Anne Pt. 01

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Everyone in this story is 18 or older. This is just chapter 1 of a longer story that I will hopefully be uploading here soon. Enjoy

– Asyncronous


“Fi!, can you come down here for a moment?” My mum’s voice came from downstairs. “Shit” I muttered under my breath. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but considering that I was teasing my clit while watching porn with my laptop on my stomach it was a different story. Some would say that porn at my age wouldn’t be such a big deal considering I was 18, but this situation was a bit tricky. It was one of my deepest secrets that I hid from everyone, including my mum. I was a lesbian, plain and simple. There was nothing about this scene that I was watching unfold before me that wasn’t turning me on. The way these two girls were going at each other in a 69 was just divine. Both were extremely beautiful blondes and they were seriously devouring each other’s clit in a mad frenzy.

I wasn’t a frequent masturbator nor did I have any prior experience with any girls, but that didn’t stop this super erotic, sensual and sapphic scene from working me up to the point where my pussy was sopping wet. I was just about as close to cumming as the two girls I was watching in the video.

I closed my laptop and sat up in my bed to a knock on my door, “Fiona? Are you okay honey?” it was my mum again. “Yes mum I’ll be down in a moment” I groaned. See as much as I love my mother, I didn’t want her to find out that I was a lesbian, at least not this way, I would prefer to sit her down the ol’ fashioned way and tell her heart to heart and hope she accepts it. But that was something I would do when I found a meaningful relationship. My mum was a devout Christian and believed wholeheartedly that homosexuality was a sin.

I sighed and began cleaning myself up. Normally I used my mouth because I enjoyed the taste of myself, but now I didn’t have time to savor the sweet tang of my juices. I slid off my bed and began searching for my clothes so I could make myself presentable. I found my boyshort panties and slid them on. Next was my socks, the knee-length long ones; these were something normal that my mum made me wear. Since I was homeschooled, my mum decided that I should wear a uniform like she did when she was in school. Truth be told I kind of liked socks like this – they made me feel sexy and cute. Next was my skirt, nothing flashy, just a simple skirt down to my knees, another part of my “school uniform” Even though my wardrobe mainly consisted of skirts and dresses, nothing ever touched above my knees; my mother would probably kill me if she had ever seen them.

After getting my bottom half dressed I grabbed my favourite top, a large, loose-fitting Illmatic Nas t-shirt. Now at this point you may ask “What, no bra?” Truth be told, my A-cup tits never really needed a bra, and I only bothered with one when I had to be presentable..Around the house or outside on our farm, I rarely bothered, preferring the feel of the cloth against my nipples.

Now that I was slightly presentable for my mum I quickly brushed my hair and walked out my door and down the stairs. As I was descending down the stairs I could smell the wonderful aroma of Au Gratin Potatoes, my favourite dish in the world. When I finally made my way into the kitchen I saw the table had been set and prepped for dinner and the potatoes were sitting in the middle of the table. “Hey mum” I said to my mother as I kissed her on the cheek.

“Au Gratin Potatoes? My favourite” I said taking my place at the table, I knew I should have expected her to make these as it was my last day with her for a while. I had got the chance to work with a startup company acting as a software developer with them after I had graduated from my “school” “I wish you wouldn’t wear that shirt” my mother said, she hated alot of things that I chose to do, and my interest in the rap culture was at the top of the list. She thought it was terrible, and shouldn’t even be considered music. Truth be told the rap music that the people hear on the radio is mostly garbage, it honestly takes a little bit of exploring on the internet to hear the good stuff.

At a quick glance one could think that the relationship that me and my mum had was a great one, but in reality it was quite abrasive. We disagreed on a lot of things: music, apparel, profession, etc. Programming was fine to a degree, but she would have been more interested in me if I had chosen to do something more “womanly” as she would call it. Rap was definitely something she hated. Plus if she knew I was gay then she would hate that too, I still choose to believe that if she knew that she would come around at some point.

Dinner was great, we mostly just chit-chatted about nothing in particular. After dinner was finished I got up and went to go put my plate in the sink, as I was moving toward the sink my mother quickly grabbed my plate from my hands and brought it to the sink with hers and told me to go sit down in güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the den stating that she would be in in a moment. After walking into the den I laid down on the couch and waiting for about 15 minutes I started drifting off to sleep, a couple minutes later I was asleep.

I awoke, looking down at my phone I realized I had slept almost all night. I pushed the blanket that was covering me to the side and laughed that my mum must have put it on me while I was sleeping, then I sat up and noticed a note on the stand next to the couch. I grabbed the note and turned on the light.

“Fi, Sorry I took so long. When I finished and came into the room you were sleeping so I figured I would just let you sleep. Please be safe when you leave and make sure to let me know when you get there – Mum”

Then it hit me that I only had 2 hours before Amy would be here. I quickly but quietly walked up stairs to finish packing, I would have finished earlier but I had fallen asleep after dinner. When I got to my room my door was open, I thought I closed it when I had gone downstairs for dinner but apparently I didn’t. Then I realised that my mum had finished packing for me as my bags were all full and laying on my bed. “Sweet thanks mum” I thought to myself as I looked for my laptop to finish what I started earlier today, I had some time to kill and my mum was sleeping so I figured what’s a better time than now?

After finding my laptop I set it down on my bed and moved all my bags off my bed and next to the door so I could collect them with ease when it was time to leave. I began stripping off my shirt and skirt, then my panties. I sat on my bed and removed my socks, then laid down on the bed and began looking for something to watch. When I opened my laptop I realized that something was amiss but I couldn’t quite place it. I shrugged it off then opened up the internet browser and went to one of my favourite videos of all time.

This video was one of the most erotic and sensual porn videos I’ve ever seen, definitely something that got me going in a good way. The video started to play and I watched as the two girls were making out extremely passionately, and I began playing with my nipples. I know I only have a little less than 2 hours but a little foreplay didn’t hurt anyone did it? I continued watching and playing with my nipples, when the girls finally started taking off their clothes I slid my hand slowly down my body and onto my pussy and lightly rubbed around my clit. After the girls got their clothes off I watched as one of my favourite parts of the video happened – when the blonde girl slowly goes down on the dirty blonde girl kissing her body as she goes down. Finally when the girl reached the other girls pussy and gave it a real long lick from the bottom of it to the top, I shivered just like the lucky girl receiving cunnilingus from the other girl, I had dipped a finger into my pussy and rubbed my clit just a little. I was already super wet and I had no trouble getting a finger into myself.

As the blonde was giving the dirty blonde girl a great tongue bath on her pussy I was picking up the pace on what I was doing to myself. Rubbing my clit more and faster and pistoning my fingers in and out of my pussy faster and faster. Few minutes later the girls switched positions and the dirty blonde girl is starting to go down on the blonde girl, by now I’m already getting close. About 2 minutes later than that the dirty blonde is already swirling her tongue around her companions pussy, and I was masturbating furiously to this spectacle getting dangerously close to an orgasm. Finally the girls were satisfied with each other, and changed it up a little with the dirty blonde slowly and sensually rimming the blonde girl’s arse, while slowly rubbing the blonde’s pussy. At this point I began cumming, it was a big one and I had all I could do to keep myself to a reasonable sound so I didn’t wake up my mum.

Finally after coming back around from the high of reaching an orgasm, I closed the video and set my laptop down so I could get dressed and figure out what to do for the next…holy crap it’s been almost an hour…I got up off my bed and started looking for some clothing, I put on some panties and a bra. Then I chose a black sundress with a white daisies floral pattern, I slid that on then found some flats and put those on. I looked presentable in my mother’s eyes, I chuckled lightly and gathered my stuff to start bringing it downstairs.

After about 10 minutes of bringing stuff downstairs I had completed bringing everything I would need down by the front door so it was ready to go when Amy got here. I sat down on the couch and turned on my laptop and began looking at the job offer I had received a month and a half ago, the whole reason I was leaving my mother to go to the city. The job was for a company in the city working on their software engineering team. I was going to be doing something I considered to be a hobby as güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri well as a passion, for pay! Nothing was better than this, I just wish I didn’t have to move to the city away from everyone here. I was glad that Amy was coming along though, she had been accepted to a college in the city on a sports scholarship.

Amy was my best friend since I was younger, she was the daughter of my dad’s best friend. When I first met Amy we were both about 10, and we instantly became friends and despite our obvious major differences we’ve maintained a pretty good friendship throughout the years. At first glance of Amy you could tell that she was a girlie girl, you could probably tell that she was into sports due to her long and slender body. She wasn’t super thin though, she definitely had muscle tone, but she was more thin than muscular. Amy also had a nice pair of C cup breasts with a wonderfully tight butt.

To say that I had a crush on Amy was an understatement. As I was growing up and I came to the realisation that I was a lesbian I also realised that I was in love with Amy. I found her to be the most attractive girl in the entire town, and quite frankly she was really the only girl I knew in the town. But that still didn’t hinder my thinking of how beautiful, smart and talented she was. Ever since I realised I was in love with Amy I’ve been working on getting over my feelings for her, because it was a total waste of my time. Amy was straight, and has had multiple boyfriends.

As much as Amy and I shared throughout the years, Amy still didn’t know about me being a lesbian yet, and she definitely didn’t know about my feelings for her. I was just absolutely afraid to tell her anything about that, I didn’t want to get outcasted, because even though Amy and I were friends I was still afraid that it could happen.

After a little bit I heard a honking coming from outside. I poked my head out the window and there was Amy in her truck. I closed my laptop and stuffed it in the bag then proceeded to open the door for Amy. 5 minutes later we had finished packing up my bags in the back of her truck and was on the road. Riding to the city started off as pretty normal, but it quickly turned into awkward when Amy brought up the subject of guys. Namely why I wasn’t seeing anyone at the moment or ever have had a boyfriend before.

I quickly dispelled the comments on my love life from Amy by telling her that I wasn’t interested in a relationship yet, that I haven’t met the right person yet. She finally gave up and we continued our ride with awkward silence.

“You’re not gay are you?” Amy said chuckling lightly.

“No…” I said a little tepidly. Amy looked at me weirdly, something like a smile with a little bit of disbelief and shock.

“You are gay, aren’t you?” Amy said still staring at me with that weird expression. Immediately I started crying, “Yes…” I said with a little bit of hatred in my voice. I was angry, scared, shy, happy, and a whole slew of emotions all mixed into one. For so long I’ve wanted to tell someone but I’ve been extremely scared too because I didn’t want to be outcasted by my friends and family. But now this was different, Amy seemed to have a bit of caring demeanor towards it.

“Fi, why didn’t you tell me? This is big, we have to tell everyone, Oh my…” at the mention of telling everyone I immediately began to freak out and I screamed no at the top of my voice. I pulled out my laptop, turned it on and plugged in my earphones. I just needed to think, no distractions.

Generally to distract myself I would have been playing music really loud and programming but this was different, I looked at my battery level it was at 60 percent. I figured that would be enough to last me the rest of the trip if I was careful, and I began working on my latest project while listening to some music. I could hear Amy trying to get my attention but at this moment I didn’t want to speak to her. I just told her that I needed to be alone for a bit and to stop bothering me. A few minutes later the truck pulled over and Amy was shaking me trying to get me to answer her. I pulled out my headphones and told her we can talk later that I just needed to think about stuff for now.

For what seemed like hours, but was actually only about an hour and a half, we finally arrived at our apartment. I closed my laptop and rolled up my headphones and got out of the truck. I quickly looked around to see the scenery, it was just an average city, finally Amy said that she would go in and get the door open and that I should start bringing up our bags. I started pulling bags from the back of the truck and carrying them up the stairs to our apartment, when I finally had made it into the apartment it was quite nice, it had: 2 rooms, 1 washroom, a den and kitchen combined, and a closet next to the door.

“Pretty good for a couple of kids fresh out of school dontchya think?” Amy had said excitedly.

“Yeah it’s nice” güvenilir bahis şirketleri I responded still slightly upset by the issue in the truck.

“Fi, we need to talk…” Amy said sounding a bit upset. To be honest she really did have every right to be upset with me, I did kind of freak out a bit too much.

“Later please?” I responded slightly upset but a little eager.

“Fine” Amy said sounding a bit upset about having to wait, honestly I don’t understand why she’s acting this way about it.

After bag after bag into the apartment for a half hour we were finally done. Now the fun of unpacking everything could begin. I quickly claimed the smaller room and left Amy to have the bigger one. Normally someone would claim the bigger room first but the smaller room was tucked away out of sight so I immediately was attracted to it due to its seclusion. The room was okay, but it was small. It had the bed that Amy and her father had brought up a couple days before for me, and a desk that I asked if they could bring up so I had a place to work at, but other than that it was pretty much empty. It took about another half hour for me to unpack the rest of my stuff. When I was finally finished I quickly dropped down onto the bed and took a nap.

I awoke later, it was dark and my door was open, I could hear Amy and her father chatting out in the other room and I immediately got out of my bed and walked out. I was worried that Amy was telling her father about me. I could see and smell pizza by time I got out there, Amy and her father were sitting on the couch talking. Both of them looked over at me as I walked out and I immediately felt very awkward and shy.

“Did you?” I mouthed to Amy and she shook her head. I felt relieved to hear that and took my place in a chair next to the couch. We chattered for a couple of hours before Amy’s father decided to head home, he was happy to see that we made it here safely and that we were generally settled in to the new place. A few minutes after Amy’s father had left there was an awkward silence in the room, so I took the liberty to start the discussion.

“Listen Amy I’m sorry I didn’t tell you” I said after clearing my throat.

“Honestly Fi, I’m not really surprised by it. It makes more sense that you are a lesbian than it does than you just aren’t interested in a relationship right now” she said.

“As long as you’re not trying to do anything with me I’m fine with it, honestly” Amy said. At that point I wasn’t that excited by what I wanted to say, not that I thought I would get anywhere with it.

“Well see…I realized it when I was younger because I was really attracted to you, and I most certainly developed a huge crush on you” I said in a barely audible voice. I was afraid to mention it but I felt that I should get it out there that I was attracted to her a lot, just so there wasn’t any more surprises.

“Oh…” Amy said lightly with a hint of disappointment in her voice. I was afraid of this, so I quickly added that I wasn’t going to try anything with her because I knew my boundaries. I would generally say anything to keep my friendship with Amy. Not only was she my best friend, well actually only friend, but I was also in love with her. Doing something that would jeopardize that would be the worst thing I could do, and currently it wouldn’t be hard to do that. It was getting late so I told Amy that was going to bed. I needed to be up early in the morning for my first day at work.

I awoke around 6:30. Sliding out of my bed I realized that there was a light on in the den. When I walked out Amy was sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine. “Morning” I groaned, still slightly groggy from just waking up. I walked past Amy and into the bathroom. I slid off my clothes and jumped into the shower and turned on the hot water. Normally I would have been exploring myself a bit more in the shower but I didn’t have long as I would have to be at the office to meet Anne in a half hour. I finished up in the shower and headed out the door into my room to get dressed.

As I was going through my clothes I realised that my mum had packed all my clothes for me, meaning I would have to go back and get the rest of my clothes – mainly the ones that my mother didn’t like me wearing. I grumbled a bit about it, but praised her that I would be forced to wear something presentable. I would generally prefer to be clothed in something a bit more relaxed, but I ended up choosing something that more resembled a church girl. I wasn’t necessarily faithful and I don’t plan on bringing that up for the sake of disagreement but my clothes were definitely something that could resemble a girl that was going to church. Long white skirt, white top, some knee high socks and some standard white underwear. I was good to go, I had 15 minutes to spare not including a 10 minute walk to the office.

As I was walking out the door I realised that Amy had gone into the shower after I had left it, she must have something to do today as well. While I was walking I kept thinking about this morning, and how I had said morning to Amy but she didn’t even acknowledge me. It was weird for her to do something like that. Normally people would consider us to be more of the sisterly like friends than just normal friends.

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