An Intimate Secret

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As I run the sharp blades of the razor up my legs I think of the night that lies ahead of me, I want everything to be perfect. I nervously continue towards the delicate folds of flesh between my thighs, I’ve never done this before.. but I remember him telling me it’s how he prefers it. It’s tricky at first, but I manage to remove all the hair, I’m pleasantly surprised by how smooth it feels, I let my fingers linger a little longer, enjoying the new feel.

As I emerge from the bath I see the clock, 5pm, 2 hours until I see him for the very first time. I think of the first time we spoke, on a stupid chat site.. I’ve always been sceptical of meeting people off the internet, sure.. I’ve had a lot of friends online, which is normal for a 20 year old these days, but nobody I have wanted to meet in real life. Until Nick… aka Male 38 Married.

I step into the sexiest pair of black lacy boyleg panties I own and put on the matching bra… Okay so I bought them for the occasion. I’ve never slept with anyone and to say I’m nervous would be an understatement, sexy panties is half the confidence right? Staring at my reflection in the mirror I question my body, wondering if Nick will find me attractive or not.

I look at my legs, long and smooth, my fingers trace along the band of my panties and I turn around, still looking at myself in the mirror, I’m a size 12, I’ve never been fat, just not as thin as I would like, although it makes my ass look great, if I do think so myself. I slide my hand inside my bra feeling my C cup breasts, lightly brushing across my nipple, wondering if Nick’s hands will do the same tonight.

Although I don’t really have to wonder, we have never said we would have sex, there’s always been a no pressure attitude from Nick about it, but what we want has become so clear it’s hard to ignore anymore.

When I saw his screen name on that chat site I knew I had to talk to him, I have always found older men attractive.. and he’s turned out to be sweet and romantic and funny, and sexy as anything! I remember the first time he turned his webcam on for me, insisting that I see how he looked. At first I said no (I mean.. how many sexy 38 year olds go on chat sites right? I wanted to keep my own interpretation of how he looked) but he kept insisting. When I agreed I was greeted with the sexiest set of abs I have ever seen, strong manly arms, broad shoulders, dark brown hair kept a couple of inches long, and the cutest grin! Thinking about it makes me melt.

I put on my tightest light blue skinny jeans, and a clingy black t shirt with a V-neck.. Showing off all the curves I have to offer, I feel sexy for once, maybe because I know deep down this is more than sex, I feel ready, ready for Nick to be my first. And I’ve known for months, ever since the first text.

It happened one night, we used to chat on MSN late at night when his wife was in bed, and he kept begging me for my phone number, I was reluctant at first, because of the whole being married thing… I mean, I’m not a horrible person, my feelings just got so strong, and I caved in. So I gave him my number.. And then one night at 3am I received a text “I can’t stop thinking about you, I wish you were the one I woke up with every morning” and it melted my heart… Texts turned to phone calls, phone calls turned to phone sex…. How his wife remained oblivious is beyond me, but here I am, preparing to meet Nick.

Shit! 6.30. I quickly straighten my long, dark curls and slip on some black shoes with a little heel. I swipe some mascara over my lashes and check myself one last time before I walk out the door. Feeling slightly confident and a crazy nervous I have never known, I make my way to the bus stop.

Nick lives a couple of towns away from me, and his wife is away for the weekend with her girlfriends, so we’ve decided to meet in the park by his house, and see how it goes from there, he said if I am still interested in him after meeting him then we can go back to his place. I don’t have any doubts in my mind that he will be just as wonderful in real life as he is online and on the phone.

As I sit at the park bench a worrying feeling creeps its way into my head, it’s 7.10 and there’s no Nick. I don’t know what to do, all I can do is wait, wait or leave… Don’t be stupid I keep telling myself, it’s only been ten minutes. I keep staring at the clock on my phone… 15 minutes, willing myself not to cry, and then a pair of feet land next to me on the park bench and jump down to the ground, and I find Nick planting himself next to me, turning to me with that sexy grin I can’t get enough of.

“Hey Babe”

I’m so nervous I can’t even get a hello out, so I fling my arms around his neck instead, tears are sliding down my cheeks, and I neeeeed to kiss him. As our lips connect, tingly feelings shoot through my body and reside between my thighs, I feel his tongue parting my lips, his hand resting against my hip, his thumb gently moving back and forth over the fabric of my t-shirt, his breath casino oyna on my cheek, the months and months of passion that is about to spill out onto this park bench… I pull away.

“Hi Nick” I say, blushing.

He wipes the tears from my eyes “You dork, why are you crying?”

“I have no idea” I laugh “It just happened.. don’t tease me!”

“You love it”, He stands up and takes my hand in his, pulling me to my feet and into his arms. I’ve thought about this moment so many times before, and now that it’s happening I could burst with happiness. Nicks hand roams to the small of my back, pulling me closer into his warm body, I feel his fingers slipping under the hem of my top, sending shivers through me.

“Stop that Nicholas” I say giggling.

“Okay, okay, I’ll be good” he grins “Soooo did you want to come to my house… Or am I looking like the killing type?”

I blushed again, I can’t stop blushing! I haven’t been this nervous in forever. Holding his hands in mine I can feel his wedding band, and thoughts of hot, dirty, secret sex flash into my mind, I know I want Nick, but there’s so much guilt at the same time. I spin the wedding band around his finger using my thumb and he knows what’s going through my mind.

“Babe..” he sighs “You don’t have to worry about that, it’s my choice, and I can’t and won’t pressure you into anything, but I would like to at least hang out together.. you mean so much to me”

I look up into his sexy brown eyes, and I can see the hurt my hesitation has caused, the guilt outweighs any I can feel for his wife, and I press my mouth into his again, this time letting him slide his tongue past my lips. Feeling his tongue massaging mine, and his hand pressed gently on my cheek, his other one running through my hair, our bodies pressed together, I can’t ignore the heat building between my thighs.

As we walk to his house, Nick holds my hand and talks constantly about anything and everything, working at breaking down my nervousness. Making me laugh and feel special… And it works.

When we get inside I close the door behind me and I instantly feel Nick’s hands slide around my waist, his arms so warm against mine. He leans into me and I can feel his breath on my neck, I long to feel his lips kissing me there, and he knows it, he knows it’s my weak spot, so instead I feel his lips against my shoulder as he slides my top aside.

I let out a small laugh and push him away, “You have to let me get through the doorway first!”

I’m sure my cheeks are going red again, I can feel it.

Nick grins “Oh I didn’t know there was any kind of doorway rule in place.”

My feet are swept out from under me as he picks me up, my legs wrapping around his waist, my arms around his neck, “I have another doorway to take you through.” He says, still grinning.

He proceeds to the bedroom, his bedroom… His wife’s bedroom. I am about to make love to a married man on his wife’s bed, and nothing is telling me to stop, it’s actually making it so much hotter.

Nick sits on the bed and lays back, letting me sit on top of him with my legs either side. I lean down and begin to kiss him, light sensual kisses, with just a hint of tongue. His hands slide up and down my thighs, and I find myself wishing my jeans would disappear. I continue with my kisses, and move down to his neck, letting him feel what he denied me just minutes before! I feel his warm hands sliding up my body, pushing the hem of my top up below my breasts, letting his hands run across the smooth skin of my tummy.

I sit up and look into Nicks eyes, smiling, I slide my top over my head and throw it to the floor and I feel his eyes staring at me, taking it all in, his hands move to the fabric of my bra.

“Mm you should take this off too..” he says as he reaches around for the clasp, pulling it from my breasts and throwing it to the floor with my top. Nick lifts himself off the bed enough to remove his shirt and lays back down, looking up and admiring the view of my naked breasts, sitting firm and full in front of him, my light pink nipples begging to be touched. My hands roam across his chest, feeling the warmth, and his hard muscles, I slowly start to move my hips against Nick’s crotch, I sit up and feel his hands slide up to my breasts, cupping them, rubbing his thumbs over my nipples, making them hard.

I can feel Nick growing beneath me, and it makes me feel hot, knowing I can turn him on so much. I haven’t allowed him to go naked on webcam for me before, just shirtless, I’m so eager to see it, to play with it, to make him feel so good.

I lean down and start kissing Nick’s chest, making my way to his nipples, I know where I am going, but I want to tease him just a little. As I slowly kiss my way down his body I let my hand rest on his cock, lightly rubbing him, feeling him grow harder and harder as the anticipation builds, finally I am kissing just above his jeans zipper.

I slide Nick’s pants and boxer shorts off and his cock is finally canlı casino free, I stare. He laughs.

“Don’t be scared, it’s going to be fine” he says smiling

“Umm, I’m not so sure about that.. It looks kinda big..”

This produced another laugh, “It’s not full yet babe, 9 and a half inches”

I keep staring.

“Just play with it a little bit, don’t worry, I’m going to get you so wet, you will love every inch of it”

Mm his words are enough to make me reach for his cock, and he lets out a sharp breath of air as my fingers wrap around his shaft, sliding his foreskin back, I start slowly jerking his cock. It’s not enough, I want to please him in every way he wants, so I move to the floor and quickly crawl between his knees.

I feel so hot, on the floor on my knees, in front of his hard cock, ready to please him, I can feel my pussy getting wet, preparing for what’s to come.

I lean in and let my tongue slide up the length of Nick’s cock, when I get to the top I take him into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip, hearing him moan turns me on even more, I feel his hand on the back of my head, urging me to take his cock into my throat, I gag a little as it’s my first time, and I wasn’t expecting it, but somehow I feel my pussy getting even wetter.

“Yes, take it deep, gag on my cock” Nick urges me on.

Once I’m used to the sensation of sucking a cock, I start to pick up my rhythm, hearing his moans let me know it feels good. I move my hands to his balls and start to lightly massage them.

“Oh fuck, yes keep playing with my balls” he moans

I let his cock slip from my mouth and I lick my way to the base, and down to his balls. My hand wraps around his shaft and I start to jerk him again as I lick and suck his balls, thoughts of his wife enter my head, and I wonder if she would please him in such a way, I feel his hips moving up and down slightly and I think he must be about to cum, god I want to taste his cum so badly. Not wanting to miss out on it I quickly take his cock back into my mouth and start sucking him fast and deep.

“I’m going to cum, mm take my cum babe, swallow it”, I feel Nick’s hand on the back of my head again, holding me down on his cock, I hear him moan, and his hips buck into me, I feel myself begin to gag on his cock, and then his cum shoots into my throat. As Nick begins to cum he releases his hold on my head, and I open my mouth for air, he shoots the last spurts of his cum onto my lips, and watches as I lick them up, not wanting to waste a drop.

I climb back onto the bed and he takes me into his arms, rolling me onto my back. I feel his weight on top of me, his chest pushing into my breasts, making my nipples hard, his strong arms either side of me.

He leans down and kisses me passionately before sitting up and kneeling between my thighs, he reaches for the legs of my jeans and pulls at them, revealing my long legs, and those sexy black lacy panties I put on before I came, now drenched, letting him know just how hot he makes me. Nick smiles at this fact.

“So you liked sucking cock?” He winks.

I blush and cover my face with my hands laughing “Only yours”

“Mm right answer, and I’d love to lick your dripping pussy” He says as his fingers rub against the wet fabric covering me.

I thought of all the times I had heard him tell me that late at night over the phone, with just my hand to turn to, and I moan at the thought that it’s about to happen.

He grins “My favourite sound in the world”

I feel my panties being pulled up my legs and now I see them being flung across the room, in an instant Nick has my legs spread and his face buried in my pink pussy. His tongue flicking across my clitoris is driving me wild, my hands gripping the sheets, my hips rising trying to get him closer. He stops licking my clit and I let out a “no-don’t-stop-moan”, but I hear a muffled laugh and feel his tongue then probing deep into my pussy, where I long to feel his cock. His fingers quickly replace the movements that were so cruelly taken away from my clit a moment ago, and I begin to buck my hips wildly against his face.

He continues to rub my clit as he speaks “I want to slide my fingers inside you babe, do you want that? Tell me you want my fingers fucking you”

“Oh god yes, I need you inside me Nick”

I feel his tongue flicking over my clit, sucking it, sending shivers through me as he prepares to enter my pussy with fingers for the first time.

My hands move to my breasts, squeezing them, rubbing them, feeling my nipples between my fingers, making them hard and sensitive. Nick’s fingers rest at the entrance of my pussy, and I feel his lips enclose around my clit, his tongue flicking back and forth, as he slowly slides them inside me. He starts to slide two fingers in and out of my pussy gently, It feels slightly uncomfortable, but the pleasure from the tongue on my clit definitely outweighs any uncomfortableness.

It’s starting to feel good, Nick starts kaçak casino to get faster, sliding his fingers deeper into me, I’m moaning, my hips starting to move with his fingers, his tongue on my clit is driving me crazy. I can feel how wet I am, my juices, his saliva, dripping between the folds of my skin, down to the bed sheets. I think of his fingers sliding into me, his wedding band covered in my juices, my hands grip the sheets beside me.

A loud moan escapes me “Nick, I’m going to cum!”

I feel the emptiness as he takes his tongue away from my clitoris, making me moan again, “You look so sexy, don’t cum yet..” I feel his lips move to my thigh, and he kisses me as he slides a third finger into me.

I spread my legs wider, and he starts finger fucking my pussy faster, sensing my need to feel him inside me. He keeps kissing my thigh as my hand slides down my body, my clit needs attention! My fingers zero in on that sensitive little button and Nick laughs, “Do you need to cum, beautiful?”

I moan “Yesssss, please make me cum Nick!”

I feel him push my hand away and his lips close around my clitoris again, he starts rapidly flicking is tongue back and forth, while he continues sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy. I feel my back arch, and my hand grips the bed sheets again, my other hand reaches for his head, holding him there, not allowing him to take his mouth away until I am done. I throw my head back and moan in ecstasy as an orgasm sweeps over me.

Nick’s fingers keep sliding in and out of me as his lips leave a trail of wet kisses up my body, “You look so sexy when you cum”, I blush, and kiss him on the lips, sliding my tongue into his mouth, tasting my juices, not wanting his fingers to leave my pussy. But not wanting it soon enough apparently, as I feel them leave, he trails them up my tummy to my mouth, and I suck them.. cleaning all the juices from my pussy.

“Do you like the taste?”

“Mm” I nod, smiling.

“I love how you taste, I wish I could bury my face in your pussy, and lick you clean, but I need you dripping wet for this..” he says as I feel the head of his cock against my clit.

I smile and start slowly moving my hips, feeling him rubbing against me, his strong arms beside me. I feel his hot breath on my neck, as he kisses me there, making me moan, my hand reaches up and my fingers run through his hair, half holding him there, not wanting his lips to move away from that sensitive area.

“Are you sure you want to do this babe?”

“Yes, I want you so bad”

Nick plants kisses along my jaw line as he moves the head of his cock to the entrance of my wet pussy, I feel myself tense up, I’m so nervous.

“Relax beautiful, I’m going to be gentle, I promise”, I feel his lips and tongue on my neck again and he starts to push his cock into me, his fingers have prepared me a little, but his cock still slightly hurts me, I throw my head back and close my eyes. He takes my nipple into his mouth and eases himself an inch deeper into me, feeling my virgin resistance, thankful that his fingers didn’t make it this deep. Nick keeps licking and sucking on my nipple, slowly sliding his cock back and forth, getting me used to his size.

“Are you ready” He says, directing his kissing toward my lips.

I nod and move my hands to his back, feeling his warm skin. I feel Nick thrust into me, breaking past my hymen, it hurts, and I let out a half moan half cry, “I’m sorry babe, it’s like a bandaid.. quick is best” he lets his cock rest inside me for a moment, and then starts slowly easing himself in and out of me again, this time going deeper and deeper. It’s starting to feel good, like I want to move my hips, I want him fucking me deep and hard, I need his cock.

Nick moans “You’re so wet, it’s so fucking hot”, he starts sliding his full length inside of me, and then pulling all the way out, letting the head of his cock briefly rub against my clit before slamming into me all the way again, making me moan with pleasure each time.

I start moving my hips to meet Nick’s cock thrusting into me and it makes him go faster and harder, it feels so good, my hand slides down his back and I reach between us, desperate to touch my clit.

Nick moves his hands from the bed and holds onto my legs, pushing them wider apart, grinding his cock deeper into me, I can feel my orgasm building, my fingers frantically rubbing little circles around my clit, I start to moan.

“You sound so sexy, are you going to cum”

“Yes! I’m going to cum, keep fucking me, don’t stop!”

Nick moans “That’s it, take it deep.. cum on my cock princess”

His words tip me over the edge, my back arches, and I reach for the bed sheets once again as my orgasm crashes over me, I throw my head back and I’m rewarded with Nicks lips on my neck as he continues to slam his cock into me, his grip on my legs tightening.

I reach down between us once again, this time to feel his balls, to gently run my fingers over the sensitive skin, I hear Nick moan, and I pull him closer to me with my other hand, kissing his neck like he did mine.

“You’re so wet babe, I’m going to cum” Nick breathed “Tell me how much you want it”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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