Anna and Kyle Part 2 – The Next Morning

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Anna and Kyle Part 2 – The Next Morning
Kyle was still asleep next to me when I woke up. I slipped out of bed without waking him and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Looking at myself in the mirror, I had mixed emotions about the night before.

On one hand the sex had been great and I felt wonderful about that, but on the other hand Kyle was so much younger than me and he was an employee of mine and my mind was racing with questions about what kinds of problems that was going to cause. Having the rest my staff find out that I had slept with one of them would be an absolute disaster. I knew I needed to sit down and talk to Kyle when he woke up.

I took a quick shower and got dressed. Leaving Kyle sleeping in my bed, I went downstairs to the kitchen and made coffee. Just as I was pouring myself a cup, my sister-in-law Megan and her two k**s – Jenna who was 6 and Brandon who was 7 – came bursting through the door from the driveway. Megan was my late husband’s sister. She and I had grown up together and had remained friends all along, before and after I’d married her brother and after he’d died as well. Megan and her k**s were regular early Saturday morning visitors since I was usually home and up early on the weekends.

I was not thrilled to see them this morning though, as I already had company sleeping upstairs and I was sure that the k**s shouts of “Hi, Aunt Anna!” would wake Kyle up.

I quickly shushed them and steered them right back out the back door to play in the yard.

Meg looked at me funny. “You okay, Anna? You’re usually a little happier to see the k**s.”

“Its nothing, just not feeling too well this morning”. I lied, but it was already too late. “Would you mind stopping back later?” As I was saying that Kyle came down the stairs and walked into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. He was wearing his cargo shorts but no shirt.

“Anna, I thought I heard some k**s -oh, sorry, I didn’t know you had guests. Hi.” Kyle saw Meg.
“Hi!” Meg said excitedly, turning to look at me wide eyed, with a huge grin. “So you were saying you didn’t feel well, Anna?”

I just sighed.

“Hi, I’m Megan, Anna’s sister-in-law.” Meg said grinning bahis siteleri at Kyle.

“This is Kyle. He works for me.” I said before Kyle could answer.

Meg started giggling.

I looked at Kyle and smiled. “Would you give us a couple of minutes, please?”

“Sure, yeah.” Kyle said. He went out the back door.

“Anna!” Meg squealed as soon as Kyle left. “He’s cute, but a little young for you, isn’t he?”

“It just sort of happened,” I shrugged, smiling. “and it was fabulous!” I told Meg all about the night before. She and I were closer than sisters, and had no secrets.

“I wish I could find a young stud like that.” Meg said as we walked over to the back door overlooking the deck and the backyard. Kyle was out there running around with the k**s, it looked like they were playfully chasing him.
“You? You’re happily married!” I said.

“Yeah,” Meg sighed. “I am, but still… What I’d do with a young guy like that! You enjoy yourself Anna and don’t wear that poor young guy out!” She hugged me and opened the door. “I’ll get the k**s out of here so you two can uh, be alone!”
“Bye Meg!” I waved playfully as she went out the door.

“Sorry about that.” Kyle said as he came back inside. “I didn’t know -”

“Don’t worry about it.” I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. Telling my Megan about the previous night had turned me on and I wanted Kyle to fuck me again, right there in the kitchen! I’d worry about talking to him about potential work problems in the office later.

As we were kissing I rubbed his cock through his shorts, feeling it thickening beneath the khaki fabric.
“Last night was wonderful.” I whispered between kisses. “I hope you enjoyed it too.

“I did, very much.” Kyle said. “You are very hot! And you are so beautiful!”

He slipped his hands up under my t-shirt and began to squeeze my breasts. I moaned and laid my head against his chest as I unbuttoned his shorts. I pushed his shorts and his briefs down and took his cock in my hand. At the same time Kyle started to pinch my nipples.

“Should we go upstairs?” Kyle asked.

“No, I want you to fuck me right here!” I pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it aside. perabet As Kyle watched, I unbuttoned my own shorts and slipped them and my panties off in one motion. I kicked them away and turned away from Kyle. Bending over I put my hands on the edge of the counter and stood with my legs slightly apart, giving Kyle a good look at my ass and my pussy.

I turned my head, looking back at him with a sly smile. His cock was fully erect, a pearly drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip. Kyle stepped in behind me and ran two fingers up and down over my swollen pussy lips, spreading them and smearing my slick juices all around. As he moved his fingers up and down his finger tips occasionally brushed my clit, which sent little waves of pleasure radiating outward.

Kyle gently bent me down a little further and eased my legs apart a little more so I was even more exposed to him. He pushed two fingers into my pussy and began fucking me slowly with them. While he did that, he reached around under my waist with his other hand and found my clit with his fingers. He started to work my swollen bud in a slow, circular motion as he continued slowly finger-fucking me with his other hand.

I closed my eyes and moaned as he slowly increased both the speed and pressure on clit and the pace of his fingers sliding in and out of my pussy. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building deep with-in me. I laid my head down on my hands on the counter as both my breathing and my moaning became louder. I could feel my legs starting to shake and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to continue to stand.

Kyle was really fucking me hard with his fingers and it felt great! His other hand was rubbing my clit hard and fast now and as my orgasm hit me I yelled out! I could feel my juices flooding my pussy and Kyle’s fingers, as my muscles contracted and released and contracted, over and over. It felt as though my legs had turned to rubber and Kyle was supporting me with his hand under my waist as I held on to the counter top.

I stayed there for a few moments until my orgasm subsided, then I stood and turned my head toward Kyle, kissing him.
“That was wild! perabet giriş Kyle said. “You’re so wet!”

“Let’s not let that go to waste!” I laid my hands back on the counter and bent over again. “Fuck me, Kyle!”

He moved directly behind me and took his swollen cock in his hand. Moving closer, he rubbed the head of his cock up and down over my pussy lips, making it slick, then suddenly he pushed himself inside me, as deep as he could go. I cried out with pleasure as he buried his big dick deep in me. He pulled all the way out and pushed himself back into me several more times until finally another orgasm shook me. He stayed buried deep inside me as I came and again I could feel my juices soaking my cunt and trickling out around the base of his cock.

Kyle placed his hands on my hips and began fucking me in a quick, steady rhythm. His cock felt like it was deeper inside me than it had been the night before and he must have now been hitting me in just the right spot because I was being rocked by orgasm after orgasm. I had my tits pressed down against the counter top and my face buried in my hands as he fucked me hard and fast from behind. I felt like my feet were no longer touching the floor and my head was spinning as I came over and over.

Finally Kyle began to plough into me even harder and I knew he was about to cum. I felt another massive orgasm building in me and I cried out for Kyle to go ahead and cum inside me.

With that he grabbed my hips tighter and groaned as slammed his cock into me, as he shot his load deep in my pussy. I screamed out as I came at the same time, feeling like I was on the verge of blacking out from the intensity.
Kyle kept his cock in me and rested his head against my back as we both enjoyed the afterglow of our orgasms.

After a few moments we straightened up and I turned around and kissed him. “That was fucking amazing, Kyle.”

“You’re fucking amazing!” Kyle smiled at me and I was totally lost in his eyes for a moment. If nothing else, I was totally in lust with him and if he was going to keep fucking me like he’d just had I was going to keep him around for a long time! I knew I still needed to talk to him or things could get very complicated, but I wasn’t about to do it right at that moment.

I kissed him again and then picked up my clothes from the kitchen floor. “C’mon,” I said. “Let’s get cleaned up and I’ll drive you home.”

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