Amy’s Illicit Desires

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Amy had wanted Jack since the moment she had met him. Even though he was dating Julia, one of her best friends, and regardless of the fact that she too had a boyfriend, for as long as she had known him, she had secretly lusted for him. There was just something about him that she could not get out of her head. He was a good looking guy, taller than her boyfriend Pete, but not quite as muscular, and certainly not as nice. Quite the opposite actually, as he usually came off as a bit of an asshole when people first met him. Still, there was a certain something about him that stirred something within her. At first she tried to push her dirty thoughts of her friend’s man out of her mind, passing them off as a sort of taboo fantasy, lusting after someone you should not, and certainly would not, ever have. But as time progressed, she found it harder and harder to keep her illicit desires suppressed in the back of her dirty little head.

To add to Amy’s difficulties in smothering her impure thoughts, she found herself spending a great deal of time with Julia and Jack as her boyfriend not only worked shift work at the local factory, but took overtime every chance he got. The extended draughts of intimacy with Pete as a result of his heavy workload, added to the increasing amount of time she spent in Jack’s company, equalled an almost non-stop series of indecent fantasies revolving around her forbidden fruit.

So intense was her naughty desires and fantasies, that Amy often found herself reading sexual innuendos into nearly every word spoken and every action taken by Jack when he was in her presence. Whether it be a sarcastic comment or an accidental brushing of arms, her mind constantly searched for sexual undertones hidden in each act. She even began imagining scenarios in which her unmentionable lust could come to fruition, often even involving lesbian encounters with Julia, simply as a means to be with her fantasy man.

Like most men, she was quite sure that a threesome between herself Jack and Julia would most definitely be of interest to him. Unfortunately, she could not see Julia being remotely into it, and quite frankly, outside of your typical college-girl bi-curiosity, Amy had her wanton sights set solely on Jack, though she did allow herself to visualize such a three-way encounter on several occasions while pleasuring herself.

Outside of her unattainable threesome set-up, Amy wondered to herself if Jack secretly held the same desires she did. She figured all of her illusory interpretations of sexual intimation she read into his actions around her were merely products of her overactive imagination, but still, she could not help but constantly scrutinize their situation and wonder to herself if it were possible. She was certainly an attractive young lady, and actually shared many similarities with Julia. Both women were brunettes, and had their hair permed curly and hanging mid-way down the back. Each were in decent shape and always maintained their good looks, complimenting them with conservative make-up to highlight their natural beauty. Amy was a fair bit shorter than her friend, who was closer to Jack’s height, but she made up for any deficiency in stature by besting Julia in the chest department, easily outscoring her with an ample 36C bosom. Overall, both girls were definitely desirable and one could easily conclude that if a man were attracted to one, it was certainly conceivable that he would be attracted to the other. Of course, that is the deduction Amy settled on in her mind.

As time went on, her constant fantasies of Jack continued to fill Amy’s mind relentlessly. So much so that she even began to picture him while making love to her boyfriend. The guilt she felt for thinking of another man while having sex with Pete was tremendous, but easily paled in comparison to how amazing her orgasms were when she did it. If she could justify her adulterated thoughts in any way it was that at the very least, her boyfriend was having some seriously mind-blowing sex with her, even if it was the result of her never-ending depraved imaginings.

Now at the peak of her sexual fantasy frustration, Amy looked forward with great anticipation, to the wedding of one of her and Julia’s good friends. Not so much for the celebration of their girlfriend’s nuptials, but rather for the opportunity to spend more time around Jack, particularly at a venue where they would both be dressed up and looking their best. The mere thought of getting the chance to dance with him at the reception was enough to charge a mighty tingle in between her legs. Adding fuel to the fire of her eagerness for the upcoming time with the star of her dirty desires, was the fact that the wedding was out of town, and both couples had booked hotel rooms for the night, sending her mind racing into even more wayward daydreams of illicit midnight meeting with her dream lover.

It was with great disappointment that Amy reacted to the news that Pete had to work overtime the weekend of the wedding. Disheartened, she cancelled erenköy escort their hotel room and called Julia to let her know the sad news. Of course, once she was on the phone with her girlfriend, it did not take long for Amy to be convinced to come to the wedding with her friend and crash with the couple. Even though Julia told her that Jack would call and change their reservation to a room with two double beds rather than one king, Amy could not resist letting her dirty mind race to picture spending a night in a hotel room with her fantasy man.

When they arrived at the hotel, Amy’s mind again raced into overdrive as they found their room to only contain one king sized bed. Immediately she pictured herself and Jack together in that big bed, the images almost causing her knees to buckle. Jack called down to the front desk and was told that the hotel was sold out and unfortunately they were unable to switch rooms. As Amy continued her private arousal at the situation, Julia was quick to shrug off the inconvenience and suggest that the three of them were adult enough to crash on one bed together.

Jack went into the bathroom first to get ready, citing how long it would take for both ladies to prepare themselves for the festivities. A short time later he came out looking as handsome and desirable as Amy had ever seen him, in a classic navy suit and open collar white shirt, a dressy yet casual look that suited him well. After giving him the once over the two ladies hurried themselves into the bathroom to begin their preparations. Following quite a lapse of time, highlighted by numerous rumblings from Jack regarding the length of time they were taking, the women emerged and proceeded to showcase themselves in front of their audience of one.

The two of them were stunning. Julia came out first, dressed in an eye-catching black dress with chain straps, cut short, falling to just above her knees, allowing her to show off her long sexy legs. Fishnet stockings highlighted them as well, topped off by a pair of almost knee-high black boots, complete with four-inch heels. Her curly brown locks were replaced by a wavy coif, pulled back and piled up on top of her head in a sexy up-do with dangling waves of hair dropping down her neck. Jack whistled softly as her he looked her up and down, his cock hardening at the sight.

Amy then entered the room, wearing a spectacular red dress with a behind the neck strap and plunging neckline that allowed her to show off some truly incredible looking cleavage. The dress hugged her nicely and, like her friend’s, was very short, even revealing the tops of her garters if she moved certain ways. Matching red stilettos completed the outfit nicely. Her brown curls hung loosely and fell across her shoulders and down her back in a tousled, windswept style – a slightly untamed look that hinted some wildness. In awe, Jack sat on the bed with mouth open, and hardon raging.

The trio made there way to the wedding, and throughout the ceremony and reception, Amy could hardly keep her eyes off Jack, watching him attentively and getting hornier and wetter by the minute. Her arousal was peaked when, numerous times throughout the evening, she danced with her fantasy man. They slow danced, Jack holding her close, her breasts pressing against his chest. As they moved she felt his pelvis brushing against hers, electrifying her clit and dampening her panties. The longer the dance lasted, the more Amy thought to herself that he must have been rubbing his manhood against her on purpose. She slowly worked her body against his, and was sure she heard murmurs of approval. With their bodies so close it was impossible not to feel every twitch of his hardened cock pressed against her, almost giving her an orgasm right on the dance floor. The song would always end before she came right then and there, and she would reluctantly part ways with him, her panties sopping and her pussy aching.

That was how the reception progressed, with Amy watching Jack and Julia together and pining away as her mind spun her usual lustful fantasies. Occasionally, she would get a dance with him, repeating her near-orgasmic dance ritual, only to return to their table ultimately unfulfilled and left with her dirty thoughts. And so it went, a good time for them all, in a twisted little way, with all three of them enjoying themselves, drinking and dancing the night away.

The reception wound down, and the threesome were all feeling pretty good from the copious amounts of alcohol they had consumed throughout the evening. They stumbled back to their room, with Julia clearly the worse for wear, staggering all over the hotel hallways and using both Jack and Amy as support to stay upright. The three of them fell into the room and almost immediately Julia ran into the washroom, quickly following that up with the sounds of her being sick. Muttering, Jack soon followed his girlfriend to check on her well-being. To the sounds of her friend retching, Amy plopped onto the etiler escort bed merrily. She too was drunk, but clearly in better shape than Julia. Still, her head was spinning a bit and she felt ready to call it a night.

As Amy began to drift asleep on the bed, she was suddenly woken by the sound of Jack’s voice, “She’s gonna be in there awhile, you might as well hit the sack.” he told her, now standing at the foot of the bed. “I’m gonna make sure she’s okay.” he added as he retreated back into the bathroom.

Sheepishly, Amy got up and started to get ready for bed. Normally she would not want to go to sleep without cleaning herself up a bit first, washing off her makeup, throwing her hair in a ponytail, but at this point she was too inebriated to care, let alone try to find room in the now overcrowded bathroom facilities. She stripped, removing her dress, stockings and shoes, and now standing in only her red lace bra and panties, realized she had very little to sleep in. Part of her dirty, drunk mind contemplated hopping in bed naked or just in her underwear, waiting for Jack (and Julia) to find her there, but she came to her senses abruptly and grabbed a t-shirt out of her overnight bag and switched it for the bra. Her panties however would have to stay as she had failed to bring any shorts or pyjama bottoms. Though her shirt barely covered half her ass, she figured it would not really matter, since she would be under the covers regardless. Satisfied with her bedtime preparations, she climbed into bed and almost immediately started to doze off into an intoxicated haze.

It was impossible for Amy to tell how long she had drifted off for when she was stirred by the disturbance of someone climbing in on the other side of the bed. When she had let her heavy eyes close earlier, both Julia and Jack were in the bathroom, with her girlfriend continuing to expel the large amount of booze she had consumed that evening, as well as everything she had ate in the last 24 hours. Amy figured her friend must have finally gotten everything out of her system and was finally ready to pass out until she was greeted by the inevitable morning hangover. She closed her eyes, still too drunk herself to find the energy to even roll over and see how Julia was feeling. She stirred and moaned lightly as the covers were shifted and pillows reallocated beside her. “Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you.” Jack said.

Abruptly more attentive with the sound of her fantasy stud’s voice, Amy rolled over partway and looked over her shoulder, “It’s okay, how are you feeling…” before she could say her friend’s name, she realized Julia was not with her boyfriend. Rolling back over onto her right side, she looked to the bathroom door and saw that it remained closed.

“Julia’s passed out on the bathroom floor,” he explained. “I tried to get her to come to bed a couple times, but moving her just kept making her throw up. She told me to leave her there for now and go to bed.” he chuckled. “Fucking cheap drunk.”

Amy felt her pussy moisten and nipples harden with the confirmation that she was indeed alone in bed with Jack. Her heart began to race as flashes of her countless fantasies whipped through her head. But even as she was caught in the lustful wave of her vivid imagination, deep down she knew they were mere fantasies. She would certainly never throw herself at her friend’s man. She would never do that do Julia, or to her own boyfriend for that matter. And of course she knew how much Jack loved his girlfriend. “Oh, okay,” she finally managed to reply, “well goodnight then.” She closed her eyes and concentrated on blocking out her dirty thoughts of the man lying next to her, but she quickly realized that was going to be a lot harder than she could ever imagine.

She instinctively let out a gasp as she felt Jack’s body press up against hers. She felt his hot breath through her hair and on her neck as he whispered to her, “You looked fucking gorgeous tonight Amy.” Caught in a state of both absolute shock as well as compete sexual stimulation, she could not even find words to reply. “So sexy,” he continued, his left hand now resting on her thigh, “I couldn’t take my eyes off you all night.” She could feel his ever hardening cock through his boxers, pressing into her ass, his hips gyrating ever so slightly.

“Whatever Jack,” she finally spit out, trying to sound sarcastic and playful, not wanting to reveal how utterly turned on she was getting, “go to sleep.” A part of her did want him to roll over and go to sleep, but the majority of her was begging for him to continue touching her.

“Mmmm,” he moaned softly, burying his nose into the tangle of curls at the back of her head, “and those curls, so fucking hot.” He pressed harder into her, his erection rubbing against her asshole and almost down to her pussy. His left hand was now clutching her hip, guiding her to grind her ass against him, which she easily allowed.

“Jack, you shouldn’t be doing this.” she whispered, florya escort trying to do the right thing.

“But it feels so good, doesn’t it baby?” he countered as he moved his lips to her neck and gently kissed her flesh, his gyrating hips continuing to press his pelvis into her, now met freely by the movements of her ass. “Isn’t this what you want, Amy?”

She knew it was, but even if her body was beginning to betray her friendship with Julia, her voice would still fight, “Jack no…” she started, drifting off as his hand now moved to her chest and began exploring her tits, his fingers running over her rock hard nipples beneath the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

“So hard,” he mused as his fingers moved swiftly to a gentle pinch of her left nipple, eliciting a low moan. “This is what you want, I know it is. It’s what you’ve always wanted.” As he spoke the previously unspoken truths, Amy felt her pussy dampen even further.

“Jack,” she moaned as he alternated between nuzzling into her hair and kissing her neck and earlobe, while continuing to rub his rock hard dick against her ass. His quick hand had moved under her shirt and was massaging her heaving breasts as her breath quickened. “We can’t,” she managed, still trying to put up some form of verbal resistance.

Suddenly, Amy felt the sharp, painful sensation of Jack pinching her nipple extremely hard. Shocked, but extremely aroused, she knew the pulsing feeling between her legs was the beginning of an orgasm, and she let out a squeal of ecstasy in response. Stretching her neck and turning to face him slightly, her lips were immediately met with his. They kissed hard, their tongues exploring each others vigorously, as his hand continued to caress her breasts and his cock continued to ram against her ass. Their passionate lip lock was brief, as he pulled away, letting her head fall away from him as his lips returned to her ear. “Are you wet baby?” he asked.

Amy’s head was spinning, still half in the bag, she knew her judgement was severely impaired, but she knew she could not bring herself to resist this anymore. “God, yes.” she answered, now fully swivelling her hips, grinding her ass into his hardon. Her paced slowed as she felt his hand leave her tits and move downwards, coming to rest at the top of her panties.

“Do you want me to rub it?” he asked, his fingers running along the band of her lace underwear.

“Yes,” she replied weakly, aching for his touch between her legs.

“Tell me what you want, slut.” he ordered, his hard cock slamming hard against her.

Hearing him call her a slut, sent a hard tremor through her body, nearly sending her over the edge. Desperate for his fingers, she knew what he wanted to hear, “Rub my pussy Jack,” she whispered, “finger my slutty cunt.” With that, a mini-orgasm washed over her, triggered by her submissive words to the long-time star of her filthiest fantasies. Her euphoria was cut short as Jack’s hand quickly found it’s way inside her panties and onto her sopping mound.

“I always knew you were a slut,” he breathed in her ear as his index finger brushed against her pussy hairs and pressed against her soft cunt lips, “I always knew you wanted it.”

Amy could not even open her mouth to respond, all she could managed was a quick nod and a “uh-huh,” as she inhaled sharply in time with his finger pressing in between her lips, the heat and wetness of her pussy escaping over his hand.

“Tell me how long you’ve wanted it.” he commanded, clearly enjoying being in total control over her. “Tell me how long you’ve fantasized about this.”

She let out another moan as his finger slid up and down between her wet lips, “Oh Jack,” she sighed, “I’ve wanted you since the moment I met you.” He rubbed her clit with his fingertip, then continued to glide his finger down her lips, all the way to her asshole. “I’ve fantasized about this forever.” she admitted.

“Mmmm,” he groaned into her ear, “you’re such a dirty whore, fantasizing about your friend’s boyfriend.” He suddenly jammed his finger deep into her pussy, eliciting a deep moan. “Tell me how slutty you are.” he ordered.

He stroked his finger in and out of her wetness slowly, his thumb now rubbing her swollen clit. “I’m such a slut,” she told him, clearly enjoying the dirty talking almost as much as his fingering, “I can’t stop fantasizing about you.”

Not satisfied with her answer, he began finger-fucking her harder and faster, his finger sliding back and forth furiously, his thumb strumming her hard clit feverishly. “Tell me how much of a slut you are.” he demanded.

Craving the full-fledged orgasm she knew would send her into previously unknown levels of ecstasy, Amy was willing to tell him anything he wanted to hear. “Oh God, Jack,” she whimpered, “I’m so slutty… I think of you when I fuck my boyfriend. You’re the only man I think about when I come.”

Pleased with her answer, Jack slid a second finger into her twat, and began making a ‘come here’ motion inside her, gently stroking his fingertips across her sensitive G Spot, as his thumb continued playing with her clit. “That’s right slut,” he breathed in her ear, “you think of me when you come, you picture me fucking you when you get off.” Her legs convulsed and she grabbed hold of his wrist, increasing the speed at which his hand moved.

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