Any Chance We Could Ch. 40

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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Friday, November 2

In the dim light of 5:30 as a cell phone alarm sounded Mary Claire reached across Carol to turn it off. With her long hair flying across my arm and face she rolled back to me with her breast pushing my shoulder, “Sorry, I’ve got to get up and work on breakfast.” With a quick kiss on the head of my cock she climbed over Carol and headed to the bathroom, closing the door while she showered. By six she was dressed and headed downstairs. I turned to spoon Veronica for awhile but my morning woody indicated I needed to relieve some pressure.

Less than five minutes later, Carol joined me in the shower and embraced me from behind. “Don’t have time for a fuck do we?” she asked gently stroking my soft but now hardening cock. “How ’bout this instead?” she quietly added as she knelt, turned me and took me into her mouth. After a few minutes of my cock in her mouth, my balls in her hand and a finger pressuring my asshole, I came.

“Thanks,” I gasped.

“Thought you’d like that,” she smiled. “A woman has to make sure her man is satisfied.” As we toweled each other off I made sure all her soft parts were nicely treated. I left the bathroom with her blowing her hair dry. Pulling back the covers, climbing in I snuggled with Veronica who was just beginning to wake up.

“Umm, lover. Who was in the shower with you?”

“Carol. Mary Claire got up awhile ago to work on breakfast, speaking of which I smell coffee.” I smiled and kissed her neck and nibbled on an earlobe.

“I’ll be down shortly. What’s our morning like?” she asked softly.

“After breakfast and after Keith leaves to do the inspections I need for us to spend some time with Cheryl and Lauren to begin fleshing out job descriptions. Speaking of flesh, your ass feels mighty good pressing against me.”

“Better than any other of the many asses in this house?” she giggled as she glanced back over her shoulder.

“Top of the heap, or bottom depending on the position,” I replied.

I lightly slapped her ass, rolled her onto her back, then squeezed her right breast as I kissed her. “Time to get up, Amy Anne’ll be here before you know it,” I reminded her as I got out of bed. I dressed in an oxford cloth shirt and khakis and went downstairs to get my first cup of coffee. Mary Claire attired in a white blouse tucked into a very short black skirt was perched on black patent 3 inch pumps with a white apron on that reached below the front of her skirt. While I enjoyed watching her, the very best view occurred when she bent in front of the oven with her ass pointed at me. The subtle wiggle that was included told me the brief show and glimpse of her red g-string was deliberate. The doorbell rang and interrupted my leering but not before Mary Claire looked over her shoulder and smiled.

I answered the door and invited Amy Anne in, greeting her with a hug and a brief kiss on the cheek. I took her light trench coat as my eyes enjoyed the form of her breasts that were apparent in her tight knit top as she slid it down her arms. I liked how she was dressed, business-like yet not overly conservative. Along with her well-fitted top under her blazer she was wearing a straight navy skirt that ended just at the top of her knees, light black hose and navy pumps with at least a three inch heel. In the heels we were virtually eye to eye.

“Let’s go into the kitchen,” I smiled. “Coffee, tea, juice. We have all three.” I led her by touching her elbow and pointing the way with the other hand. As we entered the kitchen I introduced her to Mary Claire.

“Is this lovely woman the one you’ve known for forty years, Dad? My you’ve aged but she hasn’t. It’s a pleasure to meet you … Mrs. Warren,” smiled Mary Claire taking Amy Anne’s extended hand.

“How about just Anne, or as Scott says, ‘Amy Anne’,” she smiled.

“Amy Anne it is, I like two word names. What would you like to drink?”

“Coffee sounds great.”

“When we knew each other you went by ‘Amy Anne’, why now just ‘Anne’,” I asked.

“It’s somewhat of a long story that I’ll tell you about another time,” she replied. “But I do like how you’ve put the two together.”

As Amy Anne turned from the table holding her cup, two more joys of my life came down the stairs, both dressed in polos and tight jeans wearing low heeled slides. “Ladies this is Amy Anne Warren. These two lovely ladies are our daughters Katrina, the gorgeous brunette and Ashley the awesome blond.”

After shaking hands and as the girls moved to the counter Amy Anne turned to me and asked, “How many children do you have?”

Veronica heard the question and answered as she entered via the dining room. “Four, depending on how you count. Ashley is my birth daughter, Katrina is Scott’s, Mary Claire has adopted us and we’ve pretty much adopted Cindy who’s at work right now. We love them all. It’s casino oyna nice seeing you again, particularly at this early hour Anne, or is it Amy Anne?” My future wife looked absolutely gorgeous, tight light green knit top with a plunging neckline that flattered her bust-line, an above the knee length brown skirt, tan hose and tan strappy slides.

“I just told Mary Claire to call me either, but I think I’d like to be called Amy Anne by this lovely family.”

Just as the girls were pouring themselves coffee, Carol came down the stairs and a brief look passed between her and Amy Anne as she entered the dining room that Veronica caught but didn’t react to. Carol introduced herself and shook hands with Amy Anne. “I’m Carol McDonough, I’m not a daughter but I live here,” she laughed.

Mary Claire herded us all to the dining room table which she’d set earlier and put a wonderful selection of a bacon, egg and cheese casserole on the table along with freshly baked cinnamon rolls. The aromas blended together to make our mouths water in anticipation.

“My, do you always eat this nice a breakfast?” asked Amy Anne, “It looks delicious.”

“Mary Claire is quite the cook, and no, not every day. Then again it’s not every day that we meet someone who went to high school with Scott and can fill us in on all sorts of juicy stuff,” grinned Veronica.

“High school?” laughed Mary Claire. “I thought it was since kindergarten. Where’d you go to high school Amy Anne?”

“Mary Institute. Back then it was a girls school. Scott went next door to St. Louis Country Day School, now they’re combined and are known as MICDS. Not so ancient history, less than thirty years ago. This is the first time we’ve seen each other since the summer your Dad graduated,” smiled Amy Anne.

We continued chatting until Keith showed up at eight to get the keys. He’s a very handsome young man, chiseled features, broad shoulders, tanned from working outside, wore his polo shirt and khakis quite nicely, about twenty six to twenty eight. I noticed Veronica’s nostrils flair a bit as he introduced himself to her and Amy Anne. There was an unspoken communication between Veronica and Keith when they introduced themselves. All three daughters also shared an unspoken communication between them, one that said, God, he’s a hunk, married, but what a hunk!

“Before I forget to ask, how was your concert last night with Gloria?” I asked Mary Claire.

“Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you, it was cancelled mid-afternoon, the band couldn’t get here from Georgia because of some tornado activity. Gloria and I are going to lunch Saturday and maybe take in a show.”

“I’ll follow you over there,” said Amy Anne to Keith. They left immediately followed by Ashley and Katrina leaving for their morning classes. Just as they were about to open the door Ashley asked, “Did we tell you we applied yesterday for classes at Wash U in January. Being transfer students we’ll not need to take the ACT in December as we first thought, bye Dad.”

As soon as they were out the door Veronica turned to Carol, “How do you know Amy Anne?” she asked.

“Was I that obvious? I didn’t think she was,” replied Carol.

“I know you too well my love, give,” smiled Veronica.

“We’re in the same social circle,” grinned Carol.

“You swing with her, don’t you?” asked Veronica.

This exchange was interrupted by Lauren coming in the front door saying “Hi, everyone. What smells so good?”

“Lauren this is Carol McDonough I think I mentioned her yesterday.”

“Hi, Carol you look lovely,” smiled Lauren extending her right hand.

“Thanks, lookin’ pretty sexy yourself.”

“Have some breakfast. Mary Claire can you warm up some of the casserole in the micro. Please do enough for two, Cheryl should be here shortly,” smiled Veronica.

“Swing with her? Yes. I have, for several years, five or six. Her late husband as well and both their children,” smiled Carol.

“Why didn’t you greet her as an old acquaintance?” I asked.

“Those who participate in the lifestyle are careful when they see each other away from a gathering. Even more so for our group, which is mostly local couples. Our group isn’t open. We don’t have a site on the web or ads in special papers. People become aware of the group and are able to join only if they’re invited by another member. So, members of our closed group try not to do that to avoid prying questions. Sorry, I did it simply out of habit, certainly not to conceal anything from you. I’m sure when she gets back you can have an open and free discussion. I know I’d like to. You have a right to know everything about me. No, I want you to know everything about me. Keith and his wife are also members, as well as his sister-in-law,” smiled Carol.

“So you’ve fucked Keith? The Keith who was just here?”

“Mmm, yeah. And he’s a good fuck,” smiled Carol even more broadly. “Very good, and so is his father-in-law.”

The doorbell rang and I welcomed Cheryl and offered canlı casino breakfast. As Cheryl and Lauren became acquainted over breakfast, Carol continued, “Ask Amy Anne about her life when she gets back. I need to get to the campus. I love you both,” and she kissed both of us goodbye.

“Well, that’s interesting. Doesn’t change a bit about I feel about her and how much I love her,” I smiled. “Does it for you?”

“No, maybe she’ll have some suggestions about who we can bring into ‘our own’ circle,” replied Veronica. We walked into the dining room to sit with Cheryl and Lauren. Lauren was wearing a dark semi-sheer blouse over a sheer dark bra, short skirt, high heeled pumps that matched her skirt and stockings, the tops of which were below the hem of her pulled up skirt.

Cheryl was dressed in a knit top, short wrap skirt that was spread open showing her stocking clad legs up to her bare thighs above the hose tops. Her high heeled sandals were the color of her tan skirt.

“You know if it’s going to be a contest for whom shows the most leg, we could make it a daily event and involve all the women in my life,” I laughed.

Veronica reached over and wrapped her hand around my cock through my pants and said, “You’d think this man rarely had sex, wouldn’t you?” smiled Veronica.

“Well, it’s been a week since he fucked me,” grinned Cheryl as Lauren turned to look at her.

“You don’t say. It’s been since never for me,” laughed Lauren.

“That’ll change, be assured of that,” piped up Mary Claire who was refilling cups. “That is, if you don’t say no.”

“Amy Anne should be back shortly, but let’s get started. Let’s go into the den shall we,” I suggested noticing that the plates in front of the two ladies were empty.

“Mary Claire would you bring a fresh carafe into the den, thanks,” asked Veronica.

We each grabbed a pad of paper and a pencil from the desk. Veronica and I sat on the couch, Lauren and Cheryl in the wingbacks across the coffee table from us.

“First, job titles. Cheryl you’ll be our household manager and Lauren, our CPA and financial advisor. Lauren, Cheryl will be responsible to you only to make sure that all financial transactions that she initiates, household bill payments for instance, and any debit card purchases are promptly reported to you. Lauren will be responsible to us for financial standings, all tax issues and bank statements. Lauren, by noon each Monday you are to provide me with a one page financial sheet listing the balances of all our accounts. Each account is to have its own one page summary noting all transactions since the prior report. You’ll both be told generally what’s expected on a day to day basis by either one of us or by what’s on the calendar. You need not check with the other of us before doing what’s asked. Cheryl you’ll maintain a master calendar for all members of our household including both of you. I’m sure you can recommend the appropriate software and make it available on our network. You’ll also assist Lauren with secretarial support as she requires it. You’ll also be the executive secretary to Veronica and me. I don’t anticipate that the demands’ll be heavy but there could be periods when the workload will be demanding.

“We’ll go to the bank today or Monday and get applications for debit cards. Veronica and I have one. Mary Claire and Cindy as well as Katrina, Ashley and Carol will need one. We will be establishing two house accounts, a property maintenance account to cover all property related expenses including utilities. The cars will be in the property account and all their expenses including gas will be out of that account. The family account that we’ll use to cover day to day expenses from food to clothing to entertainment. Lauren you’ll need to check online bank and card activity daily and remind any of us that we need to turn purchase receipts over to you to validate that each transaction is one of ours. I’ll expect every Friday by noon a summary of purchases by category over the prior week on these two accounts. Cheryl, you’ll then maintain a file of receipts in the event something is to be returned. You’ll also track warranties and vehicle maintenance records, reminding us when maintenance checks are to be done.

“Lauren you’ll need to maintain minimum balances in the various active accounts and we’ll set that up at the bank. Cheryl, Lauren will begin living here after the remodel is done and you’ll have a shared office adjoining her suite which will be off the northeast side of the pool. Until then, you both can share the den. I expect both of you to complete whatever tasks we assign to you on a timely basis, so feel free to work whatever hours you want. I’m less concerned about holding to so many hours a week than I am in having all work accomplished. I’m paying you both a fixed salary rather than an hourly rate. If you can get the work satisfactorily completed in 28 to 32 hours a week, then kudos on your efficiency. There’ll be weeks where you may have so much kaçak casino to do that you’ll put in fifty to sixty hours. While I prefer a monthly pay on the first of month, I think you’d prefer to be paid bi-weekly. Lauren will set you both up for direct deposit on that basis.”

“I think we should have a set time to meet with you each week, such as from 9:30 to 10:30 each Tuesday morning,” Lauren interjected. “Cheryl and I’ll probably meet daily and then we’d meet at eight to review matters ahead of the regular 9:30 meeting.”

“That’s a good idea. A weekly meeting to review the prior and upcoming matters would be good. Also, before I forget, six percent of your salary will be going into a retirement fund. Further, for every dollar over that that you put into your retirement account, up to four percent of your bi-weekly salary will be matched by me. This is on top of the six percent. Lauren I need for you to shop for a top of the line health policy to cover all of us including Cheryl’s kids. Also, you both have clothing allowances and Veronica will cover that with you,” I set my pad aside and smiled at Veronica.

“As I told Lauren,” Veronica began, “when we interviewed her, ‘pretty is as pretty does’. We expect that both of you’ll dress stylishly and tastefully for all external contacts. That means things as simple as grocery shopping to welcoming business contacts into our home and your office. Speaking of visits here, Cheryl you’ll need to alert us of any scheduled outsider visits so that we can be dressed appropriately. Lauren since you’ll live here that won’t be a problem for you to change if necessary, but I think we’ll have to make the upstairs guest bedroom available to Cheryl to store an alternative wardrobe and for a place to change,” smiled Veronica. “I’ll expect you both to wear a skirt or fitted pants and heels for even the most mundane outside tasks. Even for a quick trip to the drugstore or other errands.”

“What’s the dress code when it’s just family?” asked Lauren.

“As tastefully casual as you want. Sexy is encouraged, … from subtle to blatant. Total nudity only in your bedroom or around the pool unless it’s a special occasion. You may wear whatever revealing clothing you’re comfortable with. I know both of you enjoy flashing your legs at Scott, so have at it,” grinned Veronica. “If you want to wear stockings, heels and a blouse, or a sheer top, I know you’ll be appreciated. You may have sex with whoever in the house asks you or whomever you invite. Sexual harassment is not only encouraged but will be evaluated and rewarded. That said, if you don’t feel like it, say no. “No” always means just that so please don’t use “no” in any sexual play or teasing. We don’t want to have any confusion. As for my husband, all I ask is that I know if you’re fucking Scott. Not that you can’t, just that I know.” Smiling, Cheryl and Lauren both nodded that they understood.

“While Scott said that there is no set work day, I’ll expect you both to be ready to begin whatever is scheduled for the day or no later than nine. That’ll enable us to have a standard time to connect with either of you on a given day,” Veronica clarified.

“Cheryl, I’ll give you a key so you may come and go whenever,” I said smiling. “Lauren, I gave you one yesterday as I recall. We both look forward to this the working out for a long, long time. You’re both lovely, talented women.”

“Whose considered family?” asked Cheryl.

“In addition to Veronica and me and our daughters, Katrina and Ashley; there’s Mary Claire who mostly lives here, Cindy, Carol who also lives here and of course the two of you,” I explained. “We intend to treat you as more than just employees, and will include you as much as possible in our family and social life. You could be traveling with us, or vacationing with us, depends on your availability and desire. Friday nights are usually spent at the country club eating, drinking, socializing and dancing. You both have a standing invitation to attend. Cheryl that includes Beth and Max.”

“You’re both welcome to stay or come for any meal, typically Mary Claire cooks and Carol helps. I also cook and Scott primarily heats meat over an open flame. Feel free to volunteer to help and I’d like a bit of notice before you stay. Only from a pantry standpoint and for Cheryl to plan shopping lists with Mary Claire. While I may make some additions or changes to the menu, what’s stocked in the pantry and the menu will be primarily in the hands of Mary Claire. How much food is not the issue, having enough on hand is,” smiled Veronica.

“Heating meat with an open flame, indeed,” I laughed. “What a way to describe my contribution.”

“Excluding the meat between your legs,” loudly laughed Mary Claire.

“Veronica, I haven’t needed a cocktail dress since college. Would you have time to run out and help me buy one for this evening?” asked Lauren.

“Sure. I want to visit with Amy Anne for awhile, then we can go. I’ll bet Mary Claire would like to go as well,” smiled Veronica.

“While you’re out you can go by the bank and pick up debit card applications and set up some new accounts. Lauren’ll work up a list before you go,” I explained.

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