Amsterdam Prostitute: Client 03

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Amsterdam Prostitute-Client III

Shanghai, China

Mr. Xiu

He wanted me. I could tell by the way he watched my every move. He bought a pair of my dirty panties over a year ago. I remember the first pair I mailed; a G-string laced in red. I wore them all summer day directly following the day my menstrual cycle ended. The G-string was ripe with my ass and pussy stench. The stench of my pussy is what keeps this particular customer purchasing my dirty panties ever since he bought the first pair. Now, he was in my presence. I know he fancies my twat. I know he desires to suck on my pussy walls.

I stand naked in the middle of my hotel room. My dark brown hair cascades down past my nipples. I have not fully recovered from my jet-lag. I have been in China for nearly three-days. Although the international sex fest has yet to start, my pussy has already been inspected, rubbed, and licked until my orgasmic juices dripped down towards my ass. Speaking of ass, I have been paid one thousand dollars to hold a medium sized ass plug in my butthole for a two-hour period. It’s not too bad, it’s kinky. It does pose some difficulty, but I know when the owner of the butt plug retrieves his item, he will reward my ass with sexual favors and handsomely pay for my services. The man in my room knows the butt plug must stay in my ass. He knows his supervisor placed the butt plug in my rectum; he won’t challenge his boss.

The man standing in my room is Mr. Xiu, and he is getting an erection. I know he is thinking about another man touching my rectum, he is known for a penchant for ass play. If he wants my butthole, he needs to reserve it for another day; this afternoon he has paid to sniff my pussy and suck the fuck out of my twat.

I watch him lick his lips. His beard is long and unruly. His teeth are stained yellow. His tobacco tinged mouth is a moment away from devouring my pussy. I hand him a mint, but he declines my bartın escort offer.

As Mr. Xiu approached my body, he takes his cigarette out of his mouth, and he lets the smoke circulate around my right nipple. My most sensitive nipple. I have on a sheer red robe, and both of my nipples are now heightened by the brisk sensation of the smoke.

As my nipples rise in size, Mr. Xiu says with enthusiasm, “Oh, yes. They are so fat. Oh, yes, big, fat mammy nipples.”

Mr. Xiu then took his hand and touched my left nipple and tugged at my tit. He tugged at it again, but harder.

He looked at me and questioned, “You look so young. Your pussy smells so immature. How old are you?”

He forced me down on the bed. I sat on the edge of the mattress, and he squatted down next to me. He then slid his hand up my thigh. He took his hand and separated my thighs, and he went right for my pussy walls. His fingers were warm. I didn’t flinch. He took another drag of his cigarette and blew the smoke on my tits. I threw my head back to avoid the smoke.

He then took his hand and separated my legs with force. He asked again, “How old are you?”

I was getting excited. I breathlessly responded, “I’m 23.”

He smiled. I could see his yellow teeth as his tongue moved over his lips.

Mr. Xiu then remarked, “Oh, I get young pussy today.”

He then snuffed his cigarette into the ashtray next to the bed.

He took his hand and pushed me back on the bed. I said, “Mr. Xiu. Let me….”

Before I could finish, his tongue was all over my tits. His hand immediately went over my twat. He forcefully separated my pussy walls with his fingers and began rubbing my clit.

He then said, “Mmmmm, your pussy is wet and warm. Make sure you get it nice and wet.”

He started swirling his fingers in a circular manner around the top part of my pussy. I felt so bartın escort bayan dirty. I felt so good. My ass was holding in my butt plug. I spread my legs to relax my pussy, but I couldn’t fully relax because I had to clinch my ass cheeks to keep the butt plug in place. Mr. Xiu knew this, and he took his finger and found the plug. As he sucked on my right nipple hard, he took his middle finger and applied strong pressure on the plug and pushed it deeper into my ass. I squirmed. He then took his hand and slammed three of his thick and stubby fingers inside my twat. He held me firm. He hovered over and held me tight as he finger fucked my pussy with force.

I bounced up and down on his hand. I said, “Oh, Mr. Xiu. You are getting me so wet. Oh, my ass is so tight. Mr. Xiu, ohhh.”

He continued to hold me tight. He fingered me mercilessly. He said, “Take it, little girl. Yes, you take it. YOUR PUSSY SMELLS DIRTY. You want daddy to fuck this pussy clean.”

He started to bite my nipples. It felt so good. Although I knew Mr. Xiu had some fetishes, I never knew anything other than he liked to sniff dirty panties. Now I know he has a daddy fetish.

He gets closer to my snatch and sucks my clit. He sucks my pussy so sloppy. He finger fucks my pussy hard and fast while he tongue punches my snatch. He keeps moaning. I can see his erect penis. His dick is buried under a mound of long, black hair. He knows he can’t fuck me today, but I don’t see anything wrong with jerking his package a little while he face fucks my twat.

I take my right foot and start rubbing his cock. Mr. Xiu starts to pump his cock on my foot. I wiggle my toes all around his dick. He spread my pussy with his fingers and sucked my wet snatch like he was eating an ice cream cone. His tongue licked up my walls, then he swirled his tongue in a circular motion around my clit. He kept finger fucking me with his fingers. escort bartın He went deep with his fingers. I didn’t want to lose my butt-plug, but I think he wanted the plug to pop out of my ass. He would have thought he finger fucked it out of me. The way he was working my pussy, he was damn close.

I started to fuck his face with speed and ferocity. He liked it, and he started fingering my twat harder and deeper. Mr. Xiu breathlessly said, “Come on, fuck me. Cream on my face. I want to drink your pussy juice.”

He kept fucking my twat with his fat fingers. I kept riding his hand like a giant cock. I grabbed my tits and pulled my nipples. I was so close to climax. He wanted me to have an orgasm, and I wanted to reach climax and release my juice all over his face.

Mr. Xiu licked my twat; he forced his tongue in my pussy hole. He fucked me with his tongue. It felt so good. I yelled, “Mr. Xiu, fuck me, daddy. Suck my pussy, Daddy.”

Mr. Xiu sucked and finger fucked me. I wiped my twat all over his beard and face. After several wet minutes I yelled, “Oh Daddy, Yes. Yes, Daddy. You make me feel so good.”

Mr. Xiu slowed his licking and started to suck my pussy hole. He sucked my twat like he was sucking the juice from an orange. He flicked his tongue in my hole as he sucked my juice that dripped down my pussy walls.

Mr. Xiu then stopped, raised his head so I could see his wet beard, and said, “Your pussy is so sweet. Mmmm. I am going to order more of your panties when I get home.”

He then pushed his finger in my ass to check on the butt plug. Happy the plug was still in position, he said, “Yes, you are a very sweet girl.”

Mr. Xiu then raised from my bed and gathered his belongings. His time was up. He left a sizeable tip on the hotel room dresser; he then went to the wash room to freshen up his face and change into his clothes.

Mr. Xiu was a fun fuck. I’m glad my ass plug didn’t fall out; now I must prepare for my next client. The sex festival is exciting, but only for the truly kinky at heart. I only have a brief window, so I need to freshen up before my next client.

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