Angry Sex

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I was getting a divorce, there were no two ways about it. I had been sleeping on a friend’s couch since our big fight, trying to muster the energy to get up and go to work and class, totally mind-fucked by the turn of events. She’d fucked someone else.

After a 12 hour day , 4 in class, 8 at work immediately after, I drove the hour back to my house, knowing she had already packed up everything and left. The house was just about empty, and I started to clean up the detritus of her move out, when the door opened, and in she walked. She was dressed like a slut, in a leather miniskirt that showed her plump ass off, heels that pushed her cheeks ever further up, a tight fitting tank top that emphasized the swell of her breasts and stockings with a garter belt.

I remember thinking how appropriate her garb was. I asked why she was there, and she replied that she didn’t know, as she looked everywhere in the house but at ME, not once looking into my face. I was infuriated, until I remembered a comment she had made to me, that sometimes she just needed to be thrown down onto a bed, and stripped and fucked. I figured, what the hell, she’s leaving me anyway, right?

I had always been loving and tender with my wife, never even calling her a name when we would fight, always concerned with her wants, never indulging in my own desires. It had been this way for years when she suddenly told me that our sex life was dead. She had a lover, and if I wanted sex, I should find a girlfriend.

But now, in my nearly empty house, with her dressed like a whore, and refusing to look me in the eye, I succumbed to the urge. I pulled my cock out while glaring at her, somehow worked into a rigidity I never thought possible. 7 inches of angry steel hardness. I put my hands on her shoulders, pushed her down to her knees, and told her that she istanbul escort was going to suck my cock, which caused her eyes to widen, but she opened her mouth, and started to suck me like she had never sucked me off before, getting my cock all the way into her throat, while massaging my balls. The feeling was incredible, as I fucked her throat for what felt like forever, before pulling out of her mouth and informing her that she didn’t deserve my cum in her mouth. She begged for me to give it to her, but I refused.

I pushed her onto her back on the floor, and reached to take her panties off, only to find she was wearing none. She was glistening wet, juices running from her slit down her crack to the floor underneath, freshly shaved, and ready. I roughly pushed 3 fingers into her pussy, using my thumb to roughly flick her clit while I fucked her hard with those 3 fingers, as she arched, clawed at the carpet, and begged me not to stop, which I promptly did. I pulled my fingers from her, leaned down, and started to roughly lick and bite her lips, as I pushed a finger into her tight ass, followed by another, as she started bucking against my hand and my tongue and teeth, dripping more and more with each passing minute. She’d always stopped my attempts at anal play before, but this time, I didn’t give her the opportunity to stop me.

Before she could cum, I once again stopped, eliciting a small cry of unleashed pressure from the whore who was leaving me. I pulled her roughly off the floor, and dragged her back to my bedroom, where I could finish this on my bed, symbolic, if you will, the last time this married couple had sex on this bed…a twisted closure.

I Ripped her shirt down the middle, exposing her bare breasts, which I started roughly pinching and biting, avcılar escort while I again mistreated her clit with my thumb. while she was distracted thrashing about on the bed, I kept stopping and starting again, still refusing her the release of an orgasm, as I slowly and unobtrusively retrieved the one thing she had forgotten when she cleaned out the house, her 8 inch vibrator. Then, I fucked her mouth again. Slammed all the way to the back of her throat, and then down it, to the base. Gagging became moaning, as her mascara ran from tears and drool dripped from her mouth, ran down her chin, and formed thick ropes as it dropped onto her bare tits and hung from her nipples. Without warning, I stopped.

Placing the vibrator on the other side of me so she couldn’t readily see it, I pulled her onto her hands and knees, and again I started fucking her face, as I reached behind her and dipped 3 fingers again into her dripping pussy and got them all covered in her dampness, I then smeared it across her little pink asshole, eliciting more moans, which again felt incredible on my raging hard cock. Then to her complete surprise, I pulled the vibrator from behind me and quickly pushed it about 6 inches into her ass. She didn’t have time to argue or refuse, I did it so quickly, that all she could do was take my cock further into her throat and moan and swallow, as I started thrusting in and out, not sparing her ass any of my fury.

She spit my cock out so she could start to push back against the vibrator ramming her anus, and started to call out, “That’s it! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!”

As she yelled this, I rolled her onto her back, with the vibrator in up to the hilt still, and entered her pussy, so wet that there was no resistance at all, feeling the buzz of the toy through her flesh, making my balls tingle. şirinevler escort I started to slam into her, releasing months of pent up aggression as I attempted to fuck her to madness or beyond, once again stopping whenever I felt the tell tale shiver of impending orgasm. After a few minutes of this pounding, during which time she started to fuck herself with the vibrator, I pulled out of her, turned her over and fucked her doggystyle, while once again taking control of the vibrator and roughly slamming it into her ass. Once again, when I felt her getting ready to cum, I pulled out, and pulled the toy out of her ass, which was almost as red and sore as her poor pussy. Almost in the same breath, I jammed my steel hard cock into her asshole, feeling it tighten and convulse on me, and slammed into her with all my might, screaming at her for being a worthless whore and a miserable cunt, all my rage and fury finally released, as she started to push back against me, telling me she knew, she knew, just shut up and fuck her ass, and called me a filthy bastard.

I pumped and pumped away at her tortured ass until I Came in what felt like a volcanic eruption, calling out “Fuck you, bitch!”, as she cried out, “Give it to me, you fuck!” and started to finally spasm on my rod. Still climaxing, I pulled out of her ass, and my load shot all over her miniskirt and stockings, as well as the shredded remains of her shirt, with most of it shooting into her hair.

I stood up, and started pulling my clothes on, at which point she informed me that if I had treated her like that before, she wouldn’t be leaving me, wouldn’t have fucked my friend.

I lit a smoke and told her to get the fuck out of my house.

She asked if she could borrow a shirt, as I had ripped hers. I said no, get out. And watched as she walked out to the car with her shirt ripped, breasts showing, and semen all over her miniskirt, stocking, shirt and hair. a trail up from her crotch to her face and bangs. When she tried calling me back again the next week for a repeat performance, I hung up on her.

She finally got what she wanted from me…and I was done with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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