Anal Poetry Recital Pt. 01

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Author’s note: I love the female ass. I like to watch, read about, and write about women getting fucked in the ass. Since you are here in the anal section, we have some common ground.

Getting to the point, I don’t want feedback for validation, I want it so I can make your experience better. Tell me where I went wrong, what you need more of/less of and I’ll take it all to heart and apply it as best I can. There’s a surprising number of truly fantastic writers on this site and I will never be in that rare air with the upper echelon but can at least aim in that direction.

With your help.

Thanks in advance and hope you like this first installment.


Twenty year-old Jennifer Taylor loved sex and over the last few months, her favorite act had become getting fucked in the ass. Everything about it turned her on, from her meticulous preparation that included enemas to the lubrication process and of course the unique sensation of having a dick buried in her asshole. More often than not she could reach orgasm from anal sex without any other stimulation and it was guaranteed if her clit was played with while her behind was penetrated. Her climaxes also seemed more powerful and generally lasted longer when it involved her rectum.

Thanks to her physical appearance, she would never be short on partners willing to satisfy her craving to get ass-fucked. Very pretty in that ‘girl-next-door’ mold, she had soft brown eyes, a brilliant smile and dark blonde hair that went halfway down her back. Her body was very well-proportioned and curvaceous: firm, grapefruit-sized tits, a soft but flat stomach, shapely, clearly defined thighs and a simply flawless ass that curved nicely at the base with matching dimples high on the cheeks. Nestled at the root of her deep crack was the star of this tale and any subsequent follow-ups: a tiny, deep pink asshole with perfectly aligned wrinkled spokes.

This late afternoon she was supposed to meet up with the remaining members of a clique from her freshman year in high school. Having been unintentionally celibate for two weeks and increasingly horny as a result, Jennifer was hoping to get a chance to sneak away early enough to hook-up with someone, anyone who could satisfy her need. There were three guys she’d been casually dating/having sex with and although it had only happened a handful of times, she wasn’t above offering her body to someone she had just met. However it took place, she was hopeful about getting laid tonight.

After taking a hot shower, she went through her practiced ritual of applying vanilla scented lotion from head to toe and picking out her outfit. Deciding on a matching red silk bra and thong set, she went with white jeans that fit her magnificent behind nicely and a red faux silk blouse. Seeing that she still had half an hour to kill, she was about to check on her social media when she spotted her diary sticking out of the drawer on her nightstand. Wearing just the undergarments, she lay on the bed and casually flipped through pages of her recently documented life, what basically amounted to an erotic novel.

The first sordid tale she revisited in detail had taken place less than three months before…


Jennifer had been in a fetal position with her knees pulled up to her wildly bouncing tits while Bryce slammed his dick in and out of her yawning pussy like an unmanned jackhammer. She wondered why she ever spent a second doing anything but having sex, the two well into their third hour of fucking; not including an hour long, full body oil massage that he used to set the tone. She dropped her hand down to rub her engorged clit and enhance the impending orgasm she felt building and then instantly gnashed her teeth as his reckless thrusts dislodged him completely.

Even as the thought of complaint formed in her mind, Jennifer felt the bulbous head of his dick hit the crack of her ass and slide up to the base of her spine, the crevice still slick with oil and bodily fluids. Instinctively jutting her ass in reverse by arching her back to improve his angle of penetration, she then gasped and her eyes snapped wide open as he slammed forward again. The knob landed squarely against her warm, rubbery asshole and blasted through, squeezing past her vise-tight sphincter muscles and several inches into her steaming bowels. For a moment, she thought he had set her rectum on fire, the burning pain was so intense and tears began to cloud her vision in the next second.

There had been fingers in her behind and even a tongue once but that had always been gradual and with much less girth. In this case it was only her being so relaxed, her asshole moist with oil, sweat and bodily fluids, his dick coated in slippery vaginal nectar that allowed entry. That said, having a decent-sized cock unceremoniously shoved into her virginal colon left her in agony and the situation was made worse by Bryce pushing forward with great force until his balls slapped against her sopping labia. While it wasn’t his plan to fuck her up the ass, he knew the second he made contact what was going on and now that he was inside the suffocating cavity, he had canlı bahis no regrets. She meanwhile tensed up which caused the elastic muscles in her rear to constrict, giving him even greater pleasure and his dick bounced inside her.

“Oh god, please don’t move!” she whimpered, “You’re in my…my butthole. Oh god!”

“I know, baby. Your ass is tight as hell,” he gushed appreciatively.

“That’s ’cause no one’s ever been in there you jerk!” she hissed. “Just don’t move for a minute and then take it out really slow. When I tell you to, okay?”

The two lay motionless for several minutes, Jennifer’s palm still resting on her clit and slowly but surely the angry spasms in her sphincter relented, the burning and throbbing began to ease up and her breathing returned to normal. About to give him the go-ahead to vacate her distended asshole, she cautiously started to move her hand from her crotch. As her palm grazed against her clit, she was shocked by the sudden and profound delight she felt, feeling immediately that it was tied to the unnatural presence in her behind. Her jaw went slack as she continued dragging her hand upwards, quivering as her fingers ran across the little nub. Simultaneously, the elastic and obscenely stretched sphincters in her backside pulsed from the stimulation, tied directly to her clitoris by nerves.

“Hey, uh, you want me to start pulling out now?” Bryce asked, feeling her movement.

She shook her head slowly side to side and began to move her fingers back down, squeezing her clit between them. A grateful sigh leaked from her mouth and she craned her neck back in pleasure. Once the base of her hand cleared the apex of her drooling snatch, she glided it up again, increasing the pressure she applied. Within a minute she was stroking her sex with escalating hunger as she was once again fast approaching climax.

“Okay,” she whispered huskily, “Okay, go slow but don’t take it all the way out. I want you to stay in me…I want you to do my butt but go slow. Oh god, do it…oh god…fuck! It’s so good…just like that…oh god…slow…just like that!”

He retracted about half of his shaft gently as instructed and then pushed back in Jennifer’s asshole to the hilt before easing back out again. By his third calm thrust into her behind, she was slithering her lower body back slowly to meet him and moaning with a climbing volume. Incrementally faster with each entry, his crotch was soon audibly smacking against her sensational ass cheeks and she was mumbling incoherently with ecstasy while he grunted in delight himself. She orgasmed a few minutes later and that drove him to release the first ejaculate ever received by her backside, thin ropes of semen, the volume affected by the half dozen times he’d already come that afternoon.

The two young lovers stayed pressed together, his slowly shrinking dick still buried in her now squishy asshole for a minute or so before his limp state and her flexing sphincter forced him out, a thin stream of come leaking out after. After a shower, he fucked her in the ass again and his balls nearly empty after their marathon session, she had to finish him with her hands after coming twice herself, her tender asshole unable to take another second.

By the time Jennifer went to sleep that night there was just a slight tingle in her rectum. Not very long after she woke up, it was like the day before had never happened with the exception that she was craving something in her ass. She spent all of that day researching anal sex on the internet, from basic anatomy to hygiene and lubrication. What had started as a painful mistake had turned out to be one of the more exciting experiences of her young life and she wanted to know everything…


Bryce’s name appeared in the diary several times over the next couple of weeks and they never got together without him fucking her ass at least once. Near the end of their brief, torrid affair, Jennifer looked at an entry that was very nearly as memorable. As part of her ongoing anal study, she had gone to her sexual mentor, Monica, for advice. The petite brunette was the same age but more experimental, experienced and infinitely more promiscuous. Most of their conversing away from their circle of friends was about sex, they regularly traded graphic details of encounters and the dusky blonde often went to her with questions, along with what she learned just from listening.

Arranging to meet at the brunette’s house one day, she had arrived and let herself in only to learn that her friend wasn’t there yet but her brother Mikey was. Five years the two girls senior, he and Jennifer had a secret history: she had given him head many times and he was one of the first guys to ever fuck her. She was reasonably sure that her friend knew, she occasionally mentioned his conquests of other mutual friends, but it was never discussed. Walking into the living room, she found him casting porn to the 60″ flat screen and the mood was set…


“What’s up, Forrest? You’re just in time, I’m about to play some anal videos.”

She rolled her eyes at the reference to his pet name for her, bahis siteleri ‘Forrest Gulp’, given because she not only swallowed after blowjobs but enjoyed and requested come.

“That’s why you’re here aint it, you’re curious about taking it up the ass?” he continued.

“How did you…I-I don’t do that,” she whispered.

He patted the sofa cushion next to the one he occupied and she sat down.

“Bullshit. I saw your texts to Mon. Who are you gonna trust more than me to make it good for you? Seriously, I talk a lot of shit but you know I’d never hurt you. Plus it aint my first rodeo, I’ve done a lot of women in the ass, corn-holed most of your little friends, too. And I’ve wanted your tail for years, you got the eighth wonder of the world back there. That’s the truth.”

“Well, thank you…I think, but no, we aint doing that, Monica will be here any second anyway.”

He picked up his phone and pulled up the Family Tracker app.

“Look, she’s still at work. We have at least twenty minutes…if she leaves this second. Come on, Jennifer,” he said as he leaned over and gently kissed her neck, his hand running up her thigh and under her shorts, “There’s K-Y jelly in the medicine cabinet,” his fingers lightly raked the crotch of her panties, “we can do it right here and I swear, I promise you’ll enjoy it. I’ll be gentle as hell.”

“Mikey, I don’t know…I, ohhh,” she sighed as his fingers slipped beneath the elastic leg band of her panties and stroked her bare pussy, “Okay, look, I haven’t even tried to stop you from feeling me up, so obviously…ohhh,” she moaned in reaction to him lightly pinching her clit, “Can’t you just fuck me…the normal way. Hurry we don’t have a lot of time.”

“How about this,” he started, “I’ll get the K-Y, just in case, but I want to eat that pussy. Deal?”

A few minutes later Jennifer had her forearms crossed behind her knees holding her calves in place as they rested on her shoulders, her mouthwatering ass on the edge of the couch. Mikey was kneeling in front of her on the carpet, one arm wrapped around a silky thigh, the thumb from that hand pressing on her clit. His face was glued to her crotch as he fully extended his tongue and noisily lapped up and down the yawning crevice, savoring her sweet juices. With his free hand, he had uncapped the jelly and was lathering his index and middle finger with the substance.

Staggering the digits tightly on top of each other he pressed them against her warm, rubbery asshole and pushed, the fingers sinking slowly but smoothly into her vise-tight rectum as her moans got higher in pitch. Finally in to the last knuckle, she grunted in discomfort as he twisted them inside her steaming colon, smearing the slick walls with lubricant. Jennifer was beginning to gyrate with increasing vigor as her asshole adjusted to the presence, her sphincter muscles still flexing in protest but with less constriction. He pushed the fingers back and forth a few more times and then eased them out to her disappointed sighs before quickly unzipping and pulling his jeans down far enough to get his cock out.

Abandoning her clit with the other hand, he slid two fingers from that appendage to the base in her sopping pussy while in the same motion withdrawing his tongue. Jennifer gasped at the vaginal invasion and again seconds later feeling the glans of his dick pressed against her asshole. Clearly feeling an orgasm building rapidly, she stared at him, her eyes heavy-lidded with passion.

“Do it…stick it in my butthole…make me come.”

Smiling in triumph just to be at this point, he started to lean forward and watched with fascination as the tiny hole spread to allow his cock access. The look changed to appreciation as he steadily forced the head past the withering pressure of her sphincter muscles, clearly feeling the pop as it burst through them and into her anal canal. He glanced up at the horny beauty to see her eyes closed, her mouth open in silent delight and returned his focus to his dick spearing her asshole. With his fingers still buried in her slippery cunt, he could feel his cock through the fleshy tissue that separated the two orifices and so could she. Continuing to push, a little faster now, he finally bottomed out in the moist, hot tunnel and took a deep breath, savoring the pleasure.

Due to the position, Chad had only fucked her up the ass from behind, either doggy-style or while spooning, it was like a new experience for Jennifer. It felt like he was going to come out of her mouth he was so deep in her bowels and she felt as if her breathing was impaired. Above all that, having two fingers and a cock buried to the hilt inside her at once left her as filled as she’d ever been and she was euphoric over how incredible it felt. For his part, the conditions also made it the tightest opening he’d ever been in and it was no less amazing for him.

Subconsciously thinking that his sister could walk in the door at any second, he pulled half of his cock out before sinking in again and immediately pulling back once more. In no time, he was fucking her tight, hot ass with long, steady and reasonably fast strokes and she bahis şirketleri was bucking her hips as well as she could to meet his thrusts. Her moaning was almost anguished sounding as her climax roared up from within her and she clenched her eyes shut, gasping in a flurry as the spasms tore through her midriff. The muscles in her ass contracting rapidly on his shaft led to his balls jerking as they sent come racing into his urethra and he groaned as jism began spurting into her colon. He continued slamming in and out of her even as he came while she froze, save for the visible quivering of her creamy thighs.

His testes emptied, her ecstatic spasms ceased, he lay against her for a minute or two, come still dripping into her asshole, when both heard the deep rumbling of Monica’s muscle car. Squeezing upwards from the base as he pulled out of Jennifer’s tantalizing behind to empty his cock completely, Mikey got everything together in just a minute. Meanwhile, clenching her asshole to keep his semen in her rectum, she grabbed her shorts and panties before sprinting to the bathroom.

Later, alone in her friends room, she blushed furiously but laughed at a statement that was made.

“Obviously you know enough about anal already. Mikey took a shower when I left for work and another when I got home. There is no way you can tell me he didn’t fuck your ass right before I got here.”

“We could’ve just had regular sex,” Jennifer had responded.

“Judging by those red cheeks, it was regular, alright. Regular dick up your regular ass.”

Impossibly blushing even more, Jennifer shrugged while Monica howled with laughter…


Mikey had fucked her in the ass three more times, along with other sex acts, since then and in her mind, he was prophetic: he pleasured her like few others. There was an entry in the journal where he licked her asshole while fingering her pussy that resulted in her coming and she also noted that he fucked her behind in a different position every time. He also made her much more comfortable with anal sex with his matter-of-fact approach and she was a better, more accepting partner because of him.

By now holding the book in one hand while her other was down the front of her panties leisurely stroking her moist snatch, she flipped another page. An impish and clearly dirty grin formed across her lips as she was reminded of another night of firsts…


Donald Crenshaw and his family had been her neighbors for her entire life until he and his wife divorced earlier that year. As a result, the 42 year-old man, a lifelong fantasy of Jennifer’s, had moved to another town nearby with his son Chad, her age. One night while at her part-time job at a movie theater, the older man bought a ticket and the two caught up after a heartfelt hug. She instantly decided that since he was single none of the other obstacles against their getting together mattered. He was more than twice her age and still friendly with her stepfather but she didn’t care, she wanted to live out the dream.

Once the previews began, she sought him out and asked if she could sit with him. Having already decided on putting all of her cards on the table from the start, she leaned towards him and whispered.

“Well first, I want you to know I’m nineteen now, I’m not a little girl anymore. And I already looked at this from every angle and nothing between us has to go anywhere else,” she said in a soft voice and then pulling his face down, she continued with her lips brushing against his ear, “I want you to do every dirty thing you’ve ever imagined with me.”

Sitting back, she looked up at him expectantly before glancing around the two hundred seat auditorium, mostly empty; there was no one within five rows of them. Smiling broadly, he leaned down.

“Tell me some…dirty things you want done to you.”

Resting her hand on his thigh, she pulled his ear lobe between her lips and then began to whisper again even as her hand moved up to the growing bulge in the crotch of his slacks.

“I want you to put this thing in my mouth and come down my throat. I want your tongue on me everywhere…in my pussy, on my tits. And I want you to fuck me, over and over. In my pussy, in my mouth…up my ass. You know, most of all, I want to feel your tongue in my ass. That would be really hot.”

Listening to her intently, his eyes were focused on his lap as she had already unzipped his slacks, reached inside his boxer briefs and was jerking his rock-hard cock off with one dainty hand. As she did earlier, he took a quick look around their surrounding area before shifting enough to get his slacks off his hips and completely free his erection. Without pause and already holding the base firmly with one hand, Jennifer lowered her head and delivered on putting “this thing in my mouth”. Just shy of 9″, it was the biggest she’d ever seen in person and she pursed her lips tightly around the glans and slurped it and 3-4″ into her mouth immediately. Sucking hard, she lifted her head until just the head remained behind her lips and then bobbed down again, a little faster this time. Methodical and no-frills, she sucked him off rapidly, increasing the speed of her up and down movement and the depth. After about ten minutes, he lifted up with his hips and sprayed long strands of thick, hot come into her yearning mouth.

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