Angela Takes It In The Butt

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For years it was a major frustration of my married life that Angela flatly refused to engage in anal sex. We’d done it once when we were courting and, even though she’d seemed OK with it, she’d refused ever since. She said it reminded her of an abusive boyfriend she’d had a couple of years before me who had only ever wanted anal sex and had hurt her more often than not.

This was a real problem because I have a near obsession with her arse. I love the pear shaped buttocks and the way they flare out from her waist. I love the way my fingers sink into the flawless creamy flesh when I grab her there and the way they quiver when I slap her while we’re fucking. From time to time I would raise the subject or attempt a bit of anal play in bed, only to get an icy put down. The most she’d allow was some gentle spanking and biting, but as soon as my fingers strayed to her crack, she’d stop me.

Otherwise sex has been pretty good. But as time has gone on, I have increasingly wanted to fuck her in the arse and, even though aware of this, she has been unrelenting in her response.

Then one Friday she phoned me at work. Her mother had taken the kids for the weekend and would I stop by and get some Indian food on the way home and a video. A sexy video. This is one of our indulgences on those rare occasions when we have an evening to ourselves. Angela generally thinks pornography is exploitative, but is willing to watch the odd video and act out one or other of the scenes if she is sufficiently aroused (which she always is).

I left work as soon as I could get away and, while the take away order was being prepared, went in to an adult shop. The video I chose was about ‘a raunchy young woman who meets her match’. When I got home, Angela had already set the mood – candle lit table, aromatic oils burning, sexy outfit. We kissed and fooled around in the kitchen as we dished out the food and by the time we sat down, Angela was flushed and bright eyed. As we ate, we played footsies under the table and I managed to wedge one foot in her crotch, rubbing her parts with my big toe. She grinned and clamped her thighs together and I continued rubbing as we finished dinner.

We then shifted to the bedroom and when I arrived with the video and cocktails, Angela was sprawled on the bed in just her lacy crimson teddy. I handed her a drink, loaded the video and stripped off before lying next to her on the sheets. Her hand immediately went to my cock, where it lolled against my thigh, and stroked it as the credits rolled. By the time of the first scene (where the main lead, a short spunky dark haired, dark eyed beauty, is giving her boss a blow job in the photocopy room), she had my cock rock hard.

At the next scene (where the lead gets bent over the photocopier and fucked), I unsnapped the gusset of her teddy and tugged and squeezed her damp labia – something that will make her cum if I’m licking her at the time. Angela moaned appreciatively and spread her legs wide. By the time our heroine was getting fucked by her boss on the floor, I was pulling Angela’s cunt flaps out as far as they could go (quite a way after all these years of stretching them) and running a finger nail lightly back and forth over her rigid clit. She had her head back and eyes shut as she clenched her breasts through her teddy.

She was close to cumming and I moved my other hand in on her parts, pushing two fingers deep in her as I maintained the action on her clit and labia. She arched her back and, with a little twisting, I located her G spot and commenced a gentle massage. ‘Oh fuck, fuck fuck!’ she gasped and threw her arms out, grabbing at the sheets. As her orgasm commenced I left off her G spot and clitoris, but continued squeezing her labia and running my fingers about in her clasping tunnel. She thrashed about for a long minute or so then slumped back on the bed, sweat beading her forehead. By now I had left her snatch alone and was gently massaging her quivering thighs and heaving stomach.

Eventually she smiled up at me. ‘Jesus that was good – you’ve really got magic fingers. Which, of course, is the only reason I married you…’ She pulled me down on top of her and we kissed long and sloppily. Then I rolled back over to my side of the bed and picked up my drink.

On screen, the leading lady was flirting with her boss’s boss. She was flashing her tits, as she took dictation, then her pretty arse as she did some filing. Angela was working my cock again, and soon had me as hard as a board. She leaned over me, one full breast hanging out of her teddy, and tongued my ear. She left off my face and licked down to my nipple – my second most erogenous zone. First lips, then tongue, and finally teeth – and my nipple was sticking up like my dick (which she was still gently wanking). Then she attacked the other one in similar fashion.

I could see from the tilt of her head that she was watching the screen and, shifting my focus, saw that bursa escort the subject of the night’s entertainment was on her knees, naked from the waist down, sucking expertly on the sizeable member of her boss’s boss while he rather roughly squeezed and mashed her breasts, telling her what a slut she was. Angela shifted to my cock and was vigorously sucking. I knew it wouldn’t be long. ‘Do my nipples!’ I gasped. She quickly shifted so that she was kneeling on the bed between my thighs and, while she bent forward going hell for leather on my straining dick, she reached up and started tweaking my nipples.

‘Oh shit!’ I moaned. ‘Do them harder. Pull it out of me!’ In response she dug into each nipple with her nails and twisted savagely. I could feel her teeth raking my cock as she first slid down until her nose was buried in my pubic hair, then back up. When her sharp little incisors reached my glans and embedded themselves in the spongy flesh, my jism boiled up and shot into her mouth. She twisted and dug at my nipples and worried at the head of my dick like a dog. ‘Aaarrghhh!’ I yelled, but she didn’t let up until my balls were empty and I had slumped back on the bed. Then she softly nursed at my softening punished cock with her hot lips and kissed her way up my torso, gently bathing each reddened nipple, and finally giving me a scummy sloppy kiss, smearing as much of my spunk over my lips and chin as she could.

I inspected my dick for teeth marks and wondered aloud her why she’d savaged me like that. ‘Stop complaining,’ she grinned. ‘You know you love it! If I didn’t bite or pinch you somewhere you’d be begging me for it.’ We laughed and, while she rewound the tape to the part we’d missed, I went to the bathroom to wash my face and then to refresh our drinks.

When I returned, she was watching the blowjob scene on the video, and had folded back the gusset of her teddy so she could rub her damp pussy. On screen, the boss’ face was getting pretty red as the secretary worked over his large cock. He was a grey haired man with a moustache, maybe 50 and of middle height. The dark haired girl couldn’t take much of his cock into her mouth and was doing most of the work with her hand on the ropey shaft. He was telling her that she had a hot mouth and a good tongue, but she needed to take more of his cock to make him cum. He had stopped mauling her tits and had his hands on the back of her head trying to pull her face further onto his dick. He was telling her she’d never get anywhere in his company if she couldn’t give decent head. Angela (who on rare occasions is not averse to getting jism splattered on her face) smiled and said ‘Ooohh nasty,’ when the old guy pulled his dick out of the girl’s mouth and shot a load over her open-mouthed face.

I sat behind her and, as she leaned back against my chest, my hands cupped her breasts through the satin of the teddy and gently massaged them. I know it gets her horny and her finger was lazily circling in her swampy bush. On screen, our heroine was now naked and half-sitting half-lying on the black padded leather executive chair beside the desk, her legs splayed over the arm rests. Her boss’ boss was kneeling on the floor with his hands under her arse lifting her gaping cunt to his face. He seemed to be feeding off her glistening snatch and she was cooing appreciatively.

This kind of stuff always appeals to Angela and her nipples were stiff under the smooth fabric as I lightly brushed over them. The girl in the video started up a sing-song monologue, telling the older man to lap up her honey, tickle her clit, slurp up her love juice, and so on. From time to time she’d hook a leg over his shoulder and press the back of his head with her heel so that his face mashed against her pink gash. There was lots of close camera work and all the time the girl talking, telling the older guy to eat her, to stick his tongue deep in her gash, to use his lips on her clit. Angela was breathing heavily watching the guy’s fat tongue play over the moist flesh. She loves dirty talk during sex and was really riveted.

The camera now zoomed in on the secretary’s face. She had her eyes closed and red mouth open in an ‘o’, tongue darting out to moisten them from time to time. ‘Lick my arse,’ she now cooed. ‘I want to feel your tongue on my arse. Lick my crack and suck my arse.’ The camera panned back and then down. The young dark haired woman pulled her legs back and held them with her forearms. Her cunt was now higher and her purply pink anus was revealed between smooth pale buttocks. The guy leaned forward and teased his tongue around her glistening lightly thatched labia and then down to her puckered hole. ‘Yes,’ she moaned. ‘Lick my little pooper. I want to feel your tongue push against it.’ The guy spat directly on the crinkled spot and then lapped lightly over and around it. ‘Come on,’ the girl encouraged. ‘Stick your tongue in. I want to feel you rim me. Yeah, push it up my arse.’

Suddenly bursa escort bayan he darted his tongue directly against the girl’s anus and wriggled it furiously. The hole suddenly blossomed and his tongue slid an inch or two inside. ‘Ooohhhh yeeessssss,’ the girl moaned appreciatively. ‘That’s what I want to feel, you old arse sucker. Now rim me.’ The guy got to work, his tongue lathering in and around her arse and occasionally penetrating deep in the dark hole. And all the time the girl talked on. ‘Ooohh, I can feel your tongue in my arse. Poke it in deeper. Try and taste my shit. Ooohhh that’s so good, you’re such a good shit eater. Kiss my pooper, I want to feel your lips on my crinkle. Aaarrgghh, I love it when your tongue goes in so deep.’ His hands were now on her thighs supporting her in that position and she was playing with her cunt and breasts as she talked on.

Angela was getting pretty aroused by all this and she now had both hands busy in her parts. I was giving her tits a good work out and I guess we were both panting a little. My cock was hard as a rod and she squirmed her back against it, letting me know that she knew I was turned on. I squeezed her nipples in response and she gasped. I could hear the juices slopping in her pussy as she worked her fingers in and around it.

On screen the action was continuing. The grey-haired guy was now kissing the girl’s arse, his lips over the reddened slimy rosebud, his moustache pressed against her perineum. From the hollowing of his cheeks, it was clear that his tongue was spearing in and out of her dank tunnel. ‘Aaaarrgghhh,’ she gasped. ‘Aaaarrgghhh …… oh suck my arse, you old fuck!’ The camera panned back a little and the girl was frigging her clit and tossing her head as she swore. She had one hand clasped in the old guy’s hair, her fingers looking like talons. ‘Aaaarrgghhh …… more tongue ……. oohhh jesus don’t stop!’ Then her mouth stayed open in a soundless scream and her legs lifted straight up. You could see her stomach muscles tremble and she clenched her hand over her parts. The guy really started pumping on her arse and I could see his fingers digging into the soft white flesh of her mid-thighs. It’s not often you see a genuine female orgasm on video and the camera really did its best to capture it all.

By the time the dark haired girl slumped back, eyes dreamily opened, cheeks and upper chest flushed pink, Angela was panting almost as heavily as the actress had been. ‘Let’s look at that part again,’ she said breathlessly, reaching for the remote control.

‘I want you to lean forward,’ I said huskily as the tape rewound. She sat up straight, thinking I just wanted to rearrange the pillows. ‘On to your hands and knees, I mean,’ I whispered. She looked back at me and, seeing the hooded lust in her own eyes reflected in mine, did as I asked. She got the tape going at the beginning of the scene where the grey-haired guy licks the girl’s cunt, then settled onto her elbows, supported by a couple of pillows. I knelt behind her beautifully presented buttocks and lifted the tail of the teddy up her back. Ah, those glorious creamy cheeks! The crack was slightly apart and a sweaty musky aroma drifted up from the shadowy fundament.

For a couple of minutes I stroked and kissed the magnificent globes, paying due homage. Then I bent into the humid crease and started running my tongue along that delightful path. I could hear the actress giving her litany about having the juices from her cunt slurped up and, as I licked and tasted Angela’s crack (without yet touching her anus), I probed at her cunt with my right hand, slipping first two then three fingers into the drenched hole. I could feel her fingers splaying apart the labia and one drumming on her clit. I gently finger-fucked her as I continued to coat the insides of her buttocks with saliva.

When I heard the actress tell the guy to ‘Lick my little pooper. I want to feel your tongue push against it.’ I zeroed in on Angela’s butt hole and jabbed it with my tongue. I could hear her gasp and then she must have borne down because the sphincter suddenly gave way and my tongue slid into her hot dank hole. I was too aroused to mind the taste, which wasn’t too unpleasant anyway. I experimented with probing the walls of her sphincter, pushing against the yielding muscle and covering it all with saliva. As the actress on the video was telling her lover to rim her, to suck her arse, to lick her butt – I followed her instructions. Angela was really heaving around, and I needed my spare hand to keep her buttocks steady. I was still finger fucking her and knew that she was getting close to orgasm.

When she did cum, her anal sphincter clenched around my tongue, just like her snatch tightened on my fingers. I pushed my sweaty face hard against her buttocks, forcing my tongue even deeper into her rectum, but the intensity of her orgasm was such that she wrenched away and rolled onto her side, rocking gently escort bursa with her thighs pressed tightly together, hand still in her parts. I could do little other than soothingly stroke her flanks and wait. I stopped the video (they were still in the arse licking scene), and went into the bathroom to wash my mouth and face.

I finished gargling and returned. Angela was lying on her back, gently rubbing her breasts and beaming up at me. ‘Feel good?’ I enquired, lying down beside her and nuzzling those soft tits, lightly brushing over the nipples with my tongue.

‘Oohh, don’t start again just yet,’ she begged. ‘Just let me come down from that amazing cum!’ She clasped me to her tightly and then kissed me deeply.

‘God that was unbelievable!’ she said when we came up for air. ‘I had a real all-over orgasm. I can’t believe how hot my body got.’ I kissed her neck and bit her ear lobe. ‘Mmmmm,’ she shivered. ‘Stop it. Let’s just snuggle and finish our drinks.’

I restarted the video and we watched again as the old guy tongue fucked the dark haired girl’s arse until she shuddered into her orgasm. Then he stood up and brought his cock towards her face. She grabbed the semi-hard hose and sucked on it as if she was drowning and his balls were full of oxygen. He growled at her to suck him properly this time. The angle must have been easier for her because he was able to slide his cock deep into her mouth. He told her she was a fast learner and needed to see him every day to work on her cock sucking.

Once he was fully hard she pulled back, a long strand of saliva still linking her lower lip to the glistening bulbous head of his dick. Looking impishly up at him, she breathily demanded ‘Now fuck my arse. I want your fat cock in my arse. Fuck me long and hard if you’re not too old and tired.’ And she arranged herself on his desk so that she was leaning forward with her legs apart and buttocks high. The old guy didn’t waste a moment, positioning himself behind her, bringing his bulging cockhead to the slightly gaping well-licked entrance to her arse and unceremoniously jutting forward with an angry growl, the glans of his large cock jabbing through her anus.

The camera shifted to the girl’s face and we got a close up of the range of emotions playing across her features. First there was a starting forward, a flash of pain, her chin jutting and eyes bugging; then her mouth went into that now-familiar ‘o’ of pleasure and her eyelids hooded in lust. At the backdoor, the guy had grabbed a handful of her buttock and, with this leverage, was paused ready to complete the penetration of her gut. His thick cock, the head wedged in her arse, stuck out like a piece of hardwood. ‘You sure you want this?’ he said with a hint of cruelty. ‘I’m not too old to make you squeal.’

The camera panned back to show her looking over her shoulder and brushing a sweaty strand of hair away from her face. ‘Just fuck me, you old goat!’ she goaded him, smiling and running her tongue over her lips.

I was conscious of Angela’s hand tight around my rigid cock. My cock pulsed in her grip, and she lowered her hand to my balls, squeezing them. My mouth was dry and I licked my lips. On-screen the grey-haired man smiled and lunged forward, driving his cock forcefully deep into the bowels of the woman below him. ‘Yaaarrggghhhh!’ she half-screamed. ‘Ohh fuck, fuck, fuck!’ The guy bottomed out but didn’t pause before pulling back and burying himself again in her hot depths. ‘Yaarrggghhhh!’ she repeated, eyes and jaw clenched. The guy stopped and her eyes sprung open. ‘Don’t stop!’ she gasped and pushed back at him ‘Fuck me!’

He responded instantly, pulling his cock all the way out, the fat head making a pop as it disengaged from her sphincter, then lurching forward, the heavy rod sliding all the way in till his hips met her buttocks with a smack. ‘Yeessss,’ she hissed. ‘That’s the way to fuck your little anal slut!’ And the arse pounding continued, with lots of babbling from the raven haired beauty and the occasional comment from the old guy telling her he wasn’t too tired to show a young tramp what arse fucking is all about.

Angela gave my balls a twist and squeeze. Nuzzling against my ear she whispered, ‘You want to do that to me don’t you?’ I turned and kissed her, our tongues duelling languidly.

‘Have we got any KY?’ I asked.

‘No,’ she said, squeezing my balls again. ‘But there’s some vaseline by the sewing box.’ I jumped up and by the time I got back, open jar of thick gooey petroleum jelly in one hand, Angela had resumed the position on her elbows and knees, buttocks high.

On screen the action was intense. The grey-haired guy was fucking like a jack hammer, the full length of his cock disappearing each time into the girl’s rectum. She was moaning incoherently, sprawled full length on his desk, her face pressed against some files.

I knelt behind Angela and ran my hand over her buns, lightly down her crack and then into her thatch. It was wet and almost dripping and I slid a couple of fingers deep into her cunt. She grunted and pushed back at me. I finger fucked her as we both watched the action on the TV.

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