Angel in the Night 08

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This story should stand alone, but is part 8 of the series; thanks from Nick, Thien and Thuy if you’ve started from 1. I’m trying to evoke more feelings and humour this time. Feel free to give feedback or votes – it’s very encouraging!

Now I was at university. Classes, reading, talking, coffee, more reading, sunny breaks, more reading…

I was very lucky to get in a shared house with four mates, in a shabby area near the main campus. Brown rental carpet, mismatched furniture, part-time TV, the usual stuff. We had a few gross habits, like the Morning Report and the Pube Challenge, but overall we were pretty clean.

(The Morning Report was invented by Stevo. It involved delivering the best breakfast-time burp or fart; the winner was called Burper or Farter of the Day, if you managed both you were called God of the Day. Performance-enhancing supplements were encouraged and celebrated. Stevo was himself a strong contender in both classes. The Pube Challenge was to claim the longest pubic hair. Alleged lengths were written on the bathroom mirror with a whiteboard pen, with examples occasionally stuck there with Vaseline or toothpaste. They were Good Times. We were Class with a capital K.)

Thien had won a scholarship and stayed in a college on campus, a beautiful neo-gothic attempt at an Oxford college. The arched windows put shafts of light across the halls and it smelled of floor polish and roast dinners. Her room was in an old part of the building set around a quadrangle. It was tiny but at least it looked out over the square of soft grass, which always seemed to have a sleeping student somewhere on it.

I should admit, my university was classes, reading, talking, and sex with my Asian angel in her tiny room, in the afternoon sun. She stayed at my house a few times (the boys really made an effort for her, tidying up and no unusual habits while she was there), but she was actually a good student who worked hard and refused to get distracted. She also had a taste for the outdoors.

Her college had an old slate roof, mediaeval-style battlements and a clock tower. I know this because Thien showed me one afternoon.

How she found the tiny staircase up to the tower I’ll never know. It looked like a plain closet door to me. The narrow stairs led up and onto the roof of the tower, allowing us to enjoy the view across the university.

“And no one can see us,” she said, peeling off her top to expose her tiny, perfect breasts with their coffee-brown nipples. “Kneel here.” So that’s why she brought a towel.

I knelt in front of her. She stood assertively, hands on hips, proud nipples standing out. She looked down at me lustfully. “Stroke me through my panties,” she ordered.

Sitting back on my heels, I ran my hands slowly up her legs, from her sandals, up her calves, behind her knees and on under her belted skirt. Her thighs stopped at the panties, which covered her pert round bottom and her delicate pubic hairs. I brushed my hands up the front of her thighs and ran them across the cotton fabric. I could feel the outline of her outer lips, from the warmth between her thighs up to where her cleft faded away at her pubic mound. Thien sighed happily. I got the faintest scent of her, which gave me a wonderful idea.

I lifted the skirt over my head. The world went pale blue as I found myself in front of her glorious firm thighs and pale cotton panties. I pulled the panties down to reveal her curly hairs and soft outer lips. But the smell…

What a subtle cocktail of perfumes it was. The base was the sunny grassy smell wafting up from the neat lawns in the quad. Under Thien’s skirt the first smell was her natural, slightly spicy smell, mixing with some body spray and her secret flavours: a touch of sweat, a trace of wee, her vagina. The scent of her arousal was there too, growing stronger. It was intoxicating, breathing lungfuls of the mixture. Stroking her furry outer lips and gently parting them added to her arousal and the sexual perfume. Her inner lips were shining with nectar already. I kissed her hole and eased my tongue up the folds. To add to the aromas I stuffed the panties under my nose and moaned with pleasure. Thien responded with a sigh.

“You’re liking that a lot aren’t you, lover!” Thien scratched my shoulders and stroked my head. “I have an idea that you might like. I know I will. Give me my panties.”

She got me out from under her skirt. Taking off her thin belt, she deftly put the panties across my eyes and tied them in place with the belt. My eyes were disabled, my nose was in overdrive. And, as always happens when your eyes are shut, my hearing was enhanced.

“God, Thien, this is incredible already!”

“Let’s see what else we can do!” From her tone I could tell Thien was obviously smiling, I guessed the naughty smile. I could also hear her breathing affected by her arousal. “Strip, then sit over here.”

She helped we round so I was sitting with my back to the stone battlements. The warm stone added its own smell. I could sense casino siteleri Thien’s movement.

“AAAHHH fuck! Thien that’s… that’s…” Words failed me. Thien had got down to my standing cock, rigid since licking her pussy. She had lightly bitten it, no hands, just her teeth working the foreskin down. Lips tucked under the helmet, she was licking the head. I was seeing stars. “Thien, that’s magic…” Still no hands, she slid her soft lips up and down the shaft. I blindly groped and found her long hair swishing as she bobbed. “So damn sexy…” I gasped. It made me dizzy.

Then she stopped.

I heard feet adjusting themselves, sensed movement, then a tiny hand on my pulsing cock.

“FUUUKKK! Thien! O God Thien, fucking incredible…” Not saying it well again. Thien had spun around and must have been squatting, facing away from me. Her little hand had guided my cock straight into her soft wet vagina. She sat down, burying my cock to the hilt. Electric shocks ran from my cock down my legs and up my front. I bucked up into her cunt, scratching my back on the stonework as I did it. She let me thrust up into her hot channel. I could feel her rubbing her clit above my ramrod, stretching and flexing her pussy lips.

I could see nothing, but my nose was filled with her damp panties, as well my skin and hands and cock were giving me unbelievable sensations. Her hips brushed mine, or slapped down onto them. her hands on my ankles flexed and shifted with her movements and breathing. I could feel her juices leaking out onto me. My hands stretching over her tight bottom could feel every curve and ripple, and the narrow line of sweat in her crack. I tickled the hard little ridges round her anus. My cock drove on.

“Oh Nick, you feel good inside me. Feels good you tickling my hole. Your huge cock ramming my cunt. I can feel your balls, ah, ahh, ahhh.” Thien’s breathing was ragged, she was shuddering. “Ah, Nick, ah, ahh, ahh. AAAAHHH, Nick!” She gasped as she came, a sound I will love all my life.

She sat heavily on my lap, still impaled on my cock. “Ride me. Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

She got off me but I could feel her close.

“Fuck me like a dog. Fuck me, you dog.”

I felt and found her hips. I was desperate to finish, so didn’t use much subtlety. Her lips were open and I thrust in. A few prods and suddenly my cock slipped in and I slapped against Thien’s buttocks. “Oh yes!” she cried, “Slap against me!”

My cock was already in charge, slapping into her wide cunt so my thighs hit her skin. My balls swung against her hairy lips again and again. I could feel my orgasm boiling up in them, stiffening my cock even more.

“Oh fuck Thien, you feel fantastic. So wide open. I want to fill you with my come.”

“You will. Come in me lover, fill me with come, spurt in my hole.” Thien, you naughty angel. That sort of talk will set me off…

Suddenly I was coming. Streams of come shot out of my cock and deep into Thien’s cunt. She held still while I gasped above her, thrusting just a few times to get a last spurt.

“Ah Thien, Thien my love, sooo fucking nice! Sooo good with you. Thank you.”

“You’re pretty fucking hot yourself, lover.”

Not all afternoons were that intense, but we enjoyed each other’s bodies freely. We made love with each other, many times.

Then Thien gave me a surprise at lunch one day.

“Thuy called.”

Thuy! The best friend Thien ever had. The one who helped Thien so much with boy advice and birth control. The one who set up our first complete fuck, then joined in to make it our first threesome. Very different from Thien, tough on the outside but vulnerable inside. I hadn’t heard about her since our adventure together.

“She’s thinking about getting married.”

“Wha?? Who? How? But, isn’t she your age or close?”

“Easy tiger. She’s a bit older than me. Yeah, still a bit young for a wedding, I s’pose. She sounded funny on the phone, so I don’t know the whole story, but she told me some of it.”


“You heard of Van? A boyfriend years ago. Good-looking, sexy boy. She didn’t let on to him, but she was crazy about him. Didn’t quite treat her right, I thought. He used to work on boats. So, he’s come back. He’s now the main boat-handler at the Brooklyn marina. Refuels the big cruisers, stocks the bar, takes them round to their rich owners, that sort of stuff.”

“This Van’s come back, and it’s suddenly wedding bells?”

“I don’t know! Why don’t you ask her: she wants us to visit. She said something about another lesson. Does that make sense to you?” Of course it doesn’t, Thien. My life with you is wonderful, but completely crazy.

Thuy shared a flat with a friend. Small, functional, uninteresting, but at least it was in a smallish block. There was no lift. On the landing, there was a bucket full of concrete, with a chain coming out of it. A bike was attached to the chain. Cheap and effective, I thought.

Inside were Vietnamese nick-knacks, a little Buddha, a statuette of Confucius, canlı casino simple but beautifully-made bowls for every purpose. We sat in the kitchen, sipping green tea. Thuy was explaining how she had bribed her flatmate to be away for the afternoon, so we could catch up “properly”.

“She will have total control of the TV for two weeks! I hope I can stand it!” She drives a hard bargain and no mistake.

Thuy was being evasive. She asked silly questions that she already knew the answer for. She repeated herself. She kept offering more tea. Thien got down to business.

“So Thuy, what the hell?”

Thuy was too off-guard to lie.

“That day we had. I made it to be perfect for you and your boy, and it was. Then I came in and nearly spoilt it, but you made it more perfect. Before that I loved you and I was a bit jealous, after that I loved you and was so happy for you and everything.

“Ever since then, I’ve wanted something as special as you and Nick. I love you both because you showed me what great love is. I could never take that away, never. I couldn’t live if I did that. But now I am looking everywhere for the perfect love, the perfect boy.”

Thuy’s voice took on a harsher tone. “I’ve met many boys, fucked a few of them and sucked a few cocks, but they’re not perfect. Some of them a long way from perfect. No one gave me the feelings you gave me.” She reached out to clutch our hands.

“Van was my first, years ago. Oh, he was so good-looking! Very sexy, very proud. I loved him, but not quite like you two. Also, he was clumsy. I think I was his first, maybe. He didn’t know how to please a woman very well. He cared, but sometimes he forced me…”

Thien flared up. “Forced you? That’s rape!”

“Well, not force with fists. He make me consent sometimes.”

“That’s NOT consent! Ah, I know what girl you are, submissive Asian lady!” Thien was furious, but aiming at the wrong target.

“Thuy,” I said, “it’s not your fault. It’s never your fault. Whatever someone does, they have to take responsibility for their actions. If you’ve said no, or maybe not, or even maybe, you haven’t said yes. You don’t have to do anything more. Please remember that.”

“Thank you Nick, you are a kind boy. But Thien is right, sometimes I am submissive Asian lady.”

“I hope you submit only to what you like doing anyway.” Thuy smiled at that.

“But you must hear this. At Christmas time, Van was working up the coast on big yachts. He was troubled, he told me. He didn’t know why. Well, one night he have a terrible motorbike accident. Smash the bike. He was lying beside the road, bleeding, he thought he would die, he so wounded.” Thuy’s English suffered when she was emotional. As she spoke, tears came to her eyes.

“In the night, on the road, he see an angel. An angel!” She looked at Thien. “In a glowing gown, with long hair. The angel said to him, I will save you, you will live; but you must go back to Thuy. You did harm to her. You must fix it up.

“Then he pass out. He wake up in hospital. The doctors are puzzled, he should be much worse after such a bad accident. But he is not puzzled. He knows the angel saved him, so he must do his part.

“He move back. He was here, in this kitchen. He apologise, say he is so sorry, he was in love but his head was mixed up. He wants me back. He is such a different person, more gentle, more giving. He sat here and cried and cried. Can you imagine Van crying?”

Evidently Thien could not. She was silent, thoughtful.

“So I think, do I want him back? How do I want him back? And I suddenly realise, of course! What did my Angel show me? You two: perfect lovers! Then I realise, it’s the same angel – you! Thien Than, you save Van! You save him for me!”

Thien was astonished. So was I; this was heading straight for Weird City, somewhere in the Twilight Zone. Thuy’s face was shining wet, but beaming. She couldn’t let go of our hands.

Thuy was whispering in Vietnamese to Thien. Thien was clearly unsettled by the angel talk. We often made a joke of her name meaning ‘angel’ but this was at another level. I guessed ‘Thien Than’ was some formal angel address, maybe not sitting easily with my matter-of-fact Thien. The last thing she said was “Engris!”

Thuy spoke. “I need one more lesson, just one. You are so special, you have a special love. I need you to show me the special love so I can find it, or make it.”

Well Thuy, that’s easy. You start by growing up next door to each other, you need the boy to be cheerful and a bit witless, the girl pretty savvy and crazy-daring. Sex in a nearby playground is an important ingredient… oh come on! What the heck do we say? How on earth did we plan any of our mad, wonderful few months together?

Thien and I were lost for words, but Thuy was waiting for an answer. We had to say something.

“Thuy, we weren’t special. We were lucky, really lucky and I guess receptive to the chances we were given. You probably know we were neighbours for years before we got kaçak casino to know each other. I suppose the one big thing we did was really listen to each other, words and feelings and actions.” I was starting to sound like a motivational speaker.

“So you really listen to each other. I will try that. How do you do that?”

Easy, babe. You just open your mouth and stick your foot in as far as it will go. No, that won’t do. Come on son, the ball’s at your feet now, let’s see your moves.

“How do you start? I guess you get to know someone. Really know them. Talk. Go out for a simple lunch. Ask yourself what your gut feeling is.”

Thuy was trying to follow this. “My gut feeling, a funny thing to say but I think I get it. Let’s say, you have a nice boy, you are ready for, for sexy loving. How would you do it?”

“Well, it has to be in a nice place. I’ve heard some horror stories from friends, and I think how wonderful you made it for us, I’m sure everything should be as special as you can make it.”

“Is this a nice place?”

“Could be. Make some nice lights. Make the room warm.” Thien slipped off her chair and silently went to Thuy’s room. Thuy didn’t appear to notice.

“But how do you start?”

“Maybe, a glass of good wine, not spirits. Touching, that’s it. Hold hands. Stroke gently. A massage or a back rub usually helps people relax.” God Thuy, don’t ask this clunky Anglo for seduction advice. “I think you need to tell the boy what feels nice, what you want him to do. And you have to tell him what you don’t like, but try and be nice about it.”

Thien had reappeared. “Think nice thoughts. Sexy thoughts. Nice memories. Be strong, but take care of each other.” I wondered vaguely if that was Confucian wisdom I was hearing. I wondered if this was actually making it easier for Thuy.

The conversation was not going the way she wanted. She fidgeted on her seat like a schoolgirl in trouble. Thien glanced across at me, for once unsure what to do next. What does she want anyway? Suddenly it came to me.

“You want to tell him what to do. You want him to explore you and treat you right. You want him to make love to you, but care for your needs.”

“I guess that’s it.”

“Thien, let’s try this. I will make Thuy feel good. She can tell me what to do to make it special, that way she’s had some practice for when Van’s here. Then she can show him how to make it, perfect.” That’s a dangerous word, boy. “If you feel uncomfortable about any of it, you just say so and we can stop. We can show that No means No, then.”

Thuy’s smile showed I was onto something. Thien was uncertain, hesitating but (I hoped) intrigued. She jumped the wrong way.

“Are you just trying to take him away? My lovely Nick?” Oh Thien love, why do you doubt us? Thuy didn’t doubt us.

“NO! No not for Nick. Never for Nick. He is yours, for ever I wish. This is for Van. When he comes back, what do I say, what do I do?”

Something made me take charge. Time to cut through the pack and score some goals.

“Let’s see your room.”

In her room the heater was on. the curtain was closed and the light came from the bedside lights twisted and shining onto coloured scarves. Thuy loved it.

“Thien! You make it look so pretty! And thanks for picking up.” The last part she said very quietly.

I kept command. “Thien, would you like to sit here and tell us anything you think we should hear. I’ll start. Thuy, I think you should sit on the end of the bed, but face up the bed.” They both complied.

Standing behind my ‘pupil’, I started to massage her neck and shoulders. She hung her head forward and started to relax. I worked some way down her arms and over her shoulder blades.

“Undress,” I whispered, helping her up out of her top. Thuy had a little bit of weight, which made all her features soft and giving. I rubbed down her back and she rolled her shoulders easily. I undid her bra and she let it fall – not like the last time, on our picnic. Her beautiful round boobs settled on her chest. The soft skin of her sides sat easily with her breasts.

“Lie down.” When she was stretched up the bed I rubbed her rib cage, her shoulders again, her arms. “You like this?” She made contented sighing noises. Thien watched intently.

I ran my hands from the small of her back to the sudden rise of her buttocks, then realised she was lying on the Buttons. Spot the learner driver.

But it was okay. “Unbutton yourself,” I whispered, tugging her jeans. She put her hands in and unbuttoned, then lifted her hips up so I could slide her last clothes off. She was naked. Her wide soft thighs tapered to slim ankles and little feet. Her round bottom curved into her smooth back and up to her short purple-dyed hair. Her buttocks showed tiny ripples when she shifted.

I massaged her back, her legs and her buttocks, kneading the soft pliable skin. I asked her what she liked the most. “Mmmm” was all I got from her. I asked for more detail.

“Mmmm.” And she spread her thighs, revealing her dark thatch between. She wriggled her hips, waiting for me to make a move on her.

“Thuy, don’t be submissive Asian lady.” Thien was not bossy, she sounded more like a sincere friend. “You must ask.”

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