Answering a Bi couples ad for sex.

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Answering a Bi couples ad for sex.
I had always been extremely sexual. I thought, why should I limit myself to just male or female? Why not both? That’s what first lead me to looking at and then answering my first personals ad. An ad looking for sex and it was posted by a couple, a Bi guy and his straight wife.

It sounded amazing and their pictures were beautiful. I responded and after a few emails back and forth, agreed to meet. They suggested a hotel, something nuetral for our first meeting, the bar and maybe then a room.

As as soon as I saw them I was ready. She was beautiful, dark hair and a great body. She looked amazing in her skin tight dress. He was also handsome, thin but fit, thick short dark hair and side burns. They looked middle eastern perhaps, and it was hard bahis siteleri to believe my luck! After a drink and some small talk, we headed up stairs.

Just inside the the hotel room door, they started to undress me, like two sex starved teenagers. I could feel his face close to mine and could feel his eyes burning through me. I turned towards him and saw lust n his eyes. He kissed my passionately. I was surprised at just how open this marriage really was! I kissed him back and felt his tongue in my mouth.

I felt her hands on my chest and the closeness of her mouth. She pulled me from him and kissed me with every bit of the passion he had. My cock was already rock hard! I pulled off her dress and she grabbed my head and lowered it to her breasts. Small, but perfect bedava bahis and perky, I licked and sucked her nipples and she threw her head back in pleasure. Her hands then guided my face back to her husband’s and he kissed me again as he started to undo my pants. I felt his hands caress me as he moved to his knees before me. Letting my pants fall to the floor, I felt his wet, wonderful mouth on my hard, raging cock.

Her husband sucked me as she moved closer once again. She took my hand, sucked on my finger, then moved that finger to her pussy. She was already wet.

I lightly traced around her clit before sliding my finger inside her. She she grabbed my ass and kissed me. With his mouth on my cock and my finger deep inside her pussy, her moved us to bedava bonus the bed.

“Lay down” she said and I did. I stood up on the bed and straddled me. I moved against the head board and she stepped forward, I buried my face in her beautiful wet pussy.

He went straight back to my cock. Sucking it gently, even lovingly. It didn’t seem like he cared at all what his wife was doing. He was lost in cock lust and lavished all his attention on my dick and balls. He was amazing at it too. I would have told him how good it felt, but my mouth was full of pussy.

She began to rhythmically move her hips and grind against my mouth. I matched her and licked her hard little clit, making her moan wonderfully. He sounds making everything even hotter, even sexier and I felt my own orgasm build along with hers.

She let out a long, slow moan and I tasted her cum on my tongue. Her body shook, her legs trembled. I could not help myself and flooded her husband’s mouth with cum. He moaned as he tasted it and swallowed every drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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