An Unconventional Marriage Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The Blessing of the Goddess

This is based upon my first love & I. I thought she was ‘The One’. I have played this out in my mind for decades. This is how our story should have been, not the pain and unfaithfulness that happened in real life. I hope you enjoy this. All sexual situations involve persons over the age of 18.


?Patty and George had first met while still in high school. She had watched him for almost two years as they worked closely together in the drama department. Show after show they would be almost elbow to elbow for weeks or even months at a time, but still she was afraid to approach him.

Being the only daughter of a school guidance councilor and a Lutheran minister, Patty had never before been so restrained with her wants. She was used to getting anything and everything that her heart desired. At 5’9″, with long dark brown curly hair, brown eyes and horribly thick glasses, Patty had not dated much during school. Most guys were not turned on by her 32-28-38 frame. Not being the waif-like model body that many men found attractive, her wide flared hips and ample butt were made for producing babies. Alas Patty was still a virgin, never being able to find someone who appealed to her physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually all at once. Patty knew down in her core that George was to be her soul mate.

George was a talented actor. This 18 year old Sagittarius was the only son of two bureaucrats, he produced some of the best costumes most had ever seen. Standing at just over 6′ tall with dark curly hair, laughing hazel eyes and a skinny frame George was berated by the jocks as gay for his love of theatre and sewing, they probably could never imagine the girls and women he got! George was a social animal, dating many but serious with none. He had quite the reputation with the girls in the drama department as an almost insatiable lover. He was already focused on the next chapter of his life, moving on to college and beyond.

The senior play had just concluded it’s run and Patty & George were storing props and costumes. George stopped for a moment and watched Patty move with measured grace as she darted about putting things away. Inside him George felt something unfamiliar, a sensation of longing. He stood for several moments and was unable to take his eyes off of her, as if really seeing her beauty for the first time.

Patty stopped in mid stride, feeling his eyes upon her. She trembled slightly as she turned to look at George. Standing there a few feet apart, the two just stared at each other for several minutes. Patty then walked towards him, and rapped her arms around his neck. Her eyes never leaving his.

“You know my 18th birthday is coming up on the first of May don’t you?”


“Yes, and I think you should pick me up around 6pm that evening.”

“Why am I doing that?”

“Because you’re taking me out for my birthday silly… Dinner and a show sounds good to me.”

George was totally taken aback. Although he had known Patty for years, he had never seen her act this way before. He decided to play along…

“Very well M’Lady, what sort of meal are we talking about?”

“Something not too heavy, seafood would be nice. Oysters would be perfect!”

Patty’s smile lit up the entire area around them. Time stood still. Nothing else existed except the two of them. George felt a knot form in the pit of his stomach, his usual bravado stolen by this girl. He liked the way it felt.

“Formal attire M’Lady?”

“No, jeans will be fine, but a sports coat is mandatory!”

“Very well, I will pick you up on the first, promptly at 6pm.”

Patty smiled, turned on her heels and walked away without another word. George stood there in awe of her.


Arriving home a bit later, Patty felt the familiar craps that announced the beginnings of her period. Hurrying upstairs to her bathroom she pulled down her jeans, dabbed herself with a bit of toilet paper and confirmed that ‘Aunt Flow’ was indeed cranking up. As she was inserting her tampon a wicked thought crossed her mind. “Two weeks from today…”

Patty found her mother reading in the den as she came downstairs. She sat next to her on the couch.

“Where’s dad?”

“Already in bed. We enjoyed some ‘alone time’ since you were out tonight.”

“Wore him out?”

“Well dear he’s not getting any younger!”

The two women giggled softly. Patty leaned forward to hug her mother and placed her head on her shoulder.

“I asked George out tonight…”

“Oh really? How did that go?”

“Well, I more or less told him he was taking me out!”

“Excellent. It’s about time you started like a true West Woman.”

“We’re going out for my birthday… “

“Your period start today?”

“Yes mother.”

“Two weeks till your birthday… Patty baby, is he ‘The One’?”

” I think so. Oh mother, how did you know for sure?”

“As you know I first met your dad when I was 13. The first time I looked in those casino oyna dark, commanding eyes, I knew I wanted him. I also knew that proper southern ladies did not behave that way. By the time I was 15 I knew. Down in the bottom of my soul I just knew.”

“Why did it take you so long to land him?”

“Well baby, I never told you this before, but I pursued him like a voracious predator for 3 years. Always hovering nearby but never being obvious. I made sure that other ‘lesser’ girls were steered clear of him. I ran his social life for him and he never let on he knew. A few weeks before senior prom I told him he was my date. While dancing slowly and pressing my body to his I told him he was mine. He was my ‘One’. He was going to marry me and we were going to be happy together for the rest of our lives. We were both 18 and I had our whole lives already mapped out for us”

“That was the night he took your virginity, wasn’t it?”

“Not so much as ‘he took’ some much as ‘I gave’. He never really had a choice in the matter.”

“Mommy. George is my ‘One’…”

“OK little one. Then momma will help you make sure you can have your man!”


On Friday May the first, George pulled into the driveway at Patty’s house at exactly 2 minutes before 6. After parking and ringing the bell, her father met him at the door and invited him in. He waited in the den with her parents, discussing school activities and his plans for college. He was in mid sentence when both her parents suddenly stopped talking and looked past him to the stairs.

Slinking down the staircase was Patty, in a floor length red dress that made her look like a runway model. Her long brown curls hanging about her face and a light tan rap about her shoulders. George stood up and gazed at her, unable to make a sound. She was the most beautiful thing her had ever seen in his life. At that moment, something inside him clicked. He know that he loved this girl.

Patty’s parents walked the two of them to the door and watched them drive away.

“Honey,” Patty’s father asked, “where did that dress come from?”

“That old thing? It’s one of mine.”

“Isn’t that the dress…”

“Yes dear…”


“Don’t worry husband, everything will work out well in the end.”

“I’m just not sure how I feel about our daughter going out on a date wearing the same dress that she was conceived in!”

With a soft giggle Patty’s mother replied “well technically, I wasn’t wearing it at that exact moment…”

Looking into her husband’s eyes and taking him by the hand, Patty’s mother lead her ‘One’ up the stairs and to their room. Her passion for him undiminished with the passage of over 20 years.


Being on a date with George was everything Patty had hoped for and more. He was attentive, engaging, funny. Holding open doors for her and seating her at the table. The raw oysters and such had only deepened the arousal she felt being close to him. After dinner they returned to his car and begin to set off.

“So, what show did you have in mind? There’s no plays I could find nearby tonight.”

“That’s alright, I have something special in mind.”

“Oh really? Pray tell M’Lady…”

“How about we drive up to Spring Lake? There’s a show there you might like to see…”

Spring Lake was the most notorious make out spot in town. A failed subdivision, it had gravel roads and many carved out secluded niches. The “Lake” and all covered about 5 square miles. Almost every teenager in that part of Birmingham had been there at one time or another.

Almost everyone, except Patty.

Upon arriving at the lake, George drove them around a bit looking for an unoccupied spot. Finding one close to the water, he parked the car, turned off the engine and killed the lights. The interior fell into pitch darkness.

The two teen-agers sat there as their eyes adjusted to the darkness. They didn’t speak, George wasn’t sure he was even breathing. The only thing he could hear was a distant and indistinct thumping sound.

“So M’Lady, where exactly is this show you wanted to me to see?

?”We’ll need to walk a bit first…”

George got out and made his way around to open the car door for Patty. She pulled off her sleek heels and left them on the car’s floor next to her wrap and clutch.

Exiting the car, she took him by the hand and led him around the edge of the lake towards an odd glow in the trees. As they got closer they could hear the rhythm of drums being played. They stood at last on the edge of a clearing, a large bonfire leaping into the night. A group of semi-naked people danced around the fire while several other played drums.

The two of them stood there and watched the figures, not more than 100 feet away. Patty reached over and slipped her hand into George’s. He squeezed hers in return, neither of them looking away from the people moving near the fire.

“What is this Patty?”

“Well it is May the first, some people call tonight Beltane.”

“Beltane? Isn’t that some canlı casino sort of Pagan holiday?”

“Well yes, but others still celebrate it for other reasons…”

“What would those be?”

“Beltane is a celebration of the Earth and fertility.”

Patty put her arms around George’s neck and drew him to her. Their lips pressing tightly as they shared their first kiss. Patty’s tongue pressing firmly against his mouth demanding entry, he did not deny it to her. After several minutes of passionate kissing Patty pulled back and stared deeply into George’s eyes.

“I had you bring me out tonight for many reasons. First of all because I have wanted you to take me out for over two years. Second of all because I have loved you for almost that long. Thirdly, because I have wanted you, no… I need you to be my ‘One…”

“Your one what?”

“My ‘One’. The one. The first one. My first love. My first lover. My mate. My consort. The father of my children. My one and only true love…”

George saw the absolute devotion in her eyes. The love, the caring. He felt his heart melt under her gaze. He also realized that he was painfully hard. Harder than at any time he could ever remember.

Patty stepped back from him and pulled the straps of her dress from her shoulders and let is fall to the ground at her feet. She stood there, silhouetted by the firelight, naked.

“George, I offer you my virginity. Take me now and make me yours forever.”

George could focus on nothing but the beautiful girl in front of him and the pounding of the drumbeats in his ears. He wanted her, but he hesitated…”

“There’s a catch right?”

“Of course there is silly…”

“Fertility ritual?”

“Oh yes.”

“So your offer comes with…”

“A child… yes.”

“And marriage?”


“And it’s tonight or never?”


George reached out and took Patty in his arms, lifting her off the ground and crushing her against him.

“I should take that as a yes then?”

They both began to pull George’s clothes from him as the drums beat louder and faster. Once he was also nude, Patty backed up slightly to take in the sight of him. Her thoughts turned to a statue of Adonis, the raw god-like perfection of his body was better than any of her fantasies. This was the man who would be her’s forever. Patty leaned back against a flat boulder and opened herself to him.

George looked at Patty, then over her at the Pagan revelers around the fire. Many of them had paired off and were moving in shadowy rhythm to the beating of the drums. He stood between her flared hips and she rapped her legs around his.

“Be as gentle or rough as you like sir, you have much to show me…”

George leaned forward and brought his mouth down on hers. She went at him like a tigress! Snapping and playfully biting at him, she pulled him onto the rock. Pushing him face up, she swung her left leg across his waist and dropped her ass onto his cock, trapping it under her.

They sat still for a moment, but then Patty burst out laughing. Lifting her hips a bit, George’s cock sprang free and slapped wetly against his navel.

Patty couldn’t take her eyes off the drooling cock in front of her. She reached forward and took his cock in her right hand, she lifted slightly again and opened herself with her left. George’s hands found themselves on her hips.

Patty’s eyes lifted up and locked on George’s. She brought the tip of him up to the entrance of her virgin pussy. She moved him slowly and deliberately along the length of herself several times, concentrating on her tender clit.

Patty teased herself right to the edge of a powerful orgasm. She moved his dick head into position and slid down slightly onto him, just enough for it to catch in her. Patty sucked in a bit of air suddenly at the sensation, but knew she had to wait. “He hasn’t asked me yet,” she thought.

Patty took her hands away and moved them onto George’s stomach. She was hovering over him.

George could almost feel her maidenhead pressing against the tip of his hardness.

She did not move.

A few awkward moments later and still she had not moved.

Yet few more awkward moments later, George suddenly laughed out loud. and smiled up at Patty.

“M’Lady Patricia Marie, would you do me the very great pleasure of becoming my wife?”

“Yes M’Lord I will!”

Patty relaxed her leg muscles, her whole weight was now pressing on the tip of George’s cock. She hung there for almost 2 seconds until her hymen gave wave and her body slid slowly downwards.

She could not take her eyes off of George’s. Patty was aware of her deflowering, but was detached from it. Somewhere in her mind she knew this was supposed to hurt. She should be screaming, shouldn’t she? All she could feel was more and more pleasure. She let herself fall forward into his arms. Their lips coming together, her tears of joy washing his cheeks.

George was trying to get his mind somewhere else. She was so tight. So hot. So very wet. He kaçak casino was afraid he would cum instantly. His legs began to tremble slightly. Patty pulled back from him, she looked at him and saw how much George was suffering trying to hold back.

“Fucking cum in me already!” she grunted at him. He did.

George thrust his hips up over and over. Every thrust pumping the pearly semen up towards it’s destiny. On the fifth pump he exploded. His cock jerking over and over again, the sensations overloading his mind. He felt spurt after spurt of his cum pouring into Patty’s fertile teen-aged womb.

Patty had began to cum at the instant George’s discharge landed inside her. Her entire body vibrating as she continued to pump her hips against George.

Her hips pumping, his hips thrusting. Both of them still cumming.

Patty felt of her years of silent frustration letting loose at once…

Absolute ecstasy.

Pure rapture.

The emotions and pleasure was too much for her and she blacked out.

George felt her go limp on top of him, her glasses falling past him onto the rock and stopped thrusting. He sat up slightly and brought her down onto his lap. His still hard cock holding her firmly in place. He regained his breathing after a few minutes.

His head clearing a bit, he sat there with Patty slumped across his his body and his cock still firmly planted inside her. He almost thought he could fill another layer opening up inside her. An even greater sensation than before. Patty’s body jerked sharply and her eye shot open for a moment. Then her eyes rolled back in her head and she shook all over. She slumped unconscious once more on top of George. “Looks like I might have to get used to this” he thought. Smiling to himself, he remember the punchline to a very old joke…

“If she dies…. she dies!”

Sometime later, Patty slowly opened her eyes. Her forehead was pressed to George’s. His eyes smiled at her. She smiled back. George’s leaned in some to try and kiss her. Patty leaned forward as well, suddenly realizing she was still impaled on his dick. Not only that, but she could tell he was even deeper inside her than before. The sudden feeling of fullness in her belly made her look down. Patty’s stomach was distended as if she was already 3 or 4 months pregnant. She ran her left hand over the bulge.

“This is what I’ll look like when school starts in the fall.”

George placed his right hand on top of hers. He sought her lips and they kissed. He then slowly started rolling his hips. The sudden movement caused a revelation to Patty: She went from pleasantly satisfied to extremely horny in a millisecond!

She reached around George and gripped her hands together, she also rapped her legs around his lower back. Using this extra leverage, she started pumping George at an incredible speed. His head flew back, his eyes bulging open and a loud moan escaping into the night.

Patty looked over George’s shoulder at the revelers at the fire. Most were still there. Every single one of them was staring at her and George. The drumming had even ceased! Patty smiled a wickedly sweet grin. Part of her loving the fact that she and “Her George” has stolen the spotlight from a pagan orgy. That was her last thought as another mind-bending orgasm brought her consciousness to a temporary halt.

George cried out for several seconds before he could control himself. He might have been able to silence his voice, but nothing could stem the tide of swimmers headed once again into Patty’s fertile teen-aged womb. His thick cock had allowed nothing to escape. His entire first load was still inside Patty, and now he was pumping even more cum directly into her womb. With every twitch of his groin, another thick wad of teen-aged super sperm went searching for a lonely egg. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before.

“Could the magic be real?”

His balls started to ache as his ejaculation finally slowed and then stopped. The bulge in Patty’s stomach now resembled that of a woman at least 6 months along!

George continued to hold Patty tightly to him. His cock just now starting to deflate.

He sensed movement around him. Several of the pagan revelers were now very close to he & Patty. One of the young women stared at Patty’s stomach and started to weep. She reach out her hand and touched Patty’s bulging belly. “She has received the Goddess’ blessing…” The revelers faded in the shadows, pausing only to douse their fire.

Patty stirred in his arms about 10 minutes later.

“Was I really out cold?”

“Yes Love”. More than once.”

“Oh my God George, look at my stomach!”

“The pagans said you were ‘blessed by the Goddess’…”

Patty sat still for another few minutes as George’s dick finally slipped out of her. The sensation changed in a heartbeat. Patty turned and squatted down quickly, moaning as she expelled the excessive spend.

In time, they gathered their clothes and made their way to the car. George even had to carry her at one point. Once back in the car Patty stared at George in a dream-like state, unable to put into words what she felt at that moment as he drove her home. George reached over and stroked her cheek, just as she wished he would.

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