An Upset Mother

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I was lying in a bed and felt a bit dreamy, when my eyes were made to open, by a loud sound, like a door closing, more like it was being slammed shut. I blinked a few times, my head was in a spin, I heard a voice, a loud voice, shouting, “Carol, Carol… you in… Carol, are you still in bed?”

Then I heard footsteps climbing up the stairs, and more shouting, “Carol, you bitch! Are you in? I’m going to kill you, Carol… where are you?”

I was trying to think, who that was shouting. I rubbed my eyes, to adjust to the light in the room. I looked around the room, clothes on the floor, sprawled around, and I knew they were mine. I lifted the bed sheet and saw I was naked. I thought to myself ‘shit.’ I looked around the room again, on the floor, yes my jeans, yes my tee shirt, yes my shorts, yes my socks and yes my trainers.

Again I heard the voice shouting, “Carol, you still in bed, fuckin bitch, get up, I’m going to kill you!”

I heard the voice getting really loud, and then the door slammed open with a thud. I pulled the sheet up to my chest.

The shouting voice again, “Who the fuckin hell are you? And where’s Carol?”

I had no idea what was going on. I shook my head, looked up and saw this… this woman standing in the doorway, fairly large build, tall, took up most of the door entrance. And with a very, very angry look on her face. She was wearing a short grey skirt, matching jacket and a white blouse.

Again the red faced woman shouted, “Can you talk? What’s the matter with you? I asked you a question, who are you? And where’s my daughter Carol?”

Still blinking, I rubbed my eyes again, I could see her face a bit more clearly now. She seemed to be in her mid-fifties, long brunet hair, and looked quite a hefty built woman, not fat, not at all, but a very well built large woman.

I looked at her and said, “I, I don’t know where, Carol is; I think she went to work, yeah, that’s right she’s gone to work.”

I began to remember bits from the previous night, and some bits from early that morning. I sort of remembered when Carol told me to lock the door and leave when I was ready. I looked around and saw an alarm clock, it said 8.36am. I must have fallen back to sleep after Carol left, which I thought must have been more than three hours ago.

Again I recalled that previous night, Carol and I went to a bar with some of my mates and she brought along a couple of her friends. I obviously came back here to Carol’s place. As I recall Carol is a nurse, and she must have had an early shift so had left for work.

The loud woman again shouted at me, “Who the bloody hell are you?” She asked.

“I, I’m, Bob,” in a low tone still clearing my eyes and head.

I could see this woman walking up to the bed, and the loud voice, “Who are you, speak up boy!”

I raised my head slightly, and as clearly as I could, and a bit louder, I said, “I’m Bob, my name is Bob.”

“Well, Bob, where did she pick you up from?”

This woman made me feel like I was in a court room and had to answer to all her questions. “We met at The Globe, a couple of weeks ago.”

This woman was right up close to me now, as she said, “A couple of weeks, she’s a slut, fucking bitch Carol, I’ll get her back!”

My head was in a real daze. I had absolutely no idea what this lady was going on about. I looked up to her from the bed and asked, “Sorry lady, I don’t know who you are, and what you mean, about getting her back.”

Her arms were folded, and her foot was tapping on the floor as she looked at me and said with a stern look on her face, “I’m Carol’s mother, Susan. And am not very happy with my bitch of a daughter, and am going to wreak revenge on her.”

I was totally lost, I asked, “Revenge, I don’t know what you mean revenge, revenge for what and how?”

Susan still tapping her foot on the wooden floor, she looked quizzical as she thought to herself, then she said, “So you’ve been fucking Carol for two weeks, she must like you, usually they never last more than a couple of days with her.”

Then everything went silent, neither of us spoke a word, just the tapping sound from Susan’s shoes as she now paced up and down besides the bed. I thought I should get up and put some clothes on, so tried to slide to the other side of the bed. Susan’s pacing got her back up to besides me.

She said, “And where do you think you’re going?”

I daren’t look up at her, as I stammered, “I, I thought I’d, I’d, get up!”

Susan’s arms still folded as she said, “Okay, I’ve thought about it, and I think, you’re it!”

I was confused, “What do you mean, I’m it?”

Susan looked at me gripping the bed sheets, and then in one unexpected sweeping movement she took hold of the bed sheet and tore it off me.

I didn’t know what to do as my hands automatically went straight to cover up my cock.

Susan looked straight at me and said, “Take your hands away from there, now!”

She slapped one of my arms and I slowly moved my hands away to the sides and exposed my cock. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

Susan with her eyes transfixed on my cock, said, “Wow, you’re a big boy, so I can see why she’s let you stay for two weeks, that’s not a cock, it’s more like a fuckin rolling pin!”

Susan started to take her jacket off and said, “Right then, if she’s gone to work then she won’t be home for a while, are you in a rush to get anywhere big Bob?”

I didn’t look up to her as I said, “No, but I think I will just…” I started to slide away from her to the other side of the bed.

Susan grabbed my arm and said in a very stern voice, “Don’t move sonny, just stay exactly where you are!”

God, she had a grip like a vice, she almost pulled me back to where I was sitting.

I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I kind of felt a bit frightened. Susan frightened me, just by the way she grabbed my arm, I could tell she was strong and forceful.

Wondering what she had in mind, but, I think I knew exactly what Susan had in mind. I was just pondering in my head ‘what am I going to do’.

I looked back at Susan, she, within a matter of seconds was down to her bra and matching yellow frilly knickers.

I didn’t know where to look or what to do, when she said, “Move over big Bob.”

I shuffled over to allow her to move onto the bed. Susan came over and knelt besides me. She undid her bra and threw it behind her, her tits flopped down, and she was a large woman. She looked around the room, then said, “Just a minute,” as she leant over to a bedside cupboard and opened a drawer, her eyes light up and said, “Ahh, just the right thing, I knew Carol wasn’t useless at everything.”

She had found a bottle of baby oil, as she sat back into her position, “Spread your legs big Bob!”

I moved my legs apart a bit wider as Susan came between them. She flipped the lid open to the bottle, and with the other hand she grabbed my flaccid cock and held it in her open hand. She held the bottle above my cock and dribbled oil along the length of my cock. Tossing the bottle to one side, and placed both hands on my cock.

Susan looked up at me and asked, “Don’t I excite you Bob, having your cock stroked like this, not making it happen for you?”

My cock was definitely getting twitchy; I was a bit reluctant, but my cock had its own addenda, being spurred on by Susan.

Susan started with slow gentle strokes, up and down covering my whole cock with oil, also grabbing my balls, squeezing them gently, my cock was getting harder. Susan started to tighten her grip and changed her stroking technique. She watched me watching her stroking my cock.

She let go with one hand, then with the other, she started on my cock head, tightened her grip and slid her hand down slowly, when she got to the base, she gripped my cock again with the other hand and moved it down slowly with a tight grip, she kept repeating this several times as my pre-cum oozed out.

Susan leant forward pouting her lips and said, “Come here,”

I leant forward to meet her and we kissed, our eyes closed and out mouths locked together, her tongue searched for mine.

I was slow on the uptake as I was very unsure that I should be taking part in this escapade of Susan’s.

Susan kissed me for a while, still stroked my cock, her stroking quickened, and she dropped back.

I think Susan knew I was reluctant, from the way I did not participate in her kiss very much. She tried to encourage me, “Are you shy Bob? Are you this shy with Carol?”

I didn’t say anything; I just shook my head slowly.

“Look at me?” asked Susan.

I raised my head slowly and looked at Susan. She had a smile on her face, whereas my face was not one that indicated that my cock was being stroked.

“Bob, dear Bob, I’m here, you’re here, Carol isn’t, this is happening, and I guarantee you will more than enjoy this, your cock tells me a different story to your face, so now put your face in gear!”

She let go of my cock, grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me hard, forcing her tongue deep and then sucking on my tongue.

Thoughts changed in my head as she kissed me, and then I kissed her back, we kissed for what seemed like ages. I reached forward with both hands and found her heavy boobs, I started to fondle and squeeze them, and I pinched her hardening nipples. She instantly realised I had a change of heart, and started to kiss me with more passion.

After a while, Susan relaxed her grip of my face, pulled away and looked me in the eye and said, “I knew you would see it my way.”

Susan kissed my cock head and grabbed the bottle, throwing it to me, and said, “Oil me up Bobby.”

Susan stood up over me and started to take off her knickers, as she revealed her pussy, I could see there was a tattoo on it. Two large letters F H, and under them was a hand closed into a fist.

Susan threw her knickers over to where her bra had landed then turned round looked at me and said, “Get up Bobby, swap places.” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She was very commanding.

I got up and Susan took a pillow and placed it against the wrought iron headboard, then sat down and leant against the pillow.

I was on my knees, cock sticking out like a hot poker, and a bottle of baby oil in my hand. Susan cupped each tit and wobbled them up and down as she said, “Come on Bobby, you going to be a good sonny to me!”

I waddled over on my knees towards her, she parted her legs wide, to allow me in closer. The gap between her thighs at her pussy was the widest I’d ever seen on a woman, I was sure I could have placed my fist at her pussy and still not touch either side of her highs. Her pussy lips were well developed, puffy and pink, and trailed out at least an inch and a half.

I dribbled the baby oil over both of her tits and threw the bottle to one side. Some got onto her hands which she wiped onto my cock. I massaged her tits moving around her vast glands, making sure I got all around them; I stroked her nipples with my thumbs, and occasionally pinched them as they became harder.

Susan pushed my hands away from her tits, grabbed my cock again and pulled it to her tits, allowing it to enter between them. She got hold of her tits from the sides and squeezed my cock between them. I instinctively started to thrust up and down. Susan opened her mouth to let my cockhead in and sucked on it. It made a popping sound each time I drew out. Her tits felt real nice, warm and very slippery. My hands were on her head forcing it onto my cock with each plunge.

Susan held my mushroom head between her teeth as I plunged, up and down, the sensation was fantastic, she moved her teeth from side to side, in a chewing motion, I thought to myself, she’s done this before, when all of a sudden, she let my cock go and stopped squeezing her tits.

Susan placed her hands onto my chest and pushed me gently back.

As I moved back she indicated with both her index fingers pointing down towards her pussy and said, “Down there sonny lets go.”

Susan pushed her pussy forward, as I lowered my head, and started to lick, and eat her out. She was wet, her pussy lips were puffy, and as I moved up to her clit and nibbled on it, Susan would cry out with pleasure, either with a, “Yes that’s it,” or a, “Fuck.”

She pushed my head into her pussy, hard with both hands. I had my arms under each of her thighs and then back over with my hands on the front of each of her thigh pulling them into me as I ate her.

I flicked her clit around with my tongue, and sucked on it, Susan was getting wetter by the minute, then she shouted, “Oh, yes, sonny, Oh, yes.”

Her hips were thrusting, as she screamed, “Fuck, sonny, fuck, oh yes, yes, yes, I’m cummmin, aahhh.” She came with a shudder. Still pulling my face into her, her orgasm lasted for about thirty seconds, as her hips thrust in short spurts.

Then, as she relaxed her grip on my head, I relaxed my tongue action.

Unwrapped my arms from around her thighs, and got hold of her pussy lips. I spread them apart and stretched them out. Again, I stuck my tongue out and licked her slit up to her clit, her clit was hard, and I flicked it with my tongue. I sucked on it, and Susan started to thrust again, it wasn’t long before Susan cried out again, “Fuck sonny, yes, oh yes, just there, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck, fu…”

She came, her juices flowed, and I kept nibbling on her clit and pulled on her pussy lips, prizing them further apart.

I took a moment to look at her pussy, and could see her entrance. It was pink and pulsating. It was oozing with clear running juices. I rubbed her pussy lips together, and over her clit. I pulled her hood back and sucked on her clit and ran my tongue over the tip.

Susan remarked, “You’re a dirty little boy aren’t you?” She patted my head, “Nice one sonny, well done, nice tongue, now let’s see what you can do with your hands?”

Susan adjusted herself on the pillow, bringing her knees up and widening her legs, she said, “Come here.”

Pouting her lips for a kiss! I obliged her, and we kissed for a while, I grope her tits at the same time, and pinched her hard nipples.

I slowly moved one hand lower towards her pussy. I found her wet entrance and pushed up two fingers, straight in, she was well lubricated. I sensed a moan from her as the fingers entered.

I moved my fingers in and out slowly, by this time Susan had grabbed my cock and was stroking tenderly.

Susan bit my tongue, lightly, but hard enough for me to open my eyes to look at her. She winked and released my tongue. I moved away as she let go of my cock, I was still fingering her but slower than before.

Susan looked me in the eye and said, “Try another finger in there.”

I inserted a third and moved in and out for a while, her eyes closed, and in a softer voice said, “Another.”

I inserted a fourth, it seemed to go in fairly easily, Susan took in a deep breath, her güvenilir bahis şirketleri chest started to heave. She moaned in long low tones.

I had my other hand on her knee, as the other was fingering Susan at her request. A couple of minutes pass, Susan then asked me, “Sonny, you ever fisted a woman?”

I looked up, straight into her eyes, “No!” I replied, I don’t think that surprised her.

I was still looking at her as she said with a smile, “You’re a fisting virgin! Let’s see how you do!”

Susan winked and gave me a wicked smile as she said, “Go on get it all in.”

I slowly inserted my thumb and made a fist inside her pussy, I moved it in and out, and she was very wet, Susan was huffed away like a train. Her eyes were open wide, her knees moved apart wider every time I went deep into her.

Susan groaned, “Harder, sonny, harder!”

I looked at her as I was doubtful, when she saw me looking that way, she reassured me, “You won’t hurt me.”

Susan nodded a couple of times, “I live for this, I can take this for hours, go ahead, you can be as brutal as you like, I won’t complain, please please me. And I’m certain you will love it and will want to do this to a woman.”

Not ever having done this before I thought I’d just do this like I think it should be done and see if I can please her and see how she feels about it. I started to move my fist not only in and out but rotating it inside her at the same time.

Susan huffed hard, “Yes sonny, oh yes.”

She reached behind her with both hands, over her head, and grabbed the wrought iron headboard.

She pushed her hips forward trying to get my fist in deeper, as she screamed, “Oh fuck, sonny, I’m cummming, I’m cuumminggg, fuck, fuck, o yehhh!”

I felt her pussy release their juices all over my hand, I didn’t slow down, in fact, I rotated my hand even more than before, occasionally opening my fingers out of a fist to widen them, I would receive a look and a nod of encouragement from Susan when I did this.

Susan’s head was thrashing about, her hips moved faster, her chest heaving and a glow of sweat now appearing all over her body. Her forehead had beads of sweat running down.

I would slow down sometimes, and the look I got from Susan was one of utter anger wanting to kill me, so I tried to keep a fast pace. I took the hand I had on Susan’s knee, and wiped her forehead for her. I would also grab hold of one of her tits and squeeze it, along with a rub and squeeze of her extremely hard nipples.

As I looked at Susan, I saw her face contort and she would throw her head back and hit the headboard, her eyes would close tight, her breathing was through clenched teeth.

Again she shouted, “You fuckin bastard, o fuckin shit, I’m cumming, o god, yes, fuck yes, I’m cuumminnggg, keep going sonny, I’m cuuumminggg!”

It was glorious watching this woman having her orgasms, and to think that it was me causing it, I felt a glow all over and a sense of achievement every time Susan would shout out in ecstasy, I smiled to myself and a cry of ‘Oh yeah’ would go through my head.

There was a pool of her flowing juices on the bed sheet. My hand was wet up to a couple of inches of my wrist as well. This woman’s hunger for a fisting was insatiable.

Susan lifted her head up to look at me, she was still clutching the headboard behind her, her hips still thrusting in anger, and she said to me, “Get me through one more sonny, please, one more.”

I didn’t know how many times Susan had cum, I lost count after seven or eight, I’m sure we were into double figures by now, and she was still wanting more.

I was rotating my fist, and I felt her G-spot, I looked up at Susan, who immediately looked at me and nodded her head, as she said, “Sonny this is going to be a good one, aahhh, fuck!”

I concentrated on sustaining pressure on her G-spot by using my knuckles against it. I moved my knuckles from left to right and back again, grinding my knuckles on it, but making sure not to overdo it. Occasionally I moved up and down, then across again.

“Aahhh, fuck, you’re a fast learner sonny, shit, aahhh.”

I didn’t say much, I loved watching Susan’s face, it was wonderful giving pleasure to this woman, and she seemed to know exactly what she wanted.

“Ohh, my, goddd, sonny, that’s it, that’s it, fuck yeah, don’t stop, don’t stooo… aahhh.”

I wiped her forehead again. Her eyes were shut tight, ever increasing sounds of pleasure emanating from Susan, mostly indicating pleasure, and for me to keep going.

Susan all of a sudden threw her head back and shouted, “I’m there sonny, god, I’m there.”

Her head was again thrashing from side to side, her hair in tangles waving around. The knuckles on her hands from gripping the headboard were white.

“Aahhh, fuck, sonny, fuck, aahhh, keeepp goinnng, sonny, aahhh.”

I slowed down and just moved very slowly across her G-spot with my knuckles, concentrating all my movement just within an inch around her orgasmic spot.

“Ohh god, ohhh god, yes, yes, sonny, yes, ahhh, shit, aaahhh.”

Another gush of juices flowed across my hand. Susan was banging the back of her head on the headboard, teeth gritted eyes shut. Her hips jolting up and down frantically, then ground to a holt. I removed my hand from her, and wiped it on her tattoo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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