An Easter Family Reunion Ch. 03

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Note from the author: This story is a work of fiction and a continuation of the “An Easter Family Reunion” series. While I will include some of the details from the prior chapters for those who have not read them, those will be kept minimal to avoid redundancy as this chapter is fully intended to be read after those prior ones. If you have not read them, I highly suggest you begin reading there and then continue here when you’re done as it will provide a more complete and enjoyable story for you.

The shorter segment format of chapter two seemed to be more appreciated by the reader base according to comments so I will continue this style going forward. As always, I appreciate your comments; both praising and constructively criticizing my work.

Legal Disclaimer: All characters are over the legal age of adulthood (18) in this story.


“What room are we in?” Kayla asked coming around the front of the car as I stood dumbfounded looking at my phone. I tried to hide the picture message that Gemma had just texted me of her bald inviting womanhood with the heart shaped girl fur up top and the words ‘Room 217…, dinner’s waiting for you’ but Kayla snuck up on me too quickly, snatching the phone from my hands.

“Damn Gemma!” she laughed hysterically. “Looks like someone else is hot and ready for you too, Ronnie.”

I tried to grab the phone back from her, but she dodged me with a twist of her shoulder, running to the opposite side of the car. “Come on, Kayla. Give it back.” I knew it was worthless to chase her; she was a professional soccer player while I was just a sedentary computer nerd after all.

“Hold on…, I got an idea,” she didn’t even look up as she messed around on the phone; a devilish smile on her lips illuminated by the screen’s light. I edged slowly toward her, hoping that I might sneak up on her while she was preoccupied but halfway to her I stopped frozen; my eyes not believing what I saw.

Kayla stuck her hand with my phone down the front of her shorts, the all-telling click and flash of the camera revealing her inner-leg silhouette through her shorts a couple of times from differing angles. Pulling the camera back out, she reviewed her handiwork and passed the phone back to me as I finally approached her.

“There…, now you have mine for your new collection of conquered kitties,” she giggled as she walked for the hotel door, looking over her shoulder at me as she added an extra sway to her tight athletic ass. “Are you coming Ronnie baby?” I told her I’d be up in a sec and she laughed, heading through the door. She had obviously gotten the room number from the message.

Alone in the parking lot in the wee hours of the morning, my curiosity was killing me so I scrolled through my photo gallery to find a new folder marked ‘my kitties’ that I knew I had never made before. I didn’t even own any cats!

Opening the folder, my eyes shot wide open as I beheld a downloaded version of Gemma’s womanhood and then scrolling the page I found another saucy picture which I assumed had to be Kayla’s lovely girl lips.

Though I had meticulously played with her sex in my fingers for over two hours earlier that night in and outside the car, I hadn’t been able to see her properly in the darkness. Now on my screen, a little flared on the left from the camera flash, were her deep brown ample inner lips protruding down through her womanly folds and extending beyond the curve of her pronounced mound. Up top, she had a long thin hood visibly covering her clit; the dark blond hairs of her vulva shaved extremely short but still barely visible.

I began walking toward the hotel door slowly, stunned by this new collection I had received as I scrolled back and forth between them. It was definitely working on my hormones though; they were waking up my soldier with every step I took as I subconsciously sped up toward their room. Still, my mind fought between parallel feelings of desire and guilt coursing through my body.

On one hand, I knew that when I exited the elevator to the second floor, there would be a pretty decent chance I could stick my now stiffening rod into both girls before the night was over. For a 27-year old computer nerd who had only just lost his virginity earlier that very morning, that was definitely a difficult proposition to even consider passing up.

Nevertheless, I really did love my new girlfriend-cousin Brianna dearly and we were going to be married shortly after she moved to Colorado in a couple of weeks. She had been nervous about letting me go on this trip back west with my cousins, fearful that Kayla and Gemma would do…, well, exactly what they were doing. After all, they had unquestionably shown their sexual interest in me at the reunion.

Still, I knew in my heart that I had contorted her words as an excuse to allow myself to enjoy Kayla in the car even though I was well aware that what I had done was completely wrong. “I can’t do this anymore,” I resolved stepping from the elevator onto the second casino oyna floor of the hotel, “…not to my sweet Brianna.”

Standing outside room 217, I mentally prepared myself to deny anything that either Kayla or Gemma might try. All I needed was Tim’s room number so I could go there and get a good night’s sleep and then head home when I woke up in a few hours. That way I could be true to Brianna from that point forward and keep my conscious completely clear.

Just as I was about to knock on the door, I recalled the pictures on my phone and brought up the gallery once more to delete them. No temptations! It was like my girl had heard my thoughts from so many miles away though; her name and number popped up on my phone as an incoming call before I could go through with the deletion. It was nearly two in the morning; why would she be calling so late?

‘She knows what I did!’ I face palmed myself, nearly screaming in my mind. ‘Kayla probably called her up, bragging and telling her that she had stolen me away or something.’ I ran my hand through my hair, nervously unsure of what I should do; after all, I was new to all this serious relationship stuff.

The phone rang again and I decided that I had to answer it. After all, I had to face the music and accept the consequences for my actions. ‘Besides, if Brianna really is upset…, there are always Kayla and Gemma’ I thought, trying to convince myself of the bright side but I knew it wasn’t really true. With both of them, it was purely physical; Gemma had said so herself. They didn’t love me deeply the way Brianna felt…, and the way I felt toward her as well.

The phone rang for what I knew was the last time before the voicemail would pick up. I took in a deep nervous breath. “Um… hi baby…,” I answered apprehensively, the guilt having fully taken over any pretense of the earlier desire completely.

“Oh Ronnie…, love…, you an…, answered…,” her voice was short and choppy, her breathing sounded a bit labored. Perhaps it was from being so sleepy I thought; but at least she had called me ‘love’ which meant she didn’t know anything…, yet.

I forced myself to chuckle good-heartedly as I replied, “Of course baby, I’ll always answer your calls. You know that.”

I could hear her breath through the phone becoming deeper and stronger. “I was…,thin…,thinking about you…,” she whispered, strong gasps coming between each phrase, “an…, and I ne…, needed to hear yo….” She inhaled sharply, a small gasp coming to her lips.

My lips spread wide in a grin as I began to realize what was going on at her end. “Thinking of me, huh?” I asked, adding an extra layer of sexy to my voice. “What exactly were you thinking of me about?”

“Oh yeah…,” she gasped again, the breathing continuing to quicken its pace. “Your fa…, face. Yo…,your li…, lips. Your ton…, ton…,”

“My tongue?” I added, stiffening a chuckle. She sounded so worked up and sexy on the phone, her words and breathing were making me rise to the occasion as well.

“Oh hell yeah!” she rasped even louder. Inhaling deeply, she added, “right there, baby…,” I could hear rubbing sounds in the phone like she was moving around quite a bit and a small humming noise in the background. “Yeah Ronnie…, ri…, right there ba…, baby…,” her words were now very labored as I could hear an orgasm working its way upon her.

“Oh my sexy Brianna,” I cooed to her, feeling a little silly standing out in the middle of the hotel hallway on the phone but it was still amazingly erotic. “I want to bathe your sweet pussy with my tongue.”

Just then the door opened; Gemma and Kayla looking upon me with bursting laughter as they covered their mouths to try to stay quiet, standing topless and in just their panties in the doorway. “Oh God! Ronnie…,” I heard Brianna squeal, panting heavily through the phone as Kayla and Gemma pulled me inside and closed the door.

“Ro…, Ronnie…, I love you…, yes!” Brianna shouted again, loud enough that the girls even heard her every word. “Damn…, your to…, tongue feels so go…, go…, good!” she finished with a piercing squeal that I instantly recognized to be her orgasm flushing through her body. It made my rod stand instantly on end and even started to twitch just listening to her. Gemma’s and Kayla’s eyes were both wide as they listened to my girl’s soprano pitches as well, looking at each other with a widespread smile.

I sat on the edge of the bed nearest to me, listening to Brianna cum on the phone; my eyes roaming over Gemma’s white freckled teardrop breasts and Kayla’s tiny cones with sexy dark chocolate nipples nearby. Inside my jeans, my own rod was now fully erect and pressing hard against its enclosure. I wanted to grab those breasts so bad; to bury my face in them and lick each little nipple to full erection but I knew that I couldn’t.

“Baby?” I asked after a few minutes, wondering whether she had fallen asleep. “Are you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here love,” she sighed canlı casino followed by a cute giggle. “Oh my…, I can’t believe I just did that. I think you’ve turned me into a sex addict now.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle; imagining the sweet innocent Brianna who stuttered with nerves at the thought of taking her shoes off in front of people becoming a sex addict. “Where are you?” I asked wondering what her neighbors must be thinking after hearing such a shrill squeal. She really could hit some high notes. “Are you at home now?”

“Um…, no, I’m in a hotel in Savannah; about six hours from home.” Her breathing was finally returning to normal as I could audibly recognize her coming down off her orgasmic high. “Marissa and I got a couple of rooms and then she…, um…,” Brianna trailed off nervously.

“What?” I leaned forward, pressing the phone closer to my ear. “What did Marissa do to you?” Gemma and Kayla both looked at me strangely, sitting on either side of me on the bed and leaning closer to the phone, their beautiful bare chests only inches away. All I would have to do was reach out my hand and I could touch either girl; it was driving me absolutely insane.

“Well uh…, she…, she took me to buy a toy,” Brianna giggled and all three of us dropped our jaws in amazement as we looked at each other. Could this really be the Brianna that we all knew? “It’s one of those um…, those rabbits…, you know, that Tammy talked about?”

I cleared my throat, completely unable to believe she had dived so far off the sexual deep end in such little time; just the night before she had gasped when Ashley spoke of touching herself. “So um…, that’s what you were using just now?”

With a soft coo, she answered, “mm-hmmm” with another giggle. “It feels REAL good too,” she giggled again. “…but don’t worry baby, it’s not as good as you. Still, I was thinking to use it on the phone with you every night until you come get me; maybe we could…, chat online or something.” Gemma and Kayla were both making funny faces at me as I turned a few shades of red.

“That sounds REAL fun,” I replied playfully. “I can’t wait.” Gemma leaned against me again, listening to the phone as best she could while the bottom of her milky breast pressed against my arm and made my already stiff rod start to quiver in excitement.

Pushing myself further back on the bed, I tried desperately to keep my resolve not touch them and stay completely true to my lovely girl. She was doing everything possible to try to please me after all; it was obvious to anybody how much she loved me…, how much we loved each other. I closed my eyes so as to not look at the semi-nude beauties at the end of the bed. “I love you Brianna…, so very much.”

“Ahhh,” she sighed, “I love you too baby; more than you can know.” With another giggle and what almost sounded like a snort, her playful side returned. “So did that really turn you on? Hearing me cum over the phone like that?”

I swallowed hard looking down at the extremely painful tent in my jeans. Definitely I was going to have to take care of that somehow, some way. “Oh hell yeah…, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

“Good,” she truly sounded content with herself. “Now you’re going to do the same for me.” My jaw dropped unsure I could actually do that. I needed to; really bad but there was no way I could do it on the phone and especially not with Gemma and Kayla right there. They’d jump in the middle and take over which would totally ruin my resolve.

“I’m uh…,” I stuttered a little flustered, “I’m not alone right now, baby.” There was silence on the other end for a few seconds. I pondered whether I should have given further explanation; maybe even lied and said that I was in Tim’s room.

“Is um…, Gemma or Kayla there? In the room with you?” she finally asked though I heard more curiosity than jealousy at that moment. “Listen baby, it really is fine…,” she must have taken my silence as a confirmation. “I knew when you left this morning that at least one of them would be tormenting you all night long.”

I let out a breath of relief; at least she understood though would she be so understanding if she knew they were topless in front of me. I knew I could never tell her what actually happened on the drive over. “I’ll bet,” she continued, her voice turning playfully seductive again, “my poor little Ronnie has been beating those two back with a stick all night…, and getting hornier by the minute, right?”

Again I cleared my throat and swallowed nervously looking over at Kayla, remembering the drive to St. Louis earlier that evening. “You um…, you could definitely say that, I guess.”

Brianna burst into laughter. “…and then I call and cum on your phone, making matters worse for you, right baby?” I exaggerated a sigh loud enough for her to hear me. “Baby, give the phone to Gemma, please.”

Completely bewildered, I passed the phone to Gemma who looked just as surprised as I was. There were a kaçak casino few niceties back and forth; I was really curious what she was telling her. I figured it had to be a stern warning about leaving her man alone but the look on Gemma’s face was not that of a person being accused.

“Are you absolutely sure about this?” Gemma asked causing both Kayla and me to look at her inquisitively. “What about Kayla? She’s here too…, should I ask her to lea…,” she was obviously cut off and then moments later she passed the phone to Kayla as well, a smile breaking upon her lips as she glanced at me.

“What’s up Brianna?” Kayla asked while I shrugged at Gemma trying to find out what was up. She just continued her impish smile and held up a finger for me to be patient. “Are you really serious, Brianna?” Kayla exclaimed, making me turn my head back to her. “Oh my God! Hell yeah!”

I was now more confused than ever when Kayla handed the phone back to me, a knowing glance passing between her and Gemma. “Baby?” I asked, putting the phone back to my ear. “What’s up? What did you say to them?”

“It’s alright love…,” she spoke softly and sexily, “I want you to just lie back on the bed and talk to me. Gemma and Kayla are going to um…,” she paused for a moment, “they’re going to do some things and I want you to just let them. Talk to me…, tell me how it makes you feel…, pretend it’s me there with you.” My jaw dropped to my chest.

“Are…,are you really sure about this love?” I could already tell what she meant by ‘some things’; Gemma and Kayla were both stripping out of their panties at the end of the bed, two beautiful flowers showing between their thighs as they bent over. “You’re really okay with this?”

“Ronnie,” she continued tenderly, “I’ve had plenty of time to think on my drive down here. I know you love me. I can see it in your eyes; hear it in the way you talk to me. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you love me a lot…, and I love you more than anything in the world too,” Gemma and Kayla each stood completely nude on either side of the bed, both pushing gently against my chest to lie back onto the pillow.

“…and I want us to be happy together forever,” she continued while Gemma leaned over my body, her white feminine teardrops dangling inches from my face while she fiddled with my belt. “But I’m also a practical girl as you know. Now the way I see it, there are three main reasons why a marriage ends up failing in the end…,” Kayla sat on the edge of the bed, leaning over to untie my shoes.

“They are money, compatibility and infidelity,” it was the strangest sensation holding a conversation about marriage and in particular infidelity with my girlfriend while two beautiful naked girls were stripping me of my clothes. “Between my accounting and your programming, we’ll always be fine for money I’m sure,” she continued.

Gemma had finally finished with my belt and started on the button and zipper to my jeans as I lie in the bed motionless, speaking with Brianna. “Yeah, I can’t see money really being a problem,” I added, trying not to think too much about what was happening; just letting myself go in with the moment.

“…and we’ve always had similar interests too,” she continued, “but I was your first in bed,” she added as if we were discussing the weather. Kayla finished with my shoes and pulled my socks off as well. “Guys tend to be wandering creatures and I don’t want to be stuck at home with the kids while you’re out running after some young skirt twenty years from now because you never knew what it was like to have another girl…,” Gemma started pulling my jeans down with Kayla standing by the opposite side of the bed to help.

“…and quite honestly, watching you eat Gemma and Tammy’s pussies last night was really amazing so…, I um…,” she paused like she wasn’t really sure how to proceed. I pushed up with my legs letting the girls pull my jeans down to my ankles with relative ease.

“You have to swear to me…, and I do mean SWEAR,” she added extra emphasis on the last word, “that you’ll only do it when I say so and you’re with me…,” my boxers now did absolutely nothing to hide the rigid erection that stood straight into the air.

“There will be times when I’ll let you be with certain other girls too; like Gemma and Kayla now.” As if on cue, the two girls grabbed my boxers as well, pulling them down my legs.

“Um…, wow Brianna! Are you really sure?” quickly I reversed, not wanting this amazing dream to ever end. If I was sleeping, then please never wake me again. “I mean…, I swear Brianna…, only when you say so.” My head was spinning, unable to believe the words I was hearing yet the very proof was deliciously nude before my eyes. “I’ll do whatever you tell me, baby. I love you so much.”

“It’s ONLY when I say so,” Brianna added firmly, “and with whom I say…, and I have to be there too or on the phone like this.” My manhood throbbed into the chilly air with the beat of my accelerated heart as the girls finished undressing my legs. Kayla looked around and decided on a chair nearby that she brought next to the bed while Gemma leaned over, sitting on the bed’s edge, and ran her tongue slowly along the length of my rod.

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