Any Chance We Could Ch. 44

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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to fully appreciate this tale.

Tuesday, November 6

I kinda woke up and felt my cock head being stroked. I was on my side with my face in blond hair. Veronica was stroking the head of my cock while holding it against her slightly spread and moist labia. She was slowly moving her hips. I glided my hand from her waist up to her breasts and grasped one of them. Hmmm, I thought, it feels fuller with her on her side. I loved being nestled against and holding the love of my life. As I felt my cock slide along her wet channel I started to gently move my hips forward to gain entry. Just then I heard her voice from a slight distance crying out, “Don’t fuck your Dad.”

Oops what the hell was going on. I labored to get my eyes open and raised my head a bit just to hear Ashley say, “I won’t, I’m just playing with him. God Mom, he feels good. I know why you can’t keep him out of your pussy.” Holding my arm in place she moaned, “Mmmm, keep squeezing Dad, your hand feels nice.”

I tried to roll away from Ashley but the body pressed against my back kept me in place. “Just enjoy us Dad, Ashley needs you to make her come,” Katrina softly spoke in my ear.

“Turn and face me sweetheart, I’ll try to satisfy you,” I said into her delightfully fragrant hair. After she turned over we kissed, one of these less than delightful morning breath kisses, but I didn’t mind and she didn’t pull away. Her lips were soft and moist. As my tongue explored her open mouth I moved my hand down her body to begin touching her clit and running my finger in her wetted slit. She spread her legs a bit to welcome my hand and fingers. I began to stroke in and out of her with one finger then another while keeping my thumb on her clit.

“Suck my tits, Dad,” she said breathlessly after breaking our kiss. She scooted up a bit and I did what a good dad is supposed to do. If a child asks for something reasonable, do it. As I was enjoying her luscious tits, moving from one nipple to another I moved my fingers to apply pressure to her asshole. I was thwarted by bumping into the wide base of a butt plug. As I more fully inserted my finger in her pussy I could feel the ridges on the plug with the back of my finger as I found her G-spot. Her breathing increased and she came with a loud, “God damn, that’s what I wanted! I love you Dad, don’t stop.” I masturbated her for a few more minutes before she put her hand over mine to still my movement and told me she was now too sensitive. As she rolled onto her back I released her nipple from my mouth and sucked my finger after pulling it out of her pussy.

After opening the drapes, Veronica stepped over to the side of the bed. She bent over and lovingly kissed Ashley deeply, “Good morning my love. Feel better?”

“Ohh, what do you think?” she groaned.

From my back Katrina said, “Get on your back and I’ll blow you. It’ll cost you though.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet. Get on top of me and I’ll say good morning by eating your delicious pussy. What made both of you so wanton this morning,” I asked as Katrina straddled my face and leaned down taking my erection into her mouth.

“We woke up this morning wanting you, simply that,” said Ashley as I put my hands on Katrina’s ass and pulled her glistening pussy to my mouth. I was licking her vagina and noticed that she too had a butt plug in.

“Lover, lube my thumb and pull her plug out,” I asked stretching my hand out to feel Veronica squeezing some cool KY on my thumb and spreading it. She then reached over Ashley and gently pulled Katrina’s plug out and generously squeezed some into her relaxed and slightly open asshole. As I continued to tongue fuck her vagina I pushed my thumb into her ass and began stroking it in and out. I could feel her pleasured humming as she took my cock deeper into her mouth with each bob of her head. A minute later her pace increased and shortly I groaned, “Now, honey, now.” I felt my balls tightening and began to pump into her mouth.

She swallowed all that I gave her. Then as I softened she let me fall out of her month and laid her tits on my cock and upper thighs. She momentarily gyrated her hips and in short order came as well with her juices liberally coating my face. I stroked her asshole a few more times and slowly pulled my thumb out and felt someone wipe my thumb with a tissue.

While she moved her hips from over my face she kept her chest over my cock. Then she took my soft cock, raised up a little and then moved my cockhead over one nipple than then the other, wiping the last of my release around her nipples.

“And what nasty thought’s on your mind,” laughed Ashley.

Before she replied we heard Carol’s melodic voice, “Well girls, you certainly know how to start a day.”

“Carol and I already showered. Why don’t the three of you use it now,” said Veronica, smiling. As the three of us mutually washed I asked Ashley, “Did you sleep with that plug in?”

“No, casino oyna I put it in this morning. We both did when Mom and Carol got up. We wear them for fifteen to thirty minutes twice a day. Mary Claire we give you the surprise wake up. Did you enjoy it?”

“Very much, what happened to her?” I asked.

“After eating Mom she went downstairs to fix breakfast. Said she’d he’d like to fuck you, but you’re always available so… .” laughed Katrina.

Over breakfast, Carol remarked, “Given the way our daughters reacted this morning, you’ve got six or eight horny women in the house panting after you. No wonder Katrina calls you super stud.”

“So many pussies, so little time,” I replied with a grin, “Max was right.”

Carol was dressed for work, less her jacket. Veronica was in a knee length pencil skirt and fitted silk blouse, tan stockings and light beige pumps. “Going somewhere special?” I asked.

“Yes, with you and Lauren to the closing,” she smiled.

“Wonderful, every minute away from you is one that I can’t ever replace,” I said as I stood, put my arms around her kissing the back of her neck.

“And a hopeless romantic, besides,” sighed Carol.

I made a mental note to myself to give Lauren a note instructing her to send Carol and Veronica a dozen roses this afternoon in my name.

Mary Claire was in a short robe, low heeled slides, mussed hair, yet she still looked radiant. I told her that and she replied smiling, “It’s love Dad. I love you like all these women. And I love Veronica and Carol too. I’m a woman in love.”

Katrina and Ashley were wearing spaghetti strapped tank tops, obviously without bras. When they stood to get dressed they were both wearing sheer to the waist pantyhose and three inch heeled slides. Both pair of pantyhose were sheer to the waist clearly showing their pussies. Noticing my look, Ashley put a hand on her hip, cocked it slightly spreading her legs, “We thought you might like this. It’s not stockings, but close, huh?”

“Close enough,” I said.

“Go ahead ask him,” stage whispered Katrina to Ashley. After a few exchanges of “no, you” they both giggled and finally Ashley asked, “Would you do something for us, all the females?”

“Sure whatever you want,” I smiled.

“Well, see the pantyhose we have on, you like them don’t you?” asked Katrina.

“Yes, of course,” I smiled wondering where this was going.

“You like them because you can see through them and because you like the way they feel to your touch. Right?” she continued.

“Yes, to both. What’s up?” I replied getting a bit impatient to get to a conclusion.

Katrina looked at Ashley then cleared her throat and said, “Well, we’d like for you to wear pantyhose sometimes for us to enjoy your package and slide our hands up your legs as you do us. Also, we want to fondle your amazing cock through the nylon.”

“You want me to cross-dress?” I evenly asked.

“No, not at all. Just wear pantyhose, preferably with no other underwear. With tee shirts or polo shirts. Will you do it?” Katrina asked rubbing her hand across my firm cock.

“Sure, for you. All of you, anything you ask.” I replied much to the surprise of Katrina and Ashley.

Veronica spoke up, “I don’t have any to fit you stud, or should I call you Joe Namath, but we can stop at Macy’s on our way home from the closing. Any particular color or style?” she asked looking at Carol.

“No, I don’t know what’s available get whatever you think is best,” I honestly replied.

“Wow, you’re easy,” smiled my daughter. “Will you wear some tonight?”

“Whenever or wherever you, any of you wish,” I replied.

Lauren walked in the door shed her dark grey coat laying it over the back of a dining room chair and walking toward us in a light blue skirt suit with matching pumps and hose, she said, “I like the look Katrina, Ashley. You both look good enough to eat.”

“Anytime you’ve got the time, we’re ready,” smiled Katrina.

“Looks like you just got up, she remarked to Mary Claire. It’s a sexy look for you,” she said smiling.

As she took the offered cup of coffee, Lauren asked Veronica, “Are you going to the closing with us? It’s at ten and we should probably leave at nine-thirty.”

“Yes, I am, I need to talk to Cheryl for a few minutes after she gets here, but nine-thirty sounds good,” replied a smiling Veronica before she wrote ‘agreed’ beside Alyssa’s recommendations for the kitchen’s countertops, flooring and blinds.

“I love that this is such a close family. You do everything together. Again thanks for making me feel a welcome part of it,” she smiled at both of us.

“We are close, but it’s our bank account that affords us the luxury of taking time to be with one another and ample time to express our love and support for each other. Many other families are close and love each other but they’re not able to take as much time as we because they’re working so hard making ends meet,” Veronica said.

She’s canlı casino right, I thought. No doubt there are others who are in loving families but they don’t have the opportunity to enjoy each other and life as much as us. At that moment I felt truly blessed to have such a family.

“I never thought about it like that,” Lauren said.

Lauren stepped toward Ashley and tentatively put her arms around her. As Ashley moved into the embrace, Lauren slid her hands down Ashley’s back and firmly caressed her ass cheeks. “Sorry, I just had to do that. Your ass is so fucking sexy,” smiled Lauren.

Unabashedly Ashley returned the kiss while returning the ass caress, saying as she broke the kiss, “Thanks, feel free anytime. You’ve got a nice ass too.”

As they stepped apart, Katrina teasingly interjected, “And mine is chopped liver?”

Lauren turned and stepped to Katrina embraced her and grasped Katrina’s ass saying, “Sorry, so many nice asses and titties, and only two hands.”

Katrina lightly kissed her and said, “This is a down payment for longer term mutual appreciation. Will you spend a night with my sister and me? Soon?”

“I’ve got to ref tonight, but I’ll be done by eight or eight thirty so if you want I can come back,” Lauren replied.

“It’s a date, if we’re not down here when you get here, come to our room,” replied Ashley broadly grinning.

Cheryl arrived just as the conversation between Katrina and Lauren ended. After hanging her long maroon coat on a hook in the closet she lightly kissed both me and Veronica. She was wearing a mid-thigh length skirt, a cotton button blouse with the top four buttons undone completely revealing a semi-sheer tan bra, obviously stockings and three inch pumps that matched her skirt.

Noticing my admiring glance at her legs, she said, “I’ve got a longer skirt in the car if we have visitors, but there aren’t any scheduled today.” Looking at Lauren she said, “You’ve got a game scheduled for today, so you won’t be here for dinner. And you’re going to a closing at ten,” she said looking at me.

“Yes, Lauren and Veronica are going with me. Mary Claire you’re welcome to come as well,” I added.

“I’d love to go. I hope I can get my hair dry in time.”

“You’ve got almost an hour, and since you’ll shower alone, you can probably do it,” laughed Carol.

Almost an hour later we piled into my car and drove to the title company for the closing. Lauren had one of her ubiquitous red wallets with the tie-string around it. All three women were dressed in knee length skirts, stockings, heels, tailored blouses and wearing light knee length coats for the cool morning air. Amy Anne was walking up to the door as we pulled into the parking lot. She saw us, waved and stood waiting for us. We all lightly hugged her and cheek-touched, then we went in to find the closing agent. We were shown into a room with a round table. Shortly, Gretchen, our closer, came in with a very small sheaf of papers. After I introduced all of us to Gretchen she put the pile of paper in front of me, sat next to me and after handing me a blue ballpoint pen proceeded to explain each document before getting my signature. The process went rather quickly because there were no loan documents. When she presented the final closing statement, Lauren got the appropriate cashier’s check out of her red folder and handed it to Gretchen.

Gretchen examined the check and compared the amount of the check to the amount on the closing statement, then from a separate folder handed Amy Anne a check for $48,000 made payable to the real estate company and one to Veronica for $24,000 after asking to be sure that she was the buyer’s agent. After asking for Veronica’s driver’s license and broker ID she excused herself to make copies and returned momentarily and put the copy in her file and returned the IDs to Veronica. The last thing she did was to hand me two sets of keys to

9,two garage openers, a book on the alarm system along with a paper-clipped sheet containing the current code. She then stood, shook each hand, gathered her papers and folders, then wished us a good day as she left the room. I handed all these to Lauren who put them in her red wallet.

“That wasn’t very complicated,” remarked Mary Claire.

“No, it wasn’t. Cash deals usually aren’t, but they’re a rarity,” explained Veronica.

“Thanks for the business Scott. Have you made plans yet for Saturday?” asked Amy Anne.

“No, just plan on starting after five and…,” I said leaving the rest unspoken.

On the way back to the car I noticed that the clear blue sky had been replaced by the some clouds and that the wind had become rather gusty. No sooner had I made that observation when a strong gust raised the skirts of the women. With cars passing nearby, instinctively all more or less fought to hold down their skirts. I still enjoyed the brief show with Mary Claire being the slowest to corral her flaired skirt. As we climbed into the car Veronica, who’d kaçak casino noticed Mary Claire’s action smiled at me, “Did you enjoy the unexpected flash?”

“Didn’t you too?” I replied. She merely laughed.

Mary Claire got out of the car with Veronica saying , “You can wait, we’ll only be a few minutes, or you both can come in if you want to.”

“What are they shopping for?” Lauren asked me.

“Pantyhose,” I said.

“I thought they always wore stockings,” replied Lauren.

“They’re for your boss” I replied.

“Veronica?” asked Lauren.

“No, for me. Katrina and Ashley want me to wear them from time to time and of course I said I would.”

“Cool, I’ll go with them. God you’re a stud,” she remarked as she opened the door and hurried after them.

Thirty minutes later they returned with two large shopping bags and two smaller ones. “We kinda lost our heads, we got multiple pairs of every color they had. Even gave us a quantity discount. The smaller bags are jewelry for your gorgeous CPA,” laughed Lauren.

On the way home Veronica commented that she hadn’t heard from Tram, but assumed he’d call her later in the week.

“You guys are all going out Saturday night aren’t you?” asked Lauren.

“Yes, we kinda made plans with Amy Anne’s family last Sunday. Mary Claire’s going out with Gloria Graham. I’m taking Amy Anne and Sue somewhere. Tram’s taking Veronica out. Carol hasn’t said who she’s taking yet, either Katrina or Ashley, or both. Would you like to be included, all expenses paid, then come back to our house between eleven or twelve for a bit of debauchery?” I asked.

“Sure, sounds like a sexy evening, but I’ve got plans to be at Mom and Dad’s for dinner and debauchery as well as breakfast Sunday morning. I do wonder if Max would want to ‘date’ me if the opportunity comes again in the future. I’m twelve years or so older, he may not even be interested,” smiled Lauren.

“Hells bells, Tram’s more than twenty years younger than me and he’s already said he’d like to seduce me. Can’t hurt to ask,” laughed Veronica. “Cathleen’s my age and she wants to take Max to Hedonism over New Years. The kid’s got a nice package and he’s getting to be a better lover every time we fuck. Think about that age difference. It can’t hurt to ask him.”

“Don’t forget Lauren, usual Friday night routine at the country club. Be sure Cheryl gets a headcount and orders the limo, please,” I added. I also quietly passed her the note I’d written about the flowers. She read it, including what to put on each card, and grinned.

After walking in the door, Cheryl greeted us and pointed to a bouquet of flowers on the dining room table. “Those came for you Veronica.”

As she handed Lauren and me two sheets of paper she said, “This is a summary of what I was able to learn about the farm house next door. The owner was in process of putting it on the market but she died before finalizing everything. The youngest daughter who lives in Joplin wants to sell it on the open market but the son who’s the executor and lives in Louisville wants it and the contents liquidated immediately in an auction. Another daughter who lives in San Diego supports the liquidation.”

“How in the world did you learn all that?” Veronica asked as she moved towards the flowers.

Cheryl smiled, “A friend of a friend was able to connect me with the youngest daughter who was very willing to be less than discrete about family matters. I can see why her mother didn’t trust her with handling her business. She was also in favor of the liquidation via an auction. The County property tax records appraise it at fifty thousand for the structure and at four hundred thousand for the land.”

Veronica finished walking over to the vase and after taking off her coat opened the small envelope addressed to her and read aloud from the card, “Pretty flowers for a gorgeous woman, looking forward to Saturday ‘Tram’.”

“Ahh, the seduction begins. I guess I’d better get crackin’ and order some for my dates,” I laughed. As I headed to my office I motioned for Lauren to follow me and then told her to arrange for the flowers for Veronica and Carol to be sent tomorrow mid-morning rather than this afternoon. I explained I didn’t want to make it look like I was competing with Tram by mine arriving on the same day. I asked her to make a note to talk to Carol and Veronica after our honeymoon to have fresh flowers delivered several times a week, and to stagger arrival times so some would arrive first thing in the morning and others mid-day and others late afternoon.

“For each, order Amy Anne and Susan a box of chocolate dipped strawberries for tomorrow. Then something from Godiva for Friday. Saturday have a pair of gold hoop earrings delivered for each woman in the morning,” I concluded.

Mary Claire prepared a cold lunch tray and while eating our sandwiches and drinking hot beverages, I heard Lauren ask Cheryl if she minded if she asked Max out sometime.

“I certainly don’t mind, have at it,” was her reply. “In fact after you move in you could just invite him to your suite. Hmm, I need to think about that, could I invite him to your suite as well?” grinned Cheryl.

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