Amyla, the Radiant Elf Princess Pt. 02

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As the sun rose up into the sky which shined through the barred window of Geon’s prison cell, he felt himself slowly gather his surroundings and gain back his sight. He felt very well rested, albeit a little stiff due to the hard, uncomfortable bedding which he lied upon. Groaning softly, he slowly arched his body up into a seated position and scanned his surroundings. The cell which he woke up in was unlike any prison cell he had ever seen; it was spotless, smelt like freshly cut grass and looked more inviting than any inn he had spent the night in. He would have been shocked that this was a cell if it wasn’t for the solid marble bars on the door and one window which shot a beam of warm sunlight into. The adventurer stood stretching his back and arms to work away the grogginess of sleep.

During this time, he wondered what had happened to him. Just as he seemed to start thinking about last night in the woods the doors from across the room creaked open loudly, with one burly man entering along with two womanly figures close behind him. “You are awake human?” the larger man asked. Geon turned to face him, clearly observing the soft looking material of his clothing and pointed ears. Indeed, the old man’s theory was correct and that elves where real, living in a city inside a forest. The two women where twirling their hair with their fingers as they giggled softly to one another glancing at Geon from his face then darting to his lower body.

It was then Geon realised that he felt different than usual…he felt clean. Looking down over himself he noticed that his attire had been changed. Upon further inspection it was clear that he had been cleaned also. “What are you going to do with me?” He asked the big elven male with as much intimidation as he could.

“You are to take part in the ceremony.” The man replied calmly. The two women giggled louder, biting their lips and looking at him more. The man who accompanied them scowled and gracefully turned on the spot and clapped his hands “Away with you both! Report to the princess and see whether she is of proper attire.” The women suddenly wiped their faces clear of any enjoyment and bowed deeply, leaving the dungeon whispering to themselves, trying to get one last look of Geon before the door closed behind them.

“So…what ceremony is this? Will I be some form of sacrifice?” Geon asked more determined to try and get answers. He changed his stance from a casual stand to more of a defensive position, balling his fists up ready to attack if the man tried to take him from the cell. The man boomed a loud laugh, retrieving a key from his back pocket.

“No! You will not be sacrificed. Come out and follow me, I will tell you everything human…I promise you won’t be in any harm.” The man gave a warm smile which gave Geon a sense of security. He didn’t know why, but he trusted the elf before him. Slowly he moved back to a natural stance as the man opened the cell door, gesturing him to come out of the small room.

Amyla sat on the edge of her bed naked. Her thighs pressed together with her hands resting on them. Behind her was the two serving girls Suki and Belle, whom had just come from the dungeon. “What is he like?” the princess asked worriedly.

“Handsome!” Suki exclaimed eagerly.

“And rather well spoken.” Belle added as they both combed their mistress’ bright soft blonde hair. Amyla could feel herself getting more nervous and excited, but showing no intrigue about what was going to happen.

“I see.” She said in reply. Looking up she could see the outfit which was made for this ceremony (If you could call it an outfit.). It was mainly bright gold jewellery, bangles for her left and right arms as well as the same for her shins, close by where pure white boots with large heels made of soft cloth which was to be worn under the bangles. She was also made to wear a tiara with a large emerald stone encrusting the centre of the metal. Her vagina was covered by yet more golden accessories which hugged her wide hips, a loincloth draped over the front and back. Finally, two thin cloths (made of the same material as the boots) where attached to a thick necklace which would cover her breasts, however due to her natural huge bust, the cloth would probably not cover 10% of her chest.

“Daughter?” A muffled voice called from outside of the room called. “Am I gebze escort able to enter?” the voice added. Amyla blushed heavily and shot up as fast as she could, hearing the doorknob turning to be opened.

“NO!” she called loudly in her quiet, feminine voice “I am not decent!” the doorknob stopped turning and retracted to its original axis.

“Very well. Please call once you are clothed. I must read the contract before you are moved to the alter.” Amyla looked toward her serving girls and signed. As the king spoke they left the bed and began retrieving the ceremonial garb. Amyla stood there as they placed the jewellery on her, seeing outside as a crowd began to gather. She bit her lip as the crowd started to murmur and look up at the room Amyla was to try and see if she was there. She was glad that the room was so high up and at the perfect angle so the people could not see her in her birthday suit. The lower part of her outfit was finished, she felt the cloth brush against her which sent a shiver up her spine.

Looking to her right into a large mirror placed there for this occasion, she saw how little the back of the loincloth covered her huge ass, nestled cosily between her ass cheeks. She sighed deeply and blushed, she liked being in clothing which was revealing, but something like this was too much!

After another few minutes, she was fully outfitted in the ‘clothing’ she looked at herself one last time. She smiled a little. The outfit may have been slutty, but she looked damn good in it…She hoped the human liked it too. The king entered the room, shadowed by another elf woman, looking more motherly than Amyla; and her husband, Revan. Her father seemed to avert his gaze in order to avoid looking at his daughter in such a crude outfit. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath.

“Princess Amyla of our great and peaceful city. You have reached 200 years on this earth, and as royalty of this great tribe you must participate in the Ceremony of Relations. In which a human of the opposite gender will mate with you to conceive a child. Such as the curse of our royal family states ‘Thy descendants will never produce purebred elven kind with that of our own race’. A human has been selected, and you will now be taken to the alter to await your mate. It is now ruling that two parties connected to you will consent to the ritual or receive pain of expulsion from the court.”

The king looked to the woman and nodded. “I, Terri, Queen of this city and step-mother of Princess Amyla do consent to the Ceremony of Relations.” She smiled and looked upon her step-daughter, observing her figure with content jealousy.

The king grinned and turned toward Revan. The prince scowled and muttered as quick as he could “I Revan, husband of Princess Amyla consent to the Ceremony of Relations.” Amyla did not look at Revan, she tried her hardest to pretend that her sorry excuse of a husband was not present. She quietly held back the sting of the enchanted wedding ring.

“Very well! It is time daughter. If you could follow me.” The king boomed and gestured to follow. Terri and Revan followed suit, keeping in front of the princess. She swayed her hips while she walked, causing the cloth to sway left to right as she felt her heart race faster than any time she spent with her husband. After what seemed like an eternity the huge doors stood before them.

“It is time.” Terri said excitedly. Turning to her Amyla she rested a hand on her shoulder “Ill be there. Your father will be attending to some other duties as you requested his presence to be elsewhere.” She leaned forward and whispered into her ear “You’ll have fun. Trust me you will come out of this a changed woman.” She sealed her motivational words with a kiss on her cheek. Revan grunted and looked away from her crossing his arms and tapping his foot angrily. The doors slowly opened and light burst through like an invading force.

Amyla looked at her step-mother and held her head high as she walked down the hall through the doors. Before she was out of earshot, she heard her husband spit out the word “Whore.” Before turning towards another corridor and walking away. Amyla gritted her teeth as she swayed her hips down the courtyard toward the marble structure.

Geon felt his excitement grow. He now knew exactly what he göztepe escort was there for, thanks to Jonna, the man who he met in the dungeon. He was standing with him at the bottom of the steps which lead up to the alter. Surrounded by the large crowd he could see Amyla emerge at the top of the stairs with both hands on her hips, looking down at Geon directly. His eyes widened in shock. She was flawless. He looked at Jonna and back to her “Fuck.” He said bewildered.

Jonna laughed and smacked his back “Perfection in every sense, isn’t she?” he put one foot forward and gave him a push “Give her a good time. Everyone wants to see her naked.” He quickly stepped back and joined the crowd as they cheered and cat called the princess. Geon slowly stepped up the marble staircase getting closer and closer to his mate. Once he finally stood face to face with her, he carried himself taller, she only stood up to his shoulders. She looked at him, almost examining him as she circles him, poking certain points of his clothed body.

“Not so much different from us…” she muttered to herself. “My serving girls were right you ARE rather handsome.” She smiled and retreated back to the inside of the alter sitting on the edge of the bed holding her thighs together. “Tell me human.” She started.

“Geon.” He replied quickly.

“Geon…tell me, does it bother you how little I am clothed? Or that these people will be watching us mate with each other until you give me a child? Or how about that I am a married woman?” she quizzically studied Geon as she slowly crossed her legs showing the side of her barely covered ass.

Geon could already feel himself get excited, his cock starting to stiffen. He looked at her body, trying to comprehend her beauty “Well…It just so happens that I like people watching.” He smiled.

Amyla giggled and her eyes darted between his legs ‘I wonder how big it is…?’

“And about your husband…I hope he’s not watching.” Geon said slowly. She rolled her eyes and gestured him forward with one finger, biting her lip.

“Want to know a secret Geon?” she muttered as he was finally close enough to hook her fingers around the waist of this trousers “I really do not give a fuck what my husband thinks.” She looked up at him and pulled her hands down, pulling his trousers down in one motion.

What she saw shocked her and most of the crowd. Her eyes where fixed on the cock which her mate had. Almost like a third leg, it was thick, uncut, shaven and easily 10 inches in length. It pointed right at her throbbing as he stood there, looking down at her sitting on the bed. “Wow.” She muttered as she started to feel herself quiver with excitement.

One of her small hands wrapped around his cock as she started to jerk him off slowly, he moaned a little as a bead of precum escaped from him, dripping onto Amyla’s thick thighs. She began to speed up the jerking motion then soon added her second hand to pump his dick. “It’s…massive!” she said bewildered at the thought that cocks where this big. “Are all humans this big? My husband is barely 5!” she looked up and licked her lips at him, getting lost in the moment even forgetting there was a crowd of people trying to hide their erections and wet pussies.

Amyla reached down and kissed the head of Geon’s cock, causing it to throb and pulse. She giggled and let go of him. Looking up into his eyes she knelt up on the bed, groping her huge tits at him. “Take everything off human. Mate with me!” she sighed excitedly and gripped the cloth which covered nothing and tore them off the necklace. Geon stared at the largest, natural breasts he had ever seen and followed her onto the bed like he was enchanted, slipping his shirt off and dropping it at the end of the bed he reached out and felt them, the soft, heavy boobs of the princess where like gods gift to men.

He groped them and felt her nipples stab the palms of his hands. Amyla observed as she felt herself moisten between her legs. “You know, my ass is just as good…” she said erotically, biting her lip as she again started to hold his giant cock and pump him. Geon moved to her hips, feeling her soft skin only having goose bumps on her as any bump, he firmly held both ass cheeks with his two hands. Much like Amyla, Geon had no idea what the crowd was doing, halkalı escort but he imagined that this princess was a very desired woman!

Amyla leaned forward and planted a heavy, lust filled kiss onto Geon, pushing her tongue between his lips and invading his mouth. He replied by doing the same, as loud lip smacking from a passionate make out filled their ears. After a few seconds Amyla pushed back his body and held his cock “lay down human.” She ordered with a devilish grin. Geon followed suit and laid down on the bed, his cock pointing to the top of the alter. Amyla’s heart beast fast as she pulled the loincloth away, leaving her with nothing to cover her.

She mounted her mate in reverse and faced the crowd, looking out at them. Indeed, it was clear that the people enjoyed it; what used to be a classy ceremony nowadays has become a polite dogging session as the men tried to be secretive in their masturbating through their trousers or the women gasping and slowly trying to feel herself. Amyla loved it, she loved the feeling of being desired, she had a perfect body, she wanted to show it off…and please this horse-like cock. She turned her head over her shoulder and gave an alluring look to her hung human “Make me sore stud.” She panted before lowering herself roughly onto his cock.

Instantly Amyla felt a wave of immense pleasure as she impaled herself on this massive beast. She threw her head back and gave a guttural moan, determined to fuck herself well and good, she started to bounce up and down on him, causing her tits to bounce in rhythm. Geon groaned loudly as he watched as inch after inch of his cock disappeared into the princess, in awe of the thick ass which bounced on him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck meeee!” she moaned as she felt her ass slap the pelvis of her human. She leaned back and looked down seeing that she had gone balls deep into her. She began to ride him the whole length, her moans increasing in pitch as Geon’s cock stretched her out to fit his thickness. Amyla quivered as she felt herself embrace a hard orgasm. She stopped balls deep once more letting out an orgasmic moan as she kneaded her huge tits as she lost herself in an orgasm. After a few seconds, Geon pulled out of her by pushing her up slowly. She panted hard and looked at him “Fuck…so goooood.” She moaned with a blissful smile.

Geon pushed her over and made her squat on all fours. Facing the crowd Amyla liked the feeling of being manhandled by a human as she looked at the women who looked her age. Clearly most wanting to be in her position. “You know…I never thought I’d be-AHHHHH!” the princess moaned as she felt herself being penetrated once more by the human.

Geon fucked her as fast and as hard as he could. Thrusting in and out of her elven pussy while holding onto her wide birthing hips. Geon grunted hard, wanting to blast inside her in front of the people. Amyla moaned louder, panting the word yes after every time she felt his pelvis smack on her thick ass. “So fucking good! I love humans!” Amyla moaned. Forgetting about her troublesome husband and focusing on the humans’ pleasure.

Geon spanked Amyla, causing more ripples through her ass to form from the pounding he was giving her. She felt his cock throb inside her, pulsing as her walls squeezed him as precum leaked into her. “Cum inside me. Complete the ritual. Put a baby in me daddy!” she squealed loudly as she came for a second time. Geon thrusted one last time before holding her ass causing his fingers to sink into her soft flesh.

He came. Rope after rope of cum sprayed like a hose inside her, she thrust her head back and moaned, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she was pumped full of thick warm semen. It felt like a whole minute of ungodly pleasure as it seemed like the human’s ejaculation would never stop. Her eyes went foggy as her vision blurred, getting close to passing out…until there was a sudden empty feeling. She collapsed onto the bed panting hard as the crowd cheered loudly.

Geon had pulled out and laid down beside her. She looked around at him, almost fucked silly. She giggled and looked at his now flaccid cock ‘still bigger than Re…husband?’ she suddenly remembered the man who watched from his study, probably jealous to no end. Geon panted with her, observing what he did.

“Round 2?” he joked as he watched a waterfall of cum exit her pussy pooling between her legs.

Amyla bit her lip and reached out to hold his cock once more “Don’t tempt me Geon…” she winked at him as they gathered their senses.

“Hey stud?” she looked up at him with puppy eyes, batting her eyelashes at him.

“Fuck my ass next time.”

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