Amy’s Desire

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Sean Lambert and his wife, Amy, were excited about their upcoming trip to a desert resort in Arizona. Over the course of their twenty year marriage, they had always tried to celebrate their milestone anniversaries in a big way. Sean’s orthopedic surgery practice was well established so money was never an option.

On their last big trip, for their 15th, they had spent a long, raucous weekend in South Beach. After an incredible dinner, a pleasantly drunken Sean finally got the courage up to admit to Amy that he wanted to talk about their sex life.

Sean was sincere when he told her that he found her even more sexy after all their years together than when they were dating. Always a pretty girl, Amy had blossomed into a ravishing beauty. Even after three children, Amy was in great shape with a slim waist,long, slender legs and a gorgeous set of tits that had barely given into gravity. She wore her light brown hair straight,well past her shoulders, framing her high cheekbones and incredible blue eyes and pouty lips. Her eyes were such an enticing shade of blue that many people thought she was wearing contacts, and the effect they had on people meeting her for the first time was oftentimes comical.

Sean loved his wife dearly and found her wonderfully playful and romantic in bed. But as he pointed out, since they had pledged their lifetime loyalty to one another, he thought it was important to let her know that he would like to push their boundaries out a bit.

Mildly amused, Amy assured him that he shouldn’t hesitate in confiding any of his desires to her, that she would keep an open mind but that he should remember that she was from a good Catholic home, and was an old-fashioned girl at heart.

Over the next few years, little by little, Amy came to realize that her husband was a dirty boy. First, Sean asked that when they went out of town, that she should wear more eye shadow, highlighting her blue eyes in a more seductive manner. He also let her know tht he had a thing for sexy shoes, and loved to see her in high, spiky heels, the higher the better.

Amy willingly played along, loving the lust that would fill her husband’s eyes when she would get dressed up especially for him, wearing 5 inch heels and heavy eye shadow, adding her own touch of a wet, shiny lip gloss. She came to enjoy the transformation she would go through on her out-of-town trips with her husband, and the proper and upstanding wife and mother looked forward to acting a little slutty knowing how hot she could make him.

In bed, Sean began to instruct her on the finer points of oral sex, on how and where he wanted her to use her lips, tongue and hands, explaining that she needed to pay more attention to the stimulation of his balls.

Amy had only one sex partner, prior to dating her husband, so her history with oral treats was limited to the brief sucking she would oftentimes give to Sean before they made love. Although her husband had never complained, Amy now realized that she had alot of room for improvement. As a result, she tackled this task with the same focus and intensity that made her a top organizer and fund raiser for a variety of church and school groups.

However, when Sean tried to return the favor for Amy, she stopped him after only a few minutes of his attention telling him that it “tickled” and that she preferred his cock inside of her.

Speaking of “cock”, Sean had started making comments during sex that made it clear that he wanted Amy to learn to talk dirty. He would ask “Does my cock feel good in your pussy?” and “Do you want me to give you a good fucking?” and his favorite “Do you want me to stop fucking you?” to which the obvious response was to be “Don’t stop fucking me, Baby!”.

Overtime, Amy became quite accomplished at this as well, one time thinking she had caused him to have a heart attack when she suprised him by shouting “Fuck me harder, Baby! Fuck me Harder!” as she felt the surge of her orgasm. In fact, talking dirty with her husband had become very natural for her.

Amy drew the line at pornography, however, and Sean, quite happy at the impressive progress they had made didn’t push her. But he still had one or two kinks that he couldn’t quite bring himself to reveal to Amy.

Finally, after a dinner in Chicago, he took her to a cigar bar for for a night cap. Amy looked absolutely incredible, wearing a tiny black dress,and open toed platform pumps with 5 inch heels, her eyes and lips glistening in a way that seemed to catch every man’s attention. After he ordered some drinks and a decent Cohiba, Sean produced a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s and slid them towards his bemused wife. Sean was clearly embarassed when he haltingly admitted to her that the sight of a beautiful woman smoking was a huge turn-on, but, he quickly added, he would understand if she wasn’t into it.

Like most the girls in her sorority, Amy had briefly smoked in college , but she had basically quit when she started work at the hospital. She still got the urge canlı bahis on occasion, but she had never dreamed that her husband had a secret smoking fetish.

With her beautiful blue eyes smoldering behind the dark, smoky eye shadow her husband adored, Amy flipped the top of the hard pack and removed one of the long, white cigarettes, bringing it slowly to her wetly shining lips as Sean fumbled with the lighter on the table. She drew slowly on the cigarette, the nicotine flooding her neuron receptors with the warmth of an old friend, before tilting her chin and exhaling a thin stream up towards the ceiling, a gorgeous, sexy smile forming on her lovely face.

That night, Sean made love to his wife like he was possessed, bringing her to numerous orgasms before flooding her with his seed, and collapsing next to her, both of them covered in a sheen of sweat. The dirty boy had found his dirty girl, he had been married to her all the time.


The second day at the resort, Sean and Amy were showering together after a late afternoon of love. As he gently washed his wife’s back, Sean slid his hands playfully around to gently squeeze his wife’s breasts, causing her to sigh in delight. As he felt her nipples begin to stiffen, he pulled her back into a wet embrace, his cock stirring against her tight, little ass, and began to nuzzle the side of her neck.

“You know, Baby. These past few years have been incredible for me. My wife is so beautiful and so damn sexy . . .” Amy flushed at his compliment.

“But . . . I can’t believe there isn’t something I can do for you . . . some hidden desire that you have never told me about.”

“You give me everyting I could ever need, sweetie. You are a wonderful husband, a great father to our kids.” Amy insisted, before adding “Did I mention that you have great lips?”

Sean smiled, his hand sliding down the front of her still taut tummy, his fingers sliding between her pussy lips, spreading them so that the flow from the shower would caress her clitoris.

“You know what I mean . . . You know exactly what I like. I mean, I’m not afraid to tell you if I see a woman that I think is hot . . . You know what Kendra does to me.”

Amy laughed in agreement. Sean had started getting her gift certificates for a massage at his health club and the petite, little blonde massage therapist was stunning. When Sean would comment on how gorgeous she was, Amy wasn’t the least bit jealous or threatened, she trusted her husband completely and knew that it was nothing more than a harmless infatuation. The water on her clit felt wonderful and Amy adjusted herself to catch the stream more directly.

“C’mon . . . There have to be guys that you find attractive. It’s only natural. I’ve seen the way men look at you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. Jesus, Amy, I love going out with you and watching the heads turn. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed.” Sean insisted.

Amy had, in fact, noticed but she was happily married and being a loving, loyal wife for these past twenty years, she never gave the attention she received a second thought.

“Tonight, when we go to dinner, I want you to pick out someone that you find attractive, someone that gets you hot. Great sex isn’t only between the legs, its also between the ears. I want you to fantasize a little to if this might bring something to the surface, . . . maybe something you don’t even realize about yourself.”

Amy turned into her husband’s body and threw her arms over his wet shoulders, bringing his face down to hers.

“Right now” she whispered as she gave him short, hot kisses “The only thing on my mind is that thing between your legs and how wonderful it would feel in my pussy!”

“Fuck me, Baby!” she whispered to him urgently “Fuck me!!”


That night at dinner, Amy and Sean met a couple several years their senior, John and Cyndy. Cyndy was a long-legged, blonde haired beauty and John, a retired Air Force officer, was an avid tennis player, much like Sean. They shared four bottles of an Oregon Pinot and Amy was more than a little drunk by the time they cleared away the plates. John and Cyndy were planning to stay at the resort the rest of the week and they all agreed that they would have to get back together.

Sean took Amy to one of the clubs and they got a table outside looking out over the desert sky. Amy lit a cigarette while Sean went to order their drinks. When he returned, Amy could see that he was trying to contain a smile.

“What?” she asked, smiling sweetly, wanting in on the secret.

“Oh . . . Nothing really . . . It’s just that. . . You see those two guys at the bar?” Amy started to turn before Sean stopped her. “Don’t be so obvious.”

Amy tapped an ash and took a long drag off her cigarette, turning to exhale away from the table. Sitting at the bar were two men who couldn’t have been out of their twenties. The shorter one was a powerfully built black man with a shaved head, his thick chest and arms pushing bahis siteleri tightly against blue polo shirt. His friend was quite tall 6’3″ at least, with a slender build, long honey blonde hair and was wearing a loud bowling shirt untucked over his jeans.

Amy turned back around “Yeah . . . What about them?”

Sean grinned “They haven’t taken their eyes off you since they sat down.”

Amy groaned “Sean . . . Don’t be silly. I’m practically old enough to be their mother!”

“Hey . . . I see what I see. They keep looking over here and whispering to each other. They are either gay lovers or you’ve caught their eye!”

Amy smiled a little self-conciously, without even realizing it, she sat up straighter on the tall chair she was in, her legs crossed seductively, her cigarette held in outstretched fingers, her elbow on the side of the little table. Sean continued to tease his wife, liking the fact that she was getting uncomfortable with the attention she was recieving, a mischievous grin painted on his lips.

After Sean went to get them another drink, Amy turned to look for him when he seemed to be taking his time returning. Her throat tightened when she saw tht he was talking with the two young men. When he saw her looking in their direction, he smiled and waved her over.

Amy got to her feet and walked slowly towards them on her sexy heels, having no clue why she was so uneasy. Always outgoing socially, she had no idea why these two strangers were having such an affect on her.

“Amy . . . This is Eric . . . ” Sean put his hand on the black man’s shoulder “And Michael.” indicating the tall blonde.

“Guys . . . I’d like you to meet my lovely wife of now twenty years . . . Amy!”

When Eric took her offered hand in his, Amy felt her pulse rise and the room seemed to roll as she looked into his handsome face. He had a warm smile and Amy felt that she had to physically tear her eyes away from his to extend a greeting to his friend.

“You won’t believe it . . . These guys are from Waterboro. They’re down here for a sales meeting. We’re what . . . 8 to 10 minutes away from them in Middleton!”

Amy found herself relaxing a bit and she smiled brightly after the introductions, taking a seat at the bar between her husband and Eric.

She chatted politely with them over the next hour as they bought each other drinks. Michael was a riot, telling stories and making jokes as Eric expalined that they had met in college. Originally from Philadelphia, Eric hooked up with Michael at Duke and they had become good friends. After graduation, they took a job selling software together, basically working as a team. This trip was part business, but mostly pleasure as a reward for the numbers they had been putting up.

Although Eric did nothing out of line, nothing even remotely sexual, Amy found herself hanging on his every word, as if he was only talking to her. Sean picked up the bar tab, over their strong objection, and they promised to repay the gesture later in the week. When they left, Amy found herself already looking forward to the next time they might run into them.

Back in their room, Amy suprised her husband by kissing him passionately and eagerly unbuttoning his shirt. Sean almost always initiated their lovemaking and was happily suprised by this change in his wife. With very little foreplay, Amy rolled over naked on her back and spread her legs, reaching for her husband’s hard cock. She inhaled sharply as he slid into her already soaking wet pussy, and began to fuck her with the long, deep strokes he knew she loved.

She pulled his face to hers, her tongue pushing hotly into his mouth, her hips driving off the bed to meet his thrusts. Amy was breathing hard when she wrapped her arms under his, grabbing his shoulders as she writhed beneath him.

Sean knew that she was close, and he picked up the pace of his fucking as Amy began to moan. Suddenly he stopped, looking down at his beautiful wife as she eagerly ground against him, urging him on.

“C’mon Baby! Fuck me . . . I’m so close. Make me cum!!”

Sean started back with long, deep thrusts, Amy pushing hard against him.

“I know why you are so hot. Those boys got to you . . . Didn’t they?”

“Baby . . . Don’t talk about them . . .Just keep fucking me!” Amy responded. She tried to pull his lips to hers, but he resisted.

“Yeah . . . They got you all hot and wet! Didn’t they!? My sexy wife is all worked up over a couple guys half her age!” Sean started fucking her harder and he could feel her body tense in anticipation of her orgasm.

“AAaaahhh . . . Fuck! Okay . . . Yes! YES! Talking to those boys got me horny . . . Now c’mon and fuck your wife . . . I need this so fucking bad!!!!”

Sean knew exactly how close she was, and how many strokes she would need to get off, and was determined not to get her there before she told him what he wanted to hear.

“Which one got you hot,Baby? Tell me . . . I want to know.”

Amy groaned, her breathing ragged, bahis şirketleri the first waves of her orgasm began to pulse through her body as she wriggled beneath her husband.

“Which one would you . . . Fuck!” Sean whispered in her ear as he gave her the last few strokes he knew would send her over the top.

“ERIC!” Amy screamed in passion “I’d fuck Eric!! . . . Oh . . . OH .. . . GAWD!!!!!” she moaned as she came, her body shuddering, her head arched back on the bed.

Sean came moments later, a big, satisfied smile on his lips. After Amy caught her breath, Sean kissed her softly, his tongue darting into her mouth. When he rolled off, she laid on his chest as he ran his hand lightly through her hair.

“I think my wife finally told me secret.” Sean teased softly.

“I’m so sorry, Baby. I don’t know what got into me. You know I would never . . . ” Amy started before Sean quieted her down.

“It’s okay . . . It’s okay. I know you’d never sleep with another man. I’m just glad you finally let yourself go . . . Have a little fun and fantasize. That was fun . . . Right?”

“Well . . . Yea!” Amy emphatically answered. ” Actually . . . That was incredible!” she kissed her husband hard on the lips.

“It was for me too!” he assured her.

They were both quiet for a few moments, lost in their thoughts.

“The next time . . . I think you ought to try and be a little more forward with them . . . A little . . . flirtatious!” Sean suggested.

“Oh . . . I don’t know . . . ” Amy started.

“No . . . I don’t mean anyting blatant that might send the wrong message. Just turn up the charm a bit. I know you can do that. I think you might like the response you get.”

“AAAaaahhh . . . Baby . . . I don’t know.” Amy answered again.

Sean hugged her tight. “Just think about it, okay? Who knows, this could be the start of something new for us. You know . . . something we could use in bed to push the envelope out a bit. You gotta admit . . . That was pretty hot . . . wasn’t it?!!”

Amy’s fingers ran lightly over her husband’s chest as she listened to him, her mind fighting the suggestions he was making, more than a little afraid as to where this might lead.


Amy and Cyndy shared a wonderful massage the following morning when their husbands played tennis and the ladies arranged to meet for dinner later that evening.

The wives were looking incredibly hot that night, Amy had on a short skirt and was wearing some ankle strap sandals with 4 1/2 inch heels, while Cyndy had her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail and was wearing a short, black sun dress.

As the two couples were waiting for their table, Eric and Michael walked into the restaurant. Sean introduced the young men to their dinner guests and asked if they would like to join them.

“No . . . Thank you . . . But we don’t want to impose.” Eric started before his eyes mer Amy’s.

“Please . . . I . . . I mean, we insist.” Amy responded a little too quickly, she thought.

Eric smiled warmly back at Amy and said “Well . . . If you insist!” he joked “But this time we’re buying.”

Eric found himself between Amy and John while Michael sat next to Cyndy. The girls went through two bottles of Sonoma Chardonnay while the men concentrated on a single malt scotch. John and Cyndy enjoyed meeting the two young men and Eric and Michael seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. The food was outstanding and three hours later, nobody was ready to call it a night even though the restaurant was nearly empty.

During the meal, Amy was friendly with Eric, and as the warm flush from the wine washed over her, she recalled her husband’s suggestion that she be a little more flirtatious, just to see response she would get.

The wine steward invited the men down to the cellar to help him select a bottle of port to have with their dessert. Eric begged off, saying he would keep the ladies company while Michael explained he needed to make a quick phone call. Amy thought she saw he husband’s eyes light up and he smiled knowingly at her before getting up from the table.

After they left, Cyndy quickly excused herself to visit the little girls room, leaving Eric and Amy alone. Amy watched Cyndy disappear between the tables and turned to find Eric studying her intently, a gorgeous smile on his lips.

“Well . . . ” Amy asked “Did you enjoy your dinner?” while reaching for her purse and pulling out the distinctive green and white pack containing her cigarettes. She brought a cigarette to her lips as Eric struck a match, her hadn resting lightly on his as she leaned forward bringing its tip to the flame.

“It was great.” Eric responded “But I enjoyed the company even more.”

Amy took a deep drag and exhaled as she tapped an ash, nodding her head in agreement.

“John and Cyndy are really great . . . aren’t they?” she asked, noticing for the first time the hungry look on Eric’s face. It was the same look Sean gave her after she had done her make-up especially for him, or modeled a new pair of “Come Fuck Me” shoes.

“I wasn’t talking about them.” Eric told her, his voice lowering intimately. “I was talking about you. God, I have never seen eyes as blue as yours!”

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