Appointment with the Dean

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I am a Registered Nurse from the UK but over the past few years have been in the USA completing a PhD and am now continuing you my advanced education, training to be a Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist. One of our lecturers is an elderly gentleman Professor, of whom on the whole I think very highly. Never-the-less, he is in his early eighties and some of his subjects I lectured on as part of my PhD. Sadly, much of his substance is so out of date it is unbelievable, a fact which is unfair to his students who are paying a lot of money to complete this course.

One lunch break my colleagues and I were discussing his lectures and I, being a PhD, was asked by the group if I would represent them and talk to the Dean of the Faculty, a very beautiful woman for whom I have had the hots for some considerable time, I also had a sneaking suspicion that those desires were reciprocal. However, as to the subject in hand, I was initially somewhat concerned, but in the end I felt that this subject was so important it had to be challenged. So it was that I made an appointment but a day or so later found myself considering that this appointment might also become an opportunity to see if my observations could be proven correct. One clue I thought might be, that if she was to make the appointment late in the day, perhaps, just perhaps, she might be considering the same as I.

Walking through the Department of Nursing I was really quite struck as to the absence of a large number of people, why I don’t know for the Department closes at 1600 hours. And only the Evening Managerial Staff were around. The Deans Office is at the far, far end of the Department, and the offices of the evening and night nursing management team are just at the entrance of the Department. So where the Dean’s Office is located, all was silent.

It was an environment, that for me, as a former, and hopefully again in the future, Director of Operating Theatre Nursing, seemed somewhat disassociated from the normal run-of-the-mill rush and tumble of such a department. Further, given that my appointment was not until 1730 hours (5:30 pm.,) this whole situation seemed to be confirming my former prophecy that if my suspicions were correct about the Dean, that the appointment would be late in the day.

As for me and my ensemble I was going to dress to kill: I wore no bra, only a light white silk/cotton top that is finely lace like embroidered across the tits and forms a “V” down into my cleavage. Not that a 34C provides much cleavage, but my nipples when stimulated make up for a lot! A black, ‘somewhat’ (Cough, splutter!!) short skirt which came about two-thirds down my thighs, but sported, once again a fine lacy pattern down the left side, diagonally across to my navel. Plain on the right except for a seam split to almost two-thirds of its length. When I sat at the most propitious angle, my Garter belt and suspendered black fishnet stockings on the split side, exposed a very nice amount of thigh. I was going to wear “Fuck Me” red high-heels but instead opted for mauve. After all, I doubted, and admit hoped, that she would not even look that far south anyway! Ha, ha.

Knocking on her door I was invited in and oh baby, what she was wearing, although not quite as flamboyant as my rig, she never-the-less looked “Oh so fucking sexy.” Normally she wears a very businesslike navy-blue suit, white blouse top under her jacket and low, black heels, always very professional. Not so now!

She was wearing a very high quality, all in one gray, slim line dress that really showed her figure. Narrow shoulder straps and the front dipped beautifully into her cleavage. Although I was WELL aware of the quality of her tits, this was the first time I had seen her displaying such an amazing amount of cleavage and it was “Sexy!” Running the entire length, top to bottom down the front of that dress was a zipper which at its top had a small ring, not unlike a key-ring, and it actually made my index finger twitch just wanting to loop into it and unzip this gorgeous woman. Sent shivers down my spine!

I knew my attire had quite an effect on her, because when she opened the door, her voice went up a couple of decibels as she asked me to come in and have a seat.

Before sitting I moved the chair further back from the desk; after all, one does not want to dress for a part and not have the bits and pieces inadequately displayed! Naturally as I sat, I apologised for my attire, explaining that I had a party to go to later and although bahis firmaları I didn’t really want to go, I felt obliged to make an appearance.

“It does not start until eight, but I would not have time to return home and change, so I ‘came prepared’ as they say!”

The look on her face was astonishing as I sat down, because as I did so my thighs were momentarily apart and she obviously got a minuscule glimpse of my Gold Thong.

Shall we say: she did nothing to disenchant my thoughts that I was right about her, that she did have the hots for me! After that glimpse of my thong she was breathing rather heavily, and I have to say her breathing made her tits looks amazing every time she breathed in.

As I sat down it felt that she had become a little, shall I say, fidgety; so I angled myself to my right, and although I have only small breasts, that’s where her eyes were now looking, directly at my now enlarged bra-less nipples, an enigma caused after seeing her tits move when I first came in. This was luscious and I was enjoying myself!

After a little small talk, I began to express my concerns and present my groups opinions as to the subject in hand, as I did so I again momentarily opened my thighs as I now turned to my left, exposing the split and my suspendered stocking top. Wow, her eyes almost popped out, immediately looking at that split.

This is where she took me a little by surprise! First she told me that there had been some concerns expressed as to this ageing professor, the main complication being his tenure, but yes, she would like to talk more on it, if I had the time and the opinion of a PhD would be appreciated.

“Um, I know you have something to go to later, but do you drink wine?”

“Yes, I do.” This was when surprise number two popped up!

“Come with me, let’s find somewhere a little more comfortable.”

So saying she showed me into a small, but comfortable anteroom behind her desk.

“I don’t like to keep wine in the office and the armchairs here are more comfortable.”

As I commented on how comfortable it was, she continued: “Yes, its a nice quiet escape area when needed, and if the situation demands that I be available over night, my Chesterfield can be reconfigured into Queen size bed.”

There were two leather armchairs which were angled at almost forty-five degrees, and it was to the armchair to her right that I was directed as she poured two glasses of red wine. Being on her right meant that the split side of my skirt was always exposed! The thought rushed through my mind, ‘been here before!’ This was a game that I knew how to play, and as I took the glass of wine from her I was straight on and being so low she got yet another glimpse of my thong. As she sat I turned to face her and immediately her glance was to my thigh and my expectations soured. My split skirt was most certainly having its affect because she was very quickly into her second glass of wine, mainly I believe because her mouth was so dry! She offered me another, but I declined saying: “Maybe later.”

Whilst emphasizing a point apropos to our conversation, I slithered forward in my chair and my skirt rode up so high I had exposed both thighs above the stockings. Apologising profusely, I stood to pull it down, she immediately got up and said: “‘Oh don’t let that concern you” and assisted my smoothing it down, her hand smoothing over my backside. I immediately stood still, and looked straight faced into her eyes. I think for a moment she was thinking “Ooops!” At least until after a pregnant pause, I slid my left arm around her waist, pulled her in tight, placed my right hand on her cheek and kissed her with all the passion I could muster and I have to say it was not only well received but responded to with equal passion!

As we kissed I could not resist a personal inner smile as I thought: “I was right, I was right, I was right.” This woman is really wanting to get it on with me! As if that needed any further confirmation; looking into her eyes, I hooked my finger into the ring of that zipper and pulled it all the way down. What I was not expecting was the fact that other than a pair of skimpy panties, she was totally naked under that dress and what I was looking at was stunning. Forty-two she may well be, but she was gorgeous, yes her breasts had a slight sag south, but even without a bra they were proud and I loved them, and you know how I love tits.

She reads a book well! As she kissed my ear she whispered:

“Now kaçak iddaa tell me you your surprised! I’ve seen you look at me, the same way I have looked at you and we both know what we want.”

My response was to kiss her again and reach for her left tit… “Mm, bliss!”

We laughed as I told her to open the Chesterfield whilst I got undressed. To which she responded: “No. let’s both open it and then let me undress you, I want to be the one to get you naked woman!”

I had no argument there and she really took her time as we both enjoyed the experience. Kissing, licking and sucking breasts, hands roaming everywhere before I finally took off her panties, which were very, very wet. I put them to my face and inhaled her odour, kissing the gusset before tossing them to the armchair. Lying her on the bed, her knees over the side, I moved between her thighs, my arms under her thighs, pushing her knees high up and out exposing her lovely shaved pussy into which I now buried my very eager face and lathing my tongue up, down and deep into her slit. As she writhed beneath me I was now in the vestibule of her cunt and as my tongue traversed her introitus she let out quite a squeal. Looking up at her, she smiled at me as I said:

“I hope those doors are soundproof, because I aim to make you do a lot more than just squeal.”

“They are, and believe me you’re going to be just as noisy by the time I have finished with you…” “In the morning.”

All I could say was: “You’re on!”

Kissing this totally naked pussy was wonderful. I adore responsive and noisy lovers and she was holding nothing back! Tongue fucking her made her pelvis writhe but when I also got two fingers into her and finally found her G-spot, she was positively explosive; After enjoying with her for some time I began to feel the change in her body and her taste as her orgasm began to gather throughout her body. Over the years I have learnt the art of slowing and holding back what must ultimately occur, enticing those wonderful sensations to their peak, to the point that they can be held back no longer and that is when I give it my all; licking from her cunt to concentrate on her clit, licking and sucking with passion and zeal. I had timed it well, my lover was cumming and cumming hard, her pelvis lifted from the bed as the euphoria of her orgasm caused her to scream into orgasm, her cum gushing its way out to my very welcoming mouth. Kissing her labial lips, I moved to her side to hold her as the sensations within her slowly dispersed and she kissed me with a soft passion not frequently experienced. Holding her close she asked me: “Where the heck did you learn how to do that, I could feel myself cumming and somehow you held it off until the sensations were so acute I just had to cum, but it has never been so amazing as I have just experienced!

As we kissed we moved to lay on the bed together and I absolutely feasted on her tits. Her nipples are large anyway but now engorged and stimulated they were as sensitive as I have ever known a woman’s breasts and nipples to be. She was loving every moment, but quite suddenly I found myself on my back and her mouth totally ravishing my own. Combing my fingers through her short hair I moved her from one nipple to the other and mewled my delight at the sensations she was creating within me, but I was longing for her kisses and received no resistance when I told her.

“Come here woman and kiss me, kiss me, and kiss me again!”

For some considerable time we kissed every part of each others face, neck, shoulders, tits and mouth again and again and the passion on that bed was overwhelming. In the throes of a tongue delving kiss she slipped a leg between mine, bringing her thigh to my crotch and fucking it against me.

“Oh baby you are so wet!”

“So do something about it!”

No further encouragement was required; in just a simple move she was prone between my legs and her mouth was devouring my Majora. Sucking and biting each side before sliding her tongue into the crevasse of my soaking slit. Her tongue rode back and forth and every now and then I could hear her swallow my juices. I lay there submitting to anything she wished to do, and with that thought, her tongue slithered into my introitus and her index finger simultaneously forged its way into my anus. Fucking me there as her tongue fucked my cunt. With all the passion that we had just gone through it was not long before I felt those glorious sensations tingling throughout my body:

“Oh kaçak bahis Fuck. I’m cumming… Holy …”

I screamed out my pleasure as I drenched her face and especially her mouth with my ejaculate cum! Licking, kissing, swallowing, I loved it all and she was just as noisy as I in her heights of passion from my orgasm. Coming to her knees she leant over the side of the bed and from beneath the mattress produced a two way strap-on. Slipping her side into her cunt she harnessed herself in, knowing full well that I was totally wanting of this toy because I was sucking and biting her nipples as she tightened it down. Without another word my legs were spreadeagled wide and my knees up and out as this amazing phallus slipped into my cunt. It needed no lube, my cum was creamy enough to provide all that was required. Laying on me, her gorgeous 36Bs on my smaller tits, she kissed me deep as she pushed that cock all the way in. It must have been about 7″ because I felt it hitting my cervix as my cunt dilated and our tongues fought for supremacy within each others mouths! Once she felt that I was sufficiently dilated, she withdrew from me and exchanged the cock for an 8″, which also had more girth, this we had to lube, but once we got really fucking, I had the fuck of my life. Cumming twice I was alive with sensations as she asked:

“How do you feel about an ass fucking?”

“Mm, but go back down a size first.”

As she again exchanged the cock I turned onto all fours, and before that cock entered me she fucked me with a finger, then two dilating me before lubing me and slowly entering me! As she did so she grasped my elbows pulling them back; now all that was on the bed were my knees and my forehead. With my arms pulled right back it initially hurt a little, but there was method in her madness. The curve of a strap-on cock is amazing because if one is fucked Doggie-Style, like I was now, the upward curve can and often does stimulate your G-spot through the Recto-vaginal wall. She was obviously an expert and in a short while I felt my second orgasm rising within me and when I came: WOW! She released my arms, slipped the cock out. Lay on her back, moved her head up between my legs and buried her face into my orgasming slit where she went into a licking, feeding frenzy of my cum! Her hands were all over my butt cheeks and as I reached my peak she once again fingered my arse. I have never experienced such a happening as this, but I was going to later, when I did the same to her!

“Fuck, that was incredible!”

Rolling me back over, I almost tore that strap off of her and once again buried my face into her. This woman tasted so beautifully sweet it was difficult to stop even after her next orgasm. However, she pulled me to her once again and we relished in the wonderful art of feminine kissing, an art form that men will never understand.

As we quieted she offered me another glass of wine and for a while we just sat there, chatting, laughing about how long we had both been lusting after the other and both admitting that we had dressed this evening with the goal of fucking the other. She confided in me the dress was particularly chosen in order that she could still maintain a professional appearance just in case she was wrong. I on the other hand admitted dressing to tease, to which she responded:

“Well that most certainly worked, I almost took you as soon as I saw your suspender under that split.”

“Mm, I loved the way your tits moved as you breathed at that moment and before!”

“You like toys?”

“Yes, I love Butt Plugs and Anal Beads, also my Lelo Gigi Vibrator, and like you, a strap-on, mine is also two way. Both sides are fitted with vibrators, but I have never had done to me what you did!”

“What was that?”

“Pulling my arms back like that and then flipping onto your back as I had that last orgasm, eating me out as veraciously as you did, while fingering my arse. I loved every moment!”

Laughing, she told me: “Your in America baby, the word is Ass! And oh by the way that was not your last orgasm tonight baby, as soon as we finish this wine… It’s orgasm time for both of us.”

It was, we had the 69 from cunt heaven and after we both had orgasms, close to simultaneously, it was lick each other clean time, shower, kiss and sleep. Where the time went I’ll never know, but it was time very well spent! I even had an amazing alarm clock; I was awoken with this wonderful woman between my legs, and breakfast was another 69!

If you have never orgasmed with a nearly full bladder, try it. It is really something else!

During our morning lecture today I was wondering what I could do to have me sent to the Dean! Damn I am such a slut!

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  10. ссылка на гидру довольно обширный, в основном, это одна из особо популярных платформ в государствах СНГ. Потому, если для вас нужны определенные запрещенные категории товаров, тогда вы точно отыщите их здесь.И большое число иных товаров, которые относятся к этим общим категориям. Сверх того, Гидра и портал площадки постоянно прогрессируют, торговых центров делается все больше и больше, набор товаров подрастает, поэтому, если тут чего-то не было вчера, сможет обнаружиться сегодня.

  11. Пользоваться трейдерской платформой hydraruzxpnew4af трудно. Для Вас мы приготовили все потенциальные варианты облегчения этой задачи. Созданная нами неизменно работающая гидра ссылка позволит легко и очень быстро раскрыть сайт в традиционных браузерах, таких как Google Chrome, Яндекс.Браузер, Opera и т.д. Для перехода стоит только нажать на кнопку ОТКРЫТЬ и воспользоваться услугами торговой площадки Hydra. С целью защищенности пользователя от обмана и предупреждения перехода по фишинговому интернет-адресу, мы указали ссылку на трейдерскую платформу Гидра, с возможностью ее тиражирования (посредством щелчка кнопки СКОПИРОВАТЬ) и применения в защищенном Tor браузере. Наша роль облегчить пользователям доступ к гидре и тем самым позволить платформе развиваться и процветать, мы за беспрепятственный online без общественно-политических запретов.

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