Aquata Cove Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Leadership

Adra Merrick soon made it to the pod of merfolk, with Adra Savarna holding onto his shoulders on his back. He swam around the merfolk, waving his tail up and down as he glided along, until he assumed his place, at the right side of a round gap of the group. Savarna looked around, climbing up to Merrick’s head, until she suddenly swam off.

Merrick turned to see Savarna jet to a much longer mermaid. Her whole body reflected a deep light that shimmered her white, pearlesant skin. Upon her skin, there are silver, symbolic marks that designed along her arms, tail, torso, and head. From her head, are long tendrils of frilly fins, with a band of seaweed wrapped around her head, under half of her headfins, which bound several spiral shell slices, as well as various crystal and shell shards draped and adorned on her elegant form. On either side of her are thin, semi-transparent, cloak-like membranes run from her wrist, and reached to her hips. Her long tail flows with a long, veil-like tail fin

One webbed hand felt a rugged driftwood branch, that has been marked by scorched symbols of ancient text, with a large pearl strapped on one end, and a chipped ramosus shell at the other end.

The graceful mermaid same to Merrick, smiling gently as Savarna swam around her.

“Greetings, Son.” She said.

“Greetings, Mother.” The mermaid then drifted to her spot on the left side of the gap, with Savarna swimming quickly to her spot, right next to her mother. Merrick then turned around behind him, and turned back, for his father is arriving.

At least 10 ft tall in length, undulating his mighty, blue and black tail, carrying a thick shaft, attached with a fish knife at the bottom end of the pole, and a three 12inch spiral shells tied with fishing line onto two detached anchor prongs. A large, sharp fin on both his forearms, and a long dorsal fin from the base of behind his neck, and down his back, to below his hips. His face sported several thick, sharp spines on his chin, and onto his head, along with other sharp fins on the top of his head.

The large merman swam smoothly next to Merrick, raising both his arms. The merman opened his mouth, and let out a strange, deep call. All of the merfolk immediately ceased their mingling, and turned their attention to him, the white veiled mermaid, Merrick, and Savarna.

The merman lowered his arms just a little bit, but held them open, “Another Season of Birth has come to pass in the warm waters of the Hawaiian Islands. I feel rejoice in knowing seven young ones have joined my pod. Our Family. On this, the eve of the Full Moon, our pod moves on. We shall return by the seventh moon. May the Sea Mother, Atargatis, shine her love on our souls. May the Piscien Guardian, Leviathan, watch over us and protect our lives. On this day, you follow me, your Triton Kaiken. You follow your Noita Umiato,” The white mermaid smiled, and nodded, “Your Adras, Merrick and Savarna,” Merrick gave a formal nod, while Savarna waved her warm eagerly, “The Time of Departure is now!”

Kaiken then turned about, and moved forth, along with Umiato, Merrick, and Savarna. The whole pod then followed along with them.

“Ok, um…” Merrick said, sitting on the stoney floor of the crystal cavern, hidden behind the waterfall, in his human form, facing Adam with a cluster of glowing shards stacked in the middle between them, like a campfire, “Who rules the humans, Adam?”

Adam rubbed his 5 O’clock shadow as he thought, “Well… That’s a bit complicated.”

“How so?”

“Well, see, there are about 7 continents on the planet. There many different and similar ideas of leadership; too many to count in fact. I’m no expert, but I’ll try and break it down.

“In America, where we are now, a man called the President leads our land. Well, we’re actually mostly… Enforced by our government, which is made up of many people.”

“How do they work, Adam?”

“Ehehheh, I haven’t the faintest idea. I try and stay out of politics. Let’s just say, nobody likes the government. They’re just a bunch of selfish, power-hungry tyrants that gets on everybody’s nerve.” Adam said bitterly.

“And humans just… Let them do what they want?”

“We don’t have a choice, canlı bahis Merrick. We’re stuck with them and their bullshit.”

“… What about the other continents? What about humans who live on different lands.”

“Well, there IS human royalty. Some lands are ruled by Kings and Queens, and when they die, their children – princes for boys, princesses for girls – take over and rule the lands. Some lands are led by Emperors, which is virtually the same as kings. Dictators or tyrants, who are vicious leaders that ruthlessly force their citizens to do as they command. And that’s pretty much the majority…”

“That’s… Good enough, Adam. It’s starting to make me a little confused.”

“Heheheh,” Adam chuckled, “I knew it would,” He picked up a crystal, and placed it onto the pile, “So, my turn,” Merrick nodded, and sat himself at attention, “What exactly is your position in the pod? I mean, are you a hunter, or a gatherer?”

“In my pod,” Merrick began, “I’m what’s known as the Adra Triton.”

“Right… And that is a…”

“Adras are the children of the Triton and the Noita. They’re the leaders of our pods.”

“Ah! Ok. Tell me about them.” Merrick smiled, and giggled.

“You’re cheating, I’m supposed to ask you a question~”

“Good point,” Adam smirked, “Tell me anyway~”

“Hehehe… Can I get a kiss afterwards?” Adam grinned wide at that, and leaned himself toward Merrick.

“I can give you a kiss now~” With that, he gently pushed his lips down onto Merrick’s mouth. He closed his eyes as he lapped affectionately, slowly, and deeply sharing his tongue into the other’s mouth, his lips pulling lightly onto Merrick’s lower lip. Merrick can feel himself moan just a little as Adam massaged his lips against the other. He nuzzled Merrick, before he parted, and sat back. Merrick blushed and giggled.

“Hehehe. A-Anyway~… The Triton is the leader of the pod. He is what protects and guides our pod. Tritons are the only mermen in the pod who carry a trident to represent their position as the leader of the pod.”

“Sounds familiar,” Adam said with a chuckle. Merrick’s eyes widened as he looked at Adam with astonishment.

“R-Really?! You already knew that???”

“Heheheh, not really. It’s kind of an idea that humans came up with from a story, and in Greek mythology. And what about the Noita? What do they do?”

“The Noita is the Triton’s mate. No Noita lead in their own pod; the Noita is a mermaid that is a different species than any of the other mermaids of the pod.”

“How come? What makes her so different?”

“It’s tradition. When a Triton falls in love with a mermaid, she becomes blessed with new life in her blood by the moon’s light, and then she feels the love from the Triton in return, and they become mated.”

“And the Adras? Who are they?”

“As I said, the Adras are the children of the Triton and the Noita. An Adra Triton is raised to be the leader of his father’s pod, or to lead and raise his own pod. The Adra Noita is taught the ways of the moon and the tides by her mother.

“Ok, Adam,” Merrick said with a smile, “It’s YOUR turn now~”

“Heh,” Adam said with a smile, “Alright…” Adam adjusted his legs so that he is sitting differently, “Can I kiss you again?”

The smile on Merrick’s lips turned into a playful grin, “Yeah…”

Adam then got on his hands, and crawled towards Merrick. Merrick smiled and giggled as the human came in close, and pushed his mouth against the other. Merrick met the open-mouthed kiss with a moan as Adam forced his tongue into Merrick’s mouth, “Mmmmmfff~!” Merrick could feel his strength draining from his arms as his body gradually lowered itself down. Adam moved himself onto the blonde male as he over took his lips in a very passionate kiss.

Soon, Merrick’s head would lie on the stone as the human lay down against him, tilting his head side to side to drive his tongue deeper into that mouth. Merrick’s hands brushed against Adam’s bushy chest, and felt along his strong arms, and along his thick back.

When Adam parted the kiss, Merrick gasped for air, moaning in heat as he felt so many pheromones rush through his head, “A-Adam… You’re so…” He moaned pleasantly as Adam brushed his raging boner against Merrick’s bahis siteleri thigh.

“Well, I gotta say, I find it extremely sexy to find this out about you,” Adam’s cock poked against Merrick’s leg, “You know, all this time, I’ve been fucking a gorgeous prince~” Merrick moaned weakly as he squirmed under Adam, hugging him and hardly able to speak.

“I-Is that bad?”

“No, baby, no,” Adam growled as he nibbled his teeth against Merrick’s neck. The merman gasped and moaned, feeling such a rush of lust and excitement, “It just REALLY turns me on~!” He said, semi-muffled as he gnawed on Merrick’s shoulder. Under his body, Merrick could feel Adam’s cock rubbing his rear, the bottom of his soft crevice.

“Adam… It’s my… Question…” Merrick uttered, barely able to string a sentence together.

“Name it…” Adam muttered, feeling so hot, he could just cum right there.

“Do you love me???”

“Hallmphh!” Adam’s lips bore down on the other. Merrick moaned weakly as Adam kissed him harshly. Merrick’s hands traveled and felt along Adam’s back. He rubbed his flawless body against Adam’s bristly form. His tongue danced and hugged on Adam’s tongue, further arousing both males into a haze of hot, dizzy lust.

Adam broke the kiss again in a few, deep huffs. He then crawled backwards, feeling his foot kick away the neat stack of glowing, hot crystals.

Merrick looked down as Adam moved his head lower and lower, panting as Adam’s mouth smile, before opening up, and engulfing Merrick’s hard penis. Merrick dropped his head back and moaned out as his member rose up into the wet, velvet warmth. Merrick rolled his head as Adam’s mouth rose up and down, bobbing his head between Merrick’s thighs, sucking his dick into his mouth so easily. The merman sighed and whimpered as the human rocked his head back and forth.

Adam slowly eased his head back, and gave a deliberate suckle off the head of Merrick’s cock. He lowered his head down, and started to lick those succulent testicles. Merrick squirmed even more as he felt his tender orbs toyed with by Adam’s tongue. The man then slurped one of Merrick’s full balls into his mouth, licked around his sack, “Ohh, Adamm… Suck on both of them~” Adam then opened his mouth, and rolled in both of Merrick’s orbs into his wild mouth. “Ahhhh~!” Merrick’s dick bobbed as he writhed with pleasure while Adam juggled and slurped his nuts in his mouth. Adam licked up and around Merrick’s jewels sloppily, bouncing his balls around his nether regions, before giving each orb a kiss, and then straddling Merrick’s legs over his shoulders.

Adam then put his face between Merrick’s smooth mounds, licked his wet tongue along Merrick’s crack. Merrick gasped out and moaned in total heat as he felt Adam lick at his pink taint. He arched his back as Adam gingerly wiggled his tongue against Merrick’s anus. Merrick groaned in sheer bliss as he felt those firm licks into sphincter. The younger male moaned more and more, his dick puling as it curved from all of the arousal that Adam is inducing into him. Adam licked that hole up and down, and slowly pushed his tongue down into Merrick’s sweet pucker. The man dug into Merrick’s rear for several long, hot, sweaty minutes, Adam moved back, and removed those legs off of his shoulders.

Adam then crawled up above the merman, and straddled his legs onto his sides, and rubbed his own boner into Merrick’s moist rearend. He hovered himself above Merrick, and penetrated his member right into Merrick’s wet opening.

“AWWWW~<3" Merrick moaned out in satisfied passion as his lover's cock burrowed its way into his willing entrance. Merrick's legs interlaced behind Adam's backside as he sank his fat member deep into the merman's anus, driving the younger male mad with lust. Merrick clung to Adam with his dainty hands as the other man moved back, and then hilted him again, "AhhhhHHH!" “Fuck, yeahhhhh!” Adam growled as Merrick’s moist, warm tunnel squeezed around his dick. Merrick cried out when that cock pushed against that hidden G-Spot. His own member throbbed hard against Adam’s trail as his asshole swallowed that fat cock over and over again. He wailed in pleasure as his anus stretched around Adam’s rod each time he sank his penis down into Merrick’s rear. Adam bahis şirketleri lowered his head onto Merrick’s neck, and suckled on a spot on Merrick’s neck. The merman cooed pleasantly as Adam smoothly slid his shaft back and forth, elating a voiceful moan each time Adam pushed balls-deep into him. Everytime the idea of him fucking a member of royalty flashed through his mind, Adam’s heart pounds with excitement. Of all people, he’s the one who is making a prince of merfolk beg for his cock. Princes his age are supposed to be refined and disciplined, yet Merrick is so playful and cute, and plus he loves having him jam his dick up his ass! Every thought of this made him inject a glob of precum inside of Merrick’s insides.

Once things calmed down a bit, Adam took it nice and easy, slowly rocking his hips back and forth, delicately kissing his lover while the other stroked his neck and his short brown hair. Adam bit his lower lip, and moved his pelvis at an elevated angle, in order to force a moan out of Merrick. He nipped at Merrick’s chin as he rubbed that one spot inside Merrick, making him moan more and more before easing back, and delivering gentle thrusts again.

“No…” Merrick mumbled. Adam looked curiously at him.


“Keep… Keep doing that until I cum…” He whimpered. Adam smiled as positioned himself again, and started pushing the head of his cock on the spot in question. “AWHHHH! Right there~~” Merrick wailed out. Adam bit his lower lip again as he could feel himself getting close, as that warm, wet tunnel massaged and pressed around his member. He looked down at the lust-driven blonde as he continued his movements into his anus. “Ohhh~ OoohhhhHHH~! Awwhhhh~!” Merrick moaned continuously, and more weakly as Adam kept pushing and pushing.

“Merrick… I’m gonna… It’s coming…” Adam grunted and groaned as he hilted Merrick once more, “FFFFFFFFFFuuuck!” He felt his balls tighten, and unloaded his juices all over in the inside of Merrick.

“AdaamMMMM~<3!! AWWHhhhhhHHH~~" Merrick panted as his dick convulsed, and squirted a pool of white gravy between him and Adam's bellies. Merrick laid back, his mouth smiling while gaping open. Yet another satisfied prince, Adam thought. He gently slid his cum-covered, semi hard penis out of Merrick's rear, and laid down right next the merman. Merrick turned, and snuggled affectionately to Adam. He nuzzled against his fuzzy chest as he ran a hand along those abs. He murred quietly as he felt the lingering energy remain in his anal area, smiling in bliss as Adam’s arm wrapped around the merman. “… So what about you, Adam?” Merrick asked, “Are YOU an Adra?” “Well-“ “No wait… Not an Adra, I mean a Per… A pri…” “A Prince?” “Yeah, that!” Adam gruffed in amusement. “Me? Nah, I’m nobody.” “You’re… Nobody?” “Yeah,” Adam said, “I’m not royalty. I’m no one special, or famous, or even well connected. I’m just a fishboy working the delivery cart on the pier,” Adam chuckled and then shook his head, “But I love it,” Merrick smiled at him, “I have a great life. I don’t want to be a prince or something like that. I’m perfectly happy dropping off fish around the pier. It’s a job I like, and I live just the way I want to, with two of the best roommates I could ever have, in a great household given to me by my grandparents…” Merrick smiled as he nuzzled Adam, and kissed his cheek, “I’m sorry, but you’re wrong, Adam.” The man blinked, and looked to his side at Merrick. “What?” Merrick then dragged himself up onto Adam, and sat on his cum-covered lap. He put his hands on Adam’s burly pecs, and looked down at his human. “You ARE special, in every way possible.” Adam couldn’t help but smile as Merrick lowered down, and kissed him on the lips once, twice, three times, before lying himself on top of Adam, and rubbing the side of his face against him, “… Because no one has ever made me feel anything like this before…” Adam smiled happily as he put his hands over Merrick’s smooth back. “I love you, Adam…” Merrick mumbled weakly as he slowly closed his eyes, loving the feel of Adam’s hand softly rubbing and stroking long his back. Merrick soon fell asleep in Adam’s arms, laying his head on the other’s chest like a pillow. Adam looked lovingly onto his boyfriend, and softly kissed his forehead. “I love you too… My prince…” He whispered gently, caressing the young merman in his arms, in the warm, crystalline cave.

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