sleep. I know you need your sleep and I should not wake you up, but the temptation was great. I know I should go to sleep but I do not seem to be able to do it.

I closed my eyes and thought of the things I like to do to you. I love running my hand over your chest and down. The hair on your chest and belly makes my whole body tingle. I keep going down to your cock all nestled and asleep. I love waking it up slowly, lightly running my fingers up and down and around your cock and balls until they start to swell.

I start to breath deeply and inhale your scent. My pulse starts to race. I start to run my hands lightly over my body, swirling around my breasts over and over again. I touch my nipples lightly then I squeeze. I pretend it is your hands touching me. I lick my fingers and go back to my nipples, pretending it is your tongue going around and around. I wish I could take them into my mouth and suckle them like you do but I have to make do with just pretending.

I start thinking about your cock and balls again. I take my casino oyna tongue and slowly make a path to them stopping at your nipples and lightly flick them over and over. I get to your navel and dip into it a few times, I hear your breathing stop and start. I can tell you are anxious for me to keep going. I make a trail to your cock, I take my tongue and stroke it gently. I can tell you want me to take it into my mouth but not yet. I need to taste your balls. I lick them all over and take them into my mouth. I torture you for a few moments, then I reach up and take hold of your cock with my hands. I pet it lightly, up and down. It’s not enough. I have to take it into my mouth. I tease my way to the base, moving my tongue around and around. Then, back up to the tip. I feel your hand in my hair.

I am getting so excited while you are still sleeping at my side. I take my hands on down my body still touching very lightly. I touch my belly, then over my hips. My hands keep creeping down to where I needed them most. I know I shouldn’t be doing this while you are next to me but I can’t seem to help myself. I finally get to my shaved pussy and still lightly canlı casino pet myself. My hips start to move on their own. I try to be quiet but a few moans escape. I let one finger slip into the slit between my legs just sliding up and down.

I go back to thinking of you in my mouth, throbbing , sliding in and out , tasting so good while I let my breasts slide up and down your hairy thighs.

Suddenly my finger going up and down is just not enough. I slide another one in and start playing with my clit. Slowly moving in circles around it without really touching it. I can feel it start to swell. I move my fingers down and around the opening of my pussy, not quite going in but close. It feels so good. I am pretending it is your tongue licking me. It is going around the opening of my pussy and then up and around my clit. You keep going back and forth until I feel I am going to explode. Finally I am desparate enough to grab one of the toys you bought me and bring it to my pussy. I use it instead of my fingers pretending it is your cock doing this.

My mind is back to thinking about your cock. I am almost swallowing it. I can feel it kaçak casino at the base of my throat. I take out my dentures to get even more into my mouth. It is getting so big and hard and hot. I can tell you are about to come but I want you in me first. I want to take and slide your cock all the way into my pussy over and over until you almost come inside me. You are starting to sweat and I lick it from your chest. I go back to taking you in my mouth again. I do not mind the taste of my pussy on you. It is kind of nice and sweet.

Now I need more, I turn the vibrator on to a low hum and start to put it inside of me. I push it in and out slowly. I am dripping wet. I get so close. I think about you flicking your tongue around my clit while the vibrator goes in and out. I am so close.

I think of you getting close and I take my mouth from you. I drip some lube on your cock and start with my hand again going down your cock and then back up and around the head. Then back again. You are starting to get off.

My vibrator starts to go faster and faster. So does your tongue. I start to explode while I think about you cumming. I love to watch you squirt out and listen to you moan in ecstasy.

When I finally come down from my orgasm, I sigh and turn to look at you. You are looking back. You were not asleep, just enjoying the show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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