Arrested Ch. 04

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Peggy was on all fours over his prone body, her mouth neared his and he wondered to himself “how would this feel?”. He’d never tasted his own cum before and she was about to kiss him with some of it still on her tongue. Peggy let her lips rest gently on his in a soft slow kiss before she used her tongue to open his lips.

He could feel her body pressed along the length of his, her breasts burning into his chest her pouty cunt lips against his flaccid cock. Fred wrapped his arms around her and held her tight, whatever surprises she held he was ready to accept. He tasted himself on her lips and tongue, slightly salty but not unpleasant, it was a new experience for him and he loved new experiences.

He felt there would be many with her in the months to come. His cock lay between his legs spent from her expert oral lovemaking so they kissed and touched each other and began to talk. He told her of his job, she shared hers with him. They talked about small things they shared like movies, music, and television shows.

All the while they gently touched each other’s bodies finding soft places, hard places, places that made the other one squirm with either delight or annoyance. In this way they discovered how to make better love with each other. As they talked and stroked each other’s bodies his cock began to harden once again.

Peggy watched it as her head lay on his chest. It thickened and got longer as blood rushed to fill it. She helped it along by nibbling on his nipple and letting her fingernails trail along his abdomen. casino oyna Soon his shaft was thick and stiff and pointing at her.

“Well, hello, what have we here?” she laughed as she took it once again in her hand. It was warm and soft to the touch and she wanted it inside her.

She straddled Fred’s body putting her waiting pussy lips just above his cock. She moved like a dancer letting her nipples brush against his chest and began to kiss him once again with more passion.

Fred’s hands reach around her and found the soft curves of her bottom, his hands smoothed the skin of her ass cheeks and traced the curves leading to her nether lips. He brought his hands around and let his palms glide across her nipples which were like two little pebbles against his skin.

He squeezed her breasts gently and pulled her up so he could suckle each one. Her nether lips were wet with own juices now and the tip of his cock pressed against what can only be described as pouty lips.

“I want my cock deep inside you Peggy, I want you to take as much of me as you want for as long as you want, I want to feel your sweet lips grab at my cock and pull me inside you.”

No one had talked to her like this before, both loving and very sexy, it excited her and she wanted the same thing. She put her hands on either side of his head and lowered her breasts to his lips, then she pushed her hips back and felt his head enter her outer lips. It felt big, almost too much so, but she pushed back until she felt the little pop of his crown canlı casino push it’s way past her first fleshy petals. Peggy just lay there for a moment feeling his cock head’s heat, and enjoying the sensation of being opened again by a cock.

“I want to fuck you nice and slowly Fred, I want your cock to fill me, and I want all of you deep in me.” Just saying it made her shiver, she never spoke like this to her other lovers, and she could see it excited him.

She felt it too as his cock jumped, she pushed back a little more and another inch or two slid inside her wet walls. She was still laying on top of him with her breasts against his hairy chest.

He put his lips to her ear and nibbled on her lobe, he whispered “fuck me Peggy, I want you to fuck me now.” She didn’t need a second invitation.

She moved only her hips back and forth to take his cock deep inside her and then let it slide out once again. Each time she took more of his dick than before until she felt all of it inside her pussy the hair around his shaft against her shaved lips.

Peggy sat up on her legs and raised herself up a little. His cock looked like it was holding her up as it stood straight up and disappeared inside her. She reached behind her and held his balls and lowered herself slowly again. “Unnhhh” was the only sound that escaped her lips as his cock buried itself deep in her.

His eyes were wide open and her drank in her body and watched her every movement, this too was new for her. It emboldened her. She threw her head back kaçak casino and began to ride him easily at first letting her cunt get used to his size, then a little harder forcing it deep inside her. Peggy held his balls in one hand and directed his hand to her clitoris. His fingers found it under its little hood and put pressure on it each time she forced herself down on him.

They soon had an erotic rhythm going with their bodies and their moans and whispered words created a sexy soundtrack that filled the room. Peggy could feel the walls of her pussy tighten around his thick shaft and knew when he was nearing his release, his cock hardened even more if that was possible, his balls tightened up against his body, and his shaft thickened and filled her.

Her breathing was shallow and rapid her moans more intense and higher pitched. Fred loved the sounds that came from her, so primal so erotic, so real.

“Keep your eyes open my love, I want to look into them when we cum.” She opened them and he looked deep into her and they began to release at the same time. Fred lifted his ass off the bed and buried his cock in her, his hands held her legs down on his so she took all he had as his cock throbbed it’s release of warm fluids into her.

Peggy felt herself reach her orgasm, it coursed through her body making her skin a flush pink, and sending waves over her nether lips and through her abdomen. She loved the feel of his dick so far in her and the sense of him filling her physically and sensually. She didn’t move until they had both finished, and then she lay on top of him again. Fred wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

“You are the most exciting lover I’ve ever had Peggy, just lay here with me now.” And they did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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