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The microwave chimed, signaling that my dinner was now ready for me to eat. I sat immobile in my easy chair, a cold bottle of beer hanging by its long neck from my fingers. I did not make any move to retrieve my dinner, I’m certain my body was hungry but I just had no will to eat.

It had been 5 days since my night out with Nina and I was running the whole experience through my mind. The thought of her not calling me, not even acknowledging me, made most daily functions trivial. It was no surprise that I was seriously taken with this woman. I lifted the beer to my lips and took a long pull. Even alcohol did nothing to sooth my feelings.

She’s not calling, I told myself. Give it up, just let it go. You read the signals wrong. Just because she kissed you long and passionately don’t mean that she’s infatuated with you. It was just a kiss. Then why do I feel like crap?

My doorbell rang. I sat there for ten seconds, still not moving, seriously contemplating not even answering the door. Then there was a knock. What if it’s her? I set the beer on the end table and bolted from my chair, straightening my hair. I reached the front door, took a couple of deep breaths and pulled the door open. “Oh, it’s just you.” My tone and look of disappointment were very evident.

“Thanks Dan, I really appreciate the fact you are glad to see me.”

It was Angelina, Nina’s best friend. As I just stood there with the door open she took it upon herself to come in. As she passed I caught a whiff of her perfume, the same brand Nina wore. My stomach fluttered. You are one whipped dude, I told myself, following Angelina into the kitchen where she retrieved a beer for herself. She held it out, and being the gentleman I am, I opened it for her, and handed it back to her.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit Ang?”

She took a sip of beer and leaned against the counter. “What do you think Dan?”

I stood there, unable to meet her gaze.

“I take your non-answer as evidence that you have a problem.” Ang said with a smile.

“I do not have a problem.” I retorted.

She took another sip of beer, “Yes you do. You are so hung on her but she hasn’t called you in like three days and it’s killing you.”

“Five days,” I replied with a mumble.

Angelina laughed. “Listen, Nina hasn’t divulged to me exactly what happened between you too and, to be honest hasn’t talked about you at all to me. I came over because Shane said you were acting all down. I figured maybe you and I could talk and I could then see what’s up with Nina.”

Shane was one of my best friends and currently dating Angelina. He had come over to borrow a couple of casino siteleri tools so he could finish working on his car and he had tried to talk to me about Nina. I had given him the cold shoulder, not wanting to discuss the open wound. It was now obvious that he, being a good friend, decided to have Angelina intervene.

“So what did happen the other night?” Ang asked.

I took a deep breath and sighed, staring at Angelina leaning against my counter. Angelina wore her long blonde hair in the most current style, it framing her very cute face nicely. She had distinct Italian features, with sharp twinkling hazel green eyes. Her body was like Nina’s, petite, compact and with all the right curves. Ang’s breasts were larger, closer to a C cup than Nina’s and were on display in the rather tight top Ang was wearing at the moment. Angelina’s cute firm legs were on display below a short skirt.

Having finished my quick visual inspection of Angelina a new pang of loss washed over me. She was so similar to Nina it made me realize what I was missing. “Nothing much happened, we just went out. That’s pretty much it.”

“So you’re telling me you are all tied up on her over a simple date?” Ang queried me, her eyebrows rising. “C’mon Dan, you and I both know something more happened.”

I took another deep breath, “We, uhm, kinda, uhm, you know, made out for awhile.”

Ang smiled. “Just made out? What, a little kiss?”

“No,” I replied, “it was much more than that.”

“Well there’s a difference between just a kiss, and much more than that. I’m going to need some more of an example.” Angelina set her beer on the counter and took a step towards me. “Kiss me like you did Nina the other night.”

I stared at her wide eyed. “C’mon Ang, I can’t kiss you. You’re dating one of my friends.”

Angelina was now standing right in front of me. “It’s not like it’s anything more than collecting data, an experiment right?”

I was still reluctant but also intrigued. “Sure, I guess so. It’s just for working this problem out.” I lowered my head slightly and kissed her softly on the lips for a couple of beats and then pulled away.

“So that’s how you kissed her?”

I furrowed my brow, “Sort of, not exactly but…”

“Was it like this?” Angelina then kissed me, a bit harder, with more desire, her tongue touching my lips, pressing between them, meeting mine and I leaned into the kiss, my tongue now dueling with hers.

I found my hands going to her hips, one to the curve of her ass, pressing her into me while wee kissed deeply and passionately. A few seconds later we broke off the kiss, still standing pressed against each other, panting canlı casino slightly.

“Was it like that?” Angelina asked again.

“Yeah something like,” that I replied, “but more like this.”

I leaned back into her, a deeper kiss, harder, tongues back to dancing, tasting each other. My hand now pulling on her skirt, her body hard against mine, hands grasping her firm ass cheek under the skirt, a moan coming from her as she pressed her body against mine.

We broke the kiss, locked together, my hands caressing her ass cheeks. “So you did it like that?” Ang asked, breathless.

“Yeah that’s more like it,” I replied.

Ang then ran her hands over my chest and then lower. “Did she do something like this?” she asked as her hand traveled over the growing bulge in my pants.

“Not exactly, it was different.”

“Oh, I see,” Ang said. “Something like this?” Her hand found my zipper and pulled it down, then moved into my pants, grasping my cock and working it free. It jutted out from my pants, not quite near its full nine inches of length.

Ang stared down at my cock and stroked it a couple of times. “Did she maybe do that?”

“Not exactly,” I managed to say feeling my desire rise.

“Well, if she did this, she had to do this.” Ang went to her knees and held my cock in front of her face, kissing the tip. “She couldn’t resist doing this, not with a cock this awesome.” She opened her mouth and took my throbbing cock into the warmth, her tongue sliding along the head. I groaned. It was no longer about what Nina had done because she had never touched my cock that night. Angelina, on the other hand, was going to get my full attention at the moment. Nina was not in my head. Shane was not in my head. All I was thinking about was Angelina.

She stroked my cock as she sucked it, giving me intense pleasure. I stared down and watched my cock slide in and out of her cute lips, her face showing the pleasure and desire of wanting my cock, of wanting to suck it. She pulled my cock free from her mouth with a small pop, a trail of saliva and pre-cum running from her lips back to the big cock head. She slurped it up and stood. “Fuck me with that cock. I need it in me.” She was glowing with desire, her eyes set in wanting to be pleasured.

I guided her around the corner and into the first bedroom down the hall, my spare room and office. She started to undress and I followed suit. She lay back onto the twin bed I kept in this room and I followed her kneeling between her legs. I took in her body and my cock twitched in excitement. Her 5’2″ frame had not an ounce of fat on it, just all gorgeous curves and beautiful skin. There was a small, kaçak casino neatly trimmed line of pubic hair that led right to her lovely, glistening pussy. I could not resist. Despite her demand to be fucked I went in head first and lowered my mouth onto her pussy, my tongue probing her hot folds, tasting her, teasing her, kissing her in her most sensitive spots.

She squirmed and moaned and then cried out in passion as I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it gently. Her pussy was incredible, wet and hot and irresistible. I eased a finger into her as I teased her clit and she jumped, her hips rising. Her moans became more intense and she started to pant and breathe heavy with lust. I increased the tempo of my finger and she came in a loud cry of desire, her pussy clamping down on my finger.

As she fell onto the bed, her chest rising and falling she stared at me with a look of wanton lust. “Fuck me!” she said throatily. I shifted my position, holding my throbbing cock in my hand. “Oh god I want that cock in me,” Angelina moaned. I spread her legs a bit and she lifted them in the air. I positioned my cock above her tight little pussy and eased the head in. She moaned loudly and I could feel her pussy grab at my cock, a very tight fit. I continued to press forward and Angelina let out a long moan as my cock filled her. She shifted her hips to accommodate my size and I could feel her hot pussy engulf my cock. I shifted my hips once and then started to slowly thrust.

Angelina gripped my arms as I started to fuck her, both of us moaning in pleasure. She was an incredible fuck, her petite body rocking and moving under me as I thrust my cock in and out of her tight pussy.

I stared down at her cute face as it was contorted in pleasure. Our eyes met and stayed locked together as my cock pressed into her deeply. I could feel her cervix with each down stroke and she cried out in pleasure as I did. Eyes locked together, she cried out, her pussy clenching my cock in another orgasm.

My pace quickened and she urged me on, wanting to feel my cock explode in her. The room was filled with the sounds and smells and sights of sex. Two people locked together, bodies moving to the rhythm of sex, the bed springs creaking with each downward thrust of cock into pussy, our voices a chorus of moans, groans and cries of pleasure. I came, my semen blasting into the deep folds of Angelina’s tight pussy.

It took several minutes for us to recover, our breathing slowly returning to normal, my cock losing its erection and slipping from her pussy. She cooed, glowing in satisfied passion. “If you had done that to Nina, well, there would be no doubt she’d be with you right now.”

I rolled off to the side, propped myself on my elbow, “If I had though, we never would have experienced what just happened.”

Angelina smiled, kissed me softly, “You are right about that lover.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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