Amusement Park Adventure Pt. 01

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Chapter One: “Nick’s Thoughts During the Car Ride”

“Come on, Daddy!” she called out giddily as she ran to the car. It was my daughter’s 18th birthday and I had promised to take her to an amusement park, the same one we had been going to since she was 5. It was a combination graduation and birthday celebration. She thought it would be her last hurrah as a child, as she entered adulthood.

I more than happily complied with her wish as we had always had fun at Great Adventure. Some of our best father-daughter bonding moments were there. As a child Sarah had never shown the slightest bit of fear about any of the rides and had eagerly tried each one, as soon as she was tall enough to reach the height limits set by the park. Her mother had been the one to watch on the ground as Sarah and I sought our thrills.

The park was five hours away, so we had decided to get an early start. Sarah had packed buttered bagels, fruit and coffee for our trip, as well as a picnic lunch in the cooler. She had been taking care of me for the last 5 years now, ever since her mother died. She was a good girl, and I loved her dearly, more than my own life itself.

She had always been a bright child, and the apple of Karen and mine’s eyes. Now that she was grown up, she continued to be the light of my life, and really the only happiness I have had since Karen died. I was dating a woman but it was more of a sexual release than anything else for me, although I had the feeling Carly has been hoping for a marriage proposal from me sometime soon.

I couldn’t help admire how beautiful my daughter had become. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She had a beautiful face, peach colored skin and deep brown eyes framed by long, curly lashes. When her eyes were closed her lashes were a stunning dark contrast against her cream colored cheeks. This morning she was wearing a white t-shirt and cut off jeans, which showed off her muscular calves, topped with white sneakers. When she walked downstairs before, I had to catch my breath at the sight of her.

She had full breasts that pressed tightly against her shirt; the white only accentuated them. Her shorts were short to say the least, and showed the very bottom of the lovely curve of her ass when she bent over, as she did right in front of me to pack the cooler. I was glued to the sight of her ass and felt an erection build as I gazed longingly at my own daughter. I found myself wondering if she was wearing underwear, and if not, how easy it would be to slide the denim fabric that was barely covering her ass over to expose her pussy lips.

When Sarah turned around suddenly, and called, “Dad!?” impatiently, I had to tear my eyes away from her, and stood there a moment, trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing, instead of admiring her ass.

“The suitcases?” she reminded me with one eyebrow cocked.

“Right, right” I had muttered under my breath. I wondered if she knew what I was looking at.

In the car, she turned the radio on full blast and we sang along to the music, as we had always done since she was small. We drank our coffees and ate the bagels an hour into the drive. I asked her for some fruit, and she opened a plastic container to expose ripe, juicy bits of melon, berries and pineapple.

“How am I going to eat that as I drive?” I asked her.

“Oh. I hadn’t thought about that, daddy” she said. She appeared to look thoughtful a moment and finally said, “How about I feed it to you as you drive?”

I looked at her sideways to see if she was serious. She was. I shrugged in agreement. It wasn’t like I was going to suck on her fingers I said to myself. She was going to put a piece of fruit near my mouth and I would quickly bite it. And that’s how the first few pieces went anyway.

After feeding me for a few minutes, Sarah said, “I love strawberries” as she took a lush red strawberry to her mouth and played with it with her lips, suckling on the tip of the berry.

She was making low slurping sounds as she sucked the juice from the berry. I glanced over at her and was taken aback by the sight of my sexy daughter suckling a strawberry as if it were a sexual object. My cock stirred in my jeans. I quickly looked away and pretended I did not notice.

Suddenly, she stopped sucking the succulent berry and leaned over the seat, holding the same berry that had just been between her luscious lips to my mouth. “Taste how good this is, daddy” she said in a girlish voice.

I gripped the steering wheel, trying to control the growing hunger in my pants. “Sarah” I said evenly.

“Daddy” she replied, just as evenly. “You like strawberries” she said matter of fact.

When I did not budge, she brought it to my lips and traced them with the ripe berry. I closed my eyes briefly, lost in the sensuality of the moment. My cock twitched and I hoped she didn’t see the tent growing in my jeans. I let myself go for a second and snaked my tongue out to trace the berry’s soft outline, gliding my tongue over the fingers that held the berry. casino oyna

Suddenly, she snatched the berry from my mouth and brought it to her lips, and popped it in. Two can play at this game I thought. I quickly reached over and shoved my fingers in her mouth, trying to grab hold of the berry. I managed to grab a tentative hold of it and felt the berry pop and squish beneath to strain of my fingers.

She was quick herself. She grabbed hold of my hand and forced my fingers to remain in her mouth as she chewed and swallowed the berry, now soft and malleable from all our handling. She sucked my fingers as if she was sucking a cock. I couldn’t believe the sensation I was feeling from my little girl’s mouth! She was so fucking sexy, I thought to myself as I looked over and caught her eye.

Our eyes locked and she continued to suckle my finger, licking the juices from the berry clean. At that moment I forgot she was my little girl and all I thought about was how good that mouth would feel on my aching cock. A moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. Then all too suddenly, she took my fingers from her mouth. They made a popping sound as they slipped past her puckered lips.

She then announced, “All clean!” She looked at me demurely and popped another berry in her mouth. My eyes regained their focus on the road and for a long while neither of us said anything.

Chapter Two: “Sarah’s Memory of the Pool Incident”

My daddy and I were on our way to Great Adventure. I was so excited and happy to be spending this time with him! I had been looking forward to this day for weeks. Not only would it just be the two of us having fun all day long on ride after ride, but we would be spending the weekend at a hotel so that we could go to the park a few times. I had been thinking about the possibilities of being alone with my father in a big double bed, with little but the sheets between us since I saw him a few months ago fucking his new girlfriend.

I had come home early from school, before it let out for the year and found the two of them in the pool. I was not prepared for what I was about to see, but since then, my whole outlook about my father has changed!

I had always thought him handsome. My girlfriends were jealous of how attractive he was and teased me with how they had wanted to fuck him. He was quite attractive. He was tall, about 6’0 and well built. His back and shoulders were broad and muscular from years of working out. His legs and stomach were lean and solid from running daily. Daddy had a full head of hair that was still blonde, with streaks of grey at the temples and eyes so blue you could lose yourself looking into them.

My mom and he had made a great couple and he had been single for almost four and a half years since she died. This last year he had started to date again and was currently with a woman half his age- only slightly older than myself!

I really hated that bitch. I had always thought that Carly was only after his money. My father was a prestigious lawyer and had a handsome portfolio. I soon found out that she was apparently also after his big cock! I suppose he liked her for her body. It certainly looked like he did that day!

When I had come home from school that day, I went into the kitchen to get myself a drink and heard laughing coming from the pool area through the kitchen sliding door. The kitchen was the top story of the house, so you could see the yard underneath it, through the sliding door and deck. I looked out to see what the noise was and saw my father and Carly meshed together against the side of the shallow end of the pool.

I quickly ducked and crouched low to the ground, watching the action through the wooden slots in the deck. Carly’s legs were entwined around my father’s back and his head was bent, sucking her nipples. Her head was thrown back and she was laughing and moaning at the same time.

“Nick! You’re terrible. What if someone sees us?” I heard her ask.

“No one can see us, Carly. Sarah is at school until 3 and the fence conceals us from the neighbors. Besides, no one is going to be able to see that pretty pussy of yours with my cock buried in it under the water!”

I bristled as I heard my name mentioned. I did not like hearing my father say my name as he was getting ready to fuck that whore. I then heard Carly laugh again and saw her close her eyes as my father’s mouth enclosed a nipple.

Carly’s nipples were rosy colored and pert, the nipples hard in my father’s mouth. I had to admit that Carly was quite pretty, if not a total dimwitted wench. She had long blonde hair and a slim body. Her breasts were not as large as mine were but they were pert and firm. I had always been jealous of how small Carly was as compared to me. I wasn’t fat by any means, but had what I liked to call a “voluptuous body”. My hips and butt were full and curvy, although my stomach was fairly flat and legs taut and sculpted from years of playing tennis.

I wondered what it felt like to suck on a nipple. Once when my best friend Janet canlı casino and I were having a sleep over, we had compared our breasts and had gingerly touched each other’s nipples, just to feel what breasts would feel like to boys. This was before we had actually experienced a boy’s hands on our bodies. We hadn’t gone any further than that, although I might have if she had asked me to.

I could tell how turned on my father was as I glimpsed his cock through the sheen of the water. He moved Carly to the stairs and laid her back against them as he took his large cock in his hands and hovered over her, rubbing Carly’s pussy with it. I crouched closer to the edge of the deck and peered down to watch. I suddenly felt my own pussy tingle as I gazed at the large shaft my father was holding in his hands.

It was longer and thicker than any cock I had seen before, especially those of my previous boyfriends’. I was not a virgin and not prude to the ways of the world, but I had never before seen such a gloriously delicious looking cock, much less one that belonged to my father! I watched as the purple tip moved over Carly’s hairless snatch and then disappeared within the folds of her pink, puffy lips.

I heard Carly cry out as my father thrust deeply into her. “Ohhhh, Nick!!! Fuck me, darling!”

Dad complied as he thrust repeatedly into the depths of Carly as he sucked on her tight nips. I had felt myself grow wet and put my hands down my shorts to find my pussy slick with excitement.

I rubbed my nub as my father rammed himself into Carly’s cunt as he groaned and called out Carly’s name. “I love fucking your pussy, baby. Ohhh yesssss” he said as he fucked Carly harder.

I had a fleeting thought that I wished I could hear my dad call out my own name as he was buried inside me as deep as he could go. The cries from the pool grew louder and my father’s thrusts came faster. I pulled my shorts and panties to the side, and rubbed my little pussy vigorously in time to my father’s thrusts into Carly. Each stroke in was matched with a downward and upward stroke of my fingers against my swollen clit.

Suddenly, I saw my father pull his monster out of Carly and watched with fascination as thick gobs of semen spewed all over Carly’s tits and stomach. I inhaled sharply, a small sound escaping from me as I went over the edge watching the thick cum of my father shoot straight into the air in thick ropes and land all over Carly’s tight body.

My father must have heard the sound as he looked up quickly in her direction. Our eyes met briefly through the slats of the deck. I froze, rushed inside the house, and ran out the front door. I did not stop running until I got to my friend Janet’s house.

Chapter Three: Flashback

Sarah had not returned home until after dinner that night. It was nearly 11:30 pm when she walked in the door. She had hoped her father would have been in bed but he was reading in the living room with a lamp on low when she walked in. He was wearing his robe and slippers and his glasses sat on the bridge of his nose, giving him a professorial look when he looked up at her as she came into the room. Sarah couldn’t make eye contact with him.

“I was worried about you,” he said softly.

“Sorry. I was umm studying at Janet’s. I have a big history exam tomorrow,” she replied quietly.

“Sarah,” he began.

“Daddy, don’t,” she said.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly, almost feebly.

“I have to go to bed, now, Dad.” She leaned down to give him a quick peck on the cheek and headed up to her room.

In her room, she laid in bed uncertain how to feel about or process the day’s events. She had been appalled at her father’s behavior with Carly but also incredibly turned on and attracted to the sight she had seen. She had watched her own father fuck his girlfriend and had masturbated while she watched! She felt sick to her stomach.

However, she also felt excited and found her hands underneath the single satin sheet covering her, exploring her own mound before she could stop herself. She couldn’t get the sight of her father’s thick cock out of her head, or the way his stomach muscles had tightened with every thrust into Carly’s pussy. The way his cock seemed to have become a part of Carly had intrigued her- with each impalement of her snatch, Carly’s lips had engulfed Nick’s cock and seemed to grab hold of it, the lips never letting go even as Nick was drawing back only to thrust even deeper into her again.

Sarah’s hand busied itself thrusting into her own pussy, with first one then two fingers until she added a third, spreading her legs wide, thrusting her hips upward. Her hands reached up to lift her nightgown and caress her breasts and she imagined her father suckling her large nipples as she took a breast to her mouth to lick her own nipple. Sarah whimpered as she finally exploded, her pussy lips grabbing hold of her fingers, constricting around them as she orgasmed thinking about the gobs of white cum shooting from her father’s thick organ.

Nick had been kaçak casino walking past Sarah’s room when he heard whimpering. His heart fell, thinking of how he had hurt his daughter by forcing her to see what she had seen. He had never would have done that if he knew she was going to be home. Sarah was his first priority. Her muffled cries intensified and he knocked on the door to see if he could make things right before opening it slightly and peering in.

“Daddy!” she called out, in surprise as she quickly pulled the covers up.

He came in, and sat on her bed, pulling her hand into his own. He detected a scent of muskiness in the room but paid no attention to it at first.

“I am truly sorry, Sarah. You shouldn’t have had to have witnessed what you did today. I feel awful about it.”

Sarah’s heart was hammering and her face hot thinking how close she had come to her dad seeing her hand buried inside her pussy to the hilt. He had the hand that was just inside her in his own! She hadn’t had even the time to clean it off! Sarah was dying of embarrassment and hoped her father did not notice. She just wanted to get him out of her room as soon as possible.

“It’s ok, daddy. I know you have needs too. I shouldn’t have been staring.”

“It’s ok, Sarah. If I saw my parents doing something like that, I would have been frozen to the spot too.” He had always understood.

Sarah had the fleeting thought of what the large, warm hand holding her own would feel like caressing her breast. She had to shake the thought from her head. Nick bent his head and kissed the hand he was holding and stopped a moment as he inhaled the strong scent of pussy juices on his only daughter’s hand. He felt his cock spring to attention as he inhaled the sweet musky scent. It was intoxicatingly delicious. Was she…had she been…masturbating?

He then noticed something slick on his hand. He looked into Sarah’s eyes and was transfixed a moment thinking of his baby touching herself and what a pussy that produced this intoxicating smell would look and taste like. His penis throbbed and he needed release.

“I’ll let you get some sleep, Sarah,” he said and kissed her forehead and then her cheek.

She turned her head to kiss him and their lips touched in a kiss that would normally be a typical father-daughter goodnight kiss. His lips lingered a moment longer than usual however and when he opened his eyes, his daughter was looking right at him. Their eyes locked a moment before he caught hold of himself and pulled away from her.

“Goodnight, daddy,” she said softly.

“Goodnight, Sarah”.

He left the room and hurried to his own, where he quickly pulled off his robe, threw himself on his bed and reached down to stroke his throbbing cock. He brought the hand with the wetness to his nose and inhaled deeply as he jerked himself off. God, she smelled delicious. He imagined himself licking her, being able to inhale all her scent, and feel her juices run down his face. What would it be like to eat out and fuck such a young pussy?

Dare he …lick the wetness on his finger? His tongue snaked out and he groaned when he tasted what could be nothing else but pussy juices. His daughter’s pussy juices! He was pulling on his cock furiously as he sucked his hand and imagined his tongue inside his beautiful daughter.

For the first time he realized what a sexy beautiful woman she had become. She was no longer a child-she was a woman who had sexual desires and who had a pussy that produced the most delicious juices he had ever tasted! When he came he thought his balls were going to explode with the intensity of his ejaculation. Thick streams of cum spewed out across his stomach.

He mixed his cum with his daughter’s juices on his hand and groaned with the taste of the two mixed together. Suddenly, the realization of what he had just done hit him and he thrust his head into his pillow, willing sleep to come as soon as possible to make him forget what monstrosity he had just done- what atrocious thoughts he had had about his own daughter!

Chapter Four: “Sexual Stirrings Continue Between Daddy and Daughter”

Over the next few months, the sexual attraction both father and daughter felt for one another increased. As the summer progressed and the heat intensified, Sarah had started to wear shorter shorts and tighter tops around the house, sometimes without a bra. Her plump breasts pressed against the fabric of her t-shirts, forcing her nipples to harden into tight buds that poked through the cotton fabric. At night she wore t-shirts to bed that hung just above her upper thigh, barely covering her butt. It was nothing new, as she had always worn these types of clothes in the summer but Nick had never before paid attention to the woman that had emerged underneath those clothes.

She would offer to fix a cup of tea or pop popcorn for her father in the evening and he would watch her from the den reach up in the cupboard for sugar or a tea bag, and see the hem of her t-shirt rise to the curve of her buttocks. He wished on more than one occasion that he could come up behind her and caress the full curves of her ass, slip a hand between her cheeks and find the sweet musky scent that drove him to his obsession with her.

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