Angel’s Birthday Ch. 1

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*Author’s note: This story is dedicated to a very special person who was my inspiration for this story. XO

Chapter 1 –

It was Angel’s 18th birthday and she was very excited because her father told her he had a very big surprise for her. She had no idea what it was and when she tried to guess she told him she couldn’t come up with anything. “Oh you will come up with it alright when you get it”, her father smiled. He told her to have a nice relaxing bubble bath and to get comfortable and he would see her when he got home from work. Angel got out of the tub and put on her tshirt and pj bottoms. She had her blonde hair up in a ponytail. As she looked in the mirror, she saw how she had developed lately. Her breasts were 40D and she was very curvy. At 5’5″ she was a knockout!

Daddy came home about 20 minutes later and walked in the door with take out, a bag full of presents, and some flowers. Angel was sitting on the couch when her father walked over to her, bent down on one knee and handed her the flowers. “Beautiful flowers for my beautiful Angel.” They sat at the table, ate their dinner and chatted and laughed away. They had always had such a special relationship. Angel’s father reached his hand across the table and held hers with a glazed look in his eyes. He pulled her up and taking her by the hand led her back into the living room on the couch.

“Wait here a minute hun.” He went to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of wine. “I want to toast my incredible daughter on your 18th birthday. I hope it’s one you will never forget.” After they each took a sip, he leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “Angel, you know that I love you more than anything in the world. I want nothing but the very best for you and for you to be totally happy. I would never do anything to hurt you in any way. You have grown into a very beautiful young woman. I see the way that boys and men look at you. You will be dating soon and I would never want anyone to hurt you or take advantage of you. This is the reason that for your 18th birthday I want to introduce you to the pleasures of sex so that you will know that you are never to settle for anything less than what you deserve. Do you understand what I am saying?” Angel was really surprised and a little nervous casino siteleri that her father was talking about this. Even though she was blushing, she looked at him and nodded in agreement. She trusted her Daddy more than anyone else in the whole world.

Angel sat so still as her father reached his hand up to her face and leaned in to kiss her once more on the lips. This time though the kiss was longer and with more passion. She was feeling so good and wrapped her arms around his neck. Daddy’s lips were moist and she felt his tongue run over them and then slip inside them. Angel’s first reaction was to touch it with hers and then she started to suck on it. He moaned and pulled her tighter to him and felt her warm and soft body close to him. She felt incredible and her body was responding to him in every way. he kissed her neck and slid his hand down her back and under her shirt. She shivered from his touch and his fingers moved up to the sides of her breasts. He moved under them and cupped them while his thumbs rubbed over her hard nipples. She could feel the pleasure of this shoot down into her private area. Her breathing was quickening and she started to grind her hips. “Daddy, I am feeling so good and I have a funny feeling down in my privates.” He smiled at her innocence. “That feeling means you are getting aroused and your private area that feels funny is called your pussy. It’s very natural for you to feel this way. Don’t be afraid and just enjoy the feelings and relax baby. Let’s go upstairs where we can be more comfortable.”

Daddy was behind her with his hands on her breasts as they walked up into the bedroom. “Stand here for a minute and close your eyes.” She heard him moving around the room and when he told her to open her eyes she saw that he had lit candles all around the room. It was so romantic and soothing. Pulling her to him he hugged her tightly and backed her to the bed. He gripped the bottom of her tshirt and slowly lifted it over her head. My God she was absolutely stunning! He put his hands on her hips and leaned down and took her right nipple into his mouth. She gasped and let her head fall back with her eyes closed. Angel wanted him to never stop making her feel the way she was feeling. He moved over to the left one and licked all around it and canlı casino sucked the nipple into his mouth. She was taking short breaths running her tongue over her lips. Her body was responding to her father’s every touch.

“Lay back my Angel and totally enjoy becoming a woman today.” Daddy kissed down her stomach to her bellybutton and flicked his tongue out and stuck it inside. He was getting her ready for what was to come. He slid down her pj bottoms and panties and caught his breath again to see what a magnificent creature she really was. He moved her back until she was laying on all the pillows with her hair spilled all across them. Angel was a little nervous but her excitement was much more intense. He gently spread her legs apart and moved his face with in inches of her glistening puffy lips and noticed how wet she was getting. She could feel his hot breath on her and she had more shivers all over her. “Don’t be afraid honey. Remember to just relax and enjoy it.” He put his finger to her pussy and ran it slowly up and down. Angel squirmed and let out a tiny moan. She had herself propped up on the pillows so that she could look right down and watch every move daddy was making. Her big brown eyes stared into his as he leaned forward and kissed her pussy. A few more soft kisses and then he licked at the bottom and ever so slowly moved his tongue up.

He licked out at her labia and sucked one side into his lips and gently tugged. Angel was really getting into this and spread her legs a little farther apart. The heat that was coming from between her legs was totally incredible. Daddy’s tongue licked from bottom to top again and this time he flattened it out when he reached her clit. “Oh my God! That feels so good!” “That’s called your clit, baby. It will bring you so much intense pleasure.” He swirled his tongue around it and then softly started to suck on it. It was throbbing and causing her body to feel totally on fire. Daddy would lick then suck and lick again all over her swollen clit. Angel could feel her body feeling more and more intense like nothing she had ever felt in her life. He put a finger at the opening of her pussy and gently slid it inside to the first knuckle. Her hips started to rock just like she was fucking. His baby was going to be a natural! kaçak casino He sucked a little harder and put his finger further in to the second knuckle. He didn’t want to go too far in as he new she was still a virgin and would save that for when he could totally take her. Angel could not concentrate and was getting lost in these feelings that were so intense.

“Daddy, I am really feeling strange and I don’t know what’s happening but please don’t stop!”

“Does that feel good sweetheart?”

“Oh God please don’t stop! Keep doing what you are doing!”

“Just go with it baby and cum for daddy. I want you to cum all over my fingers and my mouth. Let it go. That’s my girl.”

With that said, he sucked on her clit very hard and moved a second finger in her wet tight pussy. She was bucking her hips and moaning so loud. Angel felt totally taken over by lust and without warning her pussy started to contract around his fingers. She felt her whole body shake as her clit throbbed and she felt warmth run out of her pussy onto her father’s fingers. She came with such intensity that she held her breath and gripped the sheets on either side of her. Nothing could have prepared her for anything like this! As her orgasm subsided and she was laying there panting, daddy licked and suck all her juices and soothingly kissed every inch of her pussy.

“Well my darling, that was your first lesson in oral sex? Did you enjoy it?”

“Daddy, it was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my life! I want to do this again and again. Thank you so much! I love you!”

“You are more than welcome Angel. It was my pleasure and I am so glad that I could make you feel so good. I love you with my whole heart.” He moved up beside her and kissed her on the lips so tenderly. She could taste herself on his lips and found that she really liked it and it gave her a feeling of being naughty. She flicked out her tongue and licked her juices off daddy’s lips.

“MMMMM is that from me?”

“It sure is baby. You taste so sweet. I love to lick and suck you.” He smiled at her innocent question.

“I love sex daddy. Can we do more of it?”

“That was just the beginning honey. We have lots more to explore and for me to teach you.”

“I want to learn it all! I want to know about everything!”

Her enthusiasm was refreshing and he knew at that moment that he had made the right decision to introduce his beautiful daughter to the pleasures of the flesh.

To be continued…

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