Andi Doubles Down

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Like a cork coming out of a champagne bottle, I pulled my cock out of May’s ass and then firmly encircled her ball sack around its base with my thumb and forefinger, the agreed upon cue for Andi. It was fun watching May’s puckered aperture contort and emit a tiny drivel of lube and precum as I exited and I couldn’t resist rubbing my cock up and down her slippery ass crack to let her know that I would be back. Soon.

“Should we do it, Andi?” I asked urgently with her underneath.

“Esshhh, ah ink sshho.” Andi said, her mouth full of “special girl” May.

Andi immediately shifted into her furious “orgasm extraction” procedure, consisting of a hard and fast deepthroat blowjob, a sloppy, unyielding reciprocating stroke with her lips, mouth and throat. She was the best at this and neither May nor I could stand up to it. Once she would unleash her fury, you knew you weren’t long for this world.

Removing my grip around May’s balls as Andi’s head overrevved, I smacked May’s ass smartly and commenced my final plunge, driving mercilessly into May’s dribbling, puckered asshole. Holding her solidly by her hips, I began to now more firmly piston fuck my girlfriend’s shapely and thoroughly teased up ass, nailing her prostrate button as I went by.

As usual, she didn’t have much time left. With Andi working hard and my balls slapping away at May’s backside, the action soon became too much for poor, overstimulated May.

“Aaaagh, ugh, oh. OH!” Gasped May, her lower body now completely under relentless, merciless, almost violent two-sided assault. “Oh, yes. Oh, yes. That’s…” May screamed. With a wiggling shudder, she let out a guttural “Ugh, oh fuck!” and summarily unloaded in Andi’s mouth.

“Aahhhhgghh” I heard a gagging Andi erupt on the receiving end, sustaining the full effect of May’s fire hose orgasm. While May was about average in size, she could really blast when stimulated properly. I could sometimes get a prone May to cum in her own face when I would hand job her. Occasionally, my marksmanship was dead accurate, especially when I probed her ass with a middle finger, hitting the loud button.

I felt May involuntarily pump and pump as she orgasmed, her asshole twitching around my cock with each spurt. It seemed like it wouldn’t end, her sphincter almost biting off my cock with each spasm. I heard Andi underneath, gagging and slurping, trying to stay ahead of the gushing load.

May subsided, but I kept it up, my balls slapping her hard and audibly. I felt May’s ass bear down forcefully, increasing the crushing pressure of her sphincter’s circumferential grip around my sliding cock. I thought to myself: “She’s such a pleaser.”

I was almost there, soon to arrive at the moment of truth.

Pulling almost all the way out of May’s gripping ass, stopping with my cockhead locked firmly in her contracted anus, I came hard with a series of ecstatic “Ugh’s”, my cock pulsing as it delivered its gooey payload. May squeezed ever so much harder to enhance the pleasure of my release and to extract the last drop from me. Coming down, I tried to hold it in as long as possible, but May’s tight butt forcibly ejected the softening intruder with a slimy squirt and drool.

Bending down I said: “Come on, honey. Let me see it. Let me see it,” referring to the captive load residing in May’s pleasure palace ass.

She applied pressure, giggling as she expelled my creamy euphoria in series of noisy spurts and drips out of her pulsating, elastic rear. I watched as it migrated over her balls, sliding down and finally off them, her asshole twitching as she tried to eject the last of it.

“How’s that?” May said

As a “thank you”, I bent down and circled May’s oozing asshole with my tongue.

“OOH!” May jumped. “I love your tongue on me.” She said, quickly realizing what it was.

“You have the prettiest rear, dear.” I complimented, just now noticing the red handprint on May’s butt cheek. “I love fucking you from behind. And, yes, that was a wonderful cum fart! Totally hot!”

May giggled again, saying. “I love feeling you cum in my ass.”

Andi pulled out from under May, with both Andi’s mouth and May’s softening cock still drooling and dripping. Andi’s face, of course, was a gooey mess, but she loved making cocks cum with her mouth and the experience of the syrupy aftermath. A true queen of the blowjob.

“Wow, May. That was a good one!” Andi exclaimed. May smiled and reached her hand around Andi’s head, gathering her hair coated with blobs of her release and kissed Andi deeply, goo and all.

“I love when you do that to me.” May said. “You are my heaven.”

I then also kissed tiny Andi saying: “You are such a hot little cock sucker, Andi. I love when you suck May off with me in her ass.” The three of us then engaged in a slippery, sloppy “love trio” kiss, Andi of course supplying most of the gook.

Swiping one of May’s glass butt plugs off the dresser as we scurried to the shower, we all got in and began to lather each other canlı bahis up. I kissed May from behind while grabbing her tits, slipping the plug in her loosened asshole. She jumped and turned at the unexpected implantation.

“Oh! That feels so good!” She exclaimed. “Rob. You’re so naughty! Aren’t you done with me yet?” She asked with a smile.

“I’m never ‘done’ with you, honey.” I said pulling her towards me, winding the glass around while grabbing her ass cheeks, kissing her. May just stood there while we hugged, enjoying the sensation, with Andi washing both of us down. I felt myself getting hard again.

“Hey, you know. I would like to try one of those things one day too.” Andi said, thwapping May’s ass with a washcloth. “I’m not all about the ass like you two are, but I would at least like to try it sometime.”

May smacked her back with another washcloth while I grabbed at them both. They even got me a couple times. Lover’s fun. I started stiffening further from the naughty talk and the ‘two hottie’ shower action. So did May.

“But, Andi.” I replied, stroking May’s hardening cock, “May and I just love your puss.”

“Oh, Rob?” May interrupted, looking down and then up at me. “I think you’re good enough to show her!”

“My thoughts exactly, dear.” I said smiling.

With that, I picked Andi up by her handful sized ass cheeks and plopped her on my cock, her legs instinctively wrapping around my waist and her arms around my neck as she slid down and me up. May was right; I had gotten amazingly hard and I penetrated Andi’s slippery glove with ease. Andi was so small and light, she felt like a large masturbation toy, albeit a live one. And one that liked to wiggle.

“Oh, yeah. That’s more like it.” Said Andi, initiating a sensuous, undulating grind with the warm shower streaming down us.

With Andi’s eyes closed and her attention focused on the shower fuck, I began to think that May and I had been a little inconsiderate tonight, forgetting that Andi had not yet gotten hers. While I would now hopefully fix that, I regretted the oversight and resolved to speak to May about it.

May, ever the magnanimous, good hearted person that she is, must have read my mind with the same thought at the same time. She was amazingly intuitive. And now also probably jealous that I was experiencing Andi’s ‘finger trap’ pussy, leaving her out. With my help, she pulled Andi off me, flipped her around and then placed Andi on her cock, the difference being that I was now supporting Andi’s upper so that May could provide the fuck movement. All Andi had to do was to keep her legs locked around May. I kissed Andi’s neck while May slid in and out gently but firmly, her cockhead perfectly angled to work Andi’s G-spot. I watched as Andi twerked on May’s hard cock.

I pondered for a minute, while watching Andi grind, the idea of simultaneously slipping into her little ass but, remembering the butt plug “try” comment, I didn’t think she would be ready for or expecting a hard and motivated intruder coming from that direction, unannounced.

The shower was slowly running out of ‘hot’ as Andi’s undulation increased in frequency. Being a bit of a “techie”, I mused how much fun it would be if we were to hook up Andi’s ass to a machine to measure the sine wave and therefore be able to predict when she was about to reach the point of no return.

Andi’s lower body began to convulse wildly and, with a final twitch and anaconda like squeeze with her legs, she came with a sweet little sigh and buck, quite appropriate for her smallness.

Still impaled on May, I held her there for a few minutes while Andi retreated from her orgasm high. May and I then pulled her off, with May’s cock springing back to vertical as we did so. Andi, her legs weakened by her squeezing envelopment of May and by her own orgasm, could barely stand up.

I maintained my supportive arm wrap of Andi from behind, my still hard cock pressed between us, about halfway up her back. Andi turned and kissed me saying sweetly: “Thank you, Rob, I’m good.” I always took care of my little girl.

“The next time we all fuck,” she then announced to the group, “I want to be first! But that was great, you two!”

Releasing Andi, I gave May’s half hard cock a stroke and kissed her: “Nice one, honey.” I said. May stood there smiling proudly, her nipples standing straight out from her healthy fakes.

Andi reached a kiss up to May saying: “Yes May, that was really hot!”

I finally shut off the now freezing water. I loved our little ‘love exchanges’, but I was getting cold.

Andi started laughing as May and I thought to dry her first, sensuously rubbing the towels all over her, drying her legs and shoulder length hair. Compared to the shower we just exited, they felt invitingly warm.

“Wadda you laughing at, shorty?” I asked Andi. “I hope you aren’t comparing size!”

“For a minute there, I thought you were going to do that ‘shower thing’ to me again, Rob.” Andi laughed, referring bahis siteleri to the incident of a few months ago in which I had deliberately subjected her to a freezing cold motel shower as part of her initiation.

“Oh, fuck no. I’m not gonna go there again, honey, believe me! This time was strictly by accident!” I defended, returning a laugh and smile at Andi. “I fucking paid dearly for that one. I’m just glad that I still have my balls!” I continued.

I could hear May laughing too. I looked up at her just as she was extricating the glass plug. I had forgotten about that.

“Don’t you fucking laugh, May. You were a part of it!” I said jokingly. They were both now laughing hard. Mostly at how they had gotten me back.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok. Go ahead. Laugh.” I lamented. “Everybody laugh at my horrible suffering. Go ahead. Laugh away.” Andi reached up and kissed my cheek.

“You were such a pussy, Rob.” she said with a giggle.

“Oh, come on Andi. You were the ‘merciless bitch from hell’ that night, honey.” I accused. “What did you expect?” I continued, defending my manliness.

“Yes, I was, wasn’t I?” Said Andi now with an evil giggle.

I smacked Andi’s ass.

“You were fucking scary. Both of you. I’ll get you guys back one day, I just haven’t yet figured out how.” I said smiling.

“Ooooooohhhh!” they replied together, daring me.

May enveloped the three of us in one of her giant, wonderfully soft, fluffy towels and, after jumping into bed together completely naked, all of us then began to warm up again. We slept soundly in May’s king, little Andi in the middle.

“I love you guys.” I heard May say as I nodded off.


The next day, I replayed in my mind the previous day’s lovemaking, my thoughts drifting to Andi’s eagerness about the butt plug. I never would have thought. But, then again, she was an adventurous little thing, always willing to try something new to get either herself or her partner off. Or both.

Having never spent much quality time with her back door, I was concerned exactly what she could manage, given her overall size. On the other hand, continuing the thought, she could really handle some pipe up at the opposite end. Nothing about her would surprise me.

I went out for a quick dinner with May that night while Andi was in class studying nursing. Yes, of course, I often envisioned her in the cliché nurse outfit whenever I knew she was there. “I’ll have to put that on the list”, I thought. And for May, also. Or maybe “schoolgirl”. Of course, I always teased them about doing this, but we simply never had gotten around to trying the roleplays.

May arrived wearing her standard “butt cheek” jeans and pair of my favorite high heels. A sexy, but reserved look. I got up to help her in her seat, enjoying the view as I did so. She always wore this kind of stuff for me and that’s what good girlfriends do – they do what you like and then tease you with it. May was a consummate pleaser and a romanticist. She relished my admiration of both her physical self and her loving heart. My job was simply to worship her, love her and not make her eyes wet.

Of, course, had we been meeting in a more private setting, I would have smacked her ass good in those jeans. Instead, I gathered her by her waist from one side with my arm and kissed her as she was sitting down in the booth. Leaning to her ear, I whispered: “You’re just the hottest”, which is “guy code” for: I noticed you, I love you, I want you and I care about you.

“Don’t embarrass meeeeee!” she said sitting down, looking around with a giggle, flashing her great smile. She loved when I teased her in front of an audience and, clearly, she was now center stage in the place. Or perhaps her great ass was. She loved every second of it. Even though May would constantly deny it, she liked my public display, showing off and the resulting attention.

“Ok, ok, ok.” I said. “You’re such a prude!” Knowing full well that the opposite was true of her.

“Oh, yeah?” May challenged. “Pull your pants down, I’ll give you a blowjob right here!”

“Alright, honey, now you’re talkin’!” I said. “How about later?”

May dared a lover’s dare: “You wouldn’t last ten seconds in my hot mouth.”

After that one, we spent a few minutes discussing and joking about last night’s fun. Since I was already intrigued by the “butt” subject, I said: “I just cannot get enough of your lovely ass, dear.”

“SSSSHHHH! Not so loud, you jerk!” May replied, smiling as she looked around for any raised eyebrows.

“Sorry!” I said leaning in, adding quietly: “I want to marry your butt. But I’ll take the rest of ya if I have to.”

She landed a fake punch on my arm.

“We have to talk about Andi, though.” I said, holding May’s hand, getting serious. “We both love Andi and our trio, but sometimes we get so caught up in each other we forget about her. I think it just sends the wrong bahis şirketleri message.”

May and I always seemed to be on the same page.

“Yes, I had the same thought.” She said, continuing: “I think she really loved the shower play and fuck last night, but we really need to focus on her more. Her “being first” comment was a hint, I think.”

“Yes, I think it was.” I said. “And I keep thinking also about her wanting the ‘butt plug’ treatment.”

“Yes, definitely. She’s so crazy and open minded,” May said, “we should take advantage of that.”

“She’s fun to Dom. Maybe we should do that?” I said, thinking. “You and I this time could team up on her and maybe focus on her ass. Kill two butts with one stone!”

May giggled. “Team up” was the key phrase in this exchange and May immediately hooked onto it.

“Rob. We should double team her; wouldn’t that be fun? One of us in her ass and another in her pussy.”

“Ok, honey. I know what a ‘double team’ is.” May punched me again. “That would certainly erase the ‘focus’ issue. Do you think she can handle that, May?” I asked.

“Well, if we tied her up, she would have to.” Said May laughing, her evil side coming out.

“Yes, OK, but I don’t want to hurt her.” I said. “I do like the idea, but it would all have to be a surprise to be effective. How can we train her ass and yet have it all be a surprise for her?”

After sitting silently for a couple minutes with the wheels turning, May came up with a proposal: “Ummm, I have an idea.” She leaned over and kissed me. “Andi and I could have a butt plug day together. Kind of like a play and training thing. I haven’t used them very much, so I could tell her I want more experience with them. And it’s always more fun using them with somebody else. Then I would do her also. I bet you she would ask.”

“Oh, I like that, honey.” I kissed her back. I sat, thinking for a second. May could train Andi’s ass and then we could ambush her. Perfect.

“Fuckin’ A, let’s do that.” I concluded.

After dinner and in my car, May made good on her promise. And she was right. I didn’t.


May set up a little “tea and biscuit” meeting with Andi later that week and May called me afterwards one morning to brief me on the results.

“May, honey!” I said answering the phone, knowing who it was. “How’s my sexy girl? That was so much fun in the car the other night, I just lo…”

May cut me off with excitement.

“Shut up! Shut up! I want to tell you about Aeeandeeeeee!” She said. I had no idea that they had met.

“Oh, shit. Please do! Why didn’t you tell me you met?”

“I aaaaaauummmm. Shut up!” May whined. “Well, Andi and I got together after telling her that I wanted to play more with those plug thingies and that I needed her help since I couldn’t relax when I tried them myself.”

“Yes, OK. So far, so good!” I said, now teasing her. It was always so easy to do with her.

“Shut uuuuuup! Let me talk!” May said. “You’re so annoying sometimes!”

Continuing, May went on: “OK. I laid on the bed face down with some big pillows under me so that my ass was up in the air. Andi was so good. She got behind me and teased my butt with some warm lube. Then, she climbed on top of me facing my ass and played with me. Probably like twenty minutes or so. She was so relaxing and gentle.”

“What a great visual that is, dear.” I said. “I think you should have invited me to watch!”

May giggled: “Oh it was so nice. I had warmed up the plugs and she slipped one in. Like a medium sized one. I was so relaxed; I almost didn’t feel it go in. I thought it was her finger. I got totally hard. Then she pulled my cock back out from under me and stroked me so nicely with the plug in my ass.”

May kept going: “Andi had a little surprise for me – she’s so funny. She took a pocket vibe that she had brought and vibed the plug with it while it was still in my ass. I almost jumped off the bed! I didn’t cum, but I got the pillow all wet!”

My evil mind was filing all these little facts away. The surprise vibe, the reverse hand job and Andi’s creativity, as well as how to get May to relax. She could be a bit high strung at times.

“You know,” I said, “we’re always so crazy doing this stuff, always at full throttle. I am thinking that we should slow down a little and take some time to actually enjoy each other.”

May went on: “Well, yeah, I was thinking that too. You should have seen how wet Andi got just from this! She was really sensuous.”

As we predicted, Andi eventually asked May if she could try a plug and they reversed positions so that May could help Andi to relax and be properly positioned. May said that she used the vibe all over Andi’s pussy and rear end, noting that Andi really liked the slow and sensual attention.

May continued the story: “Andi was all relaxed and everything, so I took a small plug, circled her asshole with it and gently slipped it in. It went in really easy. I was vibing her pussy while I did this and she started a little ‘Andi grind’. It was so cute.”

“It didn’t hurt her? I asked.

“No, not at all.” May said. “She seemed to really like it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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