Answering the Call

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You are heat and I am fire. Our relationship isn’t traditional in any sense of the word. We simple fulfill certain desires for each other, however strange, as they might seem. Often times we don’t realize these unusual wishes until the heat of a moment or in response to feelings brought on by the strains and delights of daily life. Never have I shared in such decadent ecstasy or experienced a more giving and responsive lover. It’s like you emotionally and physically ache to share your pleasure with me and me with you for that matter.

In many ways our relationship is the best natural medicine one could find. In other ways, it is a deadly poison that is slowly killing us! This is probably due to the fact that we actually have genuine feelings of love for one another. All the while, we adamantly refuse to allow them to come to full fruition and until recently, we had no idea why.

Today, you ask me one of those loaded questions that would stop a lesser man dead in his tracks. Standing in the bathroom shaving the last stroke on my well-groomed man meat when my phone lets out a buzz. It is a message from you.

“If you want to see me today, you will tell me why you need me in your life.”

Laying down my razor and grabbing the phone, I began to type….

“Good question! You know I’ve asked myself that very question many times, along with a few others. …. Have I become accustomed to her? Am I addicted to her? Could I be using her exacerbating my own depraved desires? Does she fill my loneliness void with companionship? Is she special to me? Is this something more? (The answer is yes to all by the way) The world and life’s hard knocks can often leave existence complicated, cold, and lonely! Then is when I remember that in which my heart and soul will not let me forget…. In your presence or even thinking of you, deep down I hear and feel not a question but an answer… The answer to my heart’s songs… They are not spoken words… But a response nonetheless… it’s warmth that radiates from the core of your being… it wraps me up so completely and you so abundantly give it. I doubt you can control it! Nor can I… My flames burn a brilliant blue when we are together! The warmth we create, I bath and revel in it! It makes pain and problems seem to just melt away or at least seem not so important. I know not a better reason to need another person in your life!”

My phone buzzes again. “I’m on my way!”

My imagination begins to run wild and my cock awakes flooded with anticipation! I can’t help but to cup my balls and give them a nice squeeze. “Patience fellows you know she will be taking good care of you soon!” I say looking down between my legs.

I walk to the shower, turn the knobs, and adjust the temperature of the water. Stepping into the stall, I feel the warm streams of water washing over my body. It makes me think of you and my mind begins to wonder.

You’re an independent kind of woman that, for your early thirties, provides very well for yourself. Looking at you, most would say your cute and attractive but in an average kind of way. Mainly because of your professional and conservative wardrobe and style. If only they could see you the way I do, with your hair and guard down, your utterly irresistible! Your face is as unique as it is beautiful. Though, you hide it behind a pair of large frame glasses.

You stand slightly taller than average, you have a toned to average very manicured slightly freckled smooth body, shoulder length flowing dark red hair, an adventurous personality, and a sweetly compassionate but far from naive personality!

If I had to acknowledge any flaws, I could only say that you lack real vulnerability, control, and personal awareness. As a lover, your very accommodating and get what want, at the same time. You’re amazing in all senses of the word.

An idea pops into my head, the new toy box, I just bought! I quickly wash my body, wanting to hurry and prepare for your arrival. It took maybe 3 minutes, at most! Off goes the water, followed by hasty drying. I sling the towel around my waist and trot off towards my bedroom straight to the side of my bed. Dropping to my knees, I frantically search for the box. Oh yeah, I found it! I toss it on the bed; rip off the wrapping, and flip open the top. The items inside seem to glisten and shine not unlike pieces of treasure in a chest. My body surges with excitement at the sight of handcuffs, a blindfold, a ball gag, nipple clamps, and more! I feel strange and all tingly inside.

Ding Dong! Oh yeah, your here! Like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, I quickly close the lid, turn around, and trot to the front door. I grab the handle and swing the door open. There you are…. I’m shocked and caught off guard, as your knees are firmly resting on my door mate!

“My I come in Sir” you ask?

My mouth was hanging open and slobber is trying to escape. I mustered the will to say. “Sure kitten!”

You lift your left hand to crawl in and my mind spins uncontrollably. I hear the click of the tumblers, my brain stops immediately, and my canlı bahis body jolts! Anger radiates to every muscle but I am able to control it. “Are you forgetting something!” I shout, demanding a response.

You freeze looking into my eyes, seeing the flames and a touch of mercy, and your cheeks turn red. ……… “What am I forgetting Sir,” you ask?

“Wipe your dirty paws kitten!” I demand

You smile so big at me. “I am sorry Sir… I don’t know where my manners are today,” you reply. You wipe your hands and knees on my mate very well and crawl on in.

Once you pass the door, I close it with a slam behind you. You crawl a few feet into my foyer. Your ass is amazing as you slink ever so seductively to the center and kneel before me.

“What brings you here, kitten,” I ask?”

You meow, as if in heat. “I have come to offer myself and servitude to you, Sir, ” you say.

“Really, why would I want your servitude kitten?” I question.

“I would please you in anyway and anytime you want Sir!” you purr.

My cock bulges under the towel stretching it nearly open. “Remove your clothes, so I can have a better look at you!” I insisted.

Responding favorably to my command, you took off your shirt revealing you bra-less state. Your tits, very nice and close to symmetrical C cups, rest naturally soft but firm on your chest. I carefully exam your nipples. They sit just atop of the round curve of your breast nearly centered and their size is wonderful about the same as the tip of my pinky. I really love them!

Lost in my booby gazing state, I just notice your not wearing any panties either. As you stretch up to pull your skirt down, I demand you leave it! You adjust back to your knees like a good girl. I remain silent and focus as to be considering the idea.

You meow while leaning back exposing your beautiful pussy, she is trimmed very close in a cute diamond shape. “I want you to use and abuse me anyway you see fit!” you purr. My cock throbs again more violently and brakes the towels hold and it falls to floor. You smile and your eyes dance as if you are eye raping my love gun, which made him even harder!

Words came out of my mouth that I didn’t know I possessed… “I will demand your total submission and you will be punished severely if I am at all dissatisfied and I will test you and if I am satisfied, I will train you!” I announce. Precum dribbles from my cock as it throbs again. Your eyes widened like an addicts in dyer need of a taste. “Come here and catch my cum before it’s wasted and falls to the floor!” I order. You spring into action before the words even left my lips and position yourself, mouth wide, to accept my seed. It rolls to end of the swollen tip and your body surges all over.

Moments seem like hours as we watch. “Wait for it!” I demand. You clasp your hands together tightly to help fight off the urge. Your obedience forces a reaction deep with in me and a huge amount of precum bubbles up from my wanting balls causing my fluids to spill on to your tongue! You moaned loudly and your nipples harden exposing your bodies strong need to be used.

“Go to the living room and wait for me by my chair!” I command.

You shifted back to your hands and knees and crawled toward your assigned post. I couldn’t help but to pause and watch your ass sway from left to right. My brain smacks me from the inside, reminding me of my new toy box.

I walk to my bedroom and grab the black box from my bed. I hurry to join you in the living room. You are perched at attention by my chair. I lay the box on the coffee table, pull the ottoman over, and have a seat. A flip open the lid and it flops on table revealing its contents. I hear you gasp. “Pipe down over there kitten, I’ll be with you in a moment,” I said. You return to attention and I go back to my careful selection. I pull out a black leather studded collar with a leash ring on it. Ahhhh not just yet, I thought and lie it on the table beside the box. “Oh yeah!” I exclaim as I pull out a pair of handcuffs. I quickly turn to you and motion for you to come. You crawl over trying to fight back a smile. I spin my finger at you and you turn around and raise your wrist. Click click, I lock them down and follow it with a smack to the ass!

“We are going to have some fun now Kitten!” I announce. I stand up in front of you. My rock hard cock is just inches from your mouth and you lick you lips preparing for its entrance. “Deep throat all of it now kitten!” I demand.

“But Sir you know it’s too big for me to take it all!” you whimper.

I grab a hand full of you hair… and growl. “I didn’t ask you… And I know better than you what you can take!” “Now swallow it!” I yell. You plunge my cock deep inside your mouth to the entrance of your throat and gag and come back up. “That was just half, you bitch,” I point out.

You start whining again. “Your so big Sir, I can’t take it!’

“We will just see about that cum slut!” I exclaim. “Now, turn around and stick that ass up!’ I demanded.

You turn with signs of fear in your eyes. I pull the bahis siteleri leather flogger from the box.

“Sir please, I will try again!” you beg.

“You had your chance, bitch…. now prepare yourself!” I howl. I raise this wonderful tool in my left hand. An amazing feeling courses through my veins.

“Now count for me or I will not stop!”

I decide an appropriate mid level swing for the first strike. Slap!!!

“Ouch!” you scram. “Oh my God, that fucking shit hurts!” you cry.

“Well that’s was only a half hearted swing, which should mean something to you bitch!” I shout. “You were only going to get three but now I guess it’s four!” I explain.

“Ok Sir but please be a little easier on me,” you say as you stick your ass back up.

I can see red marks forming on your sweet cheeks and my cock pulses. “Be sure to count,” I remind. Slap!! Just a little harder!

“Fuck!!!, One!” you yell. Slap!!! Another mid-level. “Two Sir!” you call out. My cock throbs. Now a little harder again! Slap!!!!! “Owww!” you scream with tears swelling in your eyes. “Three sir”, you whimper.

Immediately, I began kissing and sweetly licking all the red marks on your ass.

“Thank you Sir, for wiping my ass,” you say without being told.

Ummm my body quivers and my cock begins to dribble again.

“Can I have it Sir, please?” you ask.

“Sure kitten”, I reply as I use my finger to scoop it up.

You open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and I smear all over your tongue. “Ummm, thank you Sir.. I love it,” you purr!

“Good now take my cock in your throat!” I demand.

“Sir, I really don’t think I can… Will you force it down for me?” you request. “Please, Sir!” you beg. “I won’t fight you!” you add.

“Ok slut open your mouth and stick out your tongue!” I order.

You smile and do what your told like a good girl.

“If you touch me with your teeth I will spank your pussy!” I promise you. I slide my cock in your mouth filling it completely and resting it at the entrance to your throat! Without warning, I ram it down all the way! “Ummm that’s right bitch you have it all now,” I tell you. Your throat puffs up and you start gagging violently so I bring my cock back up to your mouth and let you breathe twice. Then, I ram it back down and hold you there and pump a several times. Uncontrollably, I slap your face a few times fairly lightly. I moan and release you and immediately you start coughing and gagging.

You look at me with tears streaming down your cheeks and say “Oh thank you Sir!”

I had to stop my self from telling you what I was thinking…. It was way too gushy for this moment. “You did good kitten, as reward you can suck my dick however you want to,” I say. I lean over and plunge two fingers into your sweet pussy. “What are you waiting for?” I ask. “Get started while I fuck your cunt with my fingers!” I demand. You smile so big! “Your pussy is sopping wet you dirty little whore!” I say in a response to your excitement.

“Your the reason Sir,” you reply just before taking me back in your mouth.

Damn your working my dick so good! I began pumping your little box harder and harder. You moan out and your juices start dripping out of your wonderfully tight pussy! You take me deeper and deeper…. Then drop like a pro and throat me while still gagging but you just did it all by yourself. You continue sucking and I keep fingering, pausing only to move my thumb to your clit! My dick head is swelling and you are going deeper again. I grab your hair and pull you to a standing position! “Not so fast you greedy little cum slut!” I growl. You have other holes for me. “Get that ass on my chair, now Kitten!” I order.

You run and jump on it and stick your ass out for me. Looking at my dick, you say, “Good God yes …Sir please fuck me!”

Your pussy is glistening with your ample juices. I can’t resist…. I lick you deeply from clit all the way around to the top your ass crack, in one stroke! Your body spasms and you lose control of your legs and fall to the chair. Quickly you get back up and beet red and embarrassed look! . I return and lick around and around your clit. You moan and dig your nails into my headrest! Then, I move to your awaiting pussy hole and bury my tongue in her and starting fucking it!

“Oh my God Sir!” you scream. “I can’t take it, can I cum Sir?” you ask.

I spit on my fingers, start passionately rubbing your clit, and respond with, “yes my kitten cum for me!” I work your clit and tongue fuck that beautiful pussy to the best of my ability!

“I’m cummmmmming Sir!” you cry out.

So I pitch down on your clit and pound your pussy with my tongue!!! You scream and cum so violently on my face! My beard is wet and sticky now. You collapse on my chair and I watch your body quiver! I lean down and kiss your neck and ear softly!

You roll around and say, “Sir that was over-the-top incredible!” Regaining your composure you look into my eyes so innocently and ask me, “How can I serve you now, Sir?”

“Ha ha ha so cute… I’m going bahis şirketleri to take all of you, kitten… completely,” I answer.

You bite your lip because you know I am taking about your ass too! “Are you going to put it in my butt Sir?” you ask in a scared voice.

“No kitten, I am going to fuck you in your ass!” I shout.

You lower your head and say, “I will try Sir.”

“Get the fuck out of my chair bitch and bend over on the table!” I order.

You jump up, obviously remembering the flogging you received earlier. “Now stay and wait!” I command. “You just sit there and remember what trying got your ass earlier!” I shout with little mercy in my eyes.

I go to the bathroom and grab the lube. I was thinking back to the only time we had tried anal. You were reluctant but allowed me to enter your tight little ass but only the head. You begged me to take it out! So I did…. Can I continue through her begging? So I thought back to the question you messaged me…. And how you had initiated the contract too. I remember how you cried the night after the anal failing. You said, “you didn’t deserve me and somehow you would make it up to me!” I told you that it was not a big deal and that I didn’t want you to make up anything to me. You cut me off quickly and said, “it’s not just for you… it’s for me!” I didn’t know what she meant… Could this be it? It must be! Is this her way of committing to our relationship? Ok I can do this….

I walk to the entrance to the living room and said to myself, “I am going to do this for her.” Gears in my brain turn again and lock, abruptly! “You fucking cunt!” I yell. “What the hell do you think you are doing looking in my toy box?” I ask.

She snaps back in place. “Sir, I am sorry,” you whimper.

“Yeah your sorry…. A sorry ass whore that needs to be thought a lesson!” I exclaim.

“Sir, I won’t do it again I promise!” you cry.

“Oh, I fucking know you wont!” I shout. “Give me your new ball gag from the box!” I demand. You hesitate. “Now bitch!” I growl. Quickly, you grab it with your teeth and bring it to me with your head down. You must be too scared to look in my eyes now. I put it on and synch the straps tight! I lean down and growl in your ear! “I know you want me to do it for you again, don’t you!” I whisper. You knob your head yes! “Well you stupid fucking cunt you are going to be broken now!” I howl.

I grab the bottle of lube and my cock begins swelling again. I simple say, “here”, and I jammed my cock, balls deep in your gorgeous pussy. You struggle in your cuffs and grunt into your ball. “I going to get my dick rock hard by fuck your pretty little pussy!” I call out. “Know that when I am done with you bitch … you will be a worn out whore!” I hear my animal side shout.

With cock now hard, I start slamming it into you just as hard I can. You moan with every stroke! Then, I squirt some lube on my fingers and then some on that tight asshole. I lean back and press my fingers into you anal hole slow and easy. You grunt and cringe! “Oh yeah, my slut I just need to loosen this little rosebud for my cock,” I whisper. I laugh and say, “I have already stretched the hell out of your pussy!” I began pumping my probing fingers inside you as you grunt for the first ten strokes or so … well until I start fucking your pussy again and you quickly turn back to moans!

After a few mins, I decide its time to start spreading my finger. Again, you grunt as I spread them as fair as I can and quickly insert a third! More grunts as I begin to pump them deeper and deeper! All fades to moans though, as I return focus on your pussy. It is getting so sloppy on my cock now. You may never know how much pleasure it gives me. If not for the task at hand, I would have already erupted by now but you need this!

I take a deep breath and stop everything and slide my cock and finger from your beautiful holes. You left your head trying to look at me but I reject the contact. Reaching for the lube, I see a glimmer from the box. An O so inviting set of nipple clamps were calling to me. My mind dances and pulses with ideas but I resist, in protest I might add! I coat my engorged member with a generous amount of lube. I see you trying to situate, as if I would let that happen.

I move him closer to enter your sweet anal opening. You twist and put your fucking hands on my stomach as to try to control me! “That’s it, you have done it now, you hard headed little bitch!” I roar at you. I grab the clamps and grip my right arm around your neck and pull you to my chest! “You must learn to never question me!” I yell. I squeeze open the clamp and show it to you. I slowly guide it to your right nipple. I tease it a bit with the cold metal and your nipple stiffens even harder. With a snap, the clip bites down into your nipple flesh! You began thrashing, crying, and yes grunting like hell! I bear down to hold you tight as I squeeze the other clamp open. You try uselessly to pull away! With another Snap, it too bites into your other tender nipple skin! I reach for a chain with chips on both ends. I find the ring on your left nipple clamp and fasten the chain. I wrap the chain around your back and clip the other end of the chain to the right nipple clamp ring. My blood begins to boil in response to the overwhelming excitement!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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